whhyyy no real life

I had never met Rock Hudson before, but the very first day on the set I discovered we had a performing rapport that was remarkable. We played our scenes together as if we had once lived them. Every day on the set was a picnic - sometimes too much of a picnic, in that we took turns at breaking each other up

Doris Day

I don’t really know what makes a movie team… I’d say, first of all, the two people have to truly like each other, as Doris and I did, for that shines through the sparkle, the twinkle in the eye as the two people look at each other. Then, too, both parties have to be strong personalities - very important to comedy, so that there’s a tug-of-war over who’s going to put it over on the other, who’s going to get the last word, a fencing match between two adroit opponents of the opposite sex who in the end are going to fall in bed together.

Rock Hudson