which basically consist of the starks

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Regarding Iron Man, what comics would you recommend reading? And what cartoons should we watch?

answer to the second question can be found in the FAQ, and in fact all of these popular ‘what should i read / what should i watch’ questions are answered there for future reference. (edit: tony shows up throughout EMH + AA not just the stevetony episodes listed so you can watch them p much all the way through. there’s also iron man: armored adventures featuring teenage tony which is v. cute)

i’m going to do iron man recs again though, just… so i can get my two cents in here once and for all.

all comics mentioned here can be downloaded via the masterpost

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lyannas  asked:

Hi! I have a question for you: under normal circumstances (aka in times of peace), how are marriages between noble houses usually carried out? Is it done at the bride's home or the groom's? And whose religion would it be done in (if one party worshipped the old gods vs the seven)? From what I gather, royal weddings are always done in KL and by the Seven's rites. But I'm curious as to what regular lords and ladies did regarding location and religious differences.

Well, unfortunately we’ve had very few described weddings in the books that were in a time of peace, so it’s a little hard to know exactly how things are handled. There’s a few weddings in the prequel stories that qualify as peaceful times, but they also sometimes have extenuating circumstances, so it’s hard to tell with them too. So I might as well list them all and you can decide.

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