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All I can see here is baby!Chirrut seeing a young Baze across the courtyard for the first time, maybe with the sunlight illuminating those ears.

Baze is smiling at something another acolyte is saying to him, and all Chirrut can think is, “Oh no.”

(Credit for the gif to @kingalistairtheirin)


Pairing: Jasper Hale x Reader

Characters: Jasper Hale

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1, 128

Note: Requested by a lovely person. Hope you like this!

Hey I was wondering if you could make a jasper hale x reader and the reader being really ticklish on her sides. She is also human and has been with jasper for a while but he some how just now finds out that she is ticklish by accident grabbing her side or something like that. She hate being ticked and tries to do anything to avoid it and doesn’t want anyone to know she is also super kind but can be super stubborn. Plz plz plz can you do this I would be extremely grateful

Resting my head upon Jasper’s lap, I slowly shut my eyes as his rough yet cool and soothing fingertips massaged my scalp. The thrilling book of Aeschylus’ Oresteia, had long been forgotten, laying closed on my stomach. To say I was as calm as the vast, midnight seas would be the most obvious statement of the century. Every minute I spent with Jasper rendered me calm and it was all thanks to the subtle ability he possessed after having become a vampire.

The scarcely, audible chatters of the Cullens in the living room that mingled with the soft, musical melodies of Beethoven’s Sonata made everything surrounding us even more heavenly. A few seconds passed by and I hummed contently as Jasper’s fingers moved behind my ear. I heard him chuckle as he leans to capture my lips with his, into a kiss. At the beginning it was firm till it grew soft, gentle, and slow.

“Are you enjoying this, darlin’?” Jasper questioned after we part our lips. In an arrogant-like triumph, he tilts his head to the side slightly while his lips tug into a  smirk.

“I am,” I admit, offering him a genuine smile, “Please continue. Just a few more minutes, at least.”

Jasper’s eyes gleam and from where I lay, they looked to be two worlds of their own. “Whatever my lady wishes.” He replies, this time in a more distinctive Texan drawl, which never seized to form wild fantasies in my mind. “I’ll be happy to comply with it.”

As Jasper continued caressing me, my thoughts wander elsewhere. Well, not too far away as they still consisted of my one-hundred-forty-four year old mate. I had started to recall the first day when I had seen Jasper in the cafeteria. I remember when his light amber eyes had focused on mine. It was not a friendly gaze but a rather intense one that rendered me to become uncomfortable and uneasy. As if at that particular moment, I had been wearing a tight corset that made my breathing to become shallow.

Another time, after school had been dismissed by the bell, I had bumped into him and it was as if he were made of stone. He towered over my small figure and he had said nothing, not even did he offer to help me with my books that were scattered on the floor. He only did what he had done many times before: he stared into my eyes. And it seemed as if I were looking into the stormy eyes of the Greek God, Ares, himself.

Before I knew it, days had turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and I grew more and more irritated when I realized he was all I could think of. How cliché this matter had turned out to become. Though, it was true. I skipped on to life without giving a second thought of the red flags shown and the warnings revealed that Jasper was dangerous.

This was definitely not me and so out of my character. And if I was going to reveal the whole story…well, let’s just say that my feelings were not the only thing out of character. Once, I had astonishingly as well as embarrassingly failed my history exam, I knew who was to blame.

Of course, in the real sense, Jasper hadn’t done anything wrong. But because I had fallen madly in love with him, he had become a handsome distraction. And I was sure that if he weren’t in my classes or even in the school, I’d have aced the test.

“Hey! Can I talk to you?” I had said the next day, after having slammed my locker shut, completely vexed. Jasper had frowned deeply and slightly nodded to his adoptive sister, Alice as she had taken her leave but not before eyeing me suspiciously.

Unsurprisingly, without a word, Jasper had glanced down at me, waiting for me to speak. I did not know what came over me that day but all I knew was that my anger had completely taken over. “Listen here, you are the reason I have failed my history test and you will be the one to help me study for the retake. D’you understand?”

He had raised his eyebrows and regarded me with a hint of amusement which was also laced with confusion. And as I had waited for his response, I cross my arms.

“Well,” he began and I had suppressed the urge to widen my eyes at his attractive, velvety voice. “Hello to you as well, ma’am.”

“I’m serious!” I exclaimed as I earned a few stares from the students that stood nearby. “Are you even listening to what I’m saying?”

“Are you?” Jasper had said, taking a step forward and lowering his voice meaningfully. “Are you implying that you failed the exam because you were too busy thinking about me, when you should have been studying?”

At his unexpected question, my face turned bright red and I had looked at him, mouth agape. I had not known he would ask such a question, nor accurately guess as to why I had failed.

