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Exactly. I will say I underestimated Niall- I bought the Irish lad thing for ages and didn’t pay him much attention bc he just seemed so goofy and like, wore overalls??? But now I think the total opposite- I think he’s crazy smart and talented and very ambitious/well connected. He’s just MUCH more private whether by his own design or “mgmt.” Either that or he witnessed Simon Cowell murder someone in cold blood and now he has the leverage to be like “I think I’ll set some limits, MATE.”

You can tell by his meticulous fashion sense, his organization and sense of order (in his home furnishings, clothing, shoes, hats, guitars) that he’s a person who has kept detailed records. If anyone in 1D could write a fact-based tell-all, it’s Niall. The guy KNOWS things and has SEEN things… his dark, too-aware panic at Seacrest? When asked about the rainbow bears?! He is a trove of information and it’s all in a binder somewhere. He knows and Simon knows he knows…

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hiii, i've been feeling a bit down with all this bg 2.0 being all over liam promo. i don't follow liam a lot so i wanted to ask you when do you think this is going to end or how they could end it because i'm not seeing any possibility now :(

The amount of Liam’s promo being wasted on Cheryl and babygate 2.0 is incredibly frustrating, but there’s not much any of us can do about that.  It can be disconcerting that Liam’s managing to sell it so well, but again, that’s not his fault.  There are certain things he has to do and with it being obvious that the Old Team is still involved with all the boys somehow, it’s pretty much guaranteed that OT are the ones pushing this on him.

There’s always a way this can end.  If they haven’t claimed a paternity test has happened yet and that it was positive, then a paternity test can take place at any time.  They’ve already set up a narrative where Liam is the backseat parent with Cheryl getting full control over the name and being the one to stay with the baby while Liam is all over working on his solo career.

If they stage a breakup, then they can claim there are parental disputes and then a test can happen, or if Liam finds out she “cheated” on him, then he can demand a paternity test because of the doubt that raises.

It’s also possible that this babygate will fade out the way Louis’ has.  He hasn’t been seen anywhere near Briana or his supposed child for months and months.  The last time was the very short, soundless video from the 1st birthday party.  Even before that there was a drought of Louis + baby pictures. After this round of promo is done, Liam may stop talking about it every single interview.

If one of them gets a paternity test, it would be very easy for there to be chain reaction that sets up the other one to get a paternity test “just in case”.  There are always ways that these things can end, so worrying about that doesn’t really serve much purpose.

The question isn’t how they can end, but whether the teams will actually take those opportunities.  We just can’t know if or when it will happen.  There haven’t been clear enough signals recently to give any sort of idea of how long this will last.

I know that someday things will get better for 1D.  I’m pretty sure that day will come in the next 1-2 years, but that’s about all I can say without having enough information to go off of.

The only thing you or I can do is decide what to focus on.  For me, I can’t do anything about the babygate stuff, so I ignore it as much as possible and focus on the other parts of the interviews, enjoy the music, and keep an eye out for the signs the boys like to send us.  

If that doesn’t work for you, you might need to focus on a different fandom for awhile.  You don’t even have to give up 1D or Liam, but focusing on something else can help you feel better and get perspective at the same time.  I just watched Yuri on Ice in a 1-day marathon recently and am working through Sword Art Online for instance.

Please send help. I can’t stop listening. These lyrics and these beats and their voices. JHO was this simple bittersweet composition but this shit has layers. My god. Whether it’s about the addictive and dramatic elements of a relationship or the price of 1D fame or both, I’m honestly going to be chewing on this for awhile. There is so much. Louis is so fucking much. How are we going to survive him talking about this? Opening more of that brain of his? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

In light of this ask about more general potential issues with m/m shipping, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the subject from a while ago, just in case anyone is interested. I reposted the entry from my main blog and now I’ve forgotten when I wrote it, but it was during my first round of hockey fandom so maybe 2014? Before I knew much of anything about 1D or Larrie.

I’m going to pull out the most relevant parts, but even these feel a little weird on this blog because I’m going into the moral issues that are raised EVEN when the shipping is normal and not tinhatting or fourth wall breaking. Like I’m here saying it’s not even morally clear whether it’s ok to publish RPF publicly at all, and we’ve got Larries sending Louis’s sisters porn and insisting they’re the voice of this secret relationship. So just note that this is aimed at a more sophisticated and appropriate fandom audience than we often find in 1D.

