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I’m having such bad days but I made these cats

Cottontail Rabbit - The Hamburger of the Desert

Nearly everything out here eats this rabbit. It’s utterly delicious tasting like dark meat turkey. Anything bigger than it that is a predator eats it including Hawks, Ravens, Coyote, Snakes and Vultures. 

They don’t get too big, usually the size of a small dog and really only up to ten pounds at the very max but usually more around three to four pounds. They live in groups of just a few individuals up to nearly fifty or so. They make their home in Burrows, very thick brush or rock piles. Anything to help keep them safe from predators. Their diet consists of everything edible in the desert which is quite a bit for them. They blend in very well with their terrain and boy are they fast. They like to run and zig zag. They are easily identifiable from a Jack Rabbit by their size being about half the size of a jack and the tuft of white fur at their tail which is how they got their name Cotton Tail. The ones out here tend to be thinner than the ones back east but they taste just the same. 

I love these little guys. Their fur is decently thick and their skins while thin do take well to curing and you can use rabbit hide in many craft applications. It comes off pretty easy also and once you skin them they cook up fantastic. The meat is so lean there’s really no fat on it and it’s also dry so when you cook it you’ll have to cook it with something moist because it will soak up that moisture. Two of my favorite ways are stew and campfire however campfire rabbit does dry but it’s still tasty. 

They breed like… well… rabbits. A rabbit born at the beginning of the year can have her own liter of babies before the end of the year. That’s how quickly they mature. Their numbers wax and wane with the seasons. If it’s a good year they will be thick as flies and if it’s a bad year you’ll hardly see them. 

They tend to hold up if you’re walking and hunting them until you just about step on them then they break out from under the brush fast and hard and it’s a challenge to shoot them. It is damn fun to get lunch this way. You can also set snares and traps for them which work fairly well on game trails or outside burrows. 

All in all the Cotton Tail Rabbit is pretty much the most eaten animal in the Mojave. I’ve taken them with Slingshot, Arrow, Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol and traps. 

anonymous asked:

To be honest I feel bad for bambam because firstly he was misinformed on what the word meant and people are hating on him for calling marks father his daddy, I forgive bambam for saying the n word because he didn't know what it meant marks friends told him that it meant friend and he apologized himself on instagram so I hold nothing against him for that I hold it against marks friends for being problematic

i get what you’re saying but my issue with this whole thing is this: Bambam is clearly influenced by western pop culture (as most kpop idols are) which mostly consists of trend made by black people. almost everything that’s popular was started by black people (dances, music, memes etc) and Bambam was so involved and stayed up to date with many of these trends, so I find it a little hard to believe that someone who loves Dabbing and listening to all the hottest rappers wouldn’t know that its not okay to say the N word when he’s not black? Like how is he so quick to jump on black trends but when it comes to things that offend us, suddenly he’s unaware? Now I’m not attacking Bambam because this is in the past and maybe he genuinely didn’t understand but I always keep this mind when idols do something anti-black and their fans try to defend with the “he didn’t know” excuse. So to make a long story short, Mark’s friends are to blame for that incident considering they are American and know what the word means when spoken by nonblack people, but Bam should’ve known better.


Elena Delle Donne in Nike’s Snow Day and Behind the Scenes.

so we always need more polish music & youtube channels, right? right!

disclaimer: i can’t claim to love everything on this list, but some previous music lists i’ve seen floating around have “popular polish songs” which quite frankly  consists mainly of shitty rap (or so it seemed). so everything here is at least considered listenable by my own standards. in terms of youtube channels the same applies. also i find it difficult to understand what others like in gaming channels so i put a bunch down in case someone likes them

p.s. i apologise if any of these songs have offensive lyrics - i did my best to listen out but i will miss some

also huge thanks to @szysia who threw a ton of suggestions my way, this list would not have been as long or varied in genre without you! also thanks to @ atychifobia666 for theirs!


