Number of Pokemon: 6

Gym Type: Ground

Pokemon Team:

1. Whiscash

2. Mamoswine

3. Donphan

4. Quagsire

5. Stunfisk

6. Gastrodon

Gym Layout/Design/Puzzles: Holes in the ground, Once you fall into hole = Trainer, The holes will eventually lead the Gym Leader

Gym Theme Music: Nyan Cat Orchestral

Battle Quotes:

Before: Let the storm of Sand cover you into the dark.

Super effective Move:  You have found my weakness…!

Last Pokemon: The ground has a hard time giving out.

Weak Last Pokemon:  Earth is stable to the very end.

Win: As ever, the Earth is stand forever!

Lose:  As everything else, the ground sometimes gives

Rematch Quote:

Rematch Team:

1. Rhyperior

2. Golem

3. Nidoking

4. Krookodile

5. Garchomp

6. Steelix