But you can definitely see how much I’ve always been opposed to fans acting like we truly know about the actual inner lives of the people we stan.

Anyway, here’s pre-1D fan me, on slash and shipping and RPF:

I think the most important thing with slash that I feel like I don’t see said enough is never to equate it or your interest in it with actual homosexual relationships between men. Just as lesbians shouldn’t have to hear from guys saying “oh, can I watch you and your girlfriend make out??”, neither should gay men have to hear from fangirls saying “ahhhh, you and your boyfriend are so cute!!!” (Unless you know them really well and they are being cute, I guess?) They’re not there for your amusement. They aren’t slash fanfiction. They aren’t part of your fantasy. Don’t fetishize homosexuality.

It goes back to always, always recognizing the difference between fantasy and reality. Your fantasy slash couple has nothing to do with the actual gay men in front of you. That fantasy power exchange where no one negotiates anything and they just know what the other person wants, that only works in fantasy world. (Making this distinction is something we fail at a lot, to be honest. This is also important if you have a fantasy about being the best friend/wife/whatever of a celebrity. Keep it away from reality! And on that note…)

On RPF, I… don’t know. The thing about making a real person a part of your sexual fantasy life is that if they haven’t consented, I feel that at least they should not have to be aware of it. Like I actually don’t really mind if one of the boys I’ve dated is masturbating thinking about me every night, as long as he absolutely never ever makes himself a presence in my life such that I would have to be in any way aware of or even guess about his obsession with me.

But RPF (which I often adore) is out there and is really easy to find if you know where to look. Obviously if you go out of your way to make the subject of it pay attention to it (Supernatural fans…) then, well, you’re kind of a shit. But it’s not like I’m writing it just for me and making sure no one ever sees it, you know? Back to my masturbating ex comparison - if I found a blog post of his talking about how much he still thinks about me, I wouldn’t be AS uncomfortable and horrified as if he were actively stalking me, but I’d still be pretty uncomfortable and horrified.

However, I am capable of vaguely justifying RPF and my participation therein! Because the difference is that Masturbating Ex actually knows me - he is thinking about me specifically, the real me. He possibly knows where I am, he knows me intimately, who I actually am. RPF, on the other hand, is about a fantasy version of the real person. There’s separation. I actually like to think of it as being about a character - the public persona that the celebrity allows to be seen (in my case, often an athlete… or a member of a Japanese boy band, which made me feel better because almost none of them knew English and couldn’t read my porn anyway). The character that they portray to the world.

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Hey love. Can you explain your url to me? 🙈😂 I see in Mags' new fic that joke that Liam doesn't want his dog instagrammed so I was wondering what that was about? 😂

Thanks for your question (and sorry for the delays in replying - I was sick for a long time and I’m only just getting back to questions).  I hope you don’t mind that I replied publicly (and I adore your icon RBB is the best).

In the hazy sumer (or winter in my case) days of June 2015 (a now long forgotten era I didn’t wake up every morning with a soon to be dashed hope that they’d denied the baby overnight),  One Direction did an interview with sugarscape while promoting their new fragrance. They were asked about the most romantic things they’d ever done.  All their answers were pretty ridiculous - Harry fell back on the candles on a bridge that he’d done when he was 15. Louis clearly no longer felt like he could use the chicken wrapped in parma ham since he and Eleanor had ‘broken up’ and instead talked about something he’d done with Eleanor for his sisters.  Niall didn’t answer the question - since at that point Niall didn’t like girls Niall liked food and sports.  But Liam’s answer was my favourite thing in the history of One Direction:

WELL, I’ve got some dogs that I don’t Instagram or anything – I’ve got a big Great Dane and another little one, they’re called Watson and Ralph. So the Christmas before last I bought Soph a car because she’d just passed her test, and last year I was like ‘Jesus Christ, what do I do this Christmas that out-does a car?’ She wanted a dog, so I put a picture of Ralph in a card saying 'Will you be my Mummy’, and when she opened it she was like, 'ahhh do I get the dog’?  and I was like 'yeah it’s coming in a bit’. Then I pretended to go to the kitchen and get a drink, and I came in with the puppy and it was it the best thing ever.

