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drunk history :: new orleans [ sentence meme ]

“He was just really badass. Stabbing in weird, fun new ways.”
“We live in the color portion of The Wizard of Oz, and everybody else is in the black-and-white section. It’s all Technicolor here.”
“Oh, fuck. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. Oh, no. Hello.”
“He was very smooth and suave.”
“I’m putting a $500 bounty on ______’s head. Not his head. I don’t want you to bring me his head. I want you to bring him in alive. But seriously… I’ll give you $500 if you capture him and bring him in, okay?”
“Okay, you got me.”
“Maybe you could free me and pardon me of all my crimes?”
“Nobody can defend you better than we can.”
“I’ve been shot. I have dysentery, which is the worst category of diarrhea that you can imagine. No big deal.”
“Don’t let my pooping disease make you think that I’m not gonna defeat them, ‘cause I fucking am.”
“I’m telling you, I got the goods. I got the ammunition, I got the weapons, I got the men. You need me, and you’re not admitting it to yourself.”
“I’m fucking fucked up.”
“You’re my guy. Let’s party.”
“Whew. We really did a number on these guys. We really… these guys… you know, we really killed a lot of them.”
“Excuse me, what is this penis-looking thing?”
“Oh, my banana dropped!”
“… Wait a minute. I could just do this all myself.”
“If we’re gonna do this, I need my dudes.”
“These guys are bad MFs. And I’m talking about motherfuckers, if you didn’t know what MFs meant.”
“Thanks, dead people?”
“I figured we’d make something that was a New Orleans tradition, so we’re gonna do the Sazerac. This is absinthe. You might hallucinate a little bit tonight.”
“Come into our family. We’re gonna feed you and treat you like one of our own.”
“Go get you a prostitute. Get you some whiskey.”
“Hey, let’s be honest. We’ve been through a lot.”
“If you heard the crowd getting into the music, give them a little bit more, right?”
“Sure. I’m drunk as fuck. I’ll do whatever you want. I’m so drunk.”
“What you want now?”
“What was I talking about?”

A Soul Lost at Sea (Olicity Victorian AU Fanfiction) Chapter 13

Rating:  Mature

Summary:  Five years after pirates attacked his ship, Royal Navy sailor Oliver Queen returns home to England to find his affluent family in financial ruin.  So when he’s presented with the opportunity to marry Felicity, eldest daughter of the ridiculously wealthy Noah Smoak, Oliver doesn’t hesitate to capture her hand…even though he has no idea if he can capture her heart.  Or if Felicity could ever possibly learn to love a soul lost at sea.

Tags: Smut, Fluff, Angst, Victorian attitudes, Arranged Marriage, Romance, Pirates

Link:  AO3

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Someone asked B-Free, who was drunk, about Reddy and he tried to play it off like “i’m not talkin bout reddy thats my friend, that’s my brother we the same age.” So I’m thinking “oh okay it looks like they are on good terms.” So suddenly his real emotions got to him and he said “Fuck Reddy he don’t know how to help someone when you help them. Listen to his old songs and his songs now. I wrote them. Now he doesn’t even call back. I remember when i used to take him to the studio and then drop him off at his far away country ass house”

This all comes a day after someone talked about Hilite on Bryan’s live and Bry said “Fuck hilite”

Falling - Jake x MC Endless Summer Fanfic

[A little note: I did it. I conquered my fear of doing an endless summer fanfic. There’s just so many about this pairing already and I wasn’t sure if I could ever do them justice. Originally, I was going to submit this for choicescreates but decided better of it because that quote has got me thinking and thinking. Hope it’s enjoyable!]

[Summary: Falling for someone is complicated - especially since it isn’t something taught but rather an experience learned, bringing people together. For MC it’s the sudden awareness that she’s fallen so deeply for Jake McKenzie that she’s afraid of what happens when she finally reaches the bottom].


That’s something they don’t teach us while growing up. Instead, they teach us not to cry over spilled milk. How important it is to be nice to strangers and to look both ways before crossing the street. But they don’t teach us about this. One of the scariest lessons in life. Falling. Falling so deeply that there isn’t any chance of even grabbing the ledge in time to stop yourself from tumbling down. A fall so steep that there is no choice but submitting, claiming it right before it consumes our souls. No. They don’t teach us that. And they certainly don’t teach us how to survive the fall.

