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Why are the majority of your drawings sexual? Where do you get the inspiration to draw that? It's very interesting.

Thank you Im glad you find them interesting. Well there’s two things that have motivated me to creat these types of drawings. The first one is that the human anatomy has always been my favorite subject to draw, especially the female body which I find it to be the most beautiful landscape on this planet. The second reason is I’ve been going through I guess you could say a dry spell so making such drawings helps with this sexual frustration

Review: The Overwatch Lore
Omnic Crisis
By Aevee Bee

this is a very good and funny piece by aevee bee that made the rounds a few days ago and i’m sure a lot of us have already seen it, but i just want to remind everyone of the pharmercy section

Type: Committed Life Partners

Rating: Mechanically Erotic

Mercy and Pharah are married and it’s only because of game design, which I find very beautiful. It’s as romantic as the Medic and the Heavy from Team Fortress 2; it requires so much commitment and trust and support from both parties to protect each other and survive and that’s inherently intimate. Healers are service tops almost by definition but it’s particularly pronounced because Pharah is so fragile and mobile, she flies around like a bird, and Mercy can fly when she follows her and keeps her on a leash. Pharah needs a lot of care and support, and Mercy can fly off and heal someone else, so she has to work a lot harder for her healer’s approval. When Mercy’s damage boosting she’s telling Pharah she really believes in her and when she heals she’s saying baby you did so good, I’m proud of you.

i’ve been thinking about this constantly since i read it

pharmercy is so embedded in game mechanics it’s so weird to remember that it’s completely absent from the actual lore???? like what romantic relationships are even in the lore. widowmaker had her husband, whom she shot, i guess. perhaps pharah implicitly has a father who was involved with ana but we don’t even really know that. even soldier:76, so full of classic metzen-isms, doesn’t have a tragic dead hot love interest (taretha, tiffin, etc). but pharmercy is so a part of overwatch’s basic design– their mechanics, the way their character designs fit together, etc.– it almost feels more meaningful than if “pharah and mercy are married and bastion is their beautiful daughter” was some lore bulletpoint on the overwatch website

that passage also is a good explication on why pharmercy is hot as hell. and makes me think of how much i like playing mercy in a new light………………………………..

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I feel bad, in the end the Ichiruki bond was only ambiguous "romance". Ichiruki is unique I know

Yeah, I get what you mean.

But for me, their relationship may be ambiguous (which I find to be beautiful), but I still see it as the strongest and most profound relationship among the characters. You may say it’s only “platonic”, but their relationship ascended “romance” already.

Their bond transcends that of worldly passion and mere attraction of the opposite sex, it transcends time and space, and they will always be reunited with one another as if they are meant to be. For me, that is more romantic than romantic relationships that we can find here on earth or any other stories. I guess this is why I will continue to ship them (no matter the ending).

With this kind of relationship, even if Ichigo finds any other romantic partner, the relationship that will be formed is “comrade” and “romantic” partner. It is nowhere near the bond or relationship he had with Rukia.

I guess, I can describe the situation with one of the discussion for another pairing who also portrayed a “platonic bond” similar to Ichiruki (I find IR deeper and better though).

“Platonic love is often seen as a higher and greater form of love than romantic love which usually also contains a sexual innuendo. They would probably stay that way and since it’s a greater form, there won’t be any romantic partner for either of them which can take each other’s place.“

“Not really just having or not having sex doesn’t really determine how close two people are. Bond between ****** and **** is extremely deep and (speaking strictly hypothetically) if they were to get together that wouldn’t disappear just like that, only get new implications.

Well, anyway there are not many lovers/husbands that would be able endure being always second after close friend of opposite gender in heart of their mates.

That’s the way the romantic relationship Ichigo can have with any other girls. Though, aside from Rukia, I can only see Orihime to be the other end pair because she’s the only one who understands the nature of their relationship. On the other hand though, she’s also the one who showed jealousy over it. It will require me headcanon and imagination for Ori to get over and accept this as there is no proof yet in the manga to say otherwise.

Professor (Chapter 14)

+The Time has Came+


My blush deepens at the men who each have compliments of their own. Each congratulating me on the honor of giving a speech and also complimenting on the topic of my ‘beauty’. Which I find to be rather refreshing.

I really do love what I wore. It’s a black mermaid dress, reaching to the ground so it could cover my heels. It has long sleeves and transparent designs in the front reaching my stomach. My entire back shows which doesn’t bother me at all. Hoop silver earrings and I wear a decent amount of make up. Letting my face having a contour and a dark eyeshadow. Eyelashes that are three times as longer than before. My lips pop in a color of lipstick I never find myself using. A light cherry red.

Black Beauty comes to mind. A song I love dearly by Lana Del Rey.

“Today is your day,” Julian says whispering me. I look at him and smile. Looking back to the crowd that mingle in their formal wear.

“Technically; it’s the high school’s day.” I say back to him as I greet other guests.

“.. True, but you should take credit into it.” He says guiding me away from the crowd. He’s been assigned to escort me throughout the activities in this festival. We head outside and see people dancing and laughing as they try to find their partners. Each having a mascaraed mask on them.

It takes me back to the day Hunt and I spent. He and I had the best time. Until the end of coarse. I growl at my insensibility to the topic and usher the thoughts away with a shudder.

“You want to find me?” Julian asks, I look at him with the most amusedlook.

“Are you kidding me Julian? Your tux literally speaks, ‘hey! Look at me’.” I say in a laugh. He laughs with me and shakes his head.

“Trust me, I’m like Waldo.” I find myself nodding and make my way to the crowd. A young girl.. Maybe fifteen; hands us a mask and I happily accept.

I look at it and it’s black, with a gold alining. Black feathers decorating the corners. Gives me the scary, evil lady aura. I turn around and see that Julian is gone.

Laughing, I put on the mask. I look around and deepen myself in the crowd.

Minutes later I find myself lost around a group of men and women. 'ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɪᴅɪᴏᴛ ɪs ᴀᴄᴛᴜᴀʟʟʏ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴡᴀʟᴅᴏ..’ I laugh at the thought and continue my search for him.

I feel eyes pry on me and I immediately turn. To find a man, who wears an all black suit. Also with a black button up dressing shirt. The only pop of color is a red dark passionate tie and handkerchief. His mask is all black, even the feathers.

Before I could put a name to his face he leaves. I don’t know what got my senses, but I try to make my way to the man. Until I spot a caramel brown suit with the most popping yellow tie. I laugh a bit and put the thought of the man away. Heading towards him, he turns around and laughs.

“Took you enough time,” he says. I laugh with him head out the group. I bump into Julian as he stops. I look at him and follow his eyes. Finding someone I didn’t expect to see.

“Autumn?” I call out, she turns from her phone and she smiles. She and I run to each other and immediately hug.

“Darlyn!” She squeals as she takes my breath away. I laugh, the only thing I could do to stop my tears.

“Oh look at you, finally got rid of that braid.” I say looking at her curled hair. She nods and before she could say anything she gasps and I know all too well why.

“I should leave you two, I need to get ready for my speech already.” I say excusing myself. I smile at their cute reactions. Julian places a hand on his neck as he tries to find words. I look away and make my way to the back of the stage.


“Are you ready to present?” One of the crew members says.

“Yes,” I say. Completely big lie. My heart is racing over the hills. Begging me to run away. My hand clams together as he gives a nod to the announcer. Everything in me says 'no’ yet I find him already announcing my presence.

“Today, we say our welcomes to a young lad. Who not only made her way up the chart, but made a way to this school’s heart. A young lady who made this possible stand happen.” The announcer says, I hyperventilate as his last words leaves him.

“Welcome, Darlyn to the stand.”

My breath chokes me and I do my best to look presentable and not a fish out of water. I look at the massive crowd and I do the only thing that calms me down.

I let out a small laugh as I center myself in the stage. I see the school manager and other important men standing behind me in my left.  Hunt being on of those few. He’s the one who creeped on me. Stalker much.

“Hello, I’m Darlyn..” I say, I let out another laugh at the worst introduction. I look at Hunt and he just simply looks ahead. I let out a smile and look forward.

“Coming to the high school was said to be not a bright idea. People insisted into me transferring to another. But I was never to one who’d listen. I came and seen nothing but a few buildings. Our lives do not initiate in what we have, but what we preserve our life to. I had thought as I entered my way to the enrollment office. I then knew I wasn’t going to give up on this high school. Just something I found myself.”

I pause momentarily and continue, “It was a rough start to even have hopes in staying. And I can’t take credit in what I’ve accomplished in this school. Each building was never created by one source of hands. We never make it somewhere by ourselves, but with the help of others. So I cannot be selfish and take credit for something that some have took part in it. Autumn, Julian, and Payton; being those who helped the most.”

“I never imagined myself in the position I am. I never even imagined myself even graduating high school yet alone in the jewels of Hollywood life. As my mother once said, 'Everyone has the capacity to pursue things in life, it is all up to the person. They either accept the fact of their destiny, or they change it.’ I always had confusion in her words. I always imagined myself staying here. I had no hope after high school since I have lost my hope in anything better. But coming back to this school with a different perspective. I see this school isn’t the best for it’s football team. It’s for the hope that each one is given into coming. These teachers are nothing compared to the ones I thought of as heartless robots.” I glance at Hunt and he stiffens. I didn’t mean to, but I just did. Gosh I feel horrible for that. I look away and continue.

“Each one gives you the aura of determination and hope. And I’ll be forever grateful for that. If it weren’t for their hope in me. I wouldn’t be here today. I think I would be with kids and with an alcohol problem.”

People laugh and I can’t help but laugh with them. I hate theses quirky jokes.

“Being honest here. I can’t even describe how I feel towards everyone who’s here. They all showed me something in life. I’d name them, but I think we’ll be going on forever.”

I sigh and let a smile, “For my appreciation, I will be donating 50 thousand dollars.”

They gasp and I tell Julian to come in with the big check. I look at the crowd who half cry. Most being from the school.

Of coarse I’m giving my dad money, I told him this morning. Because once I leave from this school. I might not come back for a while. I have enough money in my bank. And since I’m more known to the world. I have money that I can’t possibly spend on my own.

I feel a tight hug and see all the teachers hug me. I laugh with them.




I finally finish with the thanking and I look at the stage where the important men stands. Seeing Hunt uninterested with it all. I sigh, looking back into the crowd. I look at the exit and make my way to the door.

I believe everything happens for a reason. No matter how bad it is. It is one lesson I shall keep dearly in my heart.

My mother taught me to accept my feelings and having no shame in feeling them. She shown me the wonders of loving.

I stare back at Hunt who is nowhere to be seen. I continue to walk to the door.

Thomas Orson Hunt; he was the one who taught me, not to look for the right man. But to look for the good within one.

How to accept the fact that life is not a fairytale.

And he is the man who I’ll never forget.  The man who helped me because he saw the potential. He will be my professor till I leave.

Although I am heart broken, I might one day see the light. This world may not be for us, but I will keep him intact in my mind. And he’ll always be..

The professor I am in love with..




The end.

Being called ugly

It doesn’t necessarily affect me all that much because I understand that their are European beauty standards set in place and not everybody is going to find me beautiful. Which okay. I know I’m beautiful and I don’t need a man or a woman to tell me things that I already know to be true about myself. I’ve learned over these couple of years that seeking other people’s validation is just wasting your time. Use time productively. @ctron164 @frontpagewoman @trininadz @eaudrey35 @earthmother29 @lonnii-renae @simplyjazzie21 @candi4olitz @loveniaimani @baronessvondengler

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What is your favorite Pokemon and why? Can’t go wrong with Piplup

If you could write one scene for the new Star Wars movie episode 8 what would it be? Oh god. Possibly a scene with Ben reflecting on his childhood and how he turned to the dark side and became Snoke’s bitch 

 What superpower would you have and why?  Shapeshifting would be cool cause you can turn into whatever you want i guess?

What is your pet hate? People who make out in public and seeing young people smoke

 If you could learn any language instantly what would it be and why? French! Such a beautiful language which I find quite sexy

What is your favorite mythological creature? Mermaids!!

 What movie monster/creature scares you the most? Ummm mummies actually used to scare me and still probs do lol

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas is nice but Chrismas eve is my fav!

What is your favorite character and why? Kat Stratford from 10 Things I Hate About You is an absolute badass

Why did you chose your url? I love BB8 and i don’t know it just kinda flows..

What cartoon movie should be made into a live action next? Princess Mononoke, hands down!

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What is your favourite song at the moment?

Thoughts on the upcoming Han Solo movie?

Influential person in your life?

Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

What would you change your name to be?

Favourite shoes?

Tea or coffee?

What movie or storie would you like to come to life?

5 things that annoy you?

What scares you?

What’s your ideal day/night like?


read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/29CnQfi

by bluesaliva

Modeling AU - In which Akaashi finds Kenma very beautiful.

(Or, I just seriously wanted to talk about how pretty Kenma is).

Words: 2631, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/29CnQfi
Beautiful - bluesaliva - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Akaashi Keiji/Kozume Kenma (Akaken)
Rating: G (for now, it depends on if I add more or not)
Summary: In which Akaashi finds Kenma beautiful.

(or, I just needed and excuse to talk about how pretty Kenma is)

read it here or on ao3

Akaashi Keiji was used to being called beautiful. It was rare that he didn’t go through the day without someone using the word to describe him, whether he knew them or not. “Beautiful,” the girls in the shop would whisper as he made his way into a clothing store to check out the latest trends. “How can a person like that exist?”

“You talk to him Mari! I’m too scared to! He’s so pretty!”

Yes, Akaashi Keiji was used to being called beautiful. He supposed that’s how he ended up with the job he had.

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