which are very costly for some reason

Reloaded, A Reactionary Post

Major Crimes, S1xE1: Episode Review

And so begins my Major Crimes rewatch with reactionary posts all the way from the first episode. Enjoy!

What this episode is about:
Changes (for better and for worse)
// Provenza’s Leadership vs. Raydor’s Leadership
// Deal or No Deal
// The Kid: Rusty Beck
Alliances and Divisions
// Sharon vs Provenza
// The oddity of Amy Sykes
// Sharon & Andy

The Case (and Greg Miller)
There are always parallels between the cases and the personal story involving our detectives. For this particular episode, there isn’t a very definitive personal line. There are however some parallels that pop up. 

The Vet
The killer in the case, Greg is a young war vet with the rest of his life ahead of himself. Amy, our new squad member is also a war vet. But unlike Greg, Amy is (for the most part) a well adjusted person. We don’t know that much about Amy’s life as an MP, and what she saw specifically. But if she did ever have PTSD, it is something she dealt with. 

The Son (who’s suffering from PTSD)
Greg is also the son of a police detective. Him and his friends could not adjust back into normal society. Unfortunately for Greg, his father didn’t push him to seek help with his PTSD. Similar to Rusty Beck who’s clearly suffering with issues from the abandonment of his mother, abuse from her boyfriend and effects from his prostituting on the streets. By the end of the episode Sharon takes Rusty home. And thus the start of a long emotional journey between the two of them.

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So, if you’ve been following the studyblr community for any length of time you’ll probably have heard of Mildliners. In short, they are highlighters of more normal shades, a far cry from the neon we’re used to more commonly seeing.
I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I purchased these, if heard lots of good things but I’d been expecting them to be like any other felt tip pen I’d used since primary school. They’re not.
+ Dual tips: both a bold and a fine tip so you can’t change to suit purpose.
+ Range of Colours: a really variety from some muted pastels to more earthy tones, there is a very good selection to choose from, allowing many different colour combinations.
+ Price: a very reasonable £12 for three sets of pens.
+ Ink: the ink doesn’t bleed through when using them normally which is a bonus.
- Price: the initial cost is good but delivery can be quite costly considering they are exported from Japan.
- Delivery Times: it takes a few weeks for your order to come through as a result of them only be exported from Japan. You can speed this up but it costs.

Overall, I am very happy and look forward to using them more in the future. I would recommend this purchase but they are hardly necessary for studying and were more of a treat to myself to celebrate me leaving for university. Enjoy, lovelies!