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anonymous asked:

For the ship-thing jeje x mikuni please ^^

Alrighty, will do! I mean… I’ve never done these two before I hope you’ll forgive me for any inaccuracies? X’D But I like this ship so I’m doing this anyway! Here you go~


Drinks all of the coffee: Mikuni, to Jeje’s extreme annoyance. Why? Because Jeje is the one who makes it, originally for himself, and then Mikuni pops up out of nowhere and drinks all of it, leaving absolutely nothing for Jeje, who is then stuck making new coffee for himself and hoping that Mikuni won’t drink it again. Aside from the frustration of getting his own drink and having it stolen from him, Mikuni is also annoying enough when he’s not on a caffeine high, so Jeje always has to watch out for the amount of coffee his Eve consumes before he overdoes it, damages his health and becomes entirely unbearable.

Brings up adopting a pet: Oddly enough, Jeje. Maybe it was just the desire to have someone else who suffers from Mikuni’s shenanigans, maybe it was the desire to have a companion who knows how to shut up and not troll him all the time, but he soon wound up asking Mikuni if they could take in a pet. Mikuni was against it at first because with all their travels they didn’t really have the time for a pet, but eventually he gave in and surprised Jeje with a hamster on his birthday. Jeje has become extremely attached to his pet, to the point where Mikuni gets jealous of the attention his Servamp gives it.

Kills the bugs: Whoever sees them first. Mikuni is very likely to bring out the bug spray or otherwise kill the unfortunate creature, while Jeje very rarely kills bugs, preferring to take them outside before Mikuni can find and end them. Sometimes Mikuni also asks Jeje to take care of a bug he’s encountered, either because he’s too busy himself or just for funsies, and Jeje always knows that 1) this bug will be hell to catch, either because it’s super fast or ginormous or a stink bug, and 2) he so totally won’t get the blood he’s been promised for doing this. He’s stuck doing it anyway.

Cooks the meals: Neither if they can avoid it and buy food somewhere; otherwise they take turns or cook together. Both of them are fairly decent cooks if the situation requires it, and while Jeje is usually the one who has to cook because Mikuni is a jerk, sometimes Mikuni will take on the task himself to give his Servamp some time to relax and treat him to something nice for once. The first few times Jeje was very suspicious when Mikuni cooked for him, but now he simply enjoys seeing his Eve’s kind side shine through for once.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Mikuni all the way. He gets excited about Halloween in August and about Christmas in October (while still being fired up for Halloween), and Jeje has to suffer. A lot. Because Mikuni will invariably doodle seasonal ornaments and decorations on Jeje’s paper bags and make him wear Halloween costumes or Santa hats, to say nothing of him decorating the house way too early and overdoing it and asking Jeje to help because he can reach higher.

Initiates the couple selfies: Mikuni. Jeje hates being photographed while Mikuni enjoys taking pictures of himself, and while they’re usually of himself alone or couple selfies with Abel, sometimes Jeje is invited on the picture. Jeje himself doesn’t understand why Mikuni would want a picture of them together when all you can see of his face is the paper bags, but he reluctantly goes along anyway… and don’t tell him, but Mikuni even has a selfie or two with a sleeping Jeje without his paper bags.

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Mikuni pretends to, just to annoy Jeje, but in reality he’d never forget an important date. He just likes to act like Jeje’s birthday or their anniversary is a perfectly normal day and give Jeje surprised looks when the latter drops hints that today’s date is special, but just when he has his Servamp convinced he brings out whatever surprise he had in store for him and watches Jeje shift from surprise and relief to anger to exasperation (”I should have known”) within minutes.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Neither. Mikuni doesn’t eat grocery store junk food, he prefers overpriced snacks from the nearest Starbucks, and Jeje doesn’t eat much in general and if he does, it’s usually not that cheap stuff (which tastes disgusting to him anyway). He does have to watch out for Mikuni’s consumption of expensive snacks though, both because of his Eve’s wallet and health and because Mikuni on a sugar overdose is even more annoying than a normal Mikuni.

Nicknames the other: Mikuni has a neverending catalogue of lame nicknames for Jeje, the more embarrassing the better, although many of them are also more affectionate than you’d expect from him. Jeje still can’t decide if he likes them or not; on one hand they’re completely ridiculous and he thinks Mikuni should just call him by his name, seeing as he’s the one who named him in the first place, but on the other hand he thinks some of these names are rather cute and takes a secret delight in hearing Mikuni say them.