I snapped my eyes open as I feel that Jasper had stopped from massaging me. “What were you thinking about, sugar?” He questions, as he possibly could have felt the wave of my indescribable emotions.

I sigh and move to sit next to him, resting my head his shoulder. “Well, if you must know, I was thinking of the day I failed history and how it was all your fault.”

“You mean to say the day you embarrassed yourself as you confronted me…”

“Shut up.” I scoff as Jasper chuckles, wrapping his arm around my waist. As he did so, I wriggle under his touch. Suddenly, Jasper pulled away and regarded me with shock while his lips tugged into a lopsided grin. “What was that?”

“What was what?” I question innocently, darting my gaze away from his widened eyes.

“Don’t pretend as if you don’t know what I am talking about, doll.”

“I don’t.” I reply, tersely. I stand from my seated position as my book falls on the floor and my stomach knots in a nervousness. Using the vampire speed to his advantage, I gasp as I feel Jasper’s arms, firmly wrap around my waist, where he gives me a tight squeeze, earning a sudden jolt from my part.

My mate’s eyes twinkle mischievously as he made a vain attempt to keep his perking grin at bay. “You sure you don’t know what I’m talking about? ‘Cause to me it looks like I just found out that my doll’s ticklish.”

“I am but please, don’t start anything funny.” I say, somehow managing to escape from his grasp. Though, that doesn’t stop Jasper from advancing towards me as I slowly recede to head out of his room.

“No promises, sugar.”

Joker Imagine - You’re Drunk

Joker’s P.O.V.

Usually I’d expect a smell this strong of alcohol back at my club, not in my penthouse. The second I opened the front door, the bitter scent of vodka entered my lungs and caught my attention. The second thing I noticed was music. A loud bass was coming from further inside.

I followed it and found myself behind the door to my small home bar. Over the loud, annoying music, I heard Y/N’s voice. It was strange. She never drank alone. ‘’Woo!’’ She screamed drunkenly. That’s when I opened the door, revealing her little time out. Y/N was wearing red underwear, a white truly sheer tank top and her hand was decorated by the held of a bottle. Her H/C hair was messy and she danced around messily, which was also quite amusing.

‘‘Why did you start the party without me, kitten?’‘ I asked her, getting her attention. Once our eyes met, she lit up. ‘‘Puddin!’‘ She squealed with a high pitched voice and stumbled over to me. She wrapped her arms around me just before she slipped on her own feet. My hands immediately caught onto her beautiful body, almost automatically. 

‘‘I missed you so..sooo much’‘ Y/N slurred and then cracked a smile. Her eyes were bloodshot and she was acting really strange. ‘‘I know it’s been a long day but I think it’s time for you to go to sleep’‘ I let her know. Then I grabbed the remote and turned off the music. She was way too drunk to think straight. Also she would have a pretty bad hangover in the morning.

‘‘You’re s-such a party pooper! You never say no to fun’‘ Y/N pouted and then groaned in frustration. She even stomped her foot on the ground. My nerves had been played with today, a little earlier. But I couldn’t find myself getting angry at her. Y/N was drunk, she didn’t think and there must’ve been a reason why she got this wasted all alone. 

‘‘You’re right but we can have more fun once you’re sober. Next time, let’s get drunk together’‘ I suggested and started to take her to our bedroom. Y/N rolled her eyes and then put the bottle to her lips. It annoyed me a little bit but I took a deep breath and put the bottle away. Once we got in the bedroom, I shut the door, turning my back on her for just a moment.

‘‘We could have fun..right here’‘ Y/N purred. As I turned around in confusion, she grabbed my tie and let herself fall back. I couldn’t help but to fall above her, luckily just having time to catch myself so I wouldn’t crush her. ‘‘Y/N, stop’‘ I raised my voice a little bit. It didn’t bug her at all- in fact, she seemed to like it.

I got myself back on my feet and I got rid of most of my clothes. Y/N just whimpered in bed, annoyed I didn’t join in on the fun. It surprised me too. Usually I loved having a good play time with Y/N but it didn’t feel right when she was in another world.

‘‘You’re so handsome daddy’‘ Y/N let me know as I got in bed with her. She tried to climb on my lap but she was working slowly so I had the upper hand. ‘‘Head on the pillow, now’‘ I sighed but kept a serious tone in my raspy voice. I looked at her seriously, too pissed off from what had happened earlier to even try to do this the happy go lucky way.

‘‘I love it when you try to be serious with..with me’‘ Y/N slurred again and giggled softly. Yes, she was luscious and sexy but this wasn’t the moment. ‘‘Come on daddy J. I know y-you’re *hick-up* soo angry..show me’‘ She tried again to get me into her horny games. I couldn’t help but to smile then. My little Y/N was really really drunk now. I couldn’t remember her like this.