kapelanka - pociąg
B.R.O. - mówiła mi
taco hemmingway - deszcz na betonie
mrozu - rollercoaster
dawid podsiadło - pastempomat
jan traczyk - już wiem
jopel - katharsis
coma - spadam
wilki - love story
kult - madryt (it’s certainly a different kind of polish rap, i’ll give them that!)
bartas szymoniak - alarm
elektryczne gitary - killer
big cyc - facet to świnia (i like this one, v bouncy)
kacper hta - w tej grze
kasia nowak - jesteś jestem (i hate the video but the song’s decent)
extra - kino
lady pank - tacy sami
bajm - biała armia
enej - lili
piersi - bałkanica (i’m not sure how i feel about this song… i definitely liked it more the second time i heard it though)
maria peszek - ej maria
coma - sto tysięcy jednakowych miast (i prefer the live version but here’s the album one if live stuff puts you off)
daria zawialow - malinowy chrusniak
sylwia grzeszczak - karuzela
sylwia grzeszczak - tamta dziewczyna (i think the above song is better but apparently this is really popular in poland right now and poles get annoyed if you start singing it so i had to add it :P)
extra - wyjechać (i’m not sure how likeable the song is, it took me a few tries, but i really like the video so….)
feel - a gdy jest już ciemno (this has a very killers feel to it which i like)
myslovitz - nocnym pociągiem aż do końca świata
ich troje - tobą oddychać chcę


abstrachujetv - comedy. they recently about grandmas/grandsons switching roles and also what you think at the hairdressers that i really liked
rezigiusz - gaming
agnieszka grzelak vlog - food. they eat various japanese food and review it.
ponki - comedy. i really liked the interactive one (worst day of my life). they also seem to do videos of jokes sent in by viewers which is v good for getting an understanding of double meanings/puns!
5 sposbów na - how to. does what it says on the tin
katie x - vlog
madzio - gaming. they post a lot (twice a day it seems)
red lipstick monster - beauty/how to
poszukiwacz - entertainment. they seem to talk about videos they find on the internet?  (like a better version of you’ve been framed) 
deejaypallaside - vlog/entertainment 
tvgrypl - gaming. not a gamer, but top tens and game info etc.
polimaty - education. the first polish channel i ever subscribed to :’) they do language-ish videos occasionally which are really interesting
blowek - entertainment? i liked the one where they tried to see if a quiz could guess their name haha
disowskyy - gaming
vege tu jemy - cooking (vegan)
beksy - comedy
hvis - kids. seems to upload english programs in polish. idk why but i really liked the marta mówi ones (these regularly explain synonyms/turns of phrases which is v useful!) 
dealereq - gaming. minecraft
wiśnia - education/entertainment. top tens and information/explanations 
isamuxpompa - gaming
topowa dycha - education/entertainment. top tens and information
martin stankiewicz - comedy 
jakub król - beauty/vlog 
smiechawatv - comedy 

seasons 2 thru 10 are genuinely, thoroughly, REALLY fucking good. i get so much shit for saying this but if u go to basically any hardcore cartoon fandom space that doesn’t have tumblr’s Sith levels of absolutism, people will talk very openly about how fun and well-crafted and socially conscious it is, and how hard it is to convince the show’s highbrow target audience that it’s a highbrow show since they assume it’s ‘family guy 2’.

season 1 IS by the family guy crew and the co-creator left after season 10 (which consists solely of 3 roger episodes he headed as a sort of swan song), but everything in those 9 years inbetween is fucking solid tv

there’s a few (like seriously surprisingly few) shitty offensive jokes and mishandled issues but i don’t think there are any episodes in that time period with bad central themes.

one of the things i like to cite is that their second episode about The Gays turned out NOT to be a boring “hey straight ppl, gays are ok” episode, it was actually written FOR gay people ABOUT a gay character, the theme being “family who don’t accept you aren’t really your family, and you don’t need them.”

