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Sugar Allowance - What Form Do You Take It In?


Bank Transfer?

Gift Cards?

Bill Pay?

Pre-Paid Cards?

Square card payment thingy?

What’s really the best method?

I’ve seen this topic pop up a lot but I’ve rarely seen a good answer for it.  Like me, I’m sure many girls out there have wondered numerous times, how the hell do I get an allowance?  More importantly, what about my privacy?

When I first started in the bowl it was cash all the way.  I wasn’t getting very much, typically just pay for play kind of thing and it was around $400-$600 each time.  I didn’t like it and for a while, I stopped sugaring anyway, so it didn’t matter.

Then I met my most recent SD (now previous).  And my allowance was monthly and…substantial.  The first time he gave it to me, we hadn’t worked anything out so it was cash.  And of course, because it was so much, I felt really uncomfortable.  It was a lot of money and I didn’t know what to do with it!  Where do I put it??  Do I deposit this in the bank?  Hell No.  I brushed that off immediately because obviously, I didn’t want to be hounded by the IRS.  Tax fraud, no thank you.  Even though it’s technically considered a gift and I’m pretty sure there are laws out there that mention “mistress” money matters, I’m not that familiar with them to trust putting a large sum in the bank.  

So I did some research.  I didn’t give my SD my real name and kept it that way through our entire relationship - I have a HUGE issue with privacy.  So direct bank transfers and bill pay were out of the question (he’d need all my info for that) - also this goes back to the whole tax thing.  Another thing out because of the sheer amount of my allowance was the gift card method.  No gift cards are worth as much as I was getting monthly and it would be such a hassle for him to have had to buy a new one and load money on to it each month or whatever. So no gift cards.  I looked into the Square cash and Square card reader thing.  The card reader just seemed way too transactional for both my and my SDs taste.  I believe he said the phrase “Guess my Amex really WOULD buy everything.”  Ugh.  And Square Cash deposits right into your bank account.  I looked into seeing if it would deposit to a pre-paid card that’d have no attachment to my name but alas, no such luck.

So I researched pre-paid cards themselves.  I did HEAVY research on prepaid cards.  I’m now like the guru of pre-paid cards.  Which ones hold how much money, how you are able to load each one, which ones carry the highest fees, which ones need your full disclosure, which ones require no info at all.  I’ve boiled it down to a science and this is what I’ve come up with:


This is how we did it:

My SD opened a serve account online and they sent him his personalized card. Having the online account is key here.  You can buy a temp card at the stores but the online account gives you just so many options.  It’s magical.

So, once he opened his account and was sent his card, he opened a “sub” account for me.  All he needed was a name and email address and from my end, I confirm everything and my card is sent out.  Voila.  No, he didn’t need my real name and no, I didn’t need to give any other information besides that.  I made my own account online that he cannot access without my password.  If I change my password, he doesn’t see it.  He can only put money on my card - his sub account card.  It’s that bloody easy.  

Other than being able to use the card just like any other debit card (pay for things as you would a normal card, take cash out of an ATM, etc.) I can also pay bills online.  So things that normally require being paid with a check, I can do that too.  Amex Serve will send places a check when I need them to - I just put my student loan info in online and blam! It sends them a check.  And, best of all, it’s attached to his name, so it looks like he’s making the payments for me.  I’m almost 100% sure there’s no repercussions to someone else making a bill payment for you, you know, tax-wise.  And he didn’t need to know my info.  It is that easy.

So, any sugars out there with big allowances worried about tax things and privacy, look no further than the Amex Serve card.  It has been hugely beneficial to me.  Granted, it takes a few weeks to get both cards set up and sent, but when they are and he’s putting money on your card, it’s heaven.  

Have questions about the whole process?  You know where to find me.

Happy sugaring.  Spend wisely!

8.17.17 // 11:30am // guide to time management 

requested by @hufflepuffwannabe @feminist-fan-girl @meg-is-studying

sooo i’ll be the first to admit that i’m not the greatest at time management. however i think this is still worth writing because sometimes the best advice doesn’t come from people who have it down (or to whom things come naturally), but rather those who struggle to make something happen. hence, here are some time management tips from one procrastinator to another :)

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long distance; tom holland

pairing: tom holland x reader
word count: 1,342. more than thought, tell me if you want a part two to this.
summary: you and tom meet each other on the internet. 
warning: none, (y/f/n) means your friends name, the friend is not described as any gender, you can chose. I think you got it. 
part two| my other work

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why a sana season will be AMAZING

sana bakkoush was my first favourite character on the show, as it was the iconic first bus meeting in ep3 of s1 that really sold me on this show! this post is really just all my positive thoughts and feels about my girl sana possibly getting a season and it is waaay too long, but it turns out i love sana a lot ok?? ok:

  • probably most important: a muslim hijabi girl as a main character. 
    • amazing representation that young hijabi girls deserve. 
    • also in the current political climate in europe and the us, this is so important
    • the show is and should be targeted at norwegian teens, and muslim girls are a group of norwegian teens that are rarely represented in our media
    • i want to know more about sanas relationship with islam, what does it mean to her? we know a bit and i would love to know more
    • also related to that, how does islam fit into norwegian cultures and traditions and how sana interacts with that?
    • im a culture nerd, literally that is what i study atm, so: culture in our global multicultural society is ever-changing and closely related to our identities and how chose to take part in different communities. sana is a perfect character to explore this: 
      • obviously, she choses to wear the hijab which right away signals to others her faith
      • she doesnt want to drink or hook up, her faith is more important
      • but she actively wants to take part in a russebuss, a tradition very closely related to some of those things she isnt interested in
      • she also wears the traditional costume of norway, either bunad or festdrakt
      • basically, sana is representative of so many people in our society today, who challenge the outdated way many people think about culture as something static and clearly defined (looking directly at some right wing politicians in norway, who talk like they only know the 1960s definitions of culture)
    • the show smacking down on islamophobia - i am READY to see that on my screen and on the most popular show in norway atm
    • the lovely @imansmeskinis​ wrote a very good post about things she wants to see explored wrt sana and islam, if you haven’t: read it!!
  • and obviously: more sana - who is undeniably a Badass character who has had some of the best moments of this show tbh
    • when she took over that first bus meeting, with a “well-functioning plan”, leaving all the girls shook and very ????? and sana goes: “i think this well good..” with that knowing look. ICONIC SCENE imo
    • that time she apparently asked one of the penetrator guys if his nose was bigger than his dick!!???”!?
    • actually got at least vilde and eva to believe that her hijab was magical, that she was psychic and that she could see the ghost of kasper lol
    • getting the guys’ weed out of evas house while the police was there, then use it to blackmail isak into going to kosegruppa while still keeping 10% of the drugs, because it’s “good to have”
    • wrapping said 10% as a christmas gift for isak
    • what a legend!!
    • imagine a season where every clip has the potential for this level of greatness!

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NCT MTL to date a curvy girl


Anon: Could you do a nct127 mtl to date a curvy girl? Thanksss

Hi bub!  Honestly, I don’t think any of the boys would care about weight of size, whether you’re curvy or skinny. As long as you were healthy and if you weren’t he’d still want to support you. I’ve done this as most being those who would find curves sexy and attractive, those in the middle who really wouldn’t care and those at the bottom who might find an athletic body more attractive or would want a petite, slim girl!

I also want to remind everyone that you’re all beautiful regardless of what you may personally think. Remember that you have only seen yourself in two different lights - in the mirror and in photos. Everyone else can see you when you’re subconsciously smiling, and when you’re laughing or when you’re speaking about something you love! You can’t judge yourself from only two perspectives, since there’s always going to be a infinite number of ways to see someone, ones you’ll never see but are definitely there…

(how have i never seen this before???? where is this from???)

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Johnny is probably a sucker for someone with hella curves. He likes butts, and boobs and, thighs - the whole works. Maybe it’s because he’s from America where being curvy is considered sexy, but I think he’d genuinely like curvier girls nevertheless; being an idol means that he sees a lot of skinny girl idols so he’d probably want a “change” and a different look.

Yuta is low-key a fuckboy. He’s probably a very hormonal guy so finds any girl attractive but curvy ones would be his weakness. He’d find them exotic and refreshing and would be the type to always have his hands somewhere lol If you were confident about your curves, he’d find it even more attractive and even if you weren’t, he’d be showering you in compliments anyway.

Haechan would find curvier or bigger girls adorable and he’d just want to coo at them all the time. Curvier girls would catch his eyes more than other kind of girls. Well, to be honest, I don’t think he’d care really; he’d just a soft spot for them and would like the look of curvier girls.

Ten is definitely someone who’d like touching his girlfriend’s waist, hips, butt and thighs. He just seems as if he’d always want that physical touch with his S/O, so, naturally, with curvier girls comes more of this. He’d always be telling them how good they look or how much he loved their loved because he genuinely would be in love with them.