‘‘Get some sleep, we’ll talk tomorrow’‘ I breathed out and lied down, relaxing once my own head landed on my pillow. ‘‘Fine’‘ Y/N groaned and lied down next to me. Then she came closer and sighed once her head was close to my chest. Her eyes shut softly so her eyelashes gently touched her rosy cheeks. Her hair sprawled around her beautifully and she started to breathe calmly.

It didn’t take long until she was in deep slumber beside me. I just looked at this woman like I had never seen her before. Sometimes it shocked me that someone as kind and loving as Y/N fell for me, her polar opposite. I was cruel, cold and vicious. 

‘‘My drunk angel’‘ I chuckled and then sneaked closer to her. She didn’t know it and I’d never tell, but I actually enjoyed sleeping like this. Y/N made me sleep better, even when she was drunk. So I shut my eyes and drifted asleep, knowing that tomorrow I’d deal with her and her terrible hangover. I’d find a way to make her laugh about it.

I speak English with an accent and speak Spanish with an accent—which is so amusing to me, but it also kinda sucks, and I understand how Louis must’ve felt when he found out his French was accented after having lived in America for so long—but then Lestat goes around saying Louis has a subtle accent when he’s talking in English and everything is just a mess lol

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of course, in doing this i realized that i could change the tags for some of these pairings for way better quotes… but that would mean going through and retagging all those posts… i think i’m going to save that for a rainy day when i’m really bored.

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I miss you

“I miss you,” I said.
Dan laughed, a sound I almost couldn’t bear for the need it gave me to hug him or kiss him or hold him in some way. “I miss you too! Lots and lots.” He pulled a puppy dog face and I physically felt my heart melt inside my chest. “But I’ll be home soon! It’s only another week. I’m sorry it’s taking so long, but we had to stay long enough to meet with the publishers of our photo book, and there isn’t another plane with available seats.”
This made more sense, and the chronic worry id been struggling to suppress dissipated a little. It was so, so easy to slip into the idea that dan didn’t care about me and I would never be good enough for him, not because he ever showed it in any way, but simply because of the ridiculous number of people who wanted to fuck him. Not even the Queen bee of my high school had been that sexually desired.
“Are you okay (y/n)? Look I’m really sorry, I didn’t think it would matter to you so much, I-”
Oh shit, I pissed him off. He’s going to think I’m being too clingy. “No I’m sorry, you needed to get it done, I understand, I’m not being reasonable.” I sounded too clunky and inexperienced to my own ears. I didn’t know how to express myself properly. I was messing everything up, left right and centre. I-
“No that wasn’t I meant! Oh (y/n), of course it wasn’t. I just meant that I hadn’t realised I.. I mean..”
Phil interrupted, sticking his head into view of Dan’s Web cam. “He means he didn’t expect to matter that much to you because he’s a self-deprecating little shit. Isn’t that right dan?”
Dan became covered in confusion and began many sentences, none of which he finished.
“You swore, phil!” I exclaimed, hiding a smile. “Since when??”
“Yeah, what’s happening to the world?” He grinned. “I dunno, I’m finding it weirdly liberating. Maybe I’ll swear more often. Did dan ever tell you about how we nearly didn’t get to Australia, by the way?”
“Anyway,” Dan said hastily. “I just needed to tell you we’ll be back in a week, so-”
“And he nearly blinded himself!!” Phil called, no longer in view.
“I’ll catch you later!” Dan said, and abruptly slammed his laptop shut.
I grinned to myself. None of that would be anything serious, otherwise dan would have told me and phil wouldn’t have joked about it, but I was intrigued.

                               *  *  *
“Cheese,” I muttered to myself. “Don’t tell me we’re out of cheese.”
When I was by myself, I always managed to slip into the habit of talking to myself, which amused dan immensely whenever he caught me doing it. It also amused him that I liked to make pizzas from scratch, not because I was afraid of the calories in a pizza, but just because I enjoyed it. He said it defeated the point of pizzas.

I was standing in the middle of the kitchen with all the cupboard doors open, woefully clutching the sugar tongs and lamenting the lack of cheese when the doorbell rang. My curiosity was limited, given that my mind was otherwise occupied, and I almost tripped over Dan’s shoes lying in the hallway, and clattered haphazardly down the stairs, wondering if I should bother going to the shop on a cheese quest or if I should just give up and order Domino’s.

All these thoughts screeched abruptly to a halt like a succession of cars pulling emergency stops to avoid a dog on a motorway when I opened the door.