Okay, I hope I got them right? I certainly had fun doing this, anon! And one more ship meme down, whew! Six more to go so stay tuned~

Needle In a Haystack

This is just a quick LadyNoir drabble written for @sicilliana, sung to the tune of Dvorak’s “New World Symphony”.  If it receives some interest, I could possibly be persuaded to write more.  Without further ado:

     Chat ran through the streets of Paris, contrary to his usual route along the city’s rooftops.  He needed to be close if he was ever going to find what he was looking for.  He had been so tantalizingly close. So. Close.
      The akuma was vanquished, they’d won.  Ladybug had ended up in a rather precarious position on the ledge above him, but neither were concerned. The rooftops were practically a second home to them, after all.  One icy patch and a strong breeze later, Ladybug was falling.  Chat didn’t think, he just pounced.  He managed to reach Ladybug in the nick of time and break her fall.  They landed together on the ground in a tangle of arms and legs.
      “Whew, thanks Chat. That could’ve been nasty.”
Chat accepted her thanks with a gracious bow.
      “I only did what any self-respecting gentleman would have done, my lady.”  Ladybug got to her feet and brushed herself off.
     “I mean it.  I would have been seriously hurt.”
     With a mischievous grin, he snaked his arms around Ladybug’s waist and pulled her closer.
     “Is this the part where you reward your dashing hero with a kiss?”
     She turned away from him, placing a finger across her chin as if deep in thought.
     “Not just yet kitty cat.  The ‘dashing hero’ needs to find something first.”
     Chat blinked in surprise.  
     “Anything, my lady. Just name it.”
     Ladybug smiled slyly. “A key.”
     “A key?”
     She nodded.  “A key. And a very particular key, at that.”
     “Say no more, my lady. You shall have your key.”  And with that, he took off.
     Needle in a haystack didn’t even come close to describing his current quest.  How am I going to find one specific key in all of Paris? Especially when I don’t have the faintest clue what I’m looking for?  His green eyes swept side to side as he ran, looking for anything and everything that even faintly resembled a key.  He spent a good part of the night dashing off into alleyways and hidden nooks investigating tiny gleams of metal.  

      Marinette awoke to Tikki frantically trying what little she could to shake her awake.  She sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, looking down at her tiny red alarm clock.

     “What is it Tikki?”

      “Finally!  Chat Noir called you 19 times in the last 15 minutes! I think he might be in trouble!”

     Marinette grumbled “What has that stupid cat gotten himself into?” and picked up her communicator to call him back. After a second or so’s delay, Chat was on the small screen in front of her.

     “Ah! My lady! I am terribly sorry to bother you at such an hour, but I must request your presence for something of rather large importance.”

     “This had better be good.”  Marinette hung up and headed off to meet her partner.

     Chat hated waiting. Hated it.  He absentmindedly tapped his foot next to the large bag that lay at his side.  Was she close? Was she coming at all? Had he upset her by calling so early?  All in good time Chat, Ladybug said she would come. She’ll be here.  A few minutes later, he spotted the telltale blur of red and black heading in his direction.  
     What could he possibly have to meet me for at this hour? Guess I’ll find out.When she landed in front of him, Ladybug noticed that Chat was wearing his ‘I did something’ grin.  Then she noticed the bag at his feet.  
     “Is that what I think it is?”
     In answer, Chat upended the bag between them, sending a shower of keys in all sizes and colours tumbling to the ground.  
     “If you thought it was a bag of keys, then yes.”
     She sighed. “Of course.  And I suppose you were out all night getting these?”
     “Most of it.”
     She looked over the pile between them.  “Pity you still didn’t find it…”
     Chat stared openmouthed in shock,
     “My lady, there is almost certainly at least one copy of every key in Paris sitting there.”
     She stepped toward him over the keys, leaving very little distance between them.  “I meant the key to my heart, you silly cat.”
     Then the distance was gone.
     The moment seemed to stretch into an eternity, until they both pulled away, gasping for breath.  Chat, blushing furiously, grinned, trying to give off the illusion of composure.  
     “I have resolved to save you from injury more often in the future, my lady.”
     Ladybug cocked an eyebrow and smiled back.  
     “I don’t think that will be necessary, kitty cat.”

anonymous asked:

Thank you for the Cor and Nyx! Ah Cor watching over a school yard sounds amusing. The last few lines for Regis got my heartstrings. That was real subtle. *Shifty eyes* Whew. Those G. Ladio units. I'd die if I were in a room with all of them at once. I'm going to run from them and I'd like to ask for fluff with an younger or older Talcott Android(If he's one that is. I'll take whatever you want to dishout). I think it would be sickly sweet for some reason. I can't get enough. Q_Q

haha thanks for noticing the Regis storyline, it needed to tie into canon somehow xD