Mark would like curvy girls because he’d like how they looked in clothes. This sounds weird but hear me out lol. Dresses, skirts, tops, jeans - look different on curvy girls than slimmer ones and I imagine that he’d like seeing his curvy S/O in clothes which accentuated their curves. Also like Johnny, he’s probably fairly westernised in his preferences, so curvy gals would be attractive to him.

Taeyong would probably like being with someone the complete opposite of him. If i were to describe this person physically, I envision them to have dark or tanned skin, big hair and being very curvy. He’d probably like the contrast of physical features, so dating a curvy girl would be a no brainer for him.

Kun would like how squishy and cute curvy girls can look. I’m not saying every curvy girl is like this, but, Kun probably would like small and curvy GF because of how adorable they look to him. He’d constantly be squishing their cheeks and wrapping his arms around them and basically worshipping them ok

Chenle, I see with someone whose not exactly curvy but not skinny either. Just “average” in times of curves. Tbh he’d probably someone who isn’t an idol and therefore isn’t thin and is just at a normal, healthy weight. He’d find curves attractive and “no” curves attractive of course, but I just see him with someone who doesn’t fit into either of these types.

Renjun wouldn’t really have a preference at all. He wouldn’t look at appearance as long as you were healthy and well. If you were curvy, he’d date you. If you weren’t, he’d still date you. As long as your personalities matched perfectly, appearance honestly wouldn’t matter.

For some reason, I see WinWin with someone who has the body of a dancer or someone who works out. He’d like the definition and tone-ness of their muscles and the strikeness of their body (in comparison to people who don’t) If they were dancer, he’d probably want to do duets or something sorry that was completely unrelated lol

Jisung would either like someone who works out/dances or someone quite thin or someone between. He’s pretty young obviously lol and hasn’t fully grown yet and probably ATM anyway doesn’t feel that “manly”. A curvier girl, although he’d find attractive, maybe wouldn’t allow him to be the man in the relationship and feel big and stronger because a quite skinny boy.

Jeno…. TBH I really have no idea why he might not like curvier girls. I just see him with a thin and petite and tiny little girlfriend. He’d date a curvy girl if that person was still petite and tiny, so he’d like small curves over bigger ones.

For Taeil and Hansol, they’re basically at the same place for the same reason. I always see these two as typically traditionally Korean in their preferences for anything, including women. They’d want a cute, small, thin girlfriend/wife so they could protect her. I think they haven’t really been “exposed” to super curvy girls compared to other members perhaps, so they’d a slight preference for slimmer girls.

I think Doyoung might date another idol in the future, maybe even date one. He’d probably want to date another idol rather than a non-idol because he’d like having someone understand his life better than a non-idol would. And female idols are usually very thin and not overly curvy, so he’d like thin and slim girls more.

Whilst Doyoung would date an idol, I think Jaehyun would date a model. Not a normal model but some supermodel whose super toned and has like literally no body fat and has super long legs and shit in order to model (ik there are plus models but I mean the really think ones in this case) . Of course he’d still like curvy girls, but in the end, I think he’ll end up with a model of some sort.

Jaemin *sigh* everyone is going to hate me for saying this, but I think he’d like skinny girls because he’s a teenage boys. Teenage boys around his age (at least the ones in Britain where I live lol) just like skinny girls and they don’t realise that curvy girls can be attractive until they’re like 17+. I think it’d just be his young age which means he’d like thin girls. I’m sure all this media and shit with skinny girls, would only reinforce this.


So ngl, this might be a huge reach but


Now before any of you judge or make any comment claiming this is a reach and I should stop, hear me out. I’ve thought about this a lot, and send a lot of time on this to make you people understand why I feel this way. And I’m normally not very good at that, no thanks to my brain and adhd. I’ve even explained how I think Shiro disappeared and what really happened.

To begin with, we didn’t really get a proper insight into anyone’s character this season and there was very little character growth. I’m so salty about that, but the season wasn’t that bad, so imma just not mention that again. Now about the Clone Shiro theories. There were a lot of them, and some of them stated that Kuron may not even know that he’s a clone. And I feel that this is what’s happening with Kuron here. I’m sure that Kuron himself thinks he’s Shiro. 

But while memories make up an important part of your personality, it’s not everything. There’s a lot we learn from our own thoughts on certain things, the way we make observations which might be linked with our memories, but are not a part of our memories. That’s what’s going on with Kuron here. He has Shiro’s memories, he knows how Shiro behaves, he knows how he’s supposed to behave (since he believes he’s Shiro), but that’s the thing - he’s not Shiro.

With many memories, we tend to have feelings associated with them. Feelings are an abstract thing, so I’m not sure they were copied when Shiro’s memories were implanted in Kuron. But Kuron still knows how he’s supposed to be, because he’s living in Shiro’s life, in Shiro’s memories, with Shiro’s memories, so even if he doesn’t have feelings, thoughts or opinions associated with those memories, he still knows.

It’s kind of like with kids (and occasionally teens too). They tend to look up to certain people - parents, siblings, role models, classmates, celebrities, etc - and imitate them (knowingly or unknowingly). And they do it so well, when they don’t even have memories of this person, just the ones they’ve seen and the memories they were in. But Kuron here, has 25 years of Shiro’s experience and life and he might not even know he’s a clone. That’s actually really sad, because when all’s said and done, in the end he’s not Shiro. Even if they’ve “led” the same life. He cannot be Shiro.

This is gonna be kinda long, and I might be wrong but I wanted to put this out there.

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MY WINGS THEORY!! Please read 🖤

(I’m actually pretty convinced in this theory….it’s based on the European story…Damien(didn’t really include that in my theory though…and the legend of Lucifer and the fallen angels.)
Sorry this is so long!! I connected some of the best theories I saw online..so, let me know what you think! x
I’ll analyze all the music videos:

All of them died (Jin died first. he committed suicide after that girl in school from Boy In Luv and War Of Hormone rejected him. Pretty sure he drowned himself in that car they keep driving around with.)
All the others died/killed themself after Jin passed away because they couldn’t live without their friend.
(Jimin drowned himself, J-Hope died of an overdose of pills, Kookie gets beaten up, then ends up in a car crash, Suga kills himself by setting his room on fire, Rap Monster died by fire too at his working place when he drops the cigarette, Tae kills himself by falling/jumping into water
All of them, accept V, kill themselfes in the music video to “I Need You”
Then follows the Prologue video. In which V tries to call someone (we know it’s Rap Monster, but he doesn’t answer.) after that we see V waking up in this very weird place..i think this video is based on the legend of Peter Pan..the kinda scary one. And it fits the concept of “Young Forever”
Let me break it down for you. This is not the disney, kids story. This is the legend of Peter Pan and the lost boys.
So, we all know Peter Pan takes lost boys to Neverland to never grow up, right? This is what’s happening here.
This place where V wakes up suddenly looked so weird for me.
So, the legend goes that Peter takes boys who are lost and don’t have anyone, who want to die anyway, to Neverland to kill them. The only condition is, that the one who’s supposed to die there, dies because he wants to die. They can’t just kill someone. They have to do it by free will.
This is why the lost boys don’t grow up there.. they are dead.
Peter and the lost boys have to convince the new boy to stay with them and to never grow up..they have to make him wanting to die.
In this case, Rap Monster is portraying Peter Pan and V the lost boy who get’s taken. He really is a lost boy at this part, because he doesn’t have anyone now.
The other boys are the lost boys who are already dead and on Peter’s(Rap Monsters) side.
Basically V calls Rap Mon, he doesn’t pic up because obviously he’s already dead. Instead, V get’s taken by Rap Monster (Peter Pan) to Neverland (this weird place V wakes up in)
V doesn’t really realize what’s going on, because all of the lost boys are his friends and he feels comfortable with them. In this world, he can forget about killing his father and just be with his loved ones. They play around in this weird place..playing pirate, fighting with sticks, sitting around campfires and sleep in the woods..who does this remind you of? Exactly, Peter Pan and his lost boys.
The boys and Rap Monster don’t want to let V go back to the real world. They want him with them in this world so they have to convince him to stay and to kill himself. This is a trade Peter Pan has..selfishness.
Also, Rap Mon is wearing a Nirvana shirt..The place when you’re between life and death is also called Nirvana..V later is wearing one too.
At the end, V climbs up the tower and is about to jump when the other boys cheer happily. They cheer because they tempted his friend to kill himself. Now, they are all together again..and do the things they did before. They even got Jin back.
Then there is the Run video in which we get to see V, who just jumped from that tower, basically reflecting on all the sins they begann when Jin died, but BEFORE HE KILLED HIMSELF AND BEFORE THE OTHERS KILLED THEMSELFES!!
We get to see Jin, dead, in that white room, imagining what it would be like to be with the boys at that time, realizing that he can’t,
Jimin and J-Hope in that white hospital room,dead and remembering all the stupid things they did when their friend died.(pillow fight)
We get to see Kookie at the end, dead, remembering everything they did, winking at Jin in the car because they’re all together now.
That video is basically a flashback of V when he’s close to death. Which is why we see him falling into water at the beginning and we keep seeing him struggling under the water during the video.
It’s a flashback of the boys trying to deal with the death of their friend..when they realized they can’t deal with it, they commit suicide. (Which is why we see V under water,looking at the camera at the end, meaning he’s dead now.)
And that’s the reason why Jin is acting strange in that video..because he isn’t actually there..but the other boys are still alive.
V just remembers all the stupid things they did BECAUSE of Jin’s death. Like, we see V&Rap Mon getting arrested(RUN) after that V went to his parents for support after he got out of prison and then killed his father(I NEED U),
we see Kookie and Suga fighting(RUN), after that fight Suga probably went to his house very upset and killed himself(I NEED YOU)
and Kookie, still numb from that fight with Suga(RUN) goes on the street where he get’s attacked by these guys and get’s in a car accident, he dies.(I NEED YOU)
Also, that scene is important..because it’s the scene where Kookie realizes what they’re doing is wrong! Suga just doesn’t want to deal with it so him and Kookie fight.
Jimin getting drowned in the bath by his friends just for fun(RUN) becomes reality and Jimin drowns himself(I NEED YOU)
To sum this up, everything in that video, accept the scenes under water of V, the scene of Jimin and J-Hope in this weird hospital like place, Jin in that weird,white room and especially the ending scene with Kookie turning around to the car, happened before the “I need You” music video and before the Prologue in which V jumps but not dies yet..
The video is basically different memories from before they killed themselfes.
The scenes in these weird, white rooms of Jimin/J-Hope and Jin are in the present time, they are already dead, so is the scene of V under water he’s just dying atm.
This RUN video is about V trying to find peace while slowly dying in the water..he is in that weird state between life and death(also called NIRVANA…he’s wearing a Nirvana Hoodie like Rap Mon in the RUN video) and he remembers everything they did..it’s basically the saying “when you die your whole life flashes before your eyes”
..and by the end of the video he’s dead. And we’re in the present time when the boys are walking down the street, followed by a car and Kookie turning around, winking, possibly at Jin in the car in which he killed himself in.
Then, in the epilogue (Young Forever) they try to find their way to peace through a maze..which would go with the Peter Pan theory I had earlier. This video starts right after the last scene in “RUN”.
Now Tae, and all the others are dead, remembered everything they did before they killed themselfes, and then got to this weird maze.
They are basically thinking about the way they died and the sins they committed. And they have to leave them behind in order to move on. Each of them leave the maze in their own speed (some are running, some are walking slowly), Tae left the Maze as the last..he had the worst thing to deal with and it took him longer than the others to deal with it, which is why they are a bit ahead of Tae when he leaves the maze.
(Also, important image here..Tae sees the boys up side down..there is only one place where everything is supposed to be upside down, it’s hell..but it quickly turns around when he joins the boys..this is important because V later becomes the devil himself…more later)
Since all of them died alone, they each have to find their way out of the maze alone to find each other again.
At the end of that we see a plane flying UP to the sky..so basically to heaven, which is where the boys want to go.
Then there is FIRE..in fire they are basically fighting against the sins they committed when they were alive (in that case, the sins are represented by the figures/people in the black hoodies..you never see their faces..) at the end, they have the house full of people in hoodies and TAE is the one who throws himself into them..which shows that he won’t fight the sins he committed and which is why he becomes the fallen angel later in bst (more later..just keep that in mind)
At the end, he runs out with the boys BUT he gave into his sins right before that..which shows that he really didn’t leave his sins behind.. but God in heaven ,where they want to go, for now believes that he does. (More later)
All the boy run out of the building right before it explodes with all the other people in there (the people in hoodies = sins)
So their sins are gone now (basically the boys are forgiven..)
The boys had to face their sins in order to get to heaven (so basically they had to go through hell…how is hell often portrayed? Right, as burning FIRE) that is why Suga at the end of FIRE goes like “i forgive you” because they defeated their worst sides..for now at least…
you know what’s also hell?
Right, facing you mistakes/ fears alone..which is in the WINGS short films..the boys are all alone, going through everything they did wrong..having to relive the worst moments (like Jimin drowning again/killing himself..same as J-Hope..(killing yourself is considered a sin)
Suga has to relive fighting/Not helping Kookie, Kookie dying in the car crash and him fighting with Suga. Maybe Suga even blames himself for Kookies death which is why he nearly gets hit by a car in his short film.
Tae obviously has to relive the moments after killing his father, losing his innocence(portrayed by the white dog), then killing himself, and Jin (who killed himself first) has to relive the moment where he decided to kill himself and leave the boys alone (polaroid pictures) which is why all the other short filmes somehow appear in his movie.
And Rap Mon has to relive not answering V’s phonecall after he killed his father..him not answering is the reason why Tae killed himself later..(also reference to the Peter Pan theory) and we see him tattooing himself again..we saw that in “Danger”, i believe..he might regret it and look at it as a sin.
They went through hell in “FIRE” to fight of the sins they committed as a group and they went through their personal hell to fight of the sins they committed themselfs..which is why every member is forgiven after their short film is over..(portrayed by the circles of the WINGS cover..them getting a circle on the WINGS cover shows them getting their WINGS and flying to heaven..)
Their lyrics in the songs are a sign of that too..V for example goes “i’m sorry my sister” = he looks for forgiveness to get to heaven,
Jimin “find the me who was innocent” = well..he wants to get rid of his sins and be innocent again to get to heaven,
Kookie just wants his friends to forgive him with the lyrics..“fly with me” (angels fly obviously)
Also, Jin’s awake is kinda obvious..he wants to be forgiven that he killed himself and he wants to wake up and go to heaven.
So, they are forgiven now and they can go to heaven to become angels..
There, the atmosphere seems to be perfect, calm..all the boys are together and happy..(in that museum/heaven are many references to the European story I talked about..the german quote, the art work which actually is from the story..)
in that music video the boys are literal angels who each portray one of the 7 deadly sins from the legend:
1. lust (Kookie)
2. Greed (Suga)
3. Anger (J-Hope)
4. Pride (Tae)
5. Envy (Jin)
6. Sloth (Jimin)
7. Glutton (Rap Mon)

I’ll start with Kookie:
He portrayes “Lust”..could be sexual (because he really is in that video omg) but lust also means a desire to avoid pain, emotional comfort, also wine (alcohol)
This is connected to Rap Mon’s “Glutton”
Ever lusted over something so much and now you finally have it and you can’t get enough? (Kookie) Right..that’s Gluttony(Rap Mon) The desire to want more..this is shown through substance abuse and drinking problems..Well, Rap Mon is constantly drinking Absinthe which is this green drink, with really strong alcohol. It’s also called a hallucinogen..or “the drink of WINGS”
So, what happens if Kookie and Rap Mon meet? Right..Kookies innocence get’s spoiled..he has dreams and all his hormones are at war (no pun intended) so he keeps “flying” (hanging from the ceiling) in his own world, trying Absinthe as well.
Basically Kookie leveled up his lust and became glutton.
As a glutton, RapMon is an attention seeker so he happily teaches Kookie his ways..the green color of the absinthe is connected to both of them in the video..and this is why we constantly see both of them together in that one room in the video.

Greed - Suga
“Strong desire to gain attention and power causing disloyalty and betrayal”
Suga has power over Jimin..

Jimin is the “Sloth” which basically means “without care”..
He avoids responsibilities, lack of interest and general absence.
No feelings for the world, yourself or people around you. You just don’t care about anything and don’t make any affords to archive something.
Jimin is in a room with Suga (you can also see the green smoke (absinthe) in there.)
Suga, the one with the “power” looks down through the glass floor to see Kookie and RapMon..but he looks down..so he’s better than them..
the room is empty because “big house, big cars and big rings” + his piano where only things he used to gain this power..they mean nothing to him now.
Greed (Suga) requires a winner(himself) and a loser(Jimin)
When Suga covered Jimin’s eyes, there was a sign behind him saying “the tempter”…Suga probably gave the Apple to Jimin (the apple is a sign of temptation and sins)
He then blindfolds Jimin to get complete control over him..he doesn’t want to share his power with him..he just wants to control him.
But Jimin doesn’t even struggle or fight back one bit. He’s the “Sloth” so he doesn’t care..or maybe he’s just too lazy to do anything about it. Even if he tries to free himself later..he can’t. But u see, Jimin’s hands are completely free. He could’ve just taken the blindfold off but he just didn’t bother..why making an effort..
At the end it’s Suga who takes the ribbon off..Jimin just looks sad. Because he’s the loser and Suga won everything.