“Hey,” he said, smile a little uncertain and vulnerable, and the idea that he could still be uncertain now, after all this time, splintered my heart a little bit.
“Fuck,” I said.
“May I come in?” He asked, with a mixture of sarcasm and vulnerability that made my knees a little weak, and, not trusting myself to speak again, I pulled him to me by the front of his sweatshirt and kissed him. He shuddered, his case falling from his grasp and his hands winding into my hair, trembling fingers and a wondering gaze and lips so hot against mine. His hair was warm and soft and I couldn’t bear it, everything so much as I had longed for that for a moment I couldn’t stand it.
“Are you okay?” He murmured, turning his face into my neck.
“No,” I answered, pulling him into the apartment. He made a small noise of protest and reached back to retrieve his case, and then the door closed on the street and his eyes were huge and brown and beautiful in the sudden comparitive darkness, and his hair was ruffled and curly and soft and his lips were slightly parted and he was staring at me without the slightest awareness that he was. I felt suddenly uncomfortably conscious of my appearance, and the knowledge that I wasn’t wearing any makeup and was wearing his huge university hoodie, and I couldn’t remember if I’d brushed my hair or if I’d washed it this morning, or the last time I’d slept properly.
“I’m making pizza,” I breathed.
“Are you,” he murmured. I felt the air move when he spoke, his face closer to mine, pale and exhausted but beautiful, and I suddenly remembered that we weren’t in an angsty teen novel, we were adults, and I could do whatever the hell I wanted.
“Don’t leave again.”
“I’m not sure if I could.” His hand came up and cupped my chin, his thumb brushing my cheek gently, and I struggled to meet his gaze but persevered, my jaw setting, and he laughed at that, at our ridiculousness and inadequacy, and I threw him up against the wall and kissed him again. He hit the wall hard, jolting a hiss of surprise from his lips, and I dug my nails into the small of his back, rucking up his sweatshirt and feeling his sharp intake of breath when the cool air of the hallway hit his bare stomach. He lifted me up and I wound my legs around his waist, clinging to his back as he carried me up the stairs, my chin jarring once against his shoulder.

“I was making pizza,” I informed him again, more as a matter of general interest than with the expectation of it having any effect, as he threw me bodily onto his bed and collapsed on top of me, pulling the covers over us.
“Mmmm.” He kissed my neck, soft hair tickling. I slid my hands into it again with a sigh. Our legs tangled warm in the sea of cold, crisp sheets, and he pulled the duvet up over his head like a tent and looked up at me, wide adorable eyes and tousled hair and a sexy half smile that turned my insides to syrup.
“I love you,” I said.

Political Lovers - Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N: I’m not very good at making up titles. They rarely have anything to do with the plot of the story, I just take like two parts of it and add them together to form a crappy title. Also, this accidentally became 4,277 words long. Which is amusing to me because last night I wrote a long ass one-shot for this but decided to edit it and that was only 3,000 words but after finishing it I was like ‘WHOA OHMYGERD SO LONG’. And then I spew this out, in two hours, do I get a medal now?

Anonymous said to rogerthat-bucky: 38,39,40,41 with Bucky please!

38. “God, I missed you.” - 39. “I let you down. How am I supposed to forgive myself for that?” - 40. “Okay, the blood isn’t mine, calm down.” - 41. “Did you really think I’d leave?”

You couldn’t believe your eyes when you saw him stood in the doorway of your apartment. Though in a way you supposed it was just your luck that he would be the one assigned to protecting you, it made sense as well, he was one of the best agents Shield had and seen as you already had a personal relationship you knew he’d be the one to protect you wholly.

Still, your past relationship had been quite a scandal that had made it’s way into the news and caused a lot of aggressive heat between the two of you. You were a simple politician trying to do some good in the world and he was an ex-assassin known for working with the bad guys and killing a lot of people. The only reason you’d met is because you had a record for getting yourself in trouble with organisations such as Hydra as you worked on the political side of bringing them down, telling the world about their evils and doing everything you can to help those affected by them. This stemmed from a childhood without parents thanks to the misdoings of Hydra.

It had been about a year since you’d last seen James Buchanan Barnes, and just one look at him sent a thrill of long forgotten emotions to rush through you.

You were remaining in the corner of your front room, wringing your hands together, as the other agents flooded your house, putting up cameras and other devices that would signal if any Hydra agents attacked you. The extravagance was for once actually needed, just a couple of days ago they’d actually tried to bomb a building which you were inside. Luckily SHIELD caught wind of it and got you out. You suppose the only reason they cared for your life was because you’d become some sort of figurehead for them, but still, you couldn’t exactly complain about that when it meant you got to live.

Eventually you’d had enough of just staring at him from across the room like some high school girl at prom who never got to go with the guy she was crushing on and so, boldly, you walked over, stopping a few steps in front of him. “Hello again,” by speaking like a true politician you managed to keep all nervousness from your voice.