I have laughed till I cried more than once over this interview. Everything about 1D collapses if you mention the things that aren’t instagramed - surely Lima knows that?

I’m interested in the instagramed version of 1D - the images they portray and how they’re built, but among the many layers of images there are a whole bunch of people trying to live their lives. Dogs are so demanding - they want to eat and go for walks whether or not you instagram them.  I guess I liked that contrast.

Many people have told stories about Harry and Louis relationship and who they are as people - and they’re very much part of that - they try and tell their stories.  But within and among everything else they’re two very young men who have super basic desires to cuddle and fuck and to love and be in love.


But then Liam broke up with a Sophia.  And started instagramming one of the dogs that weren’t instagrammed (Sophia instagrams the other).

After careful consideration I decided to keep my URL - even though the dogs are instagrammed.  It’s nice to be reminded that the categories of what is shown and what is hidden are only temporary (although I have considered changing my URL to boyfriendsLouisTomlinsondoesntinstagram - just in case I have some kind of instagramming powers).

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I just saw your post about Harry's writing influences. I think he can evoke a lot of emotions in his songs (and his voice) but less ballady if you know what I mean? It has a bit more of a rock edge? I'd love to know your thoughts!


Thank you for the ask.

Harry has a unique voice that has a raspy, rough edge. I noticed that in early, live versions of “What Makes You Beautiful,” his voice was not well-supported when he sang softly– he tended to rely on boosting his volume for expression (remember when he ran out of breath on stage, cried, googled “Harry shit”? The wee little baby muffin 😢). @itwilltoteshappen has talked about it extensively. Consequently, he developed some bad habits, especially as the concert venues got larger, of belting sound out.

If done consistently, this can lead to vocal damage, such as vocal cord nodules or hemorrhagic vocal cords. That’s why singers get put on voice rest–there is no medicine or surgery that can reverse a bruised vocal cord. Adele had to have laser surgery on her vocal cords. NO SURGERY AT ALL is the preferred treatment–any surgery can leave scarring, which changes the voice.

You notice that Adele also has this raspiness to her voice? It makes for an extra edge to the voice, more rock ‘n roll, less top 40, if you know what I mean. In technical terms, a voice with a raspy edge has a lower harmonic-to-noise ratio–a little bit of air goes through the vocal cords that isn’t used to make the sound. It makes the voice sound rough, raspy, growly. Opera singers and Broadway singers train to get rid of any noise in their voices, but noise actually gives rock singers some cool factor, a rebellious sexiness.

If you watch old movies, 20-year-old Lauren Bacall has this sexy raspiness in her voice when she asked Humphrey Bogart, “You know how to whistle don’t you, Steve? Just put your lips together, and blow.” (To Have and Have Not, 1944). It’s no coincidence that Bogart married her in real life.

Some voices that have this characteristic in rock music are Steve Tyler, Paul McCartney (at times), Axl Rose, Jon Bob Jovi, Rod Stewart (oh, remember when Harry said to a guy in the audience with “Rod Stewart hair,” “Sir, I think you’re sexy and I want your body”?– you bet Harry knows Rod Stewart songs).

Harry has always been able to put a lot of emotion in his voice. The other singer in 1D who can project a lot of emotion with just the voice is Louis. Think about this–you have almost as much emotional information from an audio recording as a video. You don’t really need to see their faces, right? That’s different from a lot of singers, who project kind of a bland, generic emotion. I wonder whether it’s because Harry/Louis have actually experienced some intense emotions, whereas other may not have. I think Niall and Liam have also really improved their emotional projection when singing.

With Harry and Louis, what they project always sounds honest, real. They can put little sighs and turns into their voices to do this. Harry also has a voice that I describe as “somewhere between praying and crying,” a voice I immediately feel drawn to. It’s sympathetic and it’s sexy as hell. Really, a person who sings like that shouldn’t look like that. It’s criminally unfair. A person like him comes along once a generation.

