which almost makes it look like castiel gives his blessing to him

12x10 - “Pterodactyl Screeching into the void” - Part 1

My title is borrowed from @postmodernmulticoloredcloak comment on my crazy blogging after first watching this episode earlier. I feel like it is a fitting title for how this episode made me feel. To clarify, these are very very happy pterodactyls.

Steve Yokey wrote this episode and he appears to have well and truly taken up the gap left when Robbie Thompson sadly left the show. In fact this episode to me channels the ghost of Robbie in many different ways. From the fanfiction-esque moments of poor suffering third wheel Sam, to the meta nod to Charlie Bradbury, there is much of Robbie to be found here. Basically, it was bloody perfect.

I feel like there is so much to talk about in this episode that fandom will be chewing on it for months if not years to come. Yokey has picked up the characterisations brilliantly, and seems to have an understanding of what the fandom desperately craves in terms of Castiel, his character, his personality and his development. I adored his sass in this episode. Some other writers *cough*bucklemming*cough* struggle to really capture Castiel’s sass and humour. Showing their lack of understanding of Castiel’s persona and his intelligence and instead writing him in a way that is jarring and sometimes basically stupid. Castiel is far from stupid. In this episode he was written perfectly, in a way I haven’t seen since Edlund’s time. Is that a sweeping statement? Maybe. But I’m still riding my high so let me have it this time.

This episode gave us three of my favourite things. Badass and Sassy Castiel, Overprotective grumpy husband Dean, and poor long suffering brother Sam. (baring in mind this is how they are usually written in fanfiction nowadays this is exactly my jam and I am so so happy to see it play out on screen. Seriously who sold their soul to Crowley for this episode?)

This review will also be in two parts. Because I have so freaking much to say about it.

The first part will focus on destiel, the second on everything else including Castiel’s emotional arc (as separate from destiel), his relationships with angels, angels and gender and Lily Sunder’s character.


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The Encyclopedia (Destiel)

A little one shot I wrote… I hope you like it! Let me know if you do, and send me a prompt if you feel so inclined!

“This is a terrible idea, Sam,” Dean said, voice hushed and hurried so no one in the library would hear him. “I really can’t do this.”

“Dean, you’ve been staring at him for the past hour. Go talk to him!” Sam hissed, poking his brother with the spine of one of his books.

They were at the library, picking up books for one of Sam’s middle school classes. Dean had had to drive him to the library right after his football practice, so Dean was still in his letterman jacket, hair damp and eyes bright when he saw him. A boy, the boy, of Dean’s dreams, fantasies, and desires. He was a little smaller than Dean, with ruffled dark hair and those eyes, like every tear Dean had ever shed was crystallized in that hypnotizing blue. He was a fucking masterpiece, and while Dean was well versed in flirtation, he had no idea how to approach this stunning and slightly nerdy boy. He could flirt, yes, but he didn’t know how to flirt with someone in a sweater vest.

“How am I supposed to talk to him?” Dean peeked around the edge of the bookshelf to glance at the boy, who was carefully running a slim finger across the spines of the books on the shelf. Dean turned back to his brother, a look of unadulterated panic on his face. “He reads.

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Bad boy's charm

Author: theweirdymcweirderson

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Rowena

Relationships: Dean Winchester×Reader

Word count: 3608

Warnings: Demon!Dean, Jealousy, Possessive Dean Winchester, Smut, Kissing, Spanking, Language, Dirty talk

Summary: This was supposed to be for Lexie’s SPN Birthday Challenge. The prompt was My Bloody Valentine + Demon!Dean × Reader. Things get heated between Dean and the Reader after a late night “argument”

Notes: This piece was supposed to be for Lexie’s SPN Birthday Challenge, but I was really busy with life and couldn’t post it in time. Hope she forgives me and still accepts the fic *fingers crossed*

Tags: @roxy-davenport


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anonymous asked:

OMG! The cheating one!! You need to do the reverse! The guys discovering Candy cheat on them. God bless them!!

Mmmmm angsty lil anon of course, I’m glad you asked. These headcanons will have different scenarios, which are listed under the names just for angst reasons…enjoy! 

(Texting the s/o)

  • Candy would’ve probably left her phone out and Nath would wanna leave some picture of he and White on it…until there’s a text notification. 
  • I wish I could be with you tonight :((” He would pause for a moment. He’d read it over and over again.
  • Wouldn’t believe it, thinks it’s a joke. 
  • Texts back; “ikr…I wish I could kiss you now and be with you all night..” and anxiously waits for a reply.
  • Honestly ?? Can’t believe that Candy would do something like this.
  • Paces around, he tries to think differently, but he KNOWS something is up.
  • Boiling inside with rage, prays that it’s not real - it can’t be.
  • Reply would be “Me too..” - right then and there, he’d SNAP.
  • Wondered in the back of his mind, if this is what Castiel felt like.
  • If he was living with Candy, he’s packing his stuff and waiting for her.
  • If she was living with him, he’d pack her stuff FOR her.
  • As soon as she comes and tries to kiss him, he moves away. HE doesn’t even wanna TOUCH her.
  • Would be very angry, not even the slightest bit of upset - he’s just feels betrayed.
  • Yells, yells, and yells. Even swears and brings up all of their memories.
  • Takes her phone and smashes it, he has EVERY right to be angry.
  • Candy shouldn’t pull the ‘it’s not what it looks like card’ it’s EVERYTHING that it looks like.
  • Actually gets teary eyed ?? Not a single sad tear, tears of rage - really.
  • Gives Candy her bag and yells at her to leave.
  • So pissed ?? There’s no single WORD that could describe his rage.
  • If he’s living with Candy, he leaves out the door himself, the only thing he left was just shattered glass.
  • If Candy called him, he wouldn’t answer. He doesn’t want to hear her.
  • If Candy came to his door, he’d ignore it. She doesn’t exist anymore.
  • Can’t sleep either, has dreams about how he didn’t see the signs..
  • Wishes he could turn back time and see it coming before then.
  • Questioned everything that happened in the past and how he didn’t notice.
  • Cried at the end of the day, just in his bed - crying sad tears.
  • “I can’t believe you did this…to us.“ 