Bucky looked up, having to flick a few strands of brown hair out of his eyes so he could actually see you. You were glad to see that he’d listened to you when you told him to keep his hair long. No doubt if you were to ask him about it he’d just say something along the lines of ‘I just don’t have time to cut it’ though. “Hello,” he had to cough after speaking as his voice came out more soft than he’d expected, once he’d shaken his head and sorted out his thoughts he spoke again, “is something wrong?”

You didn’t like the tone carried in his voice at all, it made him seem like he held no care for you. Your face fell, “no, I just wanted to say… hi.” The smooth tone you normally carried in your voice was now gone, replaced by the sadness you felt settling in your heart at his behaviour towards you.

When Bucky and you ended it wasn’t on bad terms, nor was it on good. You could remember the conversation with ease as the pain of it had been carried within your for a while, he had been the one to end it. Spouting out something about it being for the best because ‘the people need you’, you told him over and over again that you needed him but in the end you had to let him go as it’s what he wanted. The two of you said you’d keep in contact but it hurt too much and after a while you just stopped talking to one another.

Bucky watched as you walked away slowly, returning to your sofa. He knew that look on your face very well, you felt uncomfortable and nervous. Though it may seem like you were holding up fine despite all the death threats, on the inside you were in turmoil. And no matter how much Bucky wanted to come over and soothe you, he had a mission to do. That’s why he couldn’t simply stop and talk to you in that moment, this was one of the key parts of ensuring your safety. Everything had to be set up perfectly so in case Hydra did learn that you hadn’t been taken to a safety house (which is what the public had been told) then he and all the other agents that would be surrounding your home can protect you with ease.

It took a few more hours to set up all the cameras and motion detectors but eventually the agents were able to leave you and Bucky alone.

“Tea?” The agents hadn’t been gone for over a second and you were already so overwhelmed by the awkwardness that you were trying to fix it with your favourite beverage. Everything could be fixed with a good tea.

Bucky couldn’t help but smile, on his way over to your house he’d actually betted himself that you would offer the drink. You had so many good memories with him and tea. “Sure,” he went and sat down on the dining room table which was close to the kitchen so he was able to see you and talk to you. He took this as an opportunity to look around your house, you’d moved here not long after the break up and it looked extremely professional. The entire thing was made up of different shades of creams, even the books on the shelves. He suspected that all the books you actually did read were in the dressing table beside your bed, though he didn’t plan on entering your bedroom that day so he decided he’d have to be comfortable with never knowing. “You know,” he started, most of his concentration still on your apartment, “I haven’t had tea since we broke up, nothing I’ve tasted has ever been the same.”

You laughed at that, finding it rather preposterous seen as it’s just your average tea bags bought by one of your assistants. “And I suppose you want to know what my secret is?” You asked through giggles as you paraded into the dining room, holding a tray with a teapot and two beautifully decorated tea cups. He nodded his head in reply, “well I’ll tell you.” You sat down across from him, being polite and pouring his drink first, “what you need is a tea bag, water, milk, some sugar, and unicorn pee.”

“I knew you added something different!” He cried, taking a small sip and recoiling at the burn. Another little habit he had which hadn’t changed. Bucky put the cup back down, giving it time to cool, he distracted himself by beginning to ask you questions. “So how are things with you?”

“Oh you know,” you threw up your shoulders, “same old, same old. Death threats here, death threats there.”

“Tell me about it,” he said with a roll of his eyes. Though he didn’t exactly earn as many death threats as you got, he did end up in a lot of situations that had the threat of death. More so since the break up, he sort of just started throwing himself into dangerous situations in order to keep his mind busy. “Well at least you don’t have to worry about it anymore, you’ve got me now.”

You feigned a smile at that, because whilst it was true, the statement was only a reminder of all the months you’d endured without him. It had been hard for you. You no longer had his moral support or his love, the two things that were the most helpful with enduring the dangers that came with being Hydra’s number one enemy. “Yeah,” you mumbled.

The night passed quickly. By the time the agents had left the sun was already going down, so it wasn’t long to wait until your bedtime. Bucky had assumed a position beside the blinds, he kept looking out of them and so you asked if he were making sure there were no ninja’s climbing across the roof top. His reply was, “something like that, yeah.”

“Do you want to watch a movie or something? I think I still have your favourite one hidden somewhere.” You suggested, sitting forward on the couch which you’d sat on when Bucky had moved into the frontroom.

He looked from you to the cameras, “I’m fine watching whatever you want.”

This was a bit abnormal for Bucky as normally he’d be very happy to have the opportunity to watch his favourite movie, then you realised that the reason for this behaviour was because he didn’t want any of his fellow agents to hear about it. A smirk appeared on your lips. “Really?” You questioned, making sure your voice was loud and clear so the agents listening in would be able to hear you. “Are you sure you don’t want to watch Mulan, the disney movie?”

