which are hideous btw

My Reoccurring PotO Dream

For the last two months, at least one night a month, I’ve been having the strangest Phantom-related reoccurring dream.

I’m in a production of Phantom, but like a really REALLY shitty high-school production. There’s huge gaps in the curtains that the audience can see the backstage from. Several actors, including myself, become stuck on stage when the curtains open and need to hide behind the 2d sets – which btw are hideous.

Anyway, for some reason the dude playing Erik keeps messing up so bad that another dude just butts in during PoNR to replace him. Then the two teenaged Phantoms get into a huge argument on stage and fists start flying and second-hand embarrassment ensues.

Also somehow a duck prop made of duct tape is needed, but it broke so we just had to leave the audience in complete silence while we casually fixed it.