whi am i even posting this

Since each arc in PokeSpe has a theme to it, it seems like BW2’s theme is going to be “bonds”.

So far we have;
-Colress trying to control Pokémon with machines because as he says, a simple “bond” with his pokemon wasn’t enough to win the league. This will most likely point out the importance of friendship with your pokemon later in the arc. (Colress also congratulates Lack-two on using a luxury ball to capture Genesect).

-We have Lack-two at first not wanting a partner pokemon but then forming a bond with Dewott (which is currently unnamed). Plus Lack-two’s unwillingness to work with others in general.

-Whi-two’s devotion to N and her trying to find/reunite with him.
N’s Zorua was also left behind in BW meaning that little guys either looking for N and/or going to end up with Whi-two.

-Cheren regretting choosing the pursuit of true strength over his friendship with his pokemon (particularly Snivy). He also regrets what had happened between himself and Black at the league.

-Keldeo trying to revive the three mooskateers (even sleeping by the rock they had practiced Secret Sword on together :’( ). Plus Lack-Two and Keldeo now working together.

-And lastly, of course we have Bianca, Cheren and White all grieving for Black with the two former characters trying to locate the light stone.

I am really interested in seeing how this arc plays out.

EDIT: Whoops, forgot an important one.. -We also have Hugh’s bond with his sister which he hides even though he cares about her. If Purlion takes the route of the games it’s going to be feral when Hugh gets it back, meaning having to be bonded with again.