Bucky’s eyes turned to slits as he caught onto what you were doing, “thanks Y/N.”

A toothy smile grew on your face, “you are very welcome Bucky.”

He rolled his eyes and sighed, “well we might as well watch it now.” You quickly jumped out of your seat and entered your bedroom where you kept all the DVD’s, mostly everything you liked was kept in your bedroom. You needed to keep every other room clean and looking pompous for when guests arrived, apparently it was important that you retained this certain image. Meanwhile in your bedroom you had comic books, DVD’s (which consisted of mostly all animation movies) and a large collection of teddy bears. Most of the teddy bears were gifts from Bucky, who’d give you a different one on different occasions.

You returned with Mulan in hand and popped it into the TV, pressing play. “You know you’ll have to actually sit down to watch the movie right?” He looked a bit cautious to do as you suggested, his eyes wandering back to the blinds. “Don’t worry Buck, I’m sure if anyone smashes through the window you can push them back out of it quickly.”

As per usual, you managed to make a smile once more appear over his serious expression. “Fine, but only because it’s Mulan.”

You patted the open space beside you and waited for him to join you before you actually got comfortable in the seat. He sat with his legs wide open, relaxing into the cream fabric of the couch and placing an arm over the shoulder of the couch. It was almost natural how your body resorted to resting against his, you didn’t even think about it but as soon as your shoulder was against him, his arm went around your body.

“I hope this makes up for being stuck with the job of looking after me.” You joked, feeling the same childish glee fill you at the opening credits of the disney movie. Though Bucky didn’t have the luck of growing up watching these movies (he didn’t even really have the luck of fully remembering his childhood) you’d still managed to get him into them.

What he never told you was that the main reason he loved them is because of how you behaved before, during, and after watching them. You were placed in a constant state of smiling. Before the movie starts you get very giddy, almost like a child who’s had too much sugar. A light appears in your eyes and it only seems to shine brighter as the movie progresses; even when he first met you, you were unashamed to announce that you knew all the lyrics to the songs and if he were being completely honest, he’d tell you that he would happily give up his other arm for the chance of hearing you sing them all. Sometimes the movies would make you cry, and if that did happen then you would grip on to him tightly, squeezing his waist. He’d always end up pulling you onto his lap and kissing your forehead until you stopped crying and started muttering about how you ‘know it’s stupid’ but you ‘just can’t help it’.

“Actually…” He left the rest of his sentence ambiguous, his reply to your statement confusing you. You looked up from his shoulder, giving him a look which requested that he continue speaking. He looked from you back to the TV, beginning to act like his next statement was nothing important. “I asked to be put on this mission after I learnt about what’s been happening to you.”

“Oh.” You said, a high-pitched tone being carried in your voice as you found yourself very surprised by this news. “God, I missed you.”

It was your turn to surprise Bucky and you managed it. Though you did feel rather embarrassed after admitting something like that and so you hugged him, not only because you had a very strong desire to do so but also because you wanted to hide your blush and keep his reaction away from your sight. Thankfully he did actually hug you back, perhaps tighter than you’d originally hugged him.

You ended up having to sleep on the couch that night so that Bucky would be able to keep his eye on you; at first it felt a bit awkward and you were struggling to fall asleep but Bucky ended up helping you out by simply talking to you until you felt comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Everything seemed to be going really well and you actually kind of felt like you should thank Hydra for allowing you to have such a great night with Bucky again, you’d missed his company and was genuinely in need of it after all the stress work had put you under.

It was going great, until around five in the morning.

The buzz of the walkie talkie drew you out of your sleep. Dusk had passed and though the room was dark, light came through the blinds and lit up one side of Bucky’s face, his expression wasn’t a happy one. You had minimum understanding of what was said through the walkie talkie but from his reaction you knew it wasn’t good. “They’re coming up the stairwell,” he explained after seeing that you were awake, “there are agents there so they should be able to take care of it themselves.”

Seconds later a much more panicked buzz came from the machine and you heard numerous gun shorts sounding through the building. “Bucky,” you whispered, making him aware of how scared you were.

He looked conflicted, part of him wanted to stay with you but the other part of him knew that he could take care of those agents with ease. In the end killing them would stop you from fearing for your life. Bucky returned to the communications device, using more codewords which basically translated to ‘do we know if there are any other agents. Confirm that Y/N’s not in danger and I go help the other agents.’

“Confirmed.” The words came out crackly and to you, almost sinister.

He moved quickly, grabbing the gun he’d left at your doorway and returning to you, maintaining a swift pace. “I will be right back, I promise.” He kissed your forehead, an old habit he would use to calm you down and it sort of worked until you released this meant he was actually leaving you all alone while there were assassins crawling around your home.

