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(Dis)like at First Sight - Seungcheol (S. Coups) Angst

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 Request: Arranged marriage with hoshi or hiphop teams? Cold hearted, being a meanie stuff like that? Fluff ending please ❤

Word Count:1352

Genre: Fluff/Angst(?)

Member/Group: Seungcheol of SEVENTEEN

Summary: Every girl dreams of the day she gets to walk down the isle in a white gown, so how come yours felt more like a nightmare?

A/N: I’m sorry posts are kinda more spaced out now, I am back in school and preparing for my last exams in the next few months along with a few band competitions. I’ll probably post more on the weekends and a few times throughout the week.

 It’s strange how quickly emotions can fog up human judgement. Rage can turn to grief in mere seconds, which can cause anything to go south. You always hear about arranged marriages, yet its quite rare to meet actual participants in the old-fashioned act. Maybe if you and your surprise fiancé had known a bit sooner than a week before your wedding about what lied in your futures, he wouldn’t have been so mad about it. Yet here you are, in a bustling room of women, getting ready to marry somebody and close to tears. 

 Your hair was in a classic up do with a a sheet of lace veiled over your head. The cream colored gown that was wrapped around your figure accentuated points and curves you where never aware that you had, and your make up did wonders to compliment your skin tone. It’s amazing what a few thousand dollars can do to someone with the help of a mask of make up and fake happiness.

 “(Y/N), are you almost ready? Your father is waiting outside the entrance to the church, and the organist has already played eight songs!” Your soon-to-be mother in law called from outside the door. A stray tear dripped down your cheek as you clenched the skirt of your dress. You quickly checked to make sure that you’re make up was not running, then you finally stepped out the door to get into the limousine.

 Inside the church, Seungcheol’s family waited alongside yours. Long pieces of silky white fabric were draped along each pew, with a light red carpet splitting the room in half. Orchids in vases were scattered along the edges of the room, and a table near the entrance displayed a book for each guest to sign before going to sit in their spots. The sound of an ancient organ echoed through the room, the melodic ebony and ivory keys releasing a sound that reflected a joyous occasion. At the head of the alter, a not-so-eager Seungcheol stood with his hands crossed over his pelvis. His suit was neatly pressed without a single piece of lint or hair caught on the smooth black fabric, and his hair had been neatly styled. 

 “Is she going to show up?”

 “I heard that she is in love with someone else and is planning on ditching the ceremony!”

 “I bet she’s only in it for the money…” Bouts of gossip extended from both families mouths, some positive and some negative. Suddenly, the creaking of the large oak doors opening interrupted every conversation.

 You and your father took a step into the room, and every person seemed to stop breathing as they took in your appearance. Your (length) hair was neatly pushed back and adorned with a long lace veil, but the natural makeup you wore still was eye-catching even when semi hidden. Your long gown trailed for a few feet, and the pristine bodes was covered in sparkly jewels with the occasional pearl thrown in. They expected the best considering how wealthy the Choi family was, but even this exceeded their expectations. The only person that was not in complete awe of you was your soon to be husband, Seungcheol.

 As you reached the alter, Seungcheol stepped forward to let you shift from your father’s arm to his. 

“You look nice today, brat.” It was supposed to be a compliment, but his cold tone and icy features pierced very ounce of happiness in the words and almost made it sound like a threat.

 “Thank you.” You looked down, and the Minister began the ceremony.

 “I now pronounce you man and wife.” As soon as the words left the old mans mouth, cheers erupted around the room. Seungcheol’s iron grip latched onto your hand and you both turned around to walk out. Flower petals rained down on your heads as you left, but you couldn’t get over the overwhelming feeling of self-pity that had begun to sink in your stomach. Even when the door to the limousine was shut, nothing but cold stares were exchanged between you and Seungcheol.

 “How about you tell me a bit about yourself?” The mousy voice that left your mouth was almost alien to you, but Seungcheol nodded nonetheless.

 “My name is Choi Seungcheol, and I am 21 years old. I specialize and business, and my father arranged this marriage because he considers me ‘anti-social’ and thinks that I would otherwise be hopeless in finding myself a wife, and your father just so happened to make a deal with him. What about you?” His words felt like poison stings, but you decided to try and be kind anyway.

 “I am (L/N) (Y/N), a (Age) year old woman of all trades. Until recently, I was working part time to earn the money to help pay my family’s bills and hopefully get to open my own bakery one day. It’s nice to meet you, and I hope I can be a suitable wife for you.” A smile peaked through your lips, but Seungcheol simply avoided your gaze and looked out the window.

 “Sounds like you married me for the money, huh?”

 All evening, you and Seungcheol were busy introducing yourselves at the wedding reception. His family seemed to be fun of you, but his frosty ways didn’t change at all. After the ‘first dance’, you both quietly ate and sat next to each other as the party went on without you. After the last piece of cake was served and the last drop of wine had been drank, you and your new husband clambered over to the car that would escort you to the hotel you would be staying at for the night. The drive was a silent one, and nothing felt better than finally getting to step out of the tense space.

 The hotel room was quite simple. The walls and floors were matte nude tones, but each room contained utilities that were most likely more expensive than anything you had ever used in all your years of living.

 “This room is really nice-”

 “Shut up. I get it, you are coming from a poor lifestyle, but I’m not here to hold your hand. Don’t act like this is even love, and just stay out one my way.” His words brought tears to your eyes and fire to your cheeks. You let out a croaky gasp, and did something you never thought you would do; you hit him on the chest. It wasn’t hard or anything, but the force caused your knees to buckle and you fell into a heap on the floor.

 “You know what, Seungcheol? I’m trying to make the best of the situation, and you are making it super hard. Yes, I did agree to this to help my family, but that is what love looks like! You are a cold hearted bastard, and this isn’t how marriage works! At least try to be nice, and maybe one day we can learn to love  each other…” Sniffles left your mouth and you hugged your knees. The room was silent, but the growing worry that your pleas had fallen on deaf ears was ringing violently throughout your head.

 Never had you felt so alone with another person. But then again, never had you felt as shocked as the moment that Seungcheol actually crumbled to the floor and rested a warm hand on your shoulder.

 “You know what… I’m sorry. I don’t really know what marriage is like, but now I realize how hard this day must have been for you. I just… I want to tell you that I’m willing to try, I guess.” His thumb swiped over your cheek and collected your tears, and your watery eyes finally glanced up at him. For the first time that day, a small smile was apparent on Seungcheol’s face. You stared at him for a few seconds, then embraced him with all your strength.

 “Let’s try this. Together.”

What we’ll release next

So JR will probably be out on Wednesday or Thursday. It was supposed to come out last week, but I couldn’t make it, sorry about that.

After that, Teiichi no Kuni which is almost done as well, or the new 10 Dance. If I understand it correctly, 10 Dance will skip a month, the next chapter will be in the magazine that comes out in March.

Then Tourou no Ori which is a lot of work because we are also releasing the tankobon extra, the bonus papers, the handwitten character drafts and the Psychedelics chapter, so a big thank you to everyone who’s working on it, especially the translators who helped out a lot @hoshi-kuzuu, @lollypoopz and @sasugahikari!

We did not release a new chapter of Yowamushi Pedal since August, and it’s been picked up by the previous scanlator. That manga was a lot of work, if we wanted to catch up to the manga, we would have had to (this is probably incorrect but oh well) release 2 or 3 chapters in a week, it was hard to clean and hard to typeset and just altogether too much, so please follow the old/new scanlator’s updates! And the new season is out, it’s really great, the pink highlights in Komari’s hair seem to be absent in both the opening and ending, I hope you’re watching that too!

But there are still a couple of BL (Zetsuai and a work of Tarira Bee) and non-BL manga that I’d like to pick up so I’ll probably put a recruitment page at the end of each release and hope for the best. Those mangas are a lot easier to work on.

That’s it! Have a great week~

Busy and Stuff

Okay guys, so here’s a LIFE UPDATE! 

I now have another job, which means I have two jobs and school, PLUS all the stuff I have to do at home (horses and what not) which means I’m gonna be SUPER BUSY for the next few months. Probably until I leave for South Korea at the end of February. I’ma try and keep up on writing, but it’s gonna be slower than usual. I still WANT to get SF done before season 2 of Miraculous, but a lot of that work might not come until March when I only have classes to worry about (being in another country neither here nor there). 

Just wanted to keep ya’ll updated ;D Thanks, guys!

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I still care~Suga

Pairing: Suga x You
Gerne: idek mby angst a bit with fluff
Warnings: probably just cursing

× × × × ×

You walked inside your house. It was dark inside which meant Suga didn’t come back to work yet.

“Suga?” You still called, even though you knew you will recieve no answer

For past month or more, Suga and whole BTS had much more work to do. The tour is coming up, so it must be why. Still, you longed for Suga’s warmith next to you. He was your boyfriend after all and you loved him, so it was not unusual thing that you miss him dearly.

Just as you turned on the sink, wanting to just fill your glass with some water, the glass slipped from your hand and fell onto floor, shattering in tons of pieces

“Ugh! Why!” You groaned, lazily picking up the pieces

Just as your hand was full of smal pieces of glasses, you hit yourself on the wall. It made you grip your hands more, small pieces of glass now sticking in your hand

“Why is it always me?” You cried, looking at small traces of blood on your hand

As if that all wasn’t enough, the boss on your work changed three months ago. That new boss was strickt as hell. It seemed as he hated you the most from all employees. He gave you extra work, was making you run from one office to another, gave you more of paperwork and made you work overtime.

As it all wasn’t enough, today he was hitting on you. When you said you’re in happy relationship and have no wish to be anything more to him that a woman who works for him, he said he will pay you less from now on.

It made you extremely frustrated and angry, but you didn’t want to worry Suga. He was already working a lot.

You layed on your shared bed, curling up in small ball so you could keep yourself warm. Before you knew it, you were already deep into sleep.

× × × ×

Suga came home around 3 am. He noticed that the lights were on, so he wondered if you were awake at that time. When he entered the house, he sighed in relief that you weren’t waiting for him.

It’s not that he doesn’t want you to wait, he just wants you to sleep well and get some deserved rest since he knows you also work a lot.

You woke up when you heard a door closing. You smiled, knowing it’s Suga, so you got up and tip toed from the bedroom.

“Suga” You said, hugging him

You inhailed his scent, which you haven’t smelled for weeks, if you don’t count his clothes.

“Hi” He replied, clearly not in the mood to talk

“How was work?” You asked, taking his jacket from him and placing it on the right place

“Please don’t talk about work. I need to take my mind off it” he replied

“Oh, okay. Well you wanna eat? I can make you something if you want”

“No. I just want to sleep, so shut up” He said, walking past you and into the yours bedroom

You followed him, deciding to just go back to sleep and not annoy him anymore. But just as you were about to walk inside the bedroom, Suga closed the doors.

You decided to ignore his additute and headed to the couch, not feeling like sleeping next to him. You layed on the couch, wrapping yourself in warm blanket, going to sleep with small tears falling from your eyes.

× × × × ×

Suga grumpily walked to the kitchen, deciding to just eat cereal. Today he had a day off, so he wanted to rest as much as possible.

He took the cereal and headed to the couch, so he can watch TV. But on the couch, he noticed you wrapped in the blanket, still in deep sleep.

He stared at your face, feeling sad that he isn’t able to spend much time with the person he loves. He also felt guilty, since he acted like an asshole last night.

“O-oh, you’re still here?” You asked, waking up

“Um, yeah..i have a day off” Suga replied

Somehow he felt wierd right there. There was some tension in the air, and you seemed like you didn’t have any rest at all.

“H-how was your sleep?” Suga asked, breaking the awkward silence

“It was nice…” You replied, getting up from the couch  and walking in the kitchen to make yourself some breakfast

You placed an egg on a pan, and just when you took it by its handle, you hissed in pain. You remembered having those cuts on your palm, but never put some bangade on them.

“What’s wrong?” Suga asked coming inside the kitchen too

“Um, n-nothing! Don’t worry” You replied

“Y/N…what’s wrong” And there it goes. You were never able to lie to Suga, not even for some small thing like this

“Ugh, i just cut my palm last night and i hurted myself again now” You explained

“Why didn’t you put any bandage on? This can be infected!” Suga said worriedly

“Well i forgot…and i don’t know where the bandages are” You replied with small smile

“Idiot. You could’ve told me, i would have gotten it for you” Suga said

“When to tell you? You were angry as hell last night and i didn’t want to tire you more” You replied

Suddenly, your phone beeped, its screen turning on. You glanced at its screen, mumbling small ‘fuck’ as you read the name of the contact

“What’s up?” Suga asked

“It’s my boss…fuck i forgot to go to work!” You replied, irritated

“What does he mean by ‘when you didn’t accept what i wanted, you have to feel consenquences’?” Suga asked, taking your phone

He was getting frustrated. He didn’t know his girlfriend got hurt, not that she had some boss which seemed quite strict

“I-ugh, this is awkward….He tried to kiss me and hit on me” You explained silently, hoping that Suga won’t over react

“What?! He what?? Does he not know that you have a fucking boyfriend?!” Suga yelled beyond pissed

“I told him that! He was so mad and decided to pay me less…now i’m late for work and he might even fire me” You said, massaging your fore head slightly

“But why didn’t you tell me that?! It’s some serious stuff! How long has it been like that?”

“For few months i think”

“The fuck? Why don’t i know about that either?? Aren’t i supposed to know what’s going on in my girlfriend’s life?!” Suga raised his voice

“I-i’m sorry-”

“If you were sorry, you wouldn’t act like that Y/N! For MONTHS!”

“You had work! I didn’t want to annoy you”

“Oh, is that a real reason?” Suga asked laughing sarcastically

“it is…why?”

“So you didn’t tell me, but you told Chanyeol instead?” Suga asked his voice raised, turning around your phone and showing you a new text from Chanyeol

-How’s everything with boss?? I hope you’re surviving that hell…i can’t believe he was hitting on you though! You should report him or something, i don’t want to see you harrassed by some old dude!! ~Chanyeol

“He doesn’t want to see you harrassed…Hm, i wonder…what if he likes you?! What if he has feelings for you?!”

“He doesn’t, he sees me like his sister”

“Yeah sure” Suga laughed humorlessly

“Yes, it’s true Suga. Can we stop this discussion? Just, please believe me…” You pleaded, not wanting to argue

He looked at you before turning away and walking inside your room, slamming the door in process. You sighed at his additute. You tried to explain, but no! He had to make conclusions and then get angry and very frustrated…

“I hope he calms down soon” you mumbled, turning on the TV

You would go there and try to make him think straight. But he seemed really angry so you didn’t want to make anything worse than it already is, so you kept quiet.

“Hello?” You answered the phone

*“Get your ass on work right now! I’ll take 80% of your monthly pay if you’re not here in 10”* Your boss yelled

“No. I won’t come. Not today, not tomorrow, not any day which comes. I quit” You said sternly

*excuse me? Fine then but don’t show your ass the next day and beg me to give you back your spot*

“Don’t worry. I won’t” You said irritated, ending the conversation.

You let out a frustrated growl, as you fall down on your knees. Everything was too much to handle. The work which made you have any sleep or free time for months, the boss that was hitting on you, the boyfriend which you were barerly seeing, his anger towards you and above all, you are now officially unemployed.

All that took a lot energy away, the sadness, the tiredness and frustration. It all came down onto you, pushing you till you don’t break. And now you did. Tears brimmed in your eyes, and soom were falling like a small waterfall down your cheeks, quiet sobs echoing the empty room.

Suga was laying on the bed, writtung down some lyrics in his notes. The earphones plugged in, the music was on. Still, he felt like something was off. Although he tried not to think about that, it couldn’t stop bothering him.

He thought he was only feeling like that because of the way he acted towards you. He knew he was wrong, but he was so tired. It wasn’t any good reason for acting the way he acted, and he knew that. He was worried that maybe this time he went to far, so he decided to just take a small glance at you.

He silently walked in the living room, expecting to see you on your phone, or watching TV or even sleeping. But he froze as he saw you crying your heart out on the floor. It hit him even worse when he realised….it was because of him

“What have i done..” Suga mumbled, sadness building up inside of him.

He wasn’t sure what to do and how to heaf towards you. Maybe you didn’t need him right then? Maybe he shoud give you space?

All kind of thoughts wandered inside of his mind, not allowing him to do anything. He silently turned around, thinking that he should leave you alone…He thinks he caused all that, so that he isn’t the right person to make you feel better.

“S-suga?” You called out, your voice still breaking from the sobbing

“Y/N…i-i caused you to cry, didn’t i? It’s because of me that you feel unhappy and sad, right?” Suga asked silently, but in he didn’t really want to know the answer on those questions.

“What? No no it’s not you it’s just-”

“Please be honest with me” Suga cut you off, looking sadly at you

The way your eyes turned red and puffy, the way your cheeks are wet with your tears, the way sad expression was on your face. The way you seemed so fragile in front of him. It was breaking him from inside

“I am” You said, trying to make him understand your words

“I know i didn’t spend much time with you for past few months, nor i was in some good mood when i come back home. But please, please, don’t break the relationship between us! Y/N i know i messed up, i know you may be even questioning my feelings towards you, but please listen-” Suga said, slowly walking towards you. He walked until he reached the distance of one meter between you, then he stopped.

“Suga, please don’t feel like that” You said, not wanting for him to feel like he did something bad.

“I love you, i love you so much. I know i don’t show it too often, but never forget that. You mean a world to me. You changed me, and i freaking love you so much. I know it’s awful when i’m on tour and you’re unable to come. I hate being long away from you too, sadly i can’t do anything about that. But if you really feel like there is something missing, i will accept whatever you decide” Suga said, the motionless expression falling down, exposing him to you completely

Tears dwelled in your eyes. It means so much to you, every word he said.

“But you’re wrong” You spoke, making him look at you in eyes

“I never wanted to end things between us”


“Yes. Really. I was frustrated over work only, it had nothing to do with you. Of course, i don’t love it when we’re seperated for long, but it’s your job as an idol and i, as your girlfriend, learn to accept that. I love you too Suga, more than you can imagine” You said

You hugged him tightly, wrapping your arms around his torso, looking like a coala. He immediately hugged you back with same tightness.

You two needed no more words, everything was explained now. The hug was more than just it, more like a symbol of you two missing each other’s touch and warmith.

“So what was up with work?” Suga asked still not breaking the hug

“Oh i quited it. No worries now” You

replied, suggling your head in his chest

“Good. Now i have you for me and me only” Suga said, smiling widely


I’ve been on semi-hiatus for a long while now. I thought I should woman up and make it official - which I haven’t wanted to do, because in my head I always figure that the next week will probably be much easier but, well, it never seems to be. 

The problem right now is that I’m working a more than full time job, plus doing job hunting (because my contract is about up), plus I’m in the last few months of wedding planning, and I’m just tired. Finding the mental energy to do something creative in my off-time has been pretty tough.

I’m not sure whether I’ll be back, and that’s not a fair situation to leave you guys in. So I figured I’d give a deadline? I’ll let you know by, say, Feb 24 whether or not I’m coming back. One more month to figure my shit out.

I do want to say that this blog has meant the world to me. I never expected it to get this popular, I never expected for it to become request-based - it was just a thing I started when I had too many Bleach feelings and I am so glad it took off the way it did. Your comments and feedback and general coolness has really meant a lot to me, and writing this blog has been so much fun. Thank you guys so much for everything! 

Not the least your patience!


Your friendly Bleach Lists Girl

Chef-d'œuvre | Chapter Four

Genre:Fluff | Photographer/Artist!AU

Pairing: Jungkook x OC

Lenght: +6.9k

Summary: Jungkook had everything in life: fame, money and people at his feet ready to every single command he would gave. But the only thing he wanted was you. But you were gone.

[A/N] It took one month to write this chapter and it’s very long. I have to thank my dear friend @dreamheart13 for helping with this chapter which is probably the longest that I’ve ever written. Hope you enjoy it!

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Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five |

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You guys...

Victor… hasn’t… trained… in the past 8 months… he can’s just fucking go and enter the Nationals, which are, like, 2 weeks away from the GPF or whatever? 

Like, yeah, he has been coaching Yuuri… but… coaching is not the same as actively training to get your physical condition to top performance status… he also has no programs that he could present… I know he’s a genius, and whatever, but your talent can only take you so far if your body is not prepared. He couldn’t even keep up with Yuuri, and he’d only been on a break for a couple of months. 

He probably meant he’d prepare for the NEXT Russian Nationals (starts around September). 

IDK tho, we should ask someone who’s actually a skater or in the skating fandom or whatever. I’m more of a swimming person, but I assume similar “I have to train for this” mind-set goes for more than one kind of athletic discipline. It’s not just “OH LOL I’LL DO THAT. YES. MY BODY WILL TOTALLY ALLOW FOR THAT.” 
I could be super wrong tho. I don’t know (Yuuri DID lose something like 30 lbs in 2 weeks, so who knows?) . 

So this is what I’m saying:
- Victor will be there for Yuuri as his coach at the 2014 Japan Nationals (which are like, a week away from the GPF, so it makes sense) 
- They spend New Year’s in Hasetsu. It’s beautiful, Everyone cries goodbyes.
- They all move to train to St. Petersburg. 
- I have no idea how time would allow for Victor to train alongside Yuuri, because time is linear, but whatever, they somehow both train as high-performance athletes under Yakov, in a way, but Victor gets to kiss Yuuri.  
- Victor could still fill-in as Yuuri’s coach at the 4 continents, since he still wouldn’t be competing in that (that’s in February). 
- IDK what other important things come afterwards, so maybe NOW Yuuri and Victor finally get to have sex, once all the pressure’s off and whatever. 

Also, I think we could be getting a season 2 by 2018, in time for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, when hype would be at its peak. Also, animation takes a million years to make.

But IDK, man. I’ve been wrong about every single thing in this anime. 

This post has been a few days coming, and I figured now was as a good a time as any to say that four days ago was my one-year anniversary on here! *party horns* So here’s sort of a sappy rambly message because I am a sappy and rambly person.

Thank you! Thank you so much to all my followers and especially my mutuals for supporting me and making me feel welcome here on Tumblr! It still amazes me that I’ve actually managed to gain somewhat of a following over the past year I’ve been here, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of it. I know I’m not the most active person sometimes, and I know there are times where I don’t post or do much, but to those of you who stay anyway: I love you so so much and I really do consider you friends!

It has also come to my attention that I’ve never given a proper greeting to any of my followers, at least not formally, and that cannot be had. So to make up for it, here’s a cheery hello from me to every single one of you out there! I noticed you the moment you hit that follow button, and every time I see you in my notifications it brings a smile to my face. Don’t think I don’t see you, because I really do! And to those of you who aren’t super aware because you’re new: I post a lot of Gravity Falls, I love the Pines family with all my heart, and I like to write fic and draw! Never be afraid to message me about anything, especially if you’re a mutual, because I would love to talk to all of you! And when I say anything I mean anything; tell me about your day, tell me about something you saw that you think I might like, even just say hi! I really don’t bite, I’m just a smol awkward person who yearns for friendship. :D

Um…so yeah! I think that’s about it. Again, thank you for all the good times I’ve had here so far. Here’s to many more years to come.

Just let y'all know that Arakawa’s manga is now at page 101, vol. 3 of the Arslan novel series, i.e. only 10 pages away from this beautiful scene:

Originally posted by xxxhorikku

which means that we’ll probably get to see it next month.

This beautiful scene drawn by Arakawa.

Repeat: drawn by Arakawa.



here’s where i stand on the whole thing right now on this day (and my opinion could change in the future based on whatever new info we get)

i think that when we got articles in may/june speculating about chiam “trying to get pregnant” i think that cheryl genuinely was trying to get pregnant. and i think her team put out that info to the public on purpose. i think i may have mentioned this a couple months ago that i think she probably felt like she is getting older, doesn’t know when the next serious long term relationship will be, and wanted to have a child. so i think she was “trying” during the summer, but i don’t think liam was involved in the trying. 

i have no idea why she had a small bump in may though because the current one just doesn’t look big enough imo for her to be about to pop (which she would be if she had been pregnant in may).  although, i think it’s possible if she was pregnant in may by a few months (enough to show a little), she could have maybe had a miscarriage so she tried again the next month. (this is just me throwing possibilities out there). disclaimer: i do not wish that on anyone, so please do not even try to twist my words.

anyway, i feel like this will be awkward for liam. so unless he specifically says “yes this is my child” this is what i’m going with.

SO fucking, Bam took a supernova to the face, we all got that right?

This is him, getting hit with the “destroy the world with one mana attack”.

Good? Good. But then this is the next panel.

So two months pass after he got hit. The last we see is him getting hit and then two months pass.

And next we see him is here:

He’s got bruises and he’s still bleeding. Now, Bam has been unconscious for months at a time before, this is true. But people don’t bleed for months at a time? And the God of Guardians is right there so I really, really doubt that he just left Bam laying on the ground for two months, bleeding.

Which means that it took Bam two months of getting hit in the face with world destroying supernovas before he got it?

Like, IDK I guess people probably already figured that out but I’m just. I’m really fucking mad about this???


“As soon as I get back home I’ll go out and start doing Spider-Man, which I’m very excited about ‘cause I’ve been wanting to break, you know, into a different space in the acting world for a long time. We’re probably gonna have another season of ‘K.C. Undercover’ which I love. I’m [also] very excited about finishing my album, which I hope to be finishing within the next few months; I feel like a lot of young people – specially who’ve ever dealt with, like, love in any form can really relate to. Balancing that with everything else that I have going on and the fashion world is a lot, but it’s great. My number one thing is, you know, all the charity and all the inspirational stuff that I get to do, which is really the reason behind all of this.”

Zendaya interviewed for ESSENCE Magazine | August, 2016

Progress Report

  • Sharing is Caring chap. 3 is 55% done! I don’t want to promise anything yet, but things are looking good for next week :)
  • Dandy Shot Vol.3 Translation: Following this post I made a gazillion months ago before the Mysme craze, inquiries have been sent for the translation of Dandy Shot vol.3. To my older followers, I’m sorry it took me so long to get to this project, but now you can officially expect a sweet oji-san in your ear soon ;)

    Next drama CD to be translated after that will probably be a do-M boy, unless nobody picks up the translation for the upcoming Prison series, in which case you all know I’m too excited about this to let it pass XD
  • Drama CD creation project: first art sketches are coming in and let me tell you, I’m excited out of my mind! It’s probably going to be several weeks before I can share anything, but I’m determined to make this work. We’ll have our free, R18, yandere english drama CD!  

…and that’s pretty much all for this week, since I barely have time to write this to begin with. Every day I go at work I have to remind myself that the money is necessary to finance the projects I want to share with you all, and that this crazy schedule is only temporary until May, because it drives me mad with boredom and stress. Student or worker, my wish for you this week is to stay strong - we can do it! Fight, fight, fight! *hugs everyone*

Feb 19, 7:32pm

It’s holiday here today! Unfortunately I wasn’t too productive today, and now I feel really bad about it. And I’m really anxious about that consultation with the legal aid director, which I keep on delaying (she will probably kill me when I meet her tomorrow.)

Anyway, I’m trying to salvage my day by being productive tonight. I just spent the last hour planning my finances for the rest of the month and for next month; I really need to save up for a decent desk for my apartment. Now, I’m getting a head start with my revision for Agency midterm.

Wonder 3 Revisited and Even More of Osamu Tezuka’s Works
Let’s publish Wonder 3 — We’ve returned to one of our past campaign titles to try to breathe life to it one more time!

HEY FOLKS THERE’S A NEW TEZUKA KICKSTARTER!! One of the manga included in this bundle is Say Hello to Bookila which has Rock in a leading role, ONE WHERE ISN’T EVIL I MIGHT ADD, so I’m going to be promoting this heavily for the next month because I want to see my boy.

Front and back of my full Labyrinth Masquerade Ball costume.

I did not make the dress itself; I actually bought it to wear to my high school prom (which I ended up not attending) ten years ago. I think this was its destiny all along.
The armor was designed with the dress in mind, to compliment the lines and the beading motifs. I made some alterations to the dress, including cutting out the back to match the armor. I love how the whole look turned out and I’ll probably bring it to Dragon Con next month!

unofficial (yet semi-official i suppose since its coming from me) update regarding delta mag:

so we’re trying to get the first issue finished up so that we can have it available (at least online, if not also in print) before the end of the month. i think that’s doable, although it seems like life keeps getting in the way. we’d talked about trying to get out a call for papers for the 2nd issue before the end of last month but that didnt happen, so i’m pretty much just gonna put it out there that we’re gonna be accepting new submissions to the staff email (which can be found on the @deltamagazine blog in our first CFP, which you should probably read if youre looking to do that). we’d talked a bit about what we want this next issue to cover, and we’ve best summed it up by referring to it as the “tendency-building” issue. for us, this doesnt necessarily mean the actual construction of some sort of singular Line that delta mag will represent from here on out, but rather the generation of new ideas and ways of thinking which arise from the unique circumstances of this generation and the internet age and all that.  

anyway, thats the parameters for the next issue, and we feel that is still pretty broad so there shouldnt be much difficulty in whether or not we’ll accept a submission as long as it fits the general spirit of the reflection and production of ideas from this perspective that is often mis/unrepresented in more academic spaces/journals. if you have any pieces to offer, please let us know by either messaging me here or shooting us an email. if youre unsure about how well your submission would fit, please just ask and we’ll get back to you! if youre interested in learning more about delta mag, read some of the posts on the blog which gets into what we’re “about” and why we think a project like this is important and useful. we’ll get into this a bit more in the first issue itself, but we’ve still got some refining to do before we’re ready to show it off, although we are pretty proud of what we’ve been able to put together despite all the bumps along the way (which you can also read about on the blog). 

anyway, thats all for now. thanks for reading and being patient in all this