Tae (Pride)
Pride is all about “Me,Myself and I”
As I mentioned Tae portrays the Angel Lucifer..he betrayed god(in FIRE because he didn’t actually leave his sins behind) and wants to rule over heaven instead of god..Lucifer’s sin is not wanting to be “god’s right hand” he wants to be god himself. And guess what, a few angels actually followed Lucifer (the 4 other boys..excluding Jin and J-Hope follow him right away).
Before Lucifer was banned from heaven he was the most beautiful angel and the closest to god. He was always described as “golden”, “looking like a gold star” which is probably why V is blonde..
Tae seems so adorable in the video..always smiling, always looking very pretty and cute..he even smiles when he’s jumping/falling from that balcony.
But that’s just a trick. He tricks/ betrayes everyone. (Which is why he’s covered in this white blanket through the whole video..white is a sign of innocence..)
He’s the tempter and wants all of them to think he’s one of the good ones. Which is why his smile is so cheeky when he finally reveals himself. He enjoys being the evil one..typical Lucifer.
He already has Jimin,Suga,Kookie and RapMon on his side..the weaker angels.
Now, Tae (Lucifer) has to keep tempting the other two, higher ranked angels..who have to suffer to follow Lucifers path.

J-Hope (Anger)
Anger helps us to fight injustice (V) in his opinion Tae is doing everything wrong. So he wants revenge. This is not accepted in heaven though, which is why he get’s banned from heaven.
J-Hopes character in “Boy Meets Evil” which was before BST, was so angry!! And so is his character now.
He knows the true,evil nature of V but accepts that he gets banned from heaven and accepts his future with V. He decides that his angry character would match well with V’s evil nature. He enjoys the power of anger and goes with V.
“People who fly into rage will always get a bad landing”
(He get’s banned from heaven because he choose Lucifer, not god)

Envy - Jin
Characterized by insatiable desire which is described as a sad desire towards traits or possessions of someone else.
As well as Pride(V), Envy(Jin) has been associated directly with the devil.
The war in heaven still takes place (chaos in the video..statues smashing, things breaking..)
and more angels will fall from heaven..Jin is one of them.
Jin is as proud as Tae..but he’s still fighting with the decision between good and evil. He slowly leans towards the chaos though.
He looks in a dark mirror..above it says “you still have to have chaos inside you to give birth to a dancing star”…..dancing star= gold star= lucifer..isn’t that interesting?
While the boys (Jimin,Suga,Kookie,RapMon and J-Hope) already accepted their faith and run out of the room (away from heaven/god))
Jin looks unsure once again, but V, the tempter/lucifer covers his eyes. And Jin gives in to Lucifers final temptation. After that, he kisses the statue(the fallen angel) as a symbol for his loyalty to V(Lucifer) Jin now made his faith clear. He’s gonna leave heaven/god with his friends&Lucifer.
Then, V finally shows his true self.
“The Lucifer, the highest angel, falling and yet smiling. He’s not sad about his faith. He’s determined to follow his evil plan.”
Everything crashes at the end, including Jin’s face reflected in the dark mirror.
Now, this just confirms everything. They are all basically flying or more likely falling to earth.. (When you get banned from heaven you fall on to earth)
The trailer basically tells us the story of their falls.
The symbols of their sins from BST fall into pieces as well (Suga’s piano is broken in the corner, Kookies swing burning, Jimin’s blindfold is ripped, RapMon is covered in glass (probably from alcohol bottles), J-Hope lying between the arrows which symbolize his anger.
Jin’s story keeps telling us his ultimate fall. When he kisses his own reflection, his ego has grown, his sin..or well Tae’s sin (Pride) took over him and he’s invented a chaos inside him. He’s accepting his fate..there is no return for him now.
All fallen angels fall into corruption..they don’t have their beauty or angelic powers anymore.
Tae regrows his wings in pain..he stands up and spreads his new, black wings with an evil smirk telling us that this us just the beginning.

EXO Theory Pt. 4 - Baekhyun

Part 1 - Kyungsoo as Omnipresent | Part 2 - It’s all a dream… | Part 3 - MAMA 2016 | Part 5 - KoKoBop and the XiuHo Connection |  Part 5.5 - ECLIPSE?!

Order of events:

MAMA/History/What Is Love - Miracles in December - Romantic Universe - MAMA 2016 VCR - Lucky One - Overdose - Love Me Right - Wolf/Growl - Lotto - Coming Over  -  Pathcodes/Call Me Baby - Monster  - Sing For You - MAMA 2016 Performance.

In this part I want to talk about Baekhyun and his role in the story. I said in the last part that I think Baekhyun is the embodiment of the Heart of the Tree of Life, and I went into a little detail as to why. I then mentioned that Kyungsoo suspects him as a traitor and that’s why the Monster MV came about. 

Firstly, I want to share this pic which I made very quickly:

This is basically every connection that I can find and its relevance in my interpretation of events. The closeness to the tree in the middle and also, the proximity of members to the red corner is important too! I’m hoping I can explain, at the very least, the major connections here, but some of the primary as well! 

Anyway, back to Baekhyun, and why Soo thinks he’s a traitor. Well, there are a few hints. I’m gonna start with Romantic Universe. 

In this MV, the members are undertaking a variety of missions/tests, under close supervision. There are many fails, and some passes:

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anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is a weird thing to ask but like, am I the only person who still likes Rose Quartz? I am kinda worried about where the show is going with her atm with the Pink Diamond thing, but... the other day I saw one of those "thank you for x, NOT YOU" memes and it was "thank you for always being there for Steven" and NOT YOU over Rose and it frustrated me. I know Rose obviously did some shady things and wasn't perfect but sometimes I feel like the whole fandom hates her now. And I (1/2)

always see people talking about how bad she was, but I still feel like she was a complicated and conflicted but ultimately good person who had flaws just like everyone. Am I wrong? Is it wrong of me to still think Rose is a great character? Idk, I just really love her still and it doesn’t seem like anyone agrees. It seems kinda like people are quicker to sympathize with the Diamonds than with Rose now :/

oh, you’re certainly not the only person who still likes Rose. I know plenty of people who love her. In fact, she’s become one of my favorite characters and it’s entirely because of how complex and flawed they’ve been revealing her to be. 

Early on, she was very much (and very deliberately) portrayed as an almost goddess that everyone loved and who was entirely pure and good and faultless. A symbol and ideal of goodness that Steven couldn’t possibly live up to, because nobody is truly like that. That sort of thing is a nice idea, a nice plot device, but not really a character. I found her interesting but I wasn’t really invested in her specifically. But as the show has gone on and they’ve revealed more and more about her, she’s become more flawed, more human (so to speak), and she feels more real, like a person rather than just an idea. I love it, honestly.

It just feels very true to the message of the show, that you can always change, that you can be flawed and still do good things. And I feel like Steven has a lot more in common with her than he thinks. Like, not just in power, but in this kinda of… being in the impossible position of kind of falling into being the leader everyone looks up to and having to help everyone and solve these impossible problems. In the insecurities and not knowing what to do and wanting to help everyone but not really being able to. 

Like, the whole point of the Rebellion was, to save Earth yes, but also to break free from Homeworld so that Gems could be free to be whoever they wanted to be and Rose lead that, she facilitated that, but I don’t think being a leader was something she ever wanted to be, it just happened and she got stuck in it and I don’t think she ever really knew what she was doing, as evidenced by how bad some of her decisions were, which just came off as a whole “enigmatic leader does wise things we couldn’t hope to understand” instead of “oh god I don’t know what I’m doing someone please help me”. But everyone looked up to her and drew inspiration from her and I think that makes it very hard to admit she didn’t know what she was doing, for fear of letting everyone down.

This isn’t a hard and fast rule, of course, but the reason a lot of people find it easier to sympathize with a “bad” character who shows some good/sympathetic traits than a “good” character who shows bad/unsympathetic traits is because we have this kind of… expectation of goodness within our social consciousness. We expect people to be good, on some level, like a lot of the time even when people aren’t surprised someone does something bad, they still feel disappointed.

When a “bad” character is shown as sympathetic or “good” even in small ways, it feeds into this expectation of goodness (which is lower, since we know they’re supposed to be bad), it makes you go “oh, they’re not all bad” or makes you relate to them and thus feel for them more. 

But when a “good” character is shown as unsympathetic or “bad” even in small ways, it breaks the expectation (which is higher, because we know they’re supposed to be good). It’s a disappointment and so it hits harder. Sometimes it’s because we already relate to them so this “bad” thing feels almost like an attack on ourselves so it’s rejected.