(Walks in on Candy and s/o)

  • Stops in his damn tracks so quick, holding a little box behind his back.
  • Watches them…watches her and him make at it…just like they do.
  • Would honestly try to control his breathing, he’s slowly losing it.
  • As soon as one of them notices him, he busts in the door and swears every word he knows. 
  • You little motherf-cker…“ 
  • Voice would be getting high with all of that yelling and Candy THOUGHT she saw an angry Castiel.
  • Would honestly lunge at the s/o in their bed and try to snatch him up, s/o eventually slips away.
  • Demon almost bit s/o on the way out and barked at him.
  • Yells at Candy, doesn’t even give her time to even speak.
  • Points at her a lot, he’s just so mad. 
  • Planned to propose to her that night…guess not anymore.
  • This man probably invented new swear words in the process.
  • Candy could try to defend herself all she wants but so much as SEEING that is enough proof. 
  • If Candy is living with him, he’d tell her she had 2 minutes to get her belongs and “get the f-ck out of my home…and out of my life.”
  • If he’s living with Candy, no need to tell him to leave, he leaves after the greatest argument.
  • Cries angry tears on his nightly walk, smokes a lot.
  • So stressed he wants to just ball himself up and be left alone.
  • Can’t sleep, he can’t sleep without those dreams about s/o and her in the bed.
  • Looks so dead…he’s worn out, he can’t even trust anyone anymore. First Deborah, now Candy. 
  • Tells Lysander, who also cuts off contact with Candy. Don’t screw up with his best friend like this.
  • Lysander would be around him more often, trying to console him.
  • Doesn’t give Candy any dirty looks. He gives her no looks, she’s just nothing.
  • Would probably hint to Nathaniel what had happened, Nath would actually have some sort of sympathy for him.
  • Stays home often, especially after school.
  • He’d give the ring away, simple as that. As simple as she threw him away.
  • “Dammit…You can’t even love anyone anymore.”

(Answers Phone Call from s/o)

  • Wouldn’t recognize the number, but answered it since Candy’s showering. 
  • Stays quiet on the other line, you could never be too careful. 
  • Candy?” He would freeze for a second, that doesn’t sound like ANY guy back at the school.
  • Would answer back with a “You have the wrong number”, just to see what would happen.
  • S/o would explain it’s not the wrong number and to “This is F/N, dude… just give the phone to my girlfriend”.
  • Voice starts to get a little hostile. “Excuse you, but this is her boyfriend, Lysander.“ 
  • S/o would be quiet alongside Lysander, they’ve been two timed. 
  • Stomach would drop, he feels sick to think about what she’s done and how many times she’s lied to them both.
  • Starts to get a little lightheaded.
  • S/o would apologize and he’d hang up, forget the s/o - Candy is who he needs to talk to. 
  • Waits for Candy to get out of the shower as he sits on the bed and waits for her.
  • Goes all through her cellphone find texts, messages, pictures…everything he hasn’t seen.
  • Candy would see him and ask ”what’s wrong“ and Lysander would silently be scrolling through that phone.
  • Candy must be extremely pale just watching him do that.
  • Would deal with the situation as maturely as he can as much as he wants to cry.
  • Shows a ‘friendly’ looking picture of the s/o and her. If she lies, he shows an intimate one.
  • If she tells the truth, he’d figure this. That’s when the water boils over.
  • Looks heartbroken as if she bit his heart and spit it out. 
  • Starts rambling about their relationship how much they loved each other, he’d make Candy feel like trash.
  • Candy could try to kiss him, he’d block it with his fingers or stepping to the side.
  • Tells Castiel on HER phone RIGHT IN FRONT of her, he believes it - Lysander isn’t the one to lie.
  • If Candy lives with him, he points at the door and tells her to ”Get your stuff and leave, NOW.
  • If he lives with Candy, well damn - he’d talk to Castiel, pack his things, and leave. 
  • Meets up with Castiel and pours his heart out, he feels empty, he feels stabbed, he just feels…hurt.
  • Tries not to cry but is on the verge to, Castiel would pat his back and give him a warm side hug.
  • Ignores Candy, full-time, as if it’s a job. 
  • Actually cried…Castiel was shocked, gave him a long side hug right there - cried on his shoulder.
  • “I don’t understand…how someone you love can hurt you as if…you’re no one to them.”

(Sees Candy’s other social media account with s/o)

  • Was being the geek he is, searching up his friends names online to see if he could find them or not. Then, he did Candy’s - just for fun…and he found her.
  • Found her on another site he’s never heard of, he clicks it.
  • ….Wait what the hell is this?” Very confused at first, seriously, what is this site??
  • If Alexy’s home, he calls him into his room. If not, he texts him what he’s found and sends a link.
  • Keeps looking through the selfies, videos, and then he sees s/o. “Out here with my sugar boo <3” They were kissing.
  • Nearly screamed for a moment there - that is REAL
  • Heart starts to beat very fast…in anger and in disbelief, he’s just - overwhelmed.
  • Searches through EVERYTHING, he doesn’t care if it’s a selfie of herself or her girlfriends - he’s looking at everything.
  • Saves some files on his phone with his USB cord…gets very upset, actually.
  • If Alexy is by his side, he’s just as shocked, but more upset than he is angry.
  • If Alexy is gone, he’s on his way now.
  • On the verge of wanting to yell and cry. 
  • Alexy would pack her stuff, no need to ask him, she’s getting dropped just like she dropped Armin for another man.
  • Thought that this could NEVER happen…he was just so in love with her and he THOUGHT she was too.
  • Wonders what went wrong, where did she meet him, how did she lie - overthinks everything, which he rarely ever does.
  • Don’t even START about Candy walking in on him, it’s gonna be a lot of yelling.
  • Is actually very scary when he yells since he doesn’t do it much, it’s similar to a jump scare.
  • Swears a whole damn lot if she walks in. She would be terrified, for sure. 
  • Alexy wouldn’t try to help her, only thing he’d do is pass Candy her bag of belongings. 
  • If Candy tries to lie again, that door would be slammed by Alexy.
  • Very heartbroken…not like in the games…it’s like getting punched in the heart and having it taped back.
  • Starts ranting, complaining, and Alexy is just sad listening to his brother - TWIN brother, upset like this.
  • Then after the end of his ranting, he’d probably just be THAT upset to the point he’d just bury his face in his hands, from sniffling about it all … to weeping.
  • Alexy would hug him, forget man hugs - this is his brother and he needs help.
  • Never wants to see her again.
  • “Of course she doesn’t love me….of fucking course she doesn’t.”  

(Notified by best friend, about Candy and s/o)

  • Planned on taking her to a fancy dinner that night, had the restaurant, suit, everything. Even a little gift.
  • Before he left to call Candy at home, he’d receive a call from Alexy.
  • Wouldn’t answer it, he’s gotta get ready for his date.
  • Alexy would call again, in which he wouldn’t answer as he gets his shirt on.
  • Eventually annoyed by the calls, he picks up the call.
  • Super annoyed by the way but picks up on the sake of trying not to have such a high phone bill.
  • Alexy wouldn’t even say “Hey Kentin” he’d straight up blabber?? “Wait hold on - slow down Alexy…
  • Giving an ”UGH“ noise, Alexy hangs up and Kentin looks confused af at his phone - then he gets a text.
  • "You should look at this..” now this is rare since Alexy uses an emoji and less periods every time he sends a text.
  • It would be a picture of Candy and some other guy…he doesn’t know.
  • Thinks it’s a horrible joke and starts spamming Alexy with a “Alexy, this isn’t funny”
  • Alexy swears it’s true and sends in a video instead. “OML I’M NOT KIDDING LOOK!!
  • It’d be them kissing this time…he pauses. He just freezes
  • Dropped his phone and quickly picked it back up to stare at it.
  • No words, no nothing - it’s like his soul left. Sits on his bed to repeat the video over…and over again.
  • Wants to honestly punch something - anything, but he also wants to cry. 
  • Heartbroken, like anyone else would be…
  • If Candy lives with him, he’s packing her crap and setting it outside with a note of “Have a nice life - your ex, Kentin”.
  • If he’s living with Candy he’s THROWING his stuff into his bags and leaving as quick as he can. Doesn’t want to confront or see her, just go away.
  • If he runs into Candy, that’s it - he’s yelling, he’s swearing, he’s going OFF.
  • Candy can get scared or mad all she wants, he has a right to be yelling over something LIKE THIS.
  • Calls Alexy if he can come over. Obviously he needs to vent really bad right now.
  • Alexy would comfort him and Armin would try to find anything else from her social media accounts. 
  • Would get teary eyed but wouldn’t cry, he can’t cry for a snake like her.
  • “…She didn’t love me…she didn’t love me this whole time.”
My Guardian (Part 7)

Castiel x Reader 

Word Count: 2005

Warnings: swearing, angst, mention of blood/wounds, kissing, dirty talk, oral sex, smut.

My Guardian Master List

It took nearly a day for Cas to finally come to as he lay in your bed, physically and mentally defeated. You stopped in every hour, checking to make sure he wasn’t dead or hadn’t disappeared.

It was almost midnight when you peered in and noticed the angel staring at the ceiling, motionless. “Cas?” you whispered into the room. He blinked, but didn’t move. You entered the room, the tension smacking you straight in the face. “Cas? How do you feel?”

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108. Getting Dean a kitten, because if he doesn’t like dogs, you're convinced he must like cats.

A/N: I finished my formal report! Bless
Also I’m sure you guys don’t care about any of this but this one is like my 25th story or something? I was surprised! It doesn’t feel like it! Anyways, enjoy!

Also: to complete all of the prompts, there are others concerning Dean’s new pet cat. There will likely be others that follow this “story line” of getting a kitten. I’ll make a note of which ones they are though.

Word count: 805


“Hey, Sam?” she calls, poking her head around the corner in a way that instantly makes him suspicious.

“Yeah?” he returns hesitantly. It’s been quiet on the pranks front. He’d almost forgotten about all of them, but in an instant he’s wary of her.

“Do you know where Dean is?” she asks, never moving from her place, with just her head poked around the corner, nothing else.

“Last I saw him, he was in the garage,” Sam answers. “Why?”

“Oh, no reason,” she says quickly. “Okay, thanks! You can go back to doing whatever.”

“What are you up to?” he asks, taking a few steps towards her.

“I have a present for Dean, but I don’t want you to see it first,” she finally admits. “So can you… Not pay attention so that I can give it to him?”

“Oh,” he finally nods in understanding, and she sighs in relief as he turns his back to her and returns once more to the library.

She carefully pets the small creature in her hands, cooing to it gently.

Now knowing where her boyfriend was, she sets off toward the garage, careful to keep the tiny animal warm in her hands and against her chest.

“He’s gonna love you,” she whispers as she finally makes it out to the garage, where Dean is currently under Baby working on some part or another.

She walks to him nervously, trying to keep the small thing hidden until he moves out from under his car.

