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lacey stood stark naked, stretching her arms high above her head feeling her back crack then bent down touching her toes purposely giving her butt a little wiggle knowing her lover would be watching. “I can feel your eyes on me lulu” She cooed standing straight and turned around to face her hands on her hips “cheer up we still have a few hours before work” She smiled walking over cupping her cheeks leaning down to kiss her lovingly. “Oh I forgot to tell you.. seventeen called earlier, he seemed eager to talk to you but no idea whg” She told her sitting in her lap playing with her long hair and leant forward to rest her chin on her shoulder breathing in her scent taking in every moment. Times like this made her truly hate her job. She wanted aludras hand alone on her ..no one else.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNGXCLO-wHg)

Aww c'mon Frisk, not like I’m falling to piece-

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