I also think that people, in general, do not like being told what to think. If you’re told this character is supposed to be good or supposed to be bad, then what you’re going to look for is something that disproves that. The evidence against feels much stronger because it’s like “Look, you’re wrong”

Really there’s a lot of reasons for it. That said, I find the Diamonds to be interesting characters as well.

Anyways, I have rambled enough. But just know that you’re generally never alone in any opinion you have.

Just a bit out of my league Pt.3 Stan Uris X Reader/Henry Bowers X Reader Modern AU

 Summary: (Also I changed this btw) Drama, drama, and more drama is all that can describe the messy Tozier family right now. Y/n is still battling whether or not to leave Henry just for the sake of her safety. You and Richie’s mom is deciding if she wants to really send Richie off to a mental institution because she found out about his friend group and him trying to kill Pennywise. Even with forgiveness this will all end in tears and heartbreakers doing the usual; heartbreaking. Henry had apologized to Y/n but their relationship is at stake mainly from the fighting. Stan, oh poor Stan. Forever stuck in the friendzone Stan ends up telling Y/n the truth causing an, already, horrible triangle between Y/n, Henry, and Stan himself in Pt.4!

Song: Out of my league by Fitz and the Tantrums and DNA by Lia Marie Johnson bc these both fit the theme PERFECTLY

Warnings: Fluff, angst, depressing parts, cursing, underage drinking, not taking advantage of people, some humor, family drama

A/n:Okay so I do but I don’t have writers block atm so thats sucks (Insert dick joke bc I am a walking female version of Richie Tozier) but eh at least I get to write for a bit anyways x3 also the drama in this kind of but doesn’t remind of Stranger Things season 2 but like I am still flipping my shit bc season 2 comes out in 15 days so like ye also SO SO SO sorry if Henry and anybody else is like super oc (Original character)

    If you are sensitive to family and love drama then please don’t read,
                                                       You have been warned

    (Not my photo I just found it on ye old internet but like this fits one of the scenes in Pt.3 lol)

                                           *          *         *

    You don’t even know why Henry had skipped the rest of school today but it just happened. He seemed off, ever since that fight he backed off a bit but it was still a ‘okay’ relationship. When you walked home you found your mom sitting at the dining room table with Richie talking about stuff… “Richie I really do think it would be a good idea for you to be in a mental institution sweetie” Your mom sounded off…different. She didn’t sound like the alcoholic she was. You walked up to the entry way but you were in the position of not being seen unless you moved somewhere different. “Mom seriously I am fine” “No Richie you need to leave!” she said her voice cracking from being stressed. You felt heavy tears trying to release from your soft emerald green eyes but you tried to fight it. “Just fight back the truth” you thought to yourself. “Mom! I am perfectly fine here! Remember we only moved here so Y/n would be better about everything! And to get away from fucking dad..” Richie said loudly but softly saying the last part about your dad. “Richie…-” before your mom could finish talking Richie got up and left the table. Leaving the house to just you and your mom.  “Mom..” you said walking to the seat Richie had been sitting at. “You saw everything” you nodded then took a seat at the table. “It’s going to be fine..trust me” you gave her a pain killing smile and she broke down and her flustered cheeks filled with heavy crystal blue tears. You closed your heavy lids then she got up and left the room. “Mom wait” You said somewhat softly knowingly that she wouldn’t be able to hear you. “Love you…” you spoke in a whisper tone, letting the tears flood you ran your hands through your hair and started to full on cry. 

              The next morning you woke up in your bed, which you don’t even remember getting in here. You had woken up from a nightmare but thankfully it was Saturday morning. Sitting up in bed you looked around and to your surprise you were still wearing last night’s clothes. Then you noticed Henry, he was sitting at your bay window looking out at the fall leaves. “How did you get in here…?” You said then his head quickly turned to look at you. “You called me to get here” he mumbled but you could still understand him. “And then what happened?” you said fully clueless. “As I said you called me, you said about some spare key in a bush. Then when I got here it looked like you got into some of your mom’s alcohol…So I had to carry you up here because your mom would be pissed if she saw you like that” he said as he walked over to your bed and sat down next to you. “Y/n you know it’s okay that you did that” “No it’s not” you shook your head then looked at him in the eye. “Don’t tell anyone, promise?” you said then he smiled back and said “Promise”. Then the next thing I knew, my hand was on his shoulder and my face was close to Henry’s. It was like some sort of “Kiss-me” body language. I didn’t want it to seem as if we both took advantage of the situation but he went for it. Then his cheek was against mine, I knew it was now or never actually have my first kiss like this with him. But the thought of us making out after a night of me drinking alcohol was too much, So I said the first mood-killing thing that popped in my head. “I-I think Richie might be aw-” he ignored me trying to get out of this. Henry was obviously the one to be like this but it still was mixed feelings for me. Our worlds collided as soon as we met in a different way. The door than swung open to reveal Richie complaining that he is hungry. “What the fu-!” he yelled then in a natural instinct, for when your brother walks in on you fucking making out with your boyfriend,you jumped up letting go of him.

     “Why aRE YOU HERE HENRY!” Richie yelled. The face you gave him was “Shut up and is mom home??” he nodded “Yeah she is home” just from knowing. “Get out!” you yelled back at him. “Fine!” Richie said putting his hands up then slammed the door shut and walked away. You got up and walked over to change into something different, Henry quickly went on his phone just to distract him from staring at you. 

                                              *       *      *

  “Hey Henry, how is your dad sweetie?” your mom asked when she saw you and Henry walking downstairs into the kitchen. “He is doing okay Mrs.Tozier” he smiled through the lie he told your mom then let go of your hand so you could sit down at the dinner table. Then Richie came barreling in wearing super baggy navy green jeans and a band shirt. “Are you seriously going to be wearing that today?” you said as you were putting your hair up in a high ponytail. “Yes I am Y/n” he said as he sat down next to you. “Mom is it okay if Eddie and maybe Stan comes over today?” Richie spoke up once he set down his phone so he could start eating the breakfast your mom made. Everything was weird and different. It was almost like a normal family, your mom actually made breakfast and wasn’t wasting her time drinking away her problems, Richie actually acted like the typical little brother and wasn’t cursing 24/7. But it was nice for once. You caught Henry staring at you, when you looked over at you he smiled. “what the aCTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON” you thought yourself. Am I losing my mind?? You looked around to see if there was any alcohol bottles anywhere but one was to be found in the trash, it was full. “Sorry but yes they can come over Richie” your mom said softly. She walked over to turn off the TV, walked back and placed the food on the dinner table, then sat down. “Well this is different” you mumbled. “Y/n are you okay?” Richie looked over at you. “No I am not okay Richie” “Watch the attitude” Your mom spoke up. Henry was ignoring everything and just eating everything on his plate. “Y/n?” Henry said,you gave him a soft ‘mhm’ “Mrs. Tozier, is it okay if me and Y/n go out for a bit?” “Sure just if you guys are staying out late she needs to be home by around 7pm” Henry nodded, grabbed his belongings then took you by the hand and left. 

    “I n-need to tell you something” Henry said as he took a deep sigh. When you two were holding hands he looked you in the eyes, you both ended up stopping by the bridge. “You can tell me anything Henry” he nodded. “Don’t tell anyone please.” You nodded. “I k-killed him…” you were shocked by this. “Who is him?” you said softly. “My dad” he muttered in a somewhat mad tone. “Henry I can’t hear you, please speak up baby” you said as you looked at his guilty face. “I said I killed my dad!” he said loudly. You closed your eyes, “Can you please just walk me home, the sun is setting..” you fought off any sadness you felt for his dad because his dad was a total asshole. You started walking back home but Henry stopped you, “Please Y/n don’t leave me. I’m safe to be around, you’re safe” he said the last part in a almost non audible tone. “Henry I know it’s just- I need to get home” Henry shook his head. “You can walk yourself home” he said as he went opposite directions home. You sighed and walked yourself home. 

                                                    *        *       *

  “Mom I’m home!” You called out as you closed the door. “No you need to leave Went! (According to WIKI fucking WIKI for Stephen king’s movies and books lmao it said that Richie’s dad’s name is Wentworth Tozier so like correct me if im wrong in the comments) the kids do not want to fucking see you!” Your mom shouted at the top of her lungs. Then you heard a glass bottle shatter. You flinched slightly and walked up to the kitchen walk way. You hid yourself but only you could see what was going on. “If you already have another fucking girlfriend then you need to pack your shit and leave!” Your mom screamed. You saw the broken glass bottle, it was a wine bottle, then you saw a non-broken bottle sitting on the table. “I will leave when I fucking want to leave Maggie!” Your dad screamed back at her (Maggie is Richie’s mum just to clear that up too) you hated seeing them both like this. But you couldn’t help wonder, how did it go from normal mom to your mom and dad both fighting. This hadn’t happened since Richie was in elementary school. Almost 4 years ago… You snapped back into reality when you felt a hand on your shoulder, in reaction you turned around and it was Richie. “We should go up to our rooms…” “Why?” and as if on cue: “I’m calling the fucking cops!” Your mom screamed. “That’s why” Richie said as he pointed at your mom. “Y-yeah..” You said as you both rushed upstairs.