Your head stretched out to grab him as he ran from the room, leaving you alone in the darkness. The echoes of people’s screams and gunshots being the only company you had. If you didn’t know any better you could have sworn you were having a heart attack, your heart was racing and you could barely breathe. You eventually realised you were just having a panic attack which at that moment felt worse than a heart attack. Your hand came to clutch at your chest as you tried to keep the tears and sobs at bay, it seemed pointless as the Hydra agents obviously knew you were in the building but you were doing anything you possibly could to stay more invisible.

And it turns out you were right in doing so. A hand suddenly wrapped it itself over the hand you were already holding against your mouth, it forced you backwards over the couch so another hand could wrap around your waist and lift you up.

Bucky had pushed you to do self defence and even trained you some moves, being so radical with it that he’d made the moves instinctual. You writhed under their body, keeping them distracted with the movements of your upper body that they didn’t see you readying your foot to kick them hard in the shin. Once you’d made impact they fell to the floor, releasing you so that you could fall to the floor and began shuffling backwards on the carpet. “Bucky!” You screamed, repeating this over and over again.

“Shut up, you fucking pig.” The Hydra agent hissed. He grabbed you again, pulling you to your feet.

“Fuck off!” You yelled back, feeling adrenaline course through you. You’d purposely been shuffling your way across the floor so that you could get a hold of the heeled shoe you’d just thrown by the door, seen as it was in your hand you used it to collide with his naked neck. It was the only part of skin he’d left open and so it was his own fault, you’d been hoping to hit a shoulder or something less damaging. You didn’t want to kill the guy, though he might deserve it.

With all the force you could manage you lodged the heel into his neck, he released a throaty scream. Quickly pulling the heel out of his neck and causing blood to spew from the wound. It didn’t seem like you’d punctured a vein or anything which was quite a relief to you, but that didn’t stop him at all, not like you’d hoped anyway. He pushed you against a wall and you had to remember what Bucky had taught you about punching.

Use the hand you write with. Make a fist with your thumb outside. Do not aim for the face. Aim and hit with your first two knuckles. Go for the neck if you want to make a quick escape.

Whilst keeping this all in mind you revised each thing step by step and then used all your might to attack their throat. A lot of blood ended up getting on your hand but you daren’t stop and be grossed out by it, instead you ran to the door only to be stopped by a body. Dread filled you at that point; you could barely manage one guy let alone two.

“Get behind me Y/N.” To say that relief flooded you would do no justice to the euphoric emotion that washed your body clean of all fright. You all of a sudden felt light, despite the gruff and very dark voice James Buchanan Barnes had spoken with. His arm came around your body so that he could move you out of the way of the Hydra agent that was still struggling to breathe, Bucky looked from him to you, giving you an impressed look at the realisation that you were the reason he looked so battered. “You might want to look away.”

Biting your lip, you nodded your head. Moving to sit back on the couch as Bucky ‘disposed’ of the Hydra agent. You didn’t think about it, your mind would wander into very dark territory and that’s not how you wanted to think of Bucky. Whatever business he kept secret from you he had good reason too.

He returned after a while, rushing to kneel down in front of you and take a hold of your hand, examining the red liquid that covered your writing hand. “Okay, the blood isn’t mine, calm down.” Perhaps it was the adrenaline but you couldn’t help but make a joke about the situation, feeling like there was no harm done seen as the only thing you got out of the scuffle was a bruising around your neck. “Bucky you can stop worrying now.”

Bucky continued to examine the blood, it was still warm and wet and getting on your cream sofa but that didn’t really matter in the moment. All of a sudden his head fell into your lap, “I let you down. How am I supposed to forgive myself for that?” In his mind it was awful, he felt so much hatred burning within him and it was all aimed towards himself. He’d been stupid to leave you, it was his job to look after you and he’d failed to do even that.

“No, no, no.” You pushed him back a little so that you could kneel down in front of him, getting down on his level. He kept a hold of your blood covered hand and so you used the other hand to cover his face, “don’t be silly. You literally just saved me, if you hadn’t entered then I have no doubt he would have killed me.”

“It’s not just that Y/N,” he whispered, looking so defeated and it was awful. A man that beautiful should never be sad, you always said that to him and he’d make a joke about you being ugly (obviously he’d apologise afterward and use all the words in his vocabulary that meant ‘beautiful’ to describe you; your favourite was ‘Goddess’). “The reason I left you was because I let you down and I thought I could make up for that today and I failed again.”

“Bucky,” your voice was as soft as feathers and very consoling. Your hand began to run through his hair, twisting it at the ends, you only did this because you knew he liked the feel of it. “What the heck are you going on about?”