also i think their (surprisingly sparse) jokes about gay stereotypes and lifestyle are actually safe and funny and well-informed, to the degree that i’m pretty confident the show had queer writers. i’ve heard similar things from black fans about the show’s treatment of black characters but obvs i can’t personally weigh in on how that’s handled, tho i can definitely say the show has more black minor and supporting characters than most adult cartoons

the show dropped most of its political pretense in season 2 and a lot of the show’s meat consists of sci-fi concept-driven situational comedy reminiscent of rick and morty or futurama. the humor is also driven primarily by character interaction, which the show excels at. frankly, any two characters from this show are funny together, bc the 2nd writing crew gave everyone a lot of secondary characteristics and it all Just Works. the voice cast is also fucking 10/10. i love them.

it also has much better art than family guy, they share a superficial style but their design and animation philosophies are very different. compare how jesus and w bush are depicted on each show, american dad consistently has much better designs. also compare how detailed american dad’s backgrounds are, and how often they choose to shoot things from unconventional angles

i know im ranting but i hate hatedoms that stem from ignorance and refusal to give media a chance in the first place, and the vast majority of people who hate american dad have no idea what theyre talking about and act snooty as FUCK when it’s suggested that AD isn’t completely terrible, and im so not here for it. ive had friends insult me for saying the show isn’t that bad, if you’ve seen 2 episodes how the fuck would you know????

like yeah mcfarlane is an irredeemable person but this show he barely worked on evolved into a well-crafted work of love by a ton of talented and socially conscious artists and it has a lot of merit to it

As some of you may know tomorrow is Ushijima’s birthday, but did you guys know that tomorrow is ALSO Aone’s birthday? I bet you didn’t, so I’ve taken it upon myself to give you all some Ushijima AND Aone  birthday head canons (will there be Ushiten? a little bit, but what did you expect from me

  • Aone likes his birthday, but a lot of people never ask him when it is, because of this the only people who really know are Futakuchi and Hinata
  • Hinata and Futakuchi tell everyone to wish Aone a happy birthday
  • Aone got his pet turtle when he was five, it made him so so happy. When he got it, it had a little turtle party hat and had a red balloon tied to it
  • Aone’s parents would always throw parties for him, but they made him uncomfortable b/c he didn’t know/wasn’t friends with any of the other kids there besides Futakuchi
  • Futakuchi plans a surprise party for Aone (even though he knows Aone doesn’t like getting surprised) which consists of turtle themed everything, the entire Dateko team, and all of Karasuno
  • Hinata gives Aone a bunch of turtle plushies, including one gigantic bean bag turtle. (Aone was blushing real hard, also I think Aone having a small crush on Hinata is adorable.) 
  • Ushijima is used to spending his birthday alone b/c his mom was always busy, so when he got to high school he thought it was going to be the same thing, but it wasn’t
  • Tendou and the other third years plan the entire thing, it is both volleyball and farm themed
  • Ushijima is really happy when the others get him a cake in the shape of a volleyball even if he doesn’t like cake that much
  • Ushijima gets a lot of volleyball stuff from the non-starters, the regulars give him a bunch of gardening equipment and flower seeds. 
  • Tendou gets Ushijima a bunch of anime figures and buys the complete manga of Sailor Moon for him. Ushijima appreciates the gesture, but wishes that Tendou wouldn’t spend so much money on him. (or would at least give him a kiss or something)
  • Ushijima is also taken to a petting zoo, where all the baby animals flocked to him. (Tendou and the others took so many pictures, it’s not even funny)
  • Alternatively, Imagine Ushijima and Aone meeting at the petting zoo and bonding over their love for baby animals. (they don’t talk to each other much though, just little acknowledgement nods) and eventually Futakuchi decides to invited Shiratorizawa to Aone’s party 
  • (Ushi blows out the candles on his cake and wishes to continue being friends with the other third years, and maybe to hold hands with a certain red-headed middle blocker or a kiss, that would be fine too)
  • Aone wishes for the well being of the team and for his friends, and his turtle. he also wishes for another turtle to keep turtle #1 company when he’s not home. (Aone is so cute, so pure)

I just wanted to makes some birthday head canons for tomorrow, also don’t forget that tomorrow is also Aone’s birthday not just Ushijima’s. I wish them both happy birthdays!!