Harry and Louis are able to project their emotions like this because they have training, both when singing loudly, but more importantly when singing softly. Harry now supports his soft passages really well. Listen to the tail end of his phrases–the voice doesn’t just fade away. The sound is supported until he stops singing. That’s the sign of good support and good training. For example in Never Enough, “I don’t need my love” in the chorus isn’t just shouted out. It’s actually carefully sung. In “I Want to Write You a Song,” “Everything I need I get from you” is also carefully sung, so that every note is balanced in volume, and the end of the phrase doesn’t just fade, it’s intentionally ended.

@itwilltoteshappen and I have a pet peeve where, when the boys are on the road, they’re tired, they play a lot of venues, and they fall into bad habits, especially Harry.

And Louis, if you ever read this–cut down your smoking. God. Do I even need to lecture you? You can drink a tankful of water, but smoking is going to ruin your voice.

I just got an ask about Harry and Louis’s duets, and I’ll answer that soon–I’ll go into more detail about why they sound so good together. I could talk about that for days.

Thank you for the ask.

Have a good one! 💖💖


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I don't know if you watched Zayn's interview in whole with Elvis Duran but I was impressed by this interview I approve. While you can see a few things following a potential narrative, that's inevitable. But he asked specific detail questions that were unique and I genuinely wanted to know the answer to. Also zayn talking about the boys I feel like (while now them coming together will likely be further down the road which is fine) it even more emphasizes a potential reunion in the future

Zayn made it seem like he didn’t have time to think. 1d was non stop (fits with the narrative, bc he JUST had to stop even though we all knew their contract ended soon - with that said it viably could’ve been too much but 1DHQ had to make a shot storm out of it). Anyway zayn just sounds like he needs time ever once in a while to reflect (another reason why a long break makes sense for OT4, over compensating) but in the future it’ll probs be more balanced mixed in with all of their solo stuff.

Reconciliation Narrative

I listened to the part that had video with it which was about 9 minutes.  

I got the same feeling you did about how him saying that he needed time to recollect himself and figure out his own feelings could easily be used as a way to introduce him wanting to be with the band again.  The idea of having to sort out your feelings implies that you may eventually want to go back to something you wish you hadn’t given up or realized wasn’t the main problem.  It could easily work for a narrative although there are lots of narratives that would make sense and 1DHQ tends to favor ones that don’t make sense at all, so you never know.

I think Zayn was, once again, trying to be very careful with the way he worded things to ensure that no one interpreted him as dissing 1D.  Things like him saying he needed space to collect himself, but avoiding saying he needed to get away.  

The whole autobiography thing was sort of a retraction as a whole with him saying that the purpose was to allow him to explain that all the things that made it look like he was dissing 1D or ungrateful were misinterpreted.  Of course none of that was an accident, but now they’re playing it like it was.  At least we’re moving in a more positive direction overall for official relations between Zayn and the rest of the band.

I do think we’re steadily getting closer to a full public reconciliation. Zayn’s been in contact with at least 3 of the 4 other members according to official narrative and nothing’s to say it’s not 4 out of 4.  Zayn said in March and then again in October or September that he had been talking to “some” members, so Harry could be covered by that.  Harry’s not a definite yes in the official narrative, but he’s not a definite no either.

Solo Louis & Niall’s Hair

I’m very hopeful that we have a deadline sometime in December if not when 2016 ends.  Both solo Louis and Niall’s hair in combination with Zayn getting closer to the band publicly again are some of the small things that seem to maybe point that way.

With Louis finally having his own turn at “Simon Says: This Member of 1D Will Have A Solo Contract With Syco”, that’s the set up for 5/5 to soon be announced with someone else.  

I realized that Louis’ single seems to be more on Steve Aoki’s side.  It’s his label that’s listed on it and it’s his PR that’s promoting it, so even though Louis has already released a solo, there’s no official sign of him being with Syco that I know of.  He’s not listed on Syco’s artist list either.  Who Louis actually signs with should be coming up relatively soon.

This might be wrong and just coincidental timing, but I get the feeling Niall is holding out on getting rid of the last blond in his hair until their contracts fully end.  I’ve always wondered if he wasn’t allowed to ditch the blond under contract because he wanted to way back in 2012 and said he was sