which I will

in my best-case scenario andrew hussie raises several million dollars again because people crave that sauce and he adds “full-length feature film” as a stretch goal. owen wilson plays hella jeff. geromy is donald glover. true to canon. the movie doesn’t come out for another ten years

Here it is

I’m a little bit proud of this

I know I could’ve done better… But I’m running on a time limit. I hope it looks okay. You can see where I screwed up the shading… and blending… and colors in general… But today I tried a new way of making the outline. I’m pretty happy with the results.

@princeofmints has been one of my favorite artists for a while. Similar to Moho, Zachary is great with anatomy. He can made amazing works of art with so many layers that it makes my vision blurry. Or I just need glasses. Anyways, Zachary is always fun to check up on. I love seeing new art and this artist’s happiness generally makes me happy. I can only wish him the best, and hope that he doesn’t let anything bring him down. His OCs are awesome looking, and from what I’ve read about their personalities they’re really creative and cool. I wish him the best in life, because in my opinion, he deserves it. Zachary, from what I’ve seen, really is a sweetheart. I think that others who admire him like I do will agree. I hope one day I’ll be able to draw bodies similar to how he does. I don’t want to be just like him art wise. I want to be able to envision what I want and draw it out like he does. Whenever I watch a speedpaint, I’m always baffled at how he creates his lineart. He can always get better. Everyone can. Still, you can tell that he puts a lot of time and effort into what he does. You can see the results of hard work and practice. Out of all the things I admire about Zachary, that’s probably the biggest one. Not only for him, but for all artists who do their best.

He’s a truly amazing artist, and this is my gift to him.

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Omg I was already rewatching 13x06 and came to your blog to freak out about how in the "that's a pretty damn big win" Sam closed the doors of the drawer like that was such an unnecesary moment and I felt like it could mean "he's out of the closet for me, these doors can shut down forever there's no going back in" or the other way around idk. And then saw u were commenting about it just on your last ask and gods thank god I wasn't the only one seeing that




Yeah, and the whole thing took place in the room with the saloon doors (you know, the kind that swing both ways?).

I mean, I had to watch the whole thing like three times through because I couldn’t believe it.

Failed Tough Skin

My first post, and a huge rant.

11/11/17 Customer was a bitch and complained about my face to a manager. Never cried before and I broke that record today

I have worked in customer service for about two years now. A year in fast food and this last year at two retail stores (one for pets and another for crafts). I normally deal with bitchy or straight up mean customers with an iron smile, but I finally cried today. This lady came up, looking like the crabby “get your manager” bull I knew she’d turn out to be.

Anywho, she immediately complains about the fact that she’s been inconvenienced by having to go around the store multiple times to find something. It’s the holiday season. There’s about 7 new people starting here and they’re not going to know a lot. There’s not enough radios for each one to get help.

Not good enough. I guess my face was smug (I was pursing my lips trying not to frown). And she asked for a manager which of course I obliged. Told my manager her petty ass story and that I was giving her attitude and making fun of her problem. Manager said sorry to her, and after she left, I was told that “making faces was not acceptable” in front of a huge line of customers. I tried to swallow my pride but I ended up making some old woman worried about the fact that I was tearing up. Had to run to the back before I full on cried.
I already submitted by leave notice, but I’m staying until Black Friday.
Fuck. Customers.

anybody else feel like an absurd amount of foreboding for 2018 like 2016 sucked my soul out 2017 put my corpse into a really fast car i couldn’t control and i feel like 2018 is The Arrival At The Gates Of Satan

Third wheel Yurio tho

AKA my favourite trend in Yuri on Ice official art 

how to distinguish between three steves
  • steve harrington: single teenage dad steve, has a nail bat and six children and has never been near a plane
  • steve trevor: blonde-haired blue-eyed steve who blew himself up in a plane in 1918, a spy, not that Extra
  • steve rogers: blonde-haired blue-eyed steve who crashed a plane in 1944, Captain Fucking America, Super Extra (tm)

God I’m finally done with this comic I don’t care if it looks like shit just. Just take it.

I started working on this comic in September but due to personal health problems and inktober I wasn’t able to finish it until now. Like with all my comics, I don’t like the final results but goddamn it I spent a long ass time working on this comic and you’re gonna look at it! Or not. I can’t force you to do anything. At the very least I’d appreciate if you look at the line art. That shit took the longest time.

Most of comics I think up of are just scenarios I think are interesting or a particular image I wanted to draw and I conjured up a comic around it to provide some sort of context. For this one, I was inspired by the paneling in Houseki no Kuni manga and I wanted to draw something like it, so if you’re wondering why the paneling looks different than my average comic than that’s why.

This comic is entirely hypothetical, with Fi being around for the past events of Breath of the Wild. If Zelda is so tsundere for Link for being the chosen hero, I think Zelda would fear Fi because she thinks she is disappointing Fi by being such a failure.

The love in this comic isn’t intenderd to be romantic love (although you can view it that way if you want to it’s not like I can stop you), but more like the kind you feel when you want to die but hearing some kind words is enough to save you. Yeah.


Cuphead: Did I mention that “Marriage” will be 20 Coins extra?
Mugman: CUPHEAD!!!
Cuphead: Dont’cha worry the “Marriage” ain’t real.

May be one of my brother’s dumb crazy ideas again, but as long as it’s for charity, guess I’ll just go with it.