Tears began to fall from his eyes and he went to angrily wipe them away but you stopped him, gently putting his hands down and using your own thumbs to wipe away the fallen teardrops. “You were going to leave me because of my past, I felt like I kept letting you down because of my past and lack of memories, and so I decided to end things. I thought you knew?”

“I never knew why you left me Bucky, you never made it clear.”

Again he seemed to get a little angry, hating himself more and more for all the mistakes he’d made in life. “Bucky just listen to me for a second okay? I think you need to hear this.” His eyes connected with yours, capturing you in an intense gaze that let you know you had his full attention. “I love you. I’ve always loved you and I don’t think I’ll ever be capable of not loving you. You’ve never, ever, let me down and if you had then I probably would have told you about it, but even then I would have never left you because that’s what love is. It’s taking risks and pulling through the bad days. I’m so sorry I made you feel like the only option we had was to leave me, but I promise you, all you’ve ever done for me is save me. You know, I’ve always thought that our love was kind of special, as cheesy as it sounds. I’m in the middle of this secret war and you have your past history but like… the flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of them all.”

His mouth fell open slightly, “did you just use a Mulan quote on me?”

“Did you really think I’d leave?”

One shoulder of his raised and then fell, his lips lifting up on one side in a lazy smile. “I guess we’re both idiots.”

“Speak for yourself,” you huffed, your fingers returning to trailing across his facial features. You crossed his forehead, brushing away the stray hairs to reveal his beautiful blue eyes. Then you went down to his cheekbone which, much like his jawline, looked like it had been carved by God himself. Your next stop was his lips, your favourite feature of his, sadly you were only permitted a few seconds of gracefully sliding your fingers across his pink lips before he moved his head forward, pushing past your fingers and kissing you on the lips.

You certainly made up for lost time during that kiss, and when you once again parted, both of you desperate to return to kissing, the walkie talkie spewed out a bunch of codes again.

“What did that mean?” You asked, surprising yourself at how breathless you were.

Bucky laughed in response, having to calm himself down before he could actually speak. “The agent just reminded me that there are a lot of cameras recording us right now.” He’d never seen your face go so blindingly red before and you quickly pushed yourself into the crook of his neck, hiding away there and not wanting to ever leave.

yesterday a new 19 days chapter came out, so it’s time for some thoughts and reactions!! i know this is a bit later, but i wanted to do it anyway because i really loved the chapter. hopefully this is going to make sense [edit: it doesn’t. it also got really long and my english got progressively worse, im so sorry], and as usual, let me know what you guys think or if you have anything to add!!

  • so, first and foremost, HE TIAN IS FINALLY BACK. i seriously lost all my chill when i saw him trying to cook the same beef stew guan shan prepared for him, and i just LOVE that we got to see this, because 1) it’s another confirmation that he tian is awful at cooking, which is a nice continuity point and it also amuses me to no end, 2) it’s interesting to look at the two scenes and notice the small details, like how clean and ordered everything was when guan shan cooked while he tian is really messy and has ingredients scattered everywhere, even on the counter behind him, and 3) i think it was a really nice, subtle way to show that he tian is thinking about guan shan without making it look too out of character

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26 April 2014

phil has started his rewatch of friends and has decided how he wants to spend the rest of his life

and dan has once again found a whole new way to procrastinate everything important

also phil has become quite invested in a game…again

they have also started teen wolf which is endlessly amusing to me

also just for my table tag -

Dean leaves bacon for Cas at the head of the table…

Mary comes and tries to eat the bacon and Dean defends it from her - that bacon was not Mary’s because if Dean was deciding what everyone wanted to eat, he’d have held off on making bacon for Mary until she got to the kitchen, then cooked it up fresh so she could enjoy it hot, yet it was there uneaten on the table at a different place setting

And then Mary doesn’t even sit at the table even though she nibbles at the bacon - foreshadowing her leaving she doesn’t choose to join them at the family dinner table

Cas rejected it too, mind you - they were being paralleled in their decision to leave from that very first conversation but Cas’s leaving was ~expected~ and Mary’s was not (to Sam and Dean, anyway)… Cas being much more open about feeling like he doesn’t belong is scared to even step into the kitchen at this point, and causes Sam and Dean to chase after him when he won’t come in to talk - they return to the tkicthn for their next set piece with Mary, who tentatively comes into the domestic space of the kitchen but doesn’t engage with it properly, and then finds a reason to make them all leave it and end the family breakfast

(also Sam is stuck with the washing up, which just amuses me because there doesn’t seem to be anything too messed up about his and Dean’s relationship this season, so it came across to me as “i cook you clean” chore designation, although Dean still has a ways to go, and doesn’t communicate this, just orders Sam to do it)