     “Why does this all have to happen Y/n” Richie said, you had both been sitting in your room on the floor. He had his head resting on your shoulder, it felt like forever since you both had to do this. Just listening to the screams and the cop sirens felt too real, “It’s going to be fine Richie” you closed your eyes and reminded yourself not to cry since you and Richie both had already been crying over all that has happened. “No it won’t and you know it won’t too Y/n” he spoke heartbreaking words. Then Richie’s phone started going off, Bill had a request to face time. Richie quickly lifted his head up off of your shoulder then answered the facetime call. “Hey Bill” Richie said with a pain-killing smile. “Why are you in your sister’s room…” Bill said after he took a sip from his water bottle. “uh-” “It’s fine Bill, I’m up here with him” You interrupted him because you knew it made him pissed off a bit. “Shut up” Richie said. You giggled a bit causing Richie to roll his eyes. “Is that Y/n” Stan whispered to Bill but you could both hear him on the other line. “Yeah, why?” Bill said. Then Stan sent him a text saying that he liked Y/n, when Bill looked at the text he nearly choked on his drink. “OH YEAH BECAUSE OF HIS FISH” Bill said trying to not blow his cover. Then Stan appeared on the screen. “Hey Y/n, Richie” he said with a nervous laugh. “Wait why do i hear police sirens! RICHIE Y/N ARE YOU FUCKING OKAY!?” Eddie then yelled since he was having a sleepover with Bill and Stan. “Yeah it’s just ya know…local kid threw a rock…at my window…” You said and looked at Richie, “Yeah it was some psycho!” “I doubt that Richie” Stan said with a bland expression on his face. “Whatever” 

                                      To be,



anonymous asked:

so i really wanna start writing this nessian long fic but i'm so afraid bc there's so many talented writers in this fandom like you and i just don't know if anyone will like it or even read it idek any advice for people like me who are hesitant to start writing fic for this fandom (or any fandom really)??

Okay okay okay (I suck at advice but I will try okay okay trying:) 

So first things first if you have a thing inside your head that you want to write write it. Get it out of your head. It is doing you no good in there (well okay it kinda is because story ideas are fun to sit and imagine and that’s nice) but it’s even better putting it down on paper!!! Set the idea freeee. Seriously. If you have that itch to write give in to it. It’s a rare enough thing that it should be cherished and indulged in when it deigns to appear. In short: JUST WRITE THE THING!!!! 

The second part of that is posting the thing. Which you do not have to do. You can just write things for you, you know? In fact I think that’s the better way (and it’s Hard, dude, I know it is, because sometimes you’re just like….could ppl pls shower me with love it makes me want to keep writing (one nice comment will power my scribbling for days I know how it goes)) but these ideas are yours and you should own them and enjoy them just for you. Just because it feels good to have written this thing and put your ideas out there whether other people respond to them or not. 

Posting fic is scary af I still don’t like it (I scuttle off to bed…pretty much as soon as I’ve posted whatever it is I’m posting I GET IT DUDE) but it’s also a lot of fun? Most of the awesome people I’ve met through fandom I’ve met through fic too; it gets people talking and that’s good. This fandom is actually pretty responsive towards fic in that…I think a solid 70-80% of them actually read it/go looking for it/interact with it in some way and that’s really cool? So if this is your starting point it’s good!!! 

Also okay, I’m blatantly ripping this off from some post or other I have seen floating around this website but it’s like. Fic authors and fic readers see their fic in very different ways. Fic authors look at their fic and then they look at someone else’s fic and they do this: :( because that person’s writing is so much better than mine, their fics are so much better, I will never be as good as them I should just not even try. Fic readers look at other people’s fic and they go: :O Fic readers look at your fic and they go: :O Fic readers look at fics and are like omg a giant juicy chocolate cake and a glorious cheesecake. Different cake is still cake and all cake is good (the original post explained this so much better than me I’m just like…pointing that out in case it needed to be said) 

The point is that no fic reader in the universe reads one fic and really likes it then goes and reads another fic and likes it a little bit better and then right, well, that last one was obviously garbage. I’m not bothering with them anymore what’s the point. I have found it. This is the one. This is the ultimate fic. We have found The One And Only fic author in this fandom we are ever going to read we don’t need any others, we don’t want any other fic ever because we have this one and it is perfect and what is the point of any of the other ones? Fic readers are like omg someone has written a fic of my otp! Omg someone else has written a fic of my otp! omg they’re both amazing I’m going to read them both 16 times and drown in them. 

Fandom isn’t a competition, producing fanworks isn’t a competition either (listen I am aware this shit is difficult to actually take in okay I’M AWARE BELIEVE ME)  But I think if you love something enough that you have all these ideas for it and you want to write them you should write them. and then if you want to post them and share them with people you should do that too? 

I mean…Maybe you will post it and…maybe no-one will read it or like but….I mean atm you just don’t know? At the moment no-one can read it or like it or love it because it hasn’t been written yet?? So I can’t tell you that people will love it but I can tell you that no-one will while it’s stuck inside your head, you know? 

But, I don’t know, I suppose, if you can drag anything out of this quagmire of wiffle it’s that…If you care about something enough that you want to write it you should do that. At least try. Stick your pen on a piece of paper and see what happens. Maybe it goes nowhere and you can’t get through it. Maybe you write 10k in a night and fall in love. But just sort of hovering here in limbo all that’s going to happen is eventually that idea will fade away and maybe one day you’ll be sad that you didn’t just…try to see what might come of it? 

TL;DR: Write the thing. You have enough of a passion to want to write, don’t ignore that. Post the thing if you feel able to once you’ve written the thing. What’s the worst thing that can happen if you try?? 

I will be 100% honest. I do not like Klance. I tend to shy away from popular ships, especially in fandoms as big and rabid as the Voltron one but what I see in Klance is what I see in every fandom that has two conventionally attractive boys with a fanbase that’s made up mostly of women in their teenage years to late 20s.

I really hate to say it but the fact is, Klance just satisfies the “hot rival yaoi” trope that has existed for years. You can overanalyze the snot out of any scene that has Lance and Keith in it and say there’s romance there, you can do that between any two characters. Now yes, Lance and Keith are more focused on, they seem to be more primary characters (and I do hope Hunk and Pidge get more screentime because they are my favorites) and therefore share more scenes together.

Their dynamic is also important to the show and to the plot. I never wanted to be the one saying “well look at the reasons why you don’t ship this character over that character” but… look at the reasons why you don’t ship this character over that character. Hunk is not conventionally attractive, he’s heavier set, darker, and fits the trope of comedy relief.

I understand why no one ships Pidge, she’s obviously very young (only recently confirmed to be 15) but why does no one focus more on her character? Why do people gravitate towards Lance angst, or Klance angst. Heck, Keith doesn’t get nearly as much individual attention as Lance.

Pidge thinks she’s lost her father and brother yet won’t stop looking for them, had to cut away pieces of her identity to sneak back into the school, and had to leave her mom all at the tender age of 14 and 15.

Shiro suffers from intense PTSD from his time as a Galran prisoner, has had non consensual body modifications done to him, keeps getting pulled back to the very place that hurt him, and may or may not be the catalyst that gets his team severely hurt not that it’s his fault, but damn straight Shiro is the kind of guy who’ll shoulder that.

Keith is an orphan, dropped out of a prestigious school for unknown(?) reasons, has an partially Galran mother, is obviously reeling from the loss of Shiro whom he respected deeply. 

And Hunk? Hunk hasn’t even been given enough screentime to know what’s going on in that dude’s life.

Allura and Coran lost their entire civilization and had to wake up, no time to deal with it! They’ve lost their families! Allura had to kill the only thing she had left of her father!

Don’t get me wrong, I identify with Lance heavily and I’m not trying to diminish his pain (well, since he’s a fictional character devoid of any emotion, I’m not trying to diminish anyone who identifies with him’s pain) but I always hate it when I see when fandoms go down this path of glorifying a character or a ship or both over other characters. It gets frustrating.

I’m sorry this shifted from Klance (which I don’t hate, btw, and can ship on a good day) to my quarrels with the whole fandom. I do have more to say on Klance but I direct you to this post that talks about the disservice done to Keith in the role of Klance.

For the record, I am fine with Sheith now that Keith is confirmed 18. I am fine with Klance, Heith, Hance, Kallura, Allurance, and Hallura. I do like Shallura but am antsy about it atm due to the unspecified age, I see her as around 18 or 19 like Keith but I also age her up a couple years just in case. I am not fine with Pidge being shipped unless she has been aged-up appropriately. I’m fine with aging up. I do not ship Pidge and Shiro even with Pidge aged-up because age gaps of more than 10 years make me uncomfortable for personal reasons.

