whey protein smoothie

What Exo is probably doing rn

Xiumin: Got put on hold after he called the local pet shop to see if they had bunnies for sale 3 hours, ago and is afraid to hang up just in case they come back to the phone. 

Suho: Repeating a knock knock joke he overheard a toddler tell his mommy at the grocery store over and over in his head so he can tell the first member he sees later. 

Yixing: Just finished signing papers with SM to release 3 videos, 2 mini albums and get a solo dance in the next comeback song…..all while in China.

Baekhyun: Standing in front of the refrigerator holding it open, trying to decide between a protein whey extra lite smoothie or 3 gallons of rocky road ice cream.

Chen: Sitting at the dining room table googling himself on Baekhyun’s Ipad so that his searches for “Chen’s Sexiest Moments” won’t stay in his own search history.

Chanyeol: Playing videos games in the dark with door locked even though he told everyone he was going to be in the studio writing more fire verses for Sehun to drop on the beat.

Kyungsoo: Reading scripts about a psycho maniac killer and wondering how he always gets offered such relatable roles.

Kai: Trying to calculate how long a break from group activities he’ll get this year if he breaks both his ankles now.

Sehun: In the bathroom with the door closed practicing how to take selfies that show he actually has a jawline. Ended up deleting 3 apps to make space for all the bad shots.



Pantone smoothie 727u, Peanut butter Toffee. Yes. You deserve some yummy-ness in your life. Wanna try the goodness? Here’s how. 


⅓ cup @KURAnutrition Chocolate whey protein

½  cup vanilla soy milk

½  banana

2-3 tbsp peanut butter

1 tbsp honey

3 Chocolate Squares, 85%


Mix it all with a few ice cubes. Then let’s go all in and top it off with whipped tofu cream, dark chocolate sprinkles and banana bits. 

Raspberry Protein Smoothie

I’m gonna share my favorite recipe for a healthy and tasty raspberry smoothie with some serious ass protein! It can be used to Replace on of your meals. or right after a workout.

Contains: Bananas and  Almonds for those who are allergic

You will need: 

1 Scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein

1 Cup of Vanilla Greek Yogurt

1 Cup of Almond Milk

1 Teaspoon of Raw Honey

½ Cup of Frozen Raspberries

1 Banana cut up into chunks

1 Handful of Ice Cubes.

At Least 40- 50G protein, less than 500 Calories (Depending on your Whey Protein)


1.) Put the Greek Yogurt and Whey protein first so when blending it will be under everything else and won’t fly all over the top of the blender like an asshole. 

2.) Throw everything else in and throw the ice in last. Blend until no ice chunks are visible in the blender and pours smooth.


Pantone Smoothie 8562C, indulge in some Cherry Chocolate goodness. If you wanna make your own, here’s how:

1/3 cup (1 scoop) @kuranutrition chocolate whey
½ cup soy milk
½ banana
½ cup sweet cherries
1 tbsp cocoa powder
Stevia to taste

Add a scoop of ice and blend it all together. Garnish with soy whip and a pretty cherry pair to doll it up.