“Hey, can you hand me a wrench?” he calls, leaning just far enough out to send her a quick smile.

“Half inch or five sixteenths?” she notices both out and picks them up, offering them to him.

He selects the half inch and goes back to work, and she shifts her weight from foot to foot. Maybe she’ll have to just ask him to stop for a few minutes to accept his present.

“Dean?” she finally states, and he answers back with a hum. “Can you take a break for like five minutes? I got you something.”

He slips out from under Baby, and she shields the pet with her hands.

“What is that?” he asks, pointing to her awkwardly crossed arms hiding his present.

“Okay, look,” she begins, and his expression falters. “I know you don’t like dogs. I mean, I don’t understand how, but anyways… I know you don’t like dogs so…”

She moves her arm and presents the small creature to him, watching his face contort in a disgusted expression.

“I mean, if you don’t like dogs then you’ve got to like cats,” she says, her heart sinking as she watched his face. “But I know you’re allergic to cat fur, so… I did the next best thing. A hairless cat.”

“Sweetheart,” he begins, grimacing before looking away from the wrinkled creature in her arms. “I don’t do cats, if anyone would even call that a cat.”

“Well I thought that this was better than a dog, and it doesn’t have fur so that’s a plus too!” she tries to explain. “And he’s so cute.”

“It’s as ugly as all get out,” he returns, watching her tenderly stroke the thing’s head over its wrinkles. “Please tell me that this is a joke.”

“No, I adopted him earlier,” she frowns slightly, noticing how he wasn’t even giving the kitten a chance. “He looked so lonely, and the lady at the counter said that hardly anyone adopts sphynxes.”

“I wonder why,” he cuts, and her shoulders slouch slightly. He notices this and sighs. “It’s just so ugly.”

“He’s adorable,” she protests, petting his head once more as he purred contentedly in her hands. “Just try holding him for a little bit.”

“Sweetheart, I have killed things that look like that little heathen,” he doesn’t offer to take the kitten, and she exhales sadly.

“Well I can’t just take him back to the adoption center,” she whispers. “She said he’s been there for almost a month and no one even looked at him. He needed a home.”

Dean notices her sadness and sighs to himself, rubbing his face with his hands.

“If it really means that much to you, you can keep it,” he finally admits, and he knows he’s going to regret it.

“I didn’t get him for me, I got him for you,” she murmurs, giving her best pleading expression. It’s nowhere near as effective as Sam’s is, but every once in a while she can make it work. “Just give it a few days to get used to him. I promise you’ll like him.”

“Fine,” he groans, and she smiles slightly as she presses the kitten into his hands.

“See? He’s cute!” she states happily as he grimaced at the monster in his hands.

He’s definitely going to regret agreeing to this.

The Princess and the Grand Warrior (Part 18--Finale)

Title: The Princess and the Grand Warrior  

 Summary: What starts as friendship soon becomes love. Everyone knows that classic story. But what happens when self-esteem affects the relationship, when one feels unworthy of the other.  And the other doesn’t understand…can love survive that?  

 Warnings: Slight Angst. Fluff.

 Masterlist of Fanfiction

Story Master Post

Originally posted by tlotrgifs


Part 18

Dalia sat in her room by the window and looked out over the people of Dale.  It seemed simpler out there, no worries of fathers and mothers or of handsome toymakers.  It made her almost jealous, jealous of the simplicity that could be found right outside.

Why couldn’t her life be so simple?  Why did status and rank and ‘worthiness’ have to cloud everything?  She wasn’t asking for much, just love.  Why did love have to be so damn complicated?  She ran her fingers over the small dragon, feeling the tiniest ridges that made up its scales, the small points of its claws, the way it was polished so the light shinned off it.

A wayward sigh escaped her just before her mother poked her head in.  “Dalia?  Could you help me for a moment?”  

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You Gotta Be Kidding Me (Part Nine - THE END)


Hey there, can you please do a crossover with supernatural and criminal minds where the reader is Sam and Dean’s sister and is dating Reid and Sam and Dean don’t think Reid is good enough for their sister, that is until Reid saves their asses from a supernatural beast. The brothers then find out that the reader told Spencer everything about her past when she had to save Spencer from a vampire on one of their dates together and that the reader trained him to recognize and hunt the supernatural.

@your-not-invisible-to-me​  @sonicscrewdriverandtulips @team-barry​ @cool-bluemoon @wolfiehunters@jared-jensen-misha-are-lovelyy@salamander-falls@1989impalasat221b@justshutupandread24@barnesgasm@allyp1023@chvck-shvrley@jijsku​ @wayward-fandom-trxsh  @your-not-invisible-to-me@thebadassbitchqueen @immundusspiritu

A/N: Wow. My first completed series. I am not sure how I feel about this. I am quite sad and happy. It’s been a wild ride and hole you’ve enjoyed it as well. 


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They all knew that Castiel didn’t sleep, so he wasn’t sure why the Winchesters had given him a bed.

Or an entire room, for that matter.

It was a gesture that he appreciated, however, to be given a space all of his own in the midst of a place that the Winchesters called “home”. It meant more to him that he thought he could possibly put into words, though he had tried on a few occasions before.

Castiel blinked when his phone showed an empty battery signal on the screen and reached over to the desk to plug it in before it died and ended his game of Tetris before he was ready for it to end.

Unfortunately, the charger that usually rested on the nightstand was missing, and it only took a few moments for Castiel to realize that he’d left it in the kitchen that morning before they’d headed out for the day.

He could have easily used his grace to simply appear in the kitchen with just a thought, but he enjoyed the sounds of his footprints echoing throughout the bunker as he walked down the long hallways, and so he slowly walked his way into the kitchen.

The bunker was dark during the night with all the lights turned off - not that it mattered for him, but it felt different than it usually did during the day.

To his surprise, when he arrived in the kitchen, it wasn’t empty.

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spn hiatus creations - week three: ships: destiel

They’re hunting a vampire, of all things, when Dean gets sick.

Just one vampire, alone and on the run, and mightily afraid if she knows what’s good for her. But she’s also a savvy vampire. She’s accumulated a stockpile of weaponry. So when Sam, Dean and Cas finally corner her in a ramshackle warehouse in southern Kansas, she shoots Dean with a bullet dipped in djinn venom.

Of all things, thinks Dean as he tips backward into sleep -

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I Can’t Go On Without You

AO3 link
7.7k, PG-13
Prompt by
@mishcollins : Please tell me you’d be inspired by “morning sunshine” and I dunno fake relationship destiel au?

This is a S12 canon-divergent AU (pre-ep7) in which Castiel didn’t leave to go find Lucifer and in which Dean & Cas have to go undercover as a couple for a case wherein some couples were murdered after participating in a secret Valentine’s Day ritual…

“And how long have you two lovebirds been together?” The waitress was young and blonde, wearing skinny jeans and heels that were way too high for the type of work she did. She was just Dean’s type, really. Or, well, she would’ve been. Before…

“Almost eight years,” Castiel says, smiling fondly at Dean and giving his shoulder a gentle squeeze with the arm he’d slung over Dean’s shoulder a few minutes earlier. It had been that exact gesture that had caught the waitress’ attention.

She’d come up to them and started fawning over them while she refilled their coffee cups. Obviously, she thought they were a cute couple. He had been so utterly unprepared for the barrage of questions, he’d completely frozen up. But Castiel – the smooth bastard – had picked up the slack and answered every question she had with quiet confidence.

Truth be told, Dean was kind of impressed with Castiel’s acting skills.

Because it was an act. And Dean had simply lost the coin toss.

It had all started a few days ago, when they’d been busy looking for a new case. A piece in the newspaper about a town that had a yearly festival completely dedicated to Valentine’s Day had caught Sam’s eye.

The article mentioned a secret ritual that that took place on the eve of the 14th that only couples were allowed to attend. It was supposed to bless couples’ relationships – making sure they’d get their happily ever after. Only a few were allowed to attend the ritual, so it became this exclusive thing that you had to apply (and pay through the nose) for, which was, of course, a big draw for tourists.

The part of the article that piqued Sam’s interest was the mention that some of the couples who had received the so-called blessing had died or committed suicide within two weeks of Valentine’s Day. Most deaths involved a knife or gun, or both.

The article didn’t go into any details but said that the locals didn’t like to talk about those couples, calling it a “curse” and blaming the couples’ bad luck on the fact they had split up after receiving the blessing.

It was enough of a lead to pursue it, so they’d decided that at least two of them could go, while another held the fort and kept looking for clues about Lucifer. They couldn’t afford to get sidetracked too much, yet being idle was also not in their nature.

Fast-forward to Dean losing the coin toss, sending in their application for the ritual – which Sam and his hacking skills made sure got accepted – and bringing them here on Valentine’s Day.

Dean had never been more uncomfortable in his life, surrounded by couples being sickeningly sweet and affectionate to each other. They’d only been here for an hour and already they were drawing unwanted attention. And Castiel…Well, it wouldn’t do to think about the things Cas was saying about him. Because they weren’t true, and Dean had to keep reminding himself of that fact.


With a start, Dean’s thoughts refocused on the diner, and on Castiel, who was holding his elbow and looking at him with a small, concerned frown. The waitress was gone.

He needed to get out of here – get some air. “Yeah, um, let’s go Cas,” Dean said gruffly. He threw a couple of bills on the table and stood. With Castiel a mere step behind him, they left the diner and stepped onto the sidewalk.

“Dean,” Castiel said again, far more softly this time, though the concern was still audible.

“What, Cas?” Dean followed his eyes down to their clasped hands. Shit. When did that happen?

“Are you alright? You seem very distracted,” Castiel asked, his frown deepening as Dean let go of his hand.

“Yeah, Cas, I’m fine. It’s just this place.” Dean shudders. “All the hearts and flowers and stuff. I’m really not looking forward to sleeping in our motel room of horrors.”

It was the pink wallpaper. It freaked him out.

“I agree that they seem to be taking Saint Valentine’s Day very seriously here. And I know how certain things associated with the holiday disturb you.” Castiel was obviously trying hard to commiserate with him, which Dean appreciated. He himself didn’t seem at all perturbed by the over-the-topness of it all, though.

“Come on man, you can’t tell me you like all this shit?” Dean gestured around vaguely.

Castiel leveled a neutral look at him.

“People are happy, Dean. Everyone here is celebrating their love. I find it a refreshing change from the circumstances we usually find ourselves in.“

Ouch. He had him there. Dean had no response that wouldn’t make him sound like a grouchy old love-hating guy, so he opted to give a small shrug, turn around, and start walking to where they had parked the Impala. They only had a few hours to prepare for the ritual, and they still didn’t know what it was they were hunting. They were running out of time.

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Part I

Part II

It took a little under a day to get home, as hauling the weapons back slowed them down a great deal. Unfortunately, the time did not pass quickly - after all of Meg’s words, both of them were hesitant to speak and mostly kept their eyes to the ground.

At last, when they arrived home, a very tired Castiel immediately set about preparing for bed. Just before climbing in, though, he looked at the small bag of tea he’d been given.


Should he take it? I mean, if it helped him deal with the humidity, that would be a godsend, and even if it didn’t no harm done.

Unless it’s poisoned.

No, no, that wouldn’t make any sense. Meg wouldn’t poison the prince’s spouse, the symbol of peace between Angels and Nagas. That would be unfathomably stupid.

So it can’t be harmful. That means the worst it could do would be nothing at all.

Or taste awful.

Castiel shrugged and sprinkled the contents into a cup of hot water to sit.

It didn’t smell awful.

The Angel took a tentative sip, smacking his lips in thought.

It didn’t taste good, but it didn’t taste bad, either. It was mostly weird - with very strange undertones. Not completely unpleasant, but not the worst tea he’d ever had. After putting some honey in it, it actually wasn’t too bad. He finished the cup and set it down, moving to crawl into bed.

It turned out drinking it before bed was a good idea, as it made him incredibly drowsy, so he fell asleep mere minutes after hitting the pillow.

Now, you know that feeling? The one you get when you’re asleep and you start feeling cold, and you realize that your feet aren’t covered by the blankets? That’s the unpleasant feeling Castiel woke up to, sometime in the middle of the night, he didn’t know quite when. 

Not that the climate around him was cold per se, but it wasn’t the temperature he liked, properly snuggled underneath a blanket of just the right thickness. It was uncomfortable. Hell, it almost felt like the blanket had bunched up, or his legs were dangling off the bed, that’s how much of him was chilled.

Not to mention it felt like someone had stabbed his stomach.

Castiel groaned, and tried to pull his feet back under the sheet, while also trying to pull it down to cover him, but for some reason his feet felt so sluggish and heavy. He tried again to move them, after all, maybe they’d just gone to sleep, when he had a sudden, horrifying revelation.

He couldn’t move his legs. At all. And everything felt wrong.

The Angel gasped as he opened his eyes to see what the matter was, only to feel almost immediately dizzy. Everything looked off, all the depth was wrong, it was as if everything was both closer and farther at the same time, as if he was seeing double vision, except there was still only one. The fires in the fireplace… they didn’t look brighter, but they looked… they looked hot. He didn’t know how to explain it, but he could tell by looking at them how hot they were. He could smell the heat off of them, it was so strange.

It was that damn tea, it must have been. Maybe it had something in it that made Angels trip out or something, Castiel didn’t know, he just knew he felt awful.

But it wasn’t until he looked down at his strangely heavy and immobile legs that his heart stopped in his chest.

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Burnt Brownies (Part 25--Finale)

Title: Burnt Brownies 

Summary: Sometimes a horrible moment can be a blessing in disguise.  You learn this first hand when you manage to start a fire from a burnt pan of brownies. Firefighter AU. 

Warnings: Fluff.  Minor danger.  Fluffy fluffy fluff fluff

Burnt Brownies Master Post

Masterlist of Fan Fiction  

Originally posted by jenmish

 Chapter 25–Finale

 ~1 Year Later~

 Castiel was fast asleep…was being the operative word.  There was something that was making him wake from his slumber.  His first instinct was to reach over and pull you closer.  But…

His eyes opened as he ran his hand over the empty bed.  “Brownie?”  He called out.  He looked over to the bathroom, you weren’t there.  He sat up and realized that Balthy was also gone.  After you moved in, it became clear which human was Balthy’s favorite…and it wasn’t Cas.  

A sound woke Cas from his thoughts.  He knew that sound…that familiar beeping nose.  Oh, shit! “FIRE!”  Cas bolted out of bed and raced down the stairs, following the sound of the fire alarm. He was in work mode now.  It was coming from the kitchen, as was the smoke. He quickly snatched up a little fire extinguisher and tore into the room.  

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All The Glitters | Part One | ao3 Link

An UnReal/The Bachelor deancas au

Dean’s ass was numb. There was a shooting pain in his back and he was seriously sure that there was glitter stuck in his eye. That was sadly nothing new. That was just his life. His phone had been buzzing nonstop for the past fifteen minutes but from the position he was lying in, there was no way of reaching it.

Most twenty-seven-year-old men wouldn’t spend an evening lying on the floor of a limo while talking to a bunch of single, probably desperate, women. Dean, however, was used to it. He’d done it for so many years now that it was like second nature to him. It was more natural to him than breathing.

“Dean? Hey, Dean? Is the limo going to be stopping anytime soon? I really need to go to the bathroom.”

Dean lifted his head to see which one of the girls had spoken. Amelia. A tall, composed woman with ‘wife material’ practically stamped across her forehead. Dean could see why Josie selected her for the show.

“Can you hold it? We’re five minutes out.” Dean said from his position on the floor of the limo.

“Dean, this dress cost me $375. I do not want to pee on it.” Amelia said in a near whine. Dean wasn’t surprised that she needed to pee. They had been stuck in the fucking limo for over an hour already.

“If I distract you with who the suitor is will you hold it in?” Dean asked. Amelia sighed but nodded her head. With a flourish Dean held up a headshot of the current suitor for the show. “Castiel Collins, son of Dmitri Collins and heir to the entire family fortune. They’re the fifth richest family in America. If Daddy’s latest business deal goes through they’ll probably become the third richest.” The girls all squealed or made impressed sounds.

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dean/cas fic rec masterpost

last updated 2 june 2015

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Destiel Season 11 meta: 11x06 Our Little World [2]

This is part 2 of a 4 part meta series on significant Destiel scenes from season 11. Again please note, these are my interpretations, observations, metas, theories, and opinions. Some will be longer than others. 

Another Castiel meta?? What?! Yes, another Cas meta because I just love him and he just loves Dean. He’s also chalk full of great destiel information to interpret, so here goes. 

Like I said in my last meta which you can find here, what happens to Cas in 11x03 ties into this meta. Three episodes later, Cas is still messed up mentally and emotionally from the attack dog spell. Some have compared his reaction to PTSD and I think I agree with this. 

In fact, at about 4:15 into the episode Sam and Dean have this conversation: 

Sam: You know, we’ve been here since Monday and we still haven’t found a legit victim. Maybe Amara moved on or stopped feeding altogether.

Dean: Well, finding her victims is still the best shot at finding her. 

Sam: Not actually true. [Sam and Dean share a look]

Dean: Oh, what? You think he’s ready? He’s had a pretty rough go of it lately. 

Sam: Which one of us hasn’t? Seems insane to leave our one and only angel friend on the bench. 

Dean: I’ll call him.

Just looking at this scene alone, we can see which one of the brothers cares more about Cas’s well-being. (Dean, in case you didn’t take my meaning.) But, he calls Cas anyway just to appease Sam. Ah, the codependency. 

Then we have this conversation between Cas and Dean:

Cas: Hi.

Dean: Cas! How ya doin’ buddy?

Cas: I’m fine.

Dean: How long’s it been since you left the bunker? 

Cas: Why would I leave? I’ve got everything I need right here. 

Dean: Wait, are you watching Jenny Jones? [Television show]

Cas: Yeah, well, man can’t live on caviar alone, Dean.

Dean: Well, you sound weird, okay? Bad weird. Now, I have been down this road before, I have heard the Siren song from the idiot box and I’m telling you whatever you’re looking for, you won’t find it in there. [Cas gives a small groan] So do me a favor: turn off the TV, go outside, and get some air. We’re in the dark here, pal. I need you back in the game, okay? 

Dean’s concern is palpable and not just because he and Sam need Cas to help find Amara. We know that his concern is really about Cas and less about using Cas to track Amara by the placement of “I need you back in the game.” He adds it at the end of his sentence because it holds practically no meaning to him, it’s Sam who wants Cas back in. Dean just wants Cas to get better at his own pace and that’s why he is acting like a worried boyfriend. He knew that Cas would try his damndest to “go outside and get some air” and be ready for a fight because Dean asked him to. By that little groan Cas does, we can also suspect that he doesn’t want to leave the safety of the bunker. I read a meta on Cas using television as an escape, although I can’t find it to link it here. He’s using TV as a way to escape thinking about what happened in 11x03.

But we’ve seen Castiel in worse situations, what with Naomi, Leviathan, Sam’s madness that literally mentally broke him. What’s so different about the broken Cas of season 11? 

Well, with Naomi, Cas regrettably beat Dean, but he allowed Cas to heal him. Before he walked into the lake, leviathan!Cas threw Dean against a wall and left, not doing much damage. Basically up until this point, when Cas unknowingly hurt Dean, he was able to either stop himself (”What broke the connection?”) or he didn’t cause severe injury. Under the attack dog spell, he was completely unable to stop himself from pummeling Dean. Even with Dean saying Cas’s name and pleading for him to fight the spell, he couldn’t. And then on top of it all, when Cas reached out to heal him, Dean denied it, saying he got what he deserved. I think that Cas sees this as a proper rejection on Dean’s part of both him and his power. Dean may see this as his way of apologizing for almost killing Cas in 10x22, but that’s clearly not how Cas sees it.

In fact, Dean was able to overcome the Mark long enough to put the angel blade through a book instead of Cas’s face. The MoC, which was a spell, had been sinking its claws into Dean for quite some time. Charlie’s untimely (unnecessary) death was Dean’s breaking point and when Cas asked Dean to stop, he did and spared Cas’s life. Even Cain couldn’t surpass the Mark and stop himself from killing Colette. The writers did a great job paralleling Dean winning the fight with the MoC spell and Cas losing to the AD spell. I also believe Cas realizes this point and is aware that he is not mentally or physically strong enough to fend off a spell like impetus bestiarium. Remember, he’s a broken shell of his former self with depleted grace. He blames himself and his weakness and that’s why he ends up accepting Lucifer into his vessel. (Not like Dean or Sam did much in the way of comforting him or reassuring him after ADS.)

Cas: I wanted to be of service to the fight. [11x14]

If he believed for even a second that he wasn’t worthless, that he was powerful, and he was needed, he wouldn’t have let Lucifer in. 

With that, I bring about my second point: this is the catalyst to Cas’s feelings of powerlessness and superfluousness. In other words, this is when Cas starts feeling he is expendable. This notion is given a name when Cas is looking for Amara’s body after the angel smiting. He meets the naive angel Ambriel and she identifies with him:

Ambriel: I don’t hate you, Castiel.   

Cas: Thank you.

Ambriel: I mean, we have a lot in common. Our names rhyme, that’s a big one. I look good in a trench coat, too. And we’re both expendable. 

Cas: Excuse me?

Ambriel: Well, that’s why we’re here, right? I’m a number cruncher, and you, like I said, I’ve heard the stories. You help, but Sam and Dean Winchester are the real heroes. So if the darkness is still alive, and she’s pissed, and she kills us, no big loss. So, sure maybe we’re not super important, but we do the job, you know? I think there’s nobility in that. 

OUCH. That one had to hurt. Maybe at this point Cas understood, but didn’t feel the same as Ambriel… But the sentiment only solidified in his mind later in episode 10. It’s confirmed when he faces off with Amara:

Amara: She’s right, you know. You are expendable and weak…

Cas: Just do it.

Amara: Blue eyes, you aren’t even worth the effort. And, no offense, but you look a bit used up…

Aaaaand there it is, the double whammy. She made sure he knew how much he isn’t worth and then she saw past his rough exterior deep down into his grace and even his mind. He knows because of Rowena he looks used up. He feels used up, but to hear both his self-loathing AND frailty verified by his aunt? Well, that would be enough to make me think twice. And Cas saying yes to Lucifer shouldn’t have come as a shock to anyone. 

Anywho, back to 11x06.