Ulrich Ruosch - Geometric Alchemical Diagrams, “Das Alchemiehandbuch des Appenzeller Wundarztes“, 17th century.

Upper figure on the left shows the hexagon within a circle, with emphasis on separation. Each of the six metals has its own body which must not mingle with any other metal, as the six triangles within the hexagon demonstrate. According to ancient alchemical tradition the base metals, starting with lead, will eventually all purify into gold in the interior of the earth.
Upper figure on the right incorporates two of the previous geometrical forms, hexagon and hexagram, and so represents the four elements, out of which everything consists. This figure is a geometrical construction in which, starting from each of the six angles, the four signs for the four elements can actually be read clockwise.

Middle figure on the left shows a hexagram within a circle. Each of the six points of the star is associated with a metal: mercury, lead, tin, silver, copper, iron. Gold, the sum of all metals, is lacking. The metals are made of the elements water and fire, which is also symbolized by the star as the triangle pointing upwards is the alchemical sign for fire and the triangle pointing downwards is the sign for water.
Middle figure on the right contains a hexagon with the signs for the planets and metals, and symbolizes the alchemical opus which must be performed step by step, without skipping a stage. The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn traditionally rule the metals silver, quicksilver, copper, iron, tin and lead.

Lower figure on the left captures all previous lines within it and incorporates them in a construction emphasizing the figure of the cross. By adding three circle diameters, each of the six metals in the circle is directly connected with the others. Rather than the individuality of each metal, this figure emphasizes the equality and mutual affinity between the metals, perhaps even their mutual interdependence.
Lower figure on the right expands the existing lines with six further radii which cut the circular arc between the six angles of the hexagon in halves. What is omitted is the hexagram which was still clearly present in the fifth figure. The addition of the radii emphasizes the rotational character of this diagram, but its meaning is not clear. It might be an allusion to the quadrature of the circle, or maybe mercury (at the top) and silver (at the bottom) are meant to be highlighted with regard to the other four metals, the four of which together enclose a rectangle.

i’ve already done about 40 minutes of yoga and will go to the gym with my boyfriend in a few hours so i have an amazing and filling breakfast which consists four slices of hempbread topped with everything delicious and a berry protein Smoothie made with a superfood powder called magic berry from feinstoff! ❤️☀️

We are the same as plants, as trees, as other people, as the rain that falls. We consist of that which is around us, we are the same as everything. If we destroy something around us, we destroy ourselves. If we cheat another, we cheat ourselves.
—  Buddha
Freedom of Speech

Does not mean ‘freedom to be an asshole’. 

It is a political right to communicate your opinion and ideas in any medium, yes, but there’s things called slander, hate speech, public order, public nuisance, abuse, harassment, copyright violation, etc that the Freedom of Speech does not protect you from. 

“Liberty consists in the freedom to do everything which injures no one else; hence the exercise of the natural rights of each man has no limits except those which assure to the other members of the society the enjoyment of the same rights. These limits can only be determined by law.”

So stop tossing around ‘Freedom of Speech’ whenever you feel like being a dick and someone calls you out for it. You’re just a dick,and  the government isn’t going to protect you for being a dick. Especially not if the person you’ve hurt actually makes a legal case against you. 


okay so I just noticed something about tyler.
at the beginning of tour he wore all black right? like down to the core black no lighter colors except his hat and such but that doesn’t matter, like seen in the first photo, purely black.
but, recently, he got a new outfit which consists of everything shown in the second photo, maybe what he’s wearing will continuously get lighter throughout tour, maybe to represent blurryface losing?
just a thought.

