which are all my ships lbr

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since u did the voltron au, do u have a ship from the actual voltron show???? also who's ur fave in voltron???

Lance’s my absolute mostest fav!!!! And since he’s my fave I’ll ship anything in which he’s happy, honestly, but I did draw some klance a while ago so I guess you might say that’s my main one 👍

AND (sorry for spamming you guys with my GotG emotions)

The fact that what ultimately gave Peter the kick/strength/motivation/incentive to fight back against Ego WASN’T some convoluted, clichee thing about saving the Damsel in Distress (aka Gamora) to get The Sex but his love for Yondu and the desperate need to keep all of his family safe (lbr I don’t think Peter was thinking about saving the Galaxy at that moment; it was hella personal) breathes life into my soul

Like, it’s so? Refreshing? That for once in a superhero movie It’s not romantic love, bro-ship between two white dudes or Man Pain ™ that saves the day but pure, platonic, familial love?!

Idek where to start listing all the ways in which I am thankful for this movies emotional tone and plot

@mykaijusizefeels Honestly, I don’t know. I feel like the anon summed it up pretty well.

Sometimes I get the feeling that there’s this “He should be happy, but he should be happy alone.”-thing going on. Which I get, he should be happy, even if he stays the sidekick. Since I ship him with both Illya and Gaby though, I can’t fully agree with it.

It’s also interesting to notice that some people (like one of my colleagues from university) dislike him because he was mean to Illya. And I’m like?? Illya was mean to him too?? I mean, both of their jabs at each other were pretty low. (And kindergarten level of conversation lbr - “He hit me with his shovel, that’s why I hit him back.”)

And at the end of the movie all three care about each other enough to try to save whoever is in trouble. So him getting sidelined makes no sense whatsoever to me. But then again - everyone has a different opinion and I’m very biased when it comes to Napoleon.

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I want 2, 7, & 8 from the trash meme too

2. now name ur trash ship

I mean, it’s Drew and Anze, lbr. That is hands down my trashiest ship -and that includes all the incest ships I managed to collect in this fandom. 

7.what is ur  guiltiest guilty fave fandom

I read a ton of fandoms, so if we’re talking just reading, probably Teen Wolf. My favorite guilty fave in hockey fandom, in particular, is probably somnophilia which is sooooo goood, I love it. Now, if someone would write it within the a/b/o trope, I’d be set.

8. what is the fic you want to write/read but can’t because it is too full of Sin

First of all, there is no such thing as Too Much Sin in fic (altho hockey fandom is by far the most vanilla fandom I’ve ever been in and it’s by a large margin, too. that’s a topic for a different day, tho), but like yeah, creepy Duncan is top on the list.

picture this:

when hanzo is asked what he is in the mood to eat, he just locks eyes with Mccree and goes “Mickey D’s”, which causes the cowboy to choke and everyone else is baffled ‘cos the archer doesn’t eat fast food. 

and it’s only after mccree carries hanzo out over his shoulder, genji just whispers: “he meant mcdick.” and everyone is just done. and kinda jealous, lbr. 

>> i do my shadow day at the post office is tomorrow, and i all have been thinking about is mchanzo headcanons. join me in shipping hell? feel free to reblog or add comments. i love to talk to people.

Tbh I love this feeling of having creators who LOVE (love !!!) and talk about a popular femslash ship in their show. Both Mike and Bryan (especially Bryan lbr) are such complete freakin nerds over korrasami and it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy and omg. I feel so acknowledged and respected by the creators over my femslash ship ??? And that’s NEVER happened to me EVER

August Author Interview: @thefairfleming

Every month or so we will feature an interview with an author or artist from the Jon/Sansa Fandom, giving you the opportunity to peer into their minds and meet the people behind the magic!

For our August Author Interview another prolific Jon/Sansa author was gracious enough to let us pick her brain! @thefairfleming (and her partner in crime) are the authors or legendary Jon/Sansa Series like Bedroom Hymns and The Threesome in the North, and she is responsible for the forever famous modern au You Are The Start of Something New (aka The Sex Lakehouse!). She was also the mastermind behind The Prompt That Swept the Ship, the Salty Teens Au, and wrote her own excellent contribution, Daylight to Nighttime to Sunrise.

TFF was kind enough to take some time to chat with Mod Alice about who she is and what inspires her!

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I love how ever since they killed off Neal all they have done since then is show consistently why he was always meant to be Emma’s TL.

In my opinion, my ship is, and will always be, endgame. Because LBR, even if they were “planning” on CS getting together (which is a laughable notion at best considering their past decisions on this show), they never said they planned on them being TL or endgame. And honestly, every single time they get the opportunity to show it, Swanfire has always been presented as Emma’s TL. Not that she can’t have another one, of course. But Swanfire? Until her very last breath, Emma Swan will still always love Neal Cassidy. And he, until his very last breath, always loved her, and always wanted the best for her, never asking anything in return. And that, to me, is the definition of a soul mate, and a true love.