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I was buying hair dye at the drugstore today and the (really gorgeous) cashier asked me how my day was going which threw me off because usually cashiers dont ask me that so I was like “um it’s good” and then there was silence and I wasnt sure if I was supposed to elaborate on that so I quickly tried to tell her about work but I was stumbling over my words and knew I was coming off super awkward so I stopped and then she was like “do you want to register for our points card?” and I wanted to redeem myself and show her that I could still be socially non-awkward so I was like YEAH SURE WHY NOT so I was filling out the form and as she waited for me she started making conversation and she asked me if I worked around here and I said no and then I wasnt sure if I was supposed to tell her where I worked and have to elaborate on that too??? but the last time I tried to elaborate I was terrible so I just stayed quiet and handed back the form and when I left the store I was literally dizzy from the sheer embarrassment of being so awkward


some stuff i posted on twitter about my upcoming oneshot/possibly-twoshot-bc-it’s-way-longer-than-i-was-expecting verkwan fic!! it’s set in a modern magic world and loosely inspired by beauty and the beast, and it’s about half-demon vernon befriending a blind boy called seungkwan and their little adventure to find a spell for him to gain his eyesight. 

(read the captions on the pics for lil biographies)

Mr. & Mrs. Hood (Part 7)

Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 8th:
Mr. & Mrs. Hood (Part 7)

Pairing: Y/N/Gangmember!Calum

Request: Yes

Masterlist: Right here

Summary: The fairytale of trying to create a normal life between Y/N and Calum with marriage and pregnancy didn’t seem to stop them from going back into old habits of guns, drugs, and hunting down their old gang’s rival, Lance.

Mr. & Mrs. Hood on Wattpad

”Is she okay?”

Calum looked up tiredly by Luke’s question, his eyebrows furrowing at first as if he believed it was only a joke but when seeing the confusion in his eyes he spoke up.

“How would you feel if you had just found out half the family that abandoned you when you were 16 suddenly shows up from the dead?”

“I know it sounds like a dumb ass question Cal but it’s the only thing that’s proper to ask right now.” Luke was quick to scold, trying to knock some sense into Calum because he was having such a hard time trying to deal with all of this, they all were.

“She’s shocked. So completely shocked she has been mute for almost an hour now.” 

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I must say, I am so proud of you, Roz, being recognized in a male-dominated industry. It’s one more step forward for working women. You’re a credit to our gender.

Pulse (Oneshot)

Title: Pulse
Pairing: Jongtae
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, fluff
Warning: Very super mild bdsm??
Word Count: About 1500
Description: This probably started off with Jonghyun always having his kinks Out There in the open and Taemin talking about how he was the best at doing knots while being a boyscout idk

I can’t believe this is the first thing I post since the summer aklaklajf I also blame @sluthyun entirely for this for always talking about Jonghyun being tied up (I always wrote down that title for a specific reason that I can’t remember now) and under the cut because it’s right into it, literally.

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