wow i havent made a serious speculation post for some time

i was just thinking about why aku never harms kids like literally outright refuses to do so even when they’re being super assholes

like even in the comics he LITERALLY shuts up and takes it when they make fun of him, i mean if an adult did that they’d be fucking dead and they know it.

like the kids aren’t afraid of aku, because they know he won’t hurt them. but the adults are TERRIFIED of this ass because they’re not sure what he’ll do to them. he might kill them, or do something WAY worse than death. aku seems really fond of coming up with eternal punishments for adult humans. 

…understandably, considering his history with them.

And speaking of Aku’s history I think it also holds the reason why he absolutely will not hurt a child, at least in headcanon terms. I think witnessing the kid’s reactions would remind him of…that first attack on him from the gods, the one he was too young to understand, that needless pain that you’re helpless to escape.

And in order to not be reminded of that pain and fear, which would replace the anger, which Aku feeds on–he doesn’t try to provoke that memory. A child crying out and reacting to whatever Aku would do would really fuck him up, i think.

I’d even bet that he’s tried it before–tried to punish a child–got triggered, went NOPE and decided not to do it again. ever. no matter what.

because honestly, aku is not that honorable. avoiding children for the sake of being the noble demon really doesn’t suit or sound like him. avoiding them so as not to lose control of his own already-volatile emotions does, though.

and speaking of kids, i like how the kids know some of the things aku does. and act like it’s not really any big deal. like how the girl in AFT was playing like ‘please dont take my soul’ like w/e 

i honestly believe that Aku just abducts and tortures people into complete psychological meltdown and starves them and shit ala 1984 and releases them back into the world to set an example of mortal helplessness and this is referred to as soul-stealing by everyone and it’s just kind of something that happens on a fairly common basis.

it fits with his evil AND his dystopic future image!!

so yeah headcanon post, i used to think that Aku was just rly pedo AND MAYBE HE IS BECAUSE HE STILL REALLY CAN’T IDENTIFY OR SOCIALIZE WITH ANYONE BUT CHILDREN AND HE KIND OF IS STILL ON THEIR WAVELENGTH EMOTIONALLY but now that i’ve tried to get into his mind i think this might make more sense ???