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Prompt: Reinhardt and DVa bonding.

Local grandpa tries to beat starcraft champion granddaughter in game of his own choosing (in this case, mariokart).

Okay new plan.

I am going to stop talking about mental illnesses (other than anxiety/depression because I’ve got those down) because I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about and am just hurting people as a result.

Seriously, everyone, I am so sorry.

Looking back, I acted like a complete asshole.

@wetwareproblem I am so sorry for how I treated you. I know it doesn’t mean much but I am actually sobbing as I write this. I’ve already had two panic attacks and am shaking so hard I can hear my wheelchair rattling.

I completely misunderstood the point of your post and acted aggressively. This is not an excuse. I am simply stating that I am genuinely sorry and am hoping that we can put this behind us.

From now on, I’ll stop the problematic posts. At least I’ll try to. That’s the thing about problematic posts. They…kind of happen without your knowledge because you’re a problematic person. But I digress.

I am a problematic person. I’m trying to get better.

I’m hoping that we can forget this and move on because while I am not an expert on mental health (I think I proved that recently) I know that this is extremely damaging to mine and yours/your followers.

Once again, I am genuinely sorry and am making this a public apology so that everyone can see that I did, in fact, act like a complete and utter asshole.

I won’t expect you to forgive me. But I ask that we please move on from this with the notion that I will stop talking about things that I don’t understand and will stop lashing out at people whom I think are attacking me. (I know that you weren’t; I completely misunderstood and again, I’m sorry.)

(At the Wedding)
  • Marinette:I do.
  • Adrien:*aggressively wiping tears from his eyes*
  • Marinette:Adrien... Are you- Are you crying?
  • Adrien:No! I'm just... pissing water from my eyes!
You think you can tell me what to do???

Please do I literally cannot function without clear instructions

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Saddle us with the esoteric reasons the 'light and air and color' line is so important, please and thank.

“We both know the unreality of taking a life. The people who die when we have no other choice–we know in those moments they are not flesh, but light, and air, and color.”

To me, the really significant thing here is that Hannibal creates an opposition between “flesh” and “light and air and color.” As though flesh had no color, did not reflect light, did not move air; or as if light, air, and color were not attached to physical substances and processes. He’s suggesting a division between physical presences and abstract images. He’s suggesting to Will that “when we have no other choice”–that is, in the circumstances under which, at that time, Will can accept the concept of killing a person–then he is no longer really killing a person, but an image of that person; a representation. He’s saying that what Will interacted with when he shot Garret Jacob Hobbs, or what Hannibal interacted with when he killed Tobias, wasn’t really a body. It wasn’t something subject to the terrible facts of life and death, blood pumping or spilling, uglinesses like the resistance of muscle to blade or what bowels do when a person dies. Rather, what both of them did in their (supposedly) unavoidable moments of murder was to murder an idea of a person, a representation of them, rather than to kill anything real.

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Block mbti blogs that
  • tell you you’re prone to depression or another mental illness based on your type
  • tell you what your sexuality is like based on your type
  • split a type into sub-types of character (for example nerd-INFP, princess-INFP, etc)
  • talk about a type as if they were one big collective instead of individuals
  • don’t relativise their statements about a type by making it clear that they’re talking about their subjective experience/opinion, but phrase everything like Absolute Truth Textbook Data
  • reblog such posts

things you should do if you find a ship distasteful:

  1. blacklist it with new xkit which you can find by clicking here
  2. unfollow people who post the ship
  3. don’t go into the ship tag
  4. don’t read fic or view art of the ship
  5. ask people to tag for the ship
  6. understand that people like things for different reasons, darkfic or ‘bad ships’ can be cathartic for survivors, and that what people enjoy in fiction is not necessarily what they enjoy in real life–kind of like how people can enjoy disaster movies and also be against the idea of a meteor obliterating manhattan in real life
  7. possibly report to tumblr staff, if the content produced is illegal or goes against the ToS

things you should not do if you find a ship distasteful:

  1. harass people who ship the ship you find distasteful

You know what really sucks? Not being able to express a desire for more personally specific ace representation without someone accusing you of “what about the menz”.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen something, here on Tumblr or elsewhere, expressly about ace men. I want more stuff about ace men, because I AM an ace man, and I would like to see stuff that’s more personally relevant than the assumption that ace are is a girl thing (with occasional allowances made for nonbinary folks).

I know that a lot of the reason it all skews girl-side is because Tumblr is the only place outside of specific asexuality groups where aceliness is discussed openly and Tumblr is predominantly female. But come on, folks, we’re out there. Ace men actually freakin’ exist, at least acknowledge that. I know the idea of a man not wanting the fiddle diddle flies in the teeth of all of Tumblr’s pet rhetoric, but this is just further reason for more (that is, any) representation of asexual men.

Asexual men are a ridiculously under-represented group, even within how underrepresented asexuality already is. And the fact that the overarching culture really likes straight men (with occasional allowances made for gay men) doesn’t actually negate this fact.

why,,,,,,,,,,,,does nobody ever talk about that scene after the malec kiss

the one during which they’re both so happy and smiley that it makes everyone’s hearts melt because malec being happy and cute is the best thing ever

you know, the one where my son Alec Lightwood asks out the High Warlock of Brooklyn????????????

its the best because it shows that despite acting really kinda shitty towards Magnus after getting engaged to Lydia, ALec My SOn had feelings for HiM the whole dAMN time and its so CUTE and honest and I die every time I rewatch it 

talk about it more