The Final Problem: my final opinion
  1. I know that there are some fans, on Tumblr and elsewhere, who actually liked this episode. THAT’S OKAY. SERIOUSLY. You’re entitled to like whatever you want. It doesn’t mean anything other than that we have different taste in movies/different priorities when it comes to what we want from Sherlock, and that kind of opinion divide is pretty much inevitable with a show this varied and this popular. So if you belong to the TFP Fans Club, I want to clarify that I mean you no hate :-)

  2. Personally, however, I did not like The Final Problem. My reasons included, but were not limited to:

    a) The disproportionally rapid, action-reliant and melodramatic storytelling, which wasn’t really consistent with the series’ tone so far. (This encompasses everything from that crazy Hollywood explosion to the fake cell Euros built for Sherlock - not to mention the the ‘video game’ set up of her puzzle system. Also, the age-old idea of throwing someone down a well. There were a lot of clichés at play in this episode).

    b) The suddenness with which Euros was introduced as a character, and the unfeasibility (IMHO) of Sherlock not remembering her at all.

    c) Speaking of unfeasibility - I also had issues with Euros planning the entire torture session in five minutes, building all of that underground lair, ferrying herself between Sherrinford and London so easily, getting everyone to Musgrave Hall/into their various cells so quickly, and getting John/Victor down that well without causing them serious injury.

    d) The oversimplicity of Euros’ psychological arc also frustrated me. I mean - there is loneliness, and then there is clinical psychopathy. They are two separate things. It’s true that there’s some overlap between the two groups, but not enough to pin all Euros’ behaviour on her being a scared little child with ‘no one’ to turn to - someone who later becomes 100% complacent just because she’s finally been hugged. Plus, when they decided to oversimplify Euros’ psychology Mofftiss basically dropped the chance to create a really complicated, really nuanced villain like Moriarty (remember all that amazing analysis about whether he wanted to beat Sherlock or just wanted the distraction, why he killed himself, whether boredom had driven him almost to the edge of insanity, etc., etc.? Euros doesn’t get any of those interesting conversations, mainly because she’s been automatically typecast as a ‘creepy loner child in need of attention.’)

    e) Speaking of emotional oversimplification - I also didn’t like the maximum emotional milking that Mofftiss brought to EVERY SCENE. Entire sequences, like Sherlock’s phone call to Molly and Euros forcing Sherlock to choose between Mycroft and John, seemed explicitly orchestrated to stir up audience feels as quickly as possible, instead of doing it slowly, skilfully and in-context (eg. I found Sherlock’s conversation asking for Molly’s help at the end of TRF much more feels-worthy than his phone call here, because it tied back to a conversation they’d already had about her ‘not counting’ and didn’t take place in a completely staged, high-tension situation.)

    f) And now for a big one - inconsistent character development. I feel that there were a lot of characters who acted quite OOC in this episode. First up, I think that John would have shot the governor. After all, he’s a soldier, he knows the pain of losing a wife, he’s very morally self-assured and he has killed before (see ASIP for evidence of the last two points), so even though he would have found it difficult I think he would’ve pushed through. I also think he would’ve tried very, very hard to talk Sherlock out of suicide, not just stood there dumbly and watched. Especially considering that he’d been prepared to die for him literally twenty seconds beforehand.

    Now for a second character: Molly. I understand that the scene with Molly was really effective for a lot of viewers, but - I wasn’t one of them. In TEH, it seemed that Molly was finally getting some character development beyond her crush on Sherlock - she recognised that he was using her as a replacement for John and cut that behaviour in its tracks, despite how difficult it might have been for her. In this episode, she spends every second on-screen looking totally lovesick, and proceeds to sacrifice her dignity just to answer a request that - from her perspective - must look a lot like either a cruel prank or a childish whim. The Molly we knew had grown beyond that - and, while I’m happy she survived, I’m not happy she had to fall apart to do it. Plus, what about that quick glance of her in the closing sequence when she pops into Baker St, smiling and seemingly totally okay? Did the phone call really have that low an emotional impact on her? To me, it just seems like a quick, lazy fix.