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So first I want to say I saw your thing on marriage proposals on Jakku and it was perfect and wonderful and just urgh, I can't even XD but I had a thought... What if Rey one day saw Poe receiving food AND THEN GIVING SOME BACK. And at first she's cool with it because hey, new place new customs but he never introduces his 'new wife' to her and she doesn't know what to think because surely it's only good manners, right? So she confronts him... :P


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for the 2-pov challenge!: sniffling, temp taking & "Are you sure you're all right?" for gingersnap c:

Oh man I’m so sorry it took me days to do this but I looove this combination. Thank you so much for the request!!

(Sickie’s pov)

Liam wished he hadn’t had work that day.  His head was pounding, a thing not helped by the din of the dining room or the clattering in the kitchens. What’s worse is that he’d sneezed once that morning and now couldn’t stop sniffling.

On every exhale, he struggled to keep his nose from running, and every inhale was a battle between being discreet and reigning in the moisture threatening to escape. It was all the worse when he was waiting tables, and couldn’t do anything about it at all. The shallow, careful breaths made him lightheaded, and he wanted more than anything be able to blow his nose.

He finally got his chance on his break, by which time he felt indescribably awful. He didn’t consider leaving early, especially as he was the only manager there and couldn’t leave anyway, but damn if he didn’t want to.

He slumped into a chair at the back of the break room, and rested his head on folded arms. He wasn’t hungry, even if he knew he should eat. He was exhausted, and he was sure he had a fever, if the chills coursing through him every few minutes were any indication. His eyelids drooped, and he was in danger of falling asleep right there, when he felt a hand rest on his shoulder.

He jumped and jolted upright. He’d been alone a moment ago, and he didn’t think he’d had his head down that long. But as he looked up, he saw Elliott, and his momentary panic melted away.

“What is it?” Liam asked, punctuating the question with yet another sniffle. Resting his head had done him no favors with his nose.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Elliott asked, brows knitted with concern. He’d advised Liam to stay home today, but Liam had maintained he could make it through his shift, that he was really and truly okay.

“Yeah,” Liam rasped, then cleared his throat. “I’ll be fide, ‘s lo’g as I go to bed whed I get hobe.”

In the next moment, Elliott’s hand was on Liam’s forehead, and Liam wanted more than anything to rest his head back on his arms. Instead, he settled for leaning ever so slightly into Elliott’s palm, letting the coolness permeate his skin and soothe its heat.

“You’re burning,” Elliott said, regrettably taking his hand away. “We don’t have a thermometer in the first aid kit, do we?”

“Ndoh,” Liam said, features contorting into a look of disgust. “A’d eved if we did, I woulded’t use it. You have ndoh idea what people use that stuff for.”

“First aid, I’d hope,” Elliott said, but straightened and made for the door. “Be careful, yeah? We’ll take your temperature at home later.”

(Caretaker’s pov)

Liam was supposed to go to bed when he got home. That was early in the evening, right after Bonnie showed up at Cassia to take over and shouted about how he looked like hell and he should’ve called her to cover for him. Later into the night, Elliott got home to find Liam still up, sitting on the couch, staring off into space.

“Hey,” Elliott said, taking off his shoes and moving to sit beside his boyfriend. “You okay?”

Liam blinked blearily at him, then sniffled and rubbed his eye. “Yeah. I’b good. Why?”

Elliott snorted. “I dunno, you’re just sitting here. Did you take anything yet? Did you take your temperature?”

Liam frowned as if he didn’t understand the questions, and it took him a few minutes to answer. “Yeah, I…I took sobe cold bedicide, but that’s it. I forgot to take by tebperature.” His statements were peppered with stunted sniffles, which sounded much more congested than they were a few hours before. Whatever cold medicine Liam had taken obviously hadn’t done much for him.

“In that case,” Elliott said, standing and heading for the bathroom. “We’re going to do that now.”

Liam groaned, and Elliott worried he would protest further when he returned with the thermometer, paracetamol, and a bottle of water in hand. Elliott still couldn’t fathom why Liam hadn’t gone to bed - unless of course, he was too tired to sleep. That happened a lot when he was especially ill. It was a thing Elliott didn’t understand. Whenever he was ill, he passed out for hours wherever he was. It didn’t matter if it was his bed, the couch, or the floor, and yet Liam sometimes couldn’t sleep no matter what he did. Even now, when Elliott took a longer look at him, his eyes were only half lidded, bloodshot and rimmed red. He looked like he could fall asleep at any moment.

“Open up,” Elliott said, and Liam, surprisingly, complied.

The two of them were silent as they listened to the rhythmic beeping of the thermometer. Liam held it in place, sniffling around it and parting his lips slightly so he could breathe for the next minute. His nostrils, moist and chapped, flared every so often, and Elliott wondered if he needed to sneeze or if it was just a subconscious effort at getting more oxygen.

When the thermometer finally signaled its finish, Elliott took it and read the numbers. “Thirty-eight point six,” he stated with a grimace. “No doubt thanks to rushing ‘round at work.”

Liam barely seemed to comprehend what Elliott was saying. His head bobbed forward, and though it snapped back up almost immediately, Elliott was sure the same thing would happen in a minute or so.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” he asked, and the question had Liam straightening in his seat with a barely perceptible and not very convincing nod. “Well, then, before you fall asleep, take these.”

He shook two paracetamol into his hand and offered them to Liam with the bottle of water. Liam downed the pills, but said nothing. Elliott supposed he should be pleased. Liam was hardly ever this docile when it came to being ill - or anything for that matter. And yet, it only served to worry Elliott further, the way Liam slumped into the arm of the couch and buried his face in his elbow.

Elliott let him have a moment, but then nudged him when he didn’t pick his head up. “C’mon,” he said. “Time for bed. Can’t have you falling asleep on the couch.”

Liam hauled himself to his feet, if reluctantly, and by the time they got to the bed, he’d shifted from so tired he couldn’t sleep to so tired he could barely walk. Elliott pulled the blanket up over his boyfriend and placed a gentle kiss to his hot temple.

“Sleep well, love,” he whispered, and turned out the light.

The Many First Times that Kakashi Saw

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Same Age AU KakaSaku is one of my fave AUs (along with genswap/age swap and time travel) and I’m glad I finally got to write a fic for this prompt! Really busy atm for board exam reviews but I would write a fic or draw something for each of KakaSaku Month’s prompts (only, they would come a bit later, sry everyone :( )

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Animal Shelter Volunteer!Junhui

Woahhhh back at it again with the terrible bullet aus! I’ve got some things that I’m working on atm though so hopefully soon I’ll be coming at you with some proper scenarios (pls stay tuned ily)

  • GOd damn this beautiful boy
  • He makes me feel a lot of things okay yeye lets gO
  • Highkey uSEs his prettiness against people
  • ,,,,well that’s what it seems like but in actual fact he just really loves the animals and wants to cuddle them a lot* But yeah it ends up that the other people that volunteer there either end up fancying him or being entirely endeared by him and secretly wish they could take photos of him when he’s playing with the kittens and petting the dogs
  • “OKay can you just,,, stay there….”
  • “Alright?? Wait why are you getting your camera out?”
  • I could see him taking on a lot of shifts?? Just bc it’s quite a rewarding feeling and he gets a kick out of it also the animals are cute
  • The reason why he starts volunteering there in the first place is because he once adopted a cat from there with his family and remembered being so excited about it !!!
  • So yeah when he decided that he’d like to do volunteering he picked this shelter without a second thought
  • …………….which is really lucky wow
  • because you always come in every week without fail to donate food and toys and nice things for the animals
  • Everyone that works there knows you and endlessly ask you to join them and work there too
  • But you always say you can’t because you’re busy with school and extracurricular activities* The first time Junhui sees you he’s not only grasped by your kindness, he’s also kinda blown away by how pretty you are
  • When you leave he goes up to another worker
  • “Who’s that?”
  • “Oh! That was Y/N, they bring in stuff for the animals every week.”
  • And for some reason you kind of get stuck in his thoughts
  • He spends the following week eagerly waiting for you to donate things again
  • And when the day you usually comes in rolls around he’s so !!! and excited* “I ! might ! see ! that ! person ! again !”
  • THIS TIME HE PLans on talking to you because why shouldn’t he??
  • But then he realises he doesn’t know what to say
  • And spends the time up until you arrive being concerned and confused and worrying that he might be really awkward and terrible o no
  • So yeah,,, it’s a ‘disaster’
  • Nonetheless, you arrive at the shelter, donations in hand* Suddenly he’s at a loss for words and decides to dash over to where the cats are because he doesn’t know what to say and maybe he’ll mess this up even though he lowkey wants it to be perfect with all of his heart* Why though???? Because from what the other volunteers have told him you’re lovely and sweet and kind and actually have a really good sense of humour
  • But he continuously has to remind himself that you haven’t actually spoken to each other yet so he can’t get his hopes up too much that you’re some kind of saint-like person* So yeah he goes and hides with the cats and probably ends up petting one of his favourite ones for a little bit
  • But oh,,..,.,,,,. You’ve brought blankets with you this time and have asked if you can see some of the cats today
  • Therefore, unbeknownst to Junhui, you’re heading his way and the other volunteers have said that since he’s already in there he can introduce you to all the cats
  • And he’s just sitting there, tirelessly running his fingers through a cat’s fur when you walk in and go
  • “Uh, you’re Junhui right?”
  • But you sort of make him jump so he jolts a bit and turns around, the cat he was petting held tightly in his arms* (but obviously it doesn’t scratch him or anything,,,, probably not anyway)
  • And you’re instantly thrown off guard because??? This cute and pretty boy is holding this equally cute and pretty cat in his arms and looks impossibly endearing and attractive
  • While you’re staring at each other, Junhui would probably blurt out some awful and greasy line that makes you start laughing
  • “Hey! That wasn’t meant to make you laugh,”
  • Thankfully the laughter has broken any awkwardness that might have latched onto the atmosphere of the room, and as he shows you around and introduces you to his favourite cats you get to know each other a little bit and yeah it’s really nice
  • So let’s just say he’d end up eagerly awaiting your arrival every week
  • (and any texts you might send him when you work up the courage to give him your phone number)