Talcott could be a normal child surrounded by all these big buff androids protecting him xD maybe an heir of a great fortune who is too young to control it, so he has all these Highwind, Monica, and Cor droids hovering around as protection, with a single companion Iris to keep him entertained and grounded until he’s old enough to figure things out.

also a G.Ladio Sweet could be your thing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) in the original headcanon the MC was too scared of his “endowments” she toned him down to a friendly roommate!


manuscript it still not edited (ugh) but meetings are all done and i survived them happily, and even prepped properly for each one. i dropped the ball on a renewal deadline for something at work but it turns out it was only half my fault and i managed to sort out it in the space of two hours and am back on track, so panic on that front is subsiding :D

didn’t catch the Flash last night (was out with my sister) but i will today, and after i do then i’ll be safe to return to tumblr :) i’m not even looking at my inbox yet haha. 

hoping to spend today editing my manuscript, watching the the flash finale, having coffee with a friend, and grocery shopping.

life is like almost back on track. now i just gotta maintain some semblance of balance for the next ~4 weeks while i finish all the necessities for my job market applications and send out about 100 of them. then i think i can take a few days to chill before i start prepping and stressing for my job market conference in august.

Imagine markjin moving in together
  • Jinyoung: whew! I'm glad we got all if our stuffs in our apartment^^
  • Mark: yep! we did a great job even without pestering the other guys to help us.
  • Mark: *opens one of the boxes that is full of pikachu plushies* um...Jinyoung? I think we didn't get all of my stuff..
  • Jinyoung: *rolls eyes* "your stuff" you mean your pikachu plushies?
  • Mark: yeah I counted all of them and I only have 19,675 with me.
  • Jinyoung: ...how many are you supposed to have?
  • Mark: 19,676.

Midterm Exams~

Murasakibara: *walking around eating* “Munch Munch.” (Thinking) I like this flavor… “Hey Kuro-chin want one?” Murasakibara asks as he hands Kuroko a chocolate bar.

Kise: “Midorimacchi! Please give me your special lucky rolling pen, or else I will definitely fail my exams! TT^TT helpppp meeee~”

Midorima: (to Kise) “Your grades have no importance to me. Ohasa’s fortune suggests me to ignore all Gemini’s today. They are bad luck. And that includes you Kise. Now shoo.

Midorima: (Turns to Aomine) “Hey Aomine! Wake up! Do you intend on handing in a blank paper during your exams?! If you fail again you’re gonna get kicked out of the club!“

Aomine: "ZZZzzz~ Like I care… Shut up… ZZZzzz~~” *Snoring softly*

Kuroko: “[34x + (65q6h - 97b^3)]= ? The answer is… *Starts counting with his fingers* 84! Whew! Now i have one less problem to solve…” *Starts working on the next problem*
(~now Kuroko’s got one less problem without chu. He’s got one less problem without chu~ Sorry just had to do it XD)

Akashi: (Thinking) They’re so noisy… During practice I’ll just make them practice until they pass out. Hehehe… *Starts planning the training*

-Admin S ^-^


Thank you so much everyone for the asks! I’ve got so many good ones i cant wait to start writing. I shall get to work on them ASAP! Sankyuu minna~ luv chu all~ :3
Matt thiessen quotes

“Well, I guess I’d better start working out then!!” - (in response to being referred to as a sex symbol)

“I chased a little kittencat around outside. If I would’ve caught it I would’ve dressed it up like ghost and scared brian half to death.”

“We were off of the highway eating somewhere, and Brian saw a sign for a thrift store. The sign said "jesus rules 50percent off everything” We though that was really funny. So, Brian and I went to investigate the thrift store, and (much to our dismay) it was closed. A sign on the wall outside said “bicycles outside are all 5.99”…So, I found this really cute pink bike, and i left 6 bucks under the bike rack. I love my new bike.“

"I also got a barbie bell for my bike today. Ding ding”

“I’m allergic to decapitation. Don’t try me.”

“Food was eaten, showers were taken, teeth were brushed, shoes were worn, and high fives were distributed.”

“Hey everybody - It’s Matt Thiessen from RK. Here’s another update on the new record…. but first I thought I’d share a haunting tale.So, I go to see a movie in Canton the other day with my buddies John and Kevan. It’s a crappy, rainy day in OH (which is quite frequent). We’re in the theater, and halfway through the movie I realize I don’t have my keys on me. Losing stuff like that is pretty commonplace for me, so I didn’t freak out or anything. BUT, after the movie was over, it hit me that I didn’t remember bringing in my keys. My friends and I searched under the seats ofthe theater, and the security people brought out this lost keys bin…. BUT no dice (dice = keys). So I assume that I locked them in the car…. not the biggest deal…but not a conflict I was looking forward to remedying. So the three of us walked outside, and as we approached my car I noticed my lights were on. Upon closer examination I came to the ridiculous conclusion that.. I LEFT MY KEYS IN THE IGNITION AND MY CAR RUNNING THROUGH THE ENTIRE MOVIE!!!!!! My doors were unlocked as well. The three of us had quite a laugh over it…who forgets to turn off their car!?”

“I’m sorry your mom hates us. I hate your mom. just kidding.”

“3/3/03 *day off look!!!! ..today’s date has a lot of "threes” in it. Its like a forest of threes. Lets chop them down and roast fluffy puff marshmallows by a fire that we could potentially make.“

"Dave wore all camouflage today. I couldn’t find him anywhere.”

“Brian drank sea water because he wanted to be like a shark. He said later that he felt really sick.”

“I’m going to hold my breath till i pass out so i can go to sleep faster.”

“I am string cheese.”

“I’ll just say this…I almost (and I stress almost) would have rather gone out, and over the span of 6 years, bought a puppy, named him Molasses, walked him, fed him, fallen in love with him, watched him grow into a strong responsible dog, bared my soul to him, and then watch him run into heavy traffic and DIE…then see that movie in the first place (let alone EVER AGAIN). I just kinda disturbed myself…”

“This is Fort Washington (holds up his keyboard)cuz that’s what I named him…just now”

“Everyone likes to breathe…I think.”

“I remember my sweet 16. I got a Malibu Barbie. And I kissed a boy…wait, that’s gross.”

Fav thing to do with the band: “Invent games to play. One time we invented a game called Spam Ball. You take Spam out of the can and use brooms to play a messy version or street hockey.”

“Before the show, the sound system was being weird, and the lighting board crashed 3 times. We went on about 45 minutes too late. Thankfully, nobody in the crowd threw a brick on stage with a message that said "I was supposed to catch a bus home about 15 minutes ago. You owe me $4.35 for the bus ticket and a new brick.”

“If you guys are gonna throw things at me… like snap bracelets… please don’t aim them at my face.”

(while singing Sadie Hawkins Dance) “a bug just flew in my mouth and i swallowed it, but that’s not nearly as gross as you’ll be if you don’t sing the next part of this song”

“I wish i could eat cake and shave at the same time”

“This next song is another one from our album ‘Mmhmm’… I hate saying that.”

“Originally, Madison, Wisconsin, was named after me. (MattThiessen, WI) But y'know how Americans are lazy, and changed "You all” to “ya’ll”, “MattThiessen” changed to Madison.“

"Once when I was shaving my arms, I shaved one off. Then I sowed it back on with dental floss. Then I lied to you again.” “My car broke down 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been driving around in the band’s 15 passenger van. Not really that styling, but I’ve been picking up chicks. 14 of them at a time.” “I think that 'therapeutic’ is hard to spell, but also a very satisfying thing to know how to spell.”

“Our bass drum was just broken by the sheer power of Dave Douglas’s foot.”

[While on stage] “I just got hit with a dime… and a ball… and another ball. I’m getting hit with things. Many many things!”

“I just made an elephant noise with my mouth and seriously contemplated how to spell it… It can’t be spelled…”

“Whew. Look at all that information in that little tiny space! I must have magical powers.”

I couldn’t get girls to go out with me at my school [so] I’d show up to prom with girls from other schools and all the jocks would be like “How did he hook up with this hot chick?”

“I bet if I was walking by your house, you would invite me in for pizza.”

“The show was a fun time. Did I enjoy myself? You bet your armhair I did.”

“We did some playing, hanging outish stuff, and topped the night off with some hoteling. Then I murdered Brian.”

“Our whole band is totally crushing on Ryan Cabrera. I actually just had to google "Ashlee Simpson’s boyfriend” to find out what the heck Ryan Cabrera’s name is. I knew he was that one cute kid with the acoustic guitar, though. None of us are crushing on Ryan Cabrera anymore. Except for Matt Hoopes.“

"Our dressing room smelled like 10 horses had finished a game of poker in there the night before. (and horses don’t interrupt a game of poker to go to the bathroom … if you get my drift). I think they were betting with cow chips too.”