    And now, last but not least: Sherlock. This episode throws some spanners in what has been, up until this point, a very consistent and well-written subplot about his emotional growth. Throughout all the previous episodes we can track his ‘becoming a good man’ - he knows he’s hurt Molly in ASIB, he soothes a hysterical Henry Knight in THOB, he can talk down Major Sholto in TSOT and understands John’s grieving process in TLD. He even goes from subtly intervening in John’s suicide in ASIP to explicitly saving ‘Faith’ in TLD, which is an amazing example of how much he’s grown as a character. But in this episode - all of a sudden - he starts fluctuating wildly between ‘emotionally incapable’ and ‘emotional paragon’ when he shouldn’t really be at either end of the scale. The kind of man who can’t understand why Molly isn’t picking up, and who thinks “But it’s me calling!” is a valid excuse, can’t possibly be the same person who charms his sister out of psychosis with a hug and explicitly tells a DI that his brother ‘isn’t as strong as he thinks.’ Personally, I think that the episode’s latter actions are slightly more in-character for Sherlock than the earlier ones, but that’s not the point. The point is that this episode muddled a lot of very good character development back up again.

    g) A more minor thing, but - this episode was literally full of plot holes. Including, but not limited to, how the furniture in 221B possibly survived the blast, how Euros (an adult woman) sounded like a little girl on the phone, and how John climbed out of a well he was chained to.

    h) Another, less minor thing - ALL THE LOOSE ENDS FROM THE SERIES THAT THIS EPISODE LEFT BEHIND. Irene Adler was brought back into the picture, only for nothing to come of it. Rosie Watson was born and then featured for a grand total of two seconds after TST. Euros had a working partnership with Culverton Smith (? How did that exist while she was confined at Sherrinford?) that was neither explained nor justified. And, perhaps worst of all - this whole ‘final problem’ promised by Moriarty ended up being organised by someone totally different.

    i) And finally, one of the most disappointing elements of the whole episode - Mary’s final video. Put bluntly, it contradicted everything that I see the show as being about. Sherlock has always been very much about the two people behind the legend, putting the spotlight on Sherlock’s fragile flaws and John’s dangerous addictions where ACD just smoothed them over with a Victorian gloss - ‘there’s always the two of them,’ as said in TAB, and the focus is on the relationship in between. But what Mary is saying in this speech is that nothing the show gave us apparently matters. Only the legend does. The ACD stories are apparently the important part. It’s a very, very demeaning way for the series to summarise itself, and it’s this, over anything else, that makes me suspect we might have a secret 4th episode upcoming.

  3. Now, you might notice something - reading the above list. You might notice that I didn’t mention Johnlock. That’s right. I, personally, didn’t mind whether Johnlock happened or not. And it’s getting really frustrating seeing people dissatisfied with TFP get dismissed because ‘they’re just angry that their ship didn’t happen.’ There was a lot, a LOT wrong with this episode beyond the ship, and while it might be a valid reason for people not to like TFP (I’ll get to that in Point 4) it’s not the only one. Please, don’t write off some very legitimate, very reasoned disappointment as some kind of ship-driven whim just because you can.

  4. Now, all that said - I have to add that the queer-baiting in the lead-up to this episode was absolutely horrendous. Like I said, I’m not a Johnlock shipper and always had doubts about it happening, but the trailer editing and publicity stunts - Sherlock saying ‘I love you’ right after the Culverton Smith ‘darkest secret’ quote, the flickering rainbow letters on the PBS TV spot, Benedict saying ‘Love conquers all’ and Amanda saying TFP ‘makes television history’ - all those things were pointing in one pretty obvious direction. Now, this wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it had happened with literally any other potential plotline on the show, but the thing about queer-baiting is that it exploits a highly vulnerable and extremely under-represented group - the LGBTQ+ community. It lures them in with something they sorely want and need - media representation - and then not only fails to deliver but thumbs its nose at their disappointment. It rubs salt into the wound. It’s cruel and not okay, and as an experienced partnership with one gay member Mofftiss should have known better. So, even if you think disappointed Johnlockers are ‘just being petty,’ you have to remember that the experience of being denied this ship can carry a lot of emotional impacts other ships don’t.