At about 6:10, Cas is putting on his trench coat (Chuck bless) and he attempts to leave the bunker only to be assaulted by what can only be described as a PTSD flashback. 

Now this is where my theory comes in. I believe two things that are important about the organization of these flashbacks. 

First, these memories are of his time under the attack dog spell and are shown in the order of 1. Cas punching the shit out of Dean, 2. Hannah dying and Cas charging Eprhaim, 3. Him stabbing Crowley. Obviously the reverse order in which these events happened. (Again, you can reference my first meta; it  explains this in 11x03.) The order is important because instead of going chronologically, like the spell (Crowley, Hannah, Dean), it moves in Cas’s Most Important People Order. Also remember the order the categories of the relationships the spell moved in? Acquaintance, best friend, significant other. 

At first I wondered why Cas wouldn’t unconsciously have Hannah’s grisly murder as the first image. I mean, yes his love for her was platonic and not as strong as his love for his green eyed hunter, but c’mon. She was MURDERED. Nope, Dean is always first in Cas’s mind and even the thought of him hurting him weighs heavier on Cas’s mind than seeing his best friend die. 

Cas has a profound bond with Dean and all I’m saying is that a certain hunter and a certain angel need to get their heads out of their asses and say something before it’s too late. 

My second, and probably most important theory is that Cas is done disappointing those he cares about and is just as equally done being disappointed. He’s upset that he couldn’t overcome the spell for Dean like Dean could overcome the MoC for Cas. He’s saddened that he let Hannah die and killed his brothers. But above all, based on all the evidence, he’s most disappointed in himself for letting Dean down. 

Just after Cas has his vision of stabbing Crowley, we see MoC!Dean beating on Cas. This is where he’s tired of being disappointed. Again, we’re shown Dean. But why? Hannah betrayed him, his brothers betrayed him. Why didn’t we see that? Because all that matters is Dean. Dean hurt me; the next time I saw him, I hurt him; the spell was too strong for me to stop; Dean wouldn’t let me heal him. Etc, etc. He doesn’t want to face more rejection from Dean and he thinks that he’s expendable and if he wasn’t, Dean wouldn’t keep him around. At least, that’s how I would feel given all that Cas has been through. Yet another reminder of why he let Lucifer in. 


Another shout out to the writers for making us think. I may not always agree with you, but I do owe you for this one. 

Whether you acknowledge my meta or not, I think we can agree that it all adds up to Cas (romantically) loving Dean. 

As always, thanks for reading!

Please message me if any images or gifs are yours so I can give proper credit. 

This meta might have been a little out there, but it made more sense in my head. Sorry it’s so late, I’ve been pretty busy these last few days. Meta #3 is coming out hopefully in a day or two. Considering it’s probably going to be longer than this, it might be a miracle if I get it all done in a day, but I’m damn well gonna try. 

Please tell me if you would like to be or not be tagged in the next two upcoming metas. I messed it up last time, so I’m going to tag those who liked my first meta and original post:

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Worth Staying For

Dean and Castiel park the impala by a lakeside because Claire needs to pee. The silly circumstance proves to be a blessing in disguise when the time alone opens a new chapter for both men. 
~ Inspired by Dean’s confession in 10x16 and Jensen and Misha’s sunset photos from the set of 10x20. Set during episode 20 - Angel Heart. ~

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Burnt Brownies (Part 10)

Title: Burnt Brownies

 Summary: Sometimes a horrible moment can be a blessing in disguise.  You learn this first hand when you manage to start a fire from a burnt pan of brownies. Firefighter AU.

 Warnings: Fluff.

Burnt Brownies Master Post

Originally posted by loseaquett

Chapter 10

“Do you see him?” Kali asked as she wrapped an arm around yours.

You chuckled at how excitable your friend was.  She had been going on and on about wanting to meet Cas and his brother and the other guys since you first even hinted at the handsome firefighter, and now she was going to be able to meet him.  So naturally, she was acting like an excited child asking a parent to open ‘just one’ present the day before Christmas.  

“I’ll let you know when I do.”  You whispered to her as you stepped into the firehouse.  You were greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere.  The smell of chili and baked bread and some other yummy treats made you smile.  There were people from all over town here, some coming and going, giving donations for the good cause.  You waved when you spotted Dean, one of Cas’ friends.  He gave you a quick wave back as Kali squealed.

“Oh my god! He is so hot!  Oh, I am so hooking up with his brother.”

“Uh…Kali, that’s not Cas.”  

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Mr. Castiel Winchester

for bookkbaby

(ao3 link)

Mr. Castiel Winchester Mr. Castiel Winchester Mr. Castiel Winchester, Cas doodles on his notebook in large loopy letters. He sighs, filling in little hearts with red ink. If he closes his eyes, he can practically see Dean Winchester’s bright green eyes staring back at him. In reality, Dean’s exactly three rows and two columns away from him, still working, as most of the class is, on his history exam.

Cas makes another sweep of his pen and draws a few more hearts. Charlie – the only other student besides him who’s finished the exam – elbows him in the side and sends out a lavish wink. She’s known about Cas’s crush on Dean since it began back in sixth grade. If he concentrates hard enough, he can still feel her bony fingers grabbing onto his arm in excitement when she forced him to spill the beans all those years ago.

Of course, having a crush on Dean Winchester for six years hasn’t exactly been easy. He’s considered telling Dean on multiple occasions, but he’s always chickened out. He doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. The closest he ever gotten to confessing was during sophomore year after Dean hit the winning homerun and ran to Cas as soon as the game was over. With the crowd cheering all around them and adrenaline pumping through both of their veins, Cas almost said the three words he’s been dying to say since he was twelve. But just as fate would have it, as soon as the “I” came out, Dean’s little brother Sam dived between them and effectively ruined the moment.

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