Requested by anonymous: Okay I’ve fallen back in love with spider man after seeing CA:CW. I was wondering if maybe you could write something along the lines of you and Peter are like SO REALLY HARD IN LOVE and go to the same school and know about each other’s other identities (maybe reader has powers idk) and while Tony recruits Peter, Steve recruits you and then you guys find out you are scared it will tear you guys apart but when it’s all over its all okay. Idk just fluff and angst and idc about smut ilove ur writing


hey i love your peter imagine and i’d love it if you could write another one? idrc what happens im such trash lol sorry i know that you’re having a bit of a block atm :/

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Rating: T

Word count: 6k

Warnings: some swears, fluff, angst-ish, Superpowered!reader, superhero!reader

A/N: I loved this request a lot!! And I love Peter Parker. There are civil war spoilers in this (obviously), so read at your discretion. I hope you enjoy, lovelies!

The bell had just rung for the last class of the school day – Chemistry, which was, admittedly, absolutely not your strong suit.

“He–y,” a voice called out, stretching out the vowel in the word ‘hey’. “Hey, partner.” Peter Parker appeared at your side, his backpack slung over his shoulder and his chemistry book in his arm. “Wanna walk to chem together?”

“You don’t need to pretend to be my friend at school,” you grumbled underneath your breath.

“Right, right, the whole ‘I gotta stay on the d-l because I don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to myself’ thing. I get it,” Peter said nonchalantly. “But I doubt you spending time with me outside of your…extra curricular activities will draw any attention to you. I’m a nobody!”

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terezisexbuttpyrope  asked:

How would Shiro, Allura, Lance help a s/o who gets real bad acne and has self-image probs becauseof it? o:

;;aghh im having skin probs atm too and it SUCKS i hate having to go out bc of it lmao so I Can Relate

Shiro -

“My skin looks awful.”

Shiro and [y/n] had just settled down after a long afternoon of training, laid back easily in the lounge room until lunch would eventually come along. He had been examining a dislodged bit attached to his helmet on his lap when he heard [y/n] say such a thing and his gaze jumped over to where they sat beside him. They’re handling a small handheld mirror, peering at their reflection with narrowed, irritated eyes that had Shiro setting his helmet down for a moment.

“What’re you talking about?” Shiro questioned, shifting so that he could rest his forearm over the backrest, “Did you get a sunburn? I told Allura that we shouldn’t do outdoor training in that heat…”

“It’s not that.” [y/n] sighed as they set the mirror to their side, “My acne’s getting worse and worse…” They frown, ducking their head as if trying to avoid Shiro’s brown gaze, “I look ugly and-”

“Hey,” Shiro stopped them right there, a gentle hand resting on their shoulder before they turn to face him, “Acne or not, you’ll always always look as good as you’ve always have. Don’t be silly. You - ugly? Not a chance.” He can say that he can resonate with them on some degree, because he too had been self conscious of his face when he had first gotten the scar across his nose. Its presence still bothered him, but he had adapted.

[y/n] let their shoulders deflate, and Shiro could tell that they still didn’t quite believe his words. Shiro picked up the mirror and set it on the opposite side of himself, away from where [y/n] sat, before putting the flank of his index finger against their chin to plant a soft kiss to their lips. He can sense them relax at that, and that alone had him loosening up as well. Shiro hates the thought of [y/n] being displeased with their appearance, especially if they’re so drop-dead gorgeous in his eyes.

Parting, Shiro pulls a faint smile, “Still even prettier up close.”

Allura -


The bright control panel became forgotten for a second as Allura turned around to face [y/n], who had come up to sit cross-legged behind her, just to keep her company as she flew the castleship as always.

Smiling a little, Allura crouches down to their level, white locks shifting to frame her features, “What is it, [y/n]?”

They looked uneasy for a second, moving to scratch vaguely at their nose, 

“Do…do Alteans get acne?”

Allura blinked, “Ac-what?”

[y/n] looked even more wary as they avert their gaze downwards, hand still lingering close to their face, “Acne. You know…bumps. Really ugly ones.”

Allura could almost see where this is going - she’s definitely noticed a change in their mood over the past few days and they seemed to favour ducking their head quite often. She raises her eyebrows, fully settling down to sit down across from them comfortably, knees brushing.

“Ah, you mean Macula spots?” Allura questioned, resting her cheek against the heel of her palm as she eyed the other, “Alteans and Earthlings must have different names for it - but yes, even Alteans get those! Usually at a young age.”

[y/n] hugged their arms around their own chest, looking mortified for a second, “I hate it. I wish my skin could just be clear…but instead I look like - well - a mess.”

Allura couldn’t believe her ears. She had always seen [y/n] as a stunning, attractive being ever since they had met. Even now, she couldn’t see what could be so horrible about this ‘acne’. But seeing [y/n] looking so downcast over such a thing had her heart dipping.

“A mess? Oh, definitely not.” Allura grasped both of their hands in hers, giving them each a tight squeeze, “You’re beautiful no matter what, okay? If you ever think otherwise - just think about all of the other things that complement you. 

Your hair, your eyes, your smile…all of those things. Never forget that, okay?”
[y/n] looked taken aback for a moment, face turning a faint red hue. Allura only smiled back, and spread her arms to let the other into a well-needed embrace.
“Thanks, Allura.” They whispered as they hugged her tight, self-consciousness already ebbing away.

“Of course.” Allura murmured, stroking their back as a laugh catches her breath, “Consider yourself lucky, because Altean Macula spots were green!”

Lance -

“How in the world do you keep your skin so clear all the time?”

Lance visibly flushed as the soothing silence was interrupted by the comment, reaching up to push his sleeping mask from his eyes. To only see that [y/n] had been staring at him for a while.

“Uh, well-” Lance caught that signature grin on his face as he melts deeper into the pillow, “I like to think that skincare should be appropriate for all genders, you know? I’m comfortable with doing facials and all that jazz.”

“Yeah, but-” [y/n] scooted a little closer, now resting their chin against his chest as they shut their eyes defeatedly, “No matter what I do, my acne keeps coming back. And obviously, it’s getting pretty bad…”

Lance, at first not seeing the topic sensitive and more like casual talk, brushed a few strands from their eyes, “Don’t worry, starting tomorrow I’ll let you use some of my products! We’ll see what works best for you.”

He recalls that awkward stretch of time between his 12th and 14th years, when he hadn’t cared much about his skin and would wear his acne like it wasn’t such a big deal. Which he still somehow feels it isn’t, in [y/n]’s case - because he couldn’t see a loophole for acne to taint the qualities of someone’s appearance as a whole. But acne sure is a nuisance for the bearer, he would know.

“No, it wouldn’t work.” [y/n] murmured, voice more distraught now as they slightly recoiled from his touch, “The acne always comes back. I feel so ugly all the damn time, sometimes I hate being around the rest…”

Lance perked up at that, rolling over a little to gaze clearly at their features, still stunning and kissable as always. He sees that they were in fact dead serious, and his eyebrows rise in the slightest, “[y/n] - no. You’re amazing to look at, with or without acne. Don’t let it get you down, alright?” He cups their cheeks as he’s saying this, meaning each and every word without a doubt, “But like I said, if it bothers you that much…just say the words and I’ll help out however I can.”