  5. And, finally - there were things about this episode that I liked, even loved wholeheartedly. Sherlock calling John family. Their re-decorating the flat, and the two-second snapshot featuring a happy Rosie. Sherlock remembering Greg’s name, and Greg calling him a ‘good man’ (it was a bit on-the-nose, but still). Mrs Hudson sassing Mycroft about the kettle. Even the idea of Euros as a little girl on a plane was fundamentally a good one, if oversimplified, over-focused on and overdone. So yes - this episode did have its moments. And it’s not affecting my enjoyment of Sherlock as a whole, but still - that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    Um… If you’ve read this far, congratulations! I didn’t mean for this post to get so long, but it feels good to have vented a bit :-)
Abstinence is the key to the door of the next world and freedom from the Fire. It consists of leaving everything which could distract you from Allah without regret, nor feeling proud about leaving it, nor waiting for relief from your renunciation, nor seeking any praise for it. Indeed abstinence means a person considering such things to be of no avail to him: he deems their passing him by as a relief and comfort for him, and their presence as a misfortune for him; thus he always flees from misfortune and clings to what brings him ease and relief. The man of abstinence is the one who chooses the next world. He chooses abasement over might and this world, striving over rest, hunger over being full, the well-being of what is to come later over immediate trials, and remembrance over heedlessness. His self is in this world and his heart is in the next world.
—  Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (as), Lantern of the Path
Official Valentines Day || Dean&Alicia

After their little warmup valentines day yesterday Dean knew that this was the one they were considering the official one considering there was no travelling involved and nothing could interfere with their day. He woke up extra early that morning and started getting everything ready for their special day which first included trying to quietly get out the room and go to the spare room down the hall. Once he was in there he started pulling out everything that he’d brought for her which consisted of a range of different things, from jewellery to candy to flowers and teddy bears. He took the things he’d brought for her back into their bedroom and sat them all on the drawers that were opposite the end of the bed then quietly set them up in a fashion that made it look really nice then poured some of the rose petals around them. Dean then went on to scatter rose petals around the room, making sure he’d brought a lot, just in case. After that he had to go outside to his car and get the roses and balloons that had been waiting in their the entire night so she didn’t see them and he took them all back up to his room to place them with the other things on the dresser. For the final touches to their room he scattered rose petals into the bathroom, going across the hall all the way to were the bath was. He then got all the candles from the drawers in his bathroom and placed them around the bath and other places then for the last little touch put a few petals in the bathtub. Dean stood there thinking about what was next then heard the tapping of Piper’s feet going across the hall and he called her over and picked her up “Hey cutie!” He whispered with a smile then took her downstairs, he thought he’d give her present to her when Alicia opened hers. Dean tied a small tiffany’s box onto her collar so it would hang as she walked and hoped it would fall off by the time Alicia had woke up but took his chances because he wanted Piper to give her something as well “Thats for mommy alright?” He said like he was talking to a baby but that wasn’t anything new. After he’d sorted out Piper he started on the breakfast deciding to make her something that he knew she would enjoy. He started by making banana pancakes and melting some chocolate in the microwave. Once the pancakes were done he cut them all out into hearts then placed them on a plate accompanied by strawberries and whipped cream. He poured the melted chocolate into two little pots for the both of them and put all of her things onto a tray that had a few rose petals, her card and a bottle of champagne accompanied by a wine glass. Dean left his downstairs as he brought hers up deciding to stay in his boxers since he figured she’d like to wake up to that, in that un-vainest way possible. Once he was in his room he set the breakfast down for a second and put some candles around the room and lit them, then put a little lamp on in the corner, setting the light to low so they could still see but the scene was set already. He got the tray again and put it on her nightstand so he could lean down and kiss her neck softly for a second before whispering in her ear “Happy Valentines day baby.” with a smile.