“I’ve been killing spiders since I was 30.”

“What’s the point of being a cowboy if you’ve always got to work?”

“We drove home and slept in our rooms with our nightlights off, so we could scare the bajeebers out of ourselves.”

“One time I offered to rake my neighbor’s leaves for ten cents an hour. I was so stupid.”

“I saw a stray dog. He did not attempt to bite my calf. He was clearly intimidated. Next time, I will smear Alpo on my calves and see if he gets a little more couragous. He won’t. This is due to one major factor. I am AWESOME.”

“I’m going to go write a book about how much fun it is to write books about avoiding exercise by writing books instead of exercising. And then I’m gonna go work out. Actually, no. I won’t work out. I will sleep instead.”

“Dave had to wear his shirt today, cause all these stiffly stiffersons didn’t understand that the concept that males going shirtless in public is well within the boundaries of the customs of the society in which we live. Dave used to wear a shirt, but then he’d get so aweaty that he’d take it off two songs in anyway. So now, he just doesn’t wear one. Its kinda like swimming…only in your own sweat (which is more fun, i think).”

“The show was fun and crazy and whacky and splendid and spacious and friday and sugary and timeless and horse cavities.”

“Tonight’s crowd was by far the best of this tour. They all ran around with mustard packets going completely nuts. Except I lied about the mustard packets.”

“The place we played today was huge. You could’ve probably fit the whole Indian Ocean inside of it. Nobody ever talks about the Indian Ocean. How sad.”

“Are You guys ready for the Baby-Got-Backstreet-Boys?”

“If I keep writing It’ll start sounding like this. I just typed the letter "L”. I put quotations around it. I enjoyed that very much. Pretty much there is no physical way of me adding anything to this entry unless I put my computer down, go do something awesome, and then come back and write about it. Tell you what. I’m going to put this down and go do something AWESOME, but, you will NEVER know what it was, cause I’m not coming back. In your face, you.“

"We hung out at the Major League Baseball tent today, and I threw a 83mph fastball. With my left arm. BUZZZZ!!!!!!! Hoopes just buzzed me for lying. He follows me around with a buzzer. He’s kinda like my personal Pinnochio’s nose.”

“I dreamed of Canadian geese mistaking me for their leader and following me to the end of their days.”

“The Suicide Machines played today. Despite the scary picture their name creates in my head, the band is great.”

“I came to a conclusion today. Our band is from Ohio. But the physical object that our band was named after was created in Michigan. The conclusion I drew was that our band is technically originally derived from Michigan. OH and MI don’t get along that well, so its nice to establish some neutral territory for RK. We’re kind of like lake Erie. Actually we’re a LOT like lake Erie. So many things in common. We’re both responsible for the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald (consult your history books). We both like rock and roll. We both have names of lakes or cars in our names.”

“Dave and I LOVE to watch NFL and drink black coffee (but not always at the same time). And people thought we weren’t manly”

“I bought my mom a chocolate malt about 4 hours ago”

“Sometimes I go over to Matt Hoopes’ place for a 'hoopes turkey sandwich’. We make them with barbecue sauce and microwave them for 23 seconds. So good.”

“Our band does whatever we can to get out of paying for food. The number of unnecessary celebration dinners held last year was startling.”

“I made a paper airplane big enough for a pony!”

“At the end of the day, we got a fish-tank, two fighting fish, and pitted them against each other in, what we thought would be, an epic battle. Turns out that it was a lady fish and a man fish, and they just kissed on the lips the whole time. Love is a mystery than can only be grasped by the weak and vulnerable.”

“I had one of the best banana’s of my life. Gwen would be proud.”

“Matt H’s dog came out to the show today. He’s bitten me twice. I may throw him on a rotisserie grill one of these days. Wiener dogs. Ugh.”

“Our really great friend Sam Barnhart (formerly of Bleach) has decided to join us on the road and assume the role of road pastor

With the announcement of a DLC poll, I can almost guarantee that everyone has cast their vote hoping for a returning character, such as Fire Emblem’s Roy. While I can understand where they’re coming from, my heart is set on a much more wolf-like character.

Can’t let you do that-

Wait, not this one. I was actually thinking of another wolf entirely.

THERE we go. Amaterasu descends from the heavens!

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