“Shopping” (Severus Snape from “Harry Potter” and Tiffany Aching from Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett)

«За покупками» как я люблю кроссоверы - словами не передать ✨
Это Северус Снейп Роулинг и ведьма Тиффани Болен Терри Пратчетта, оба товарища определённо друг друга стоят :) 

А ещё минута боли - чтобы рисунок полностью влез в сканер и потом нормально состыковался, его пришлось разрезать на куски, моё сердце рыдало)

so i was reading the Enforced Method Acting page of TV Tropes and didn’t realize that Wolf was on the list:

In the Wolf 359 episode “Box 953”, Minkowski sings “I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General” while extremely intoxicated. But because Emma Sherr-Ziarko (Minkowski’s voice actress) couldn’t get it to sound drunk enough, one of the writers took her script and had her recite it from memory. She did not, in fact, have the song memorized. [X]

Anyone have any spells to protect someone from curses?

Idk I’m getting worried that I might get cursed lol… But really the only thing I did was charm a pentagram and a pentacle with protection and hung them by my bedside, tried to charge myself with protection with air/fire and some herbs, and made a protection jar but I’m still getting anxiety over it so if anyone could help? Thanks


“Too bad Sasha wasn’t here, she would’ve loved watching me shoot a thing in the face.”

Undertale is out on PS4 and Vita today and I’m so excited about it!

Undertale helped me when I really needed it last year, and… honestly, it continues to do so to this day? It’s so, so ridiculously important to me.  I’m so excited so many more people will get to experience it, now. 

I wanted to draw something to celebrate the big release, so here is the Get Along gang!

ilu undertale. 

  • Riley: [praying] It’s me again. I need someone to be my friend. Someone who won’t run away. Maybe send me an angel! The nicest angel you have.
  • Maya: [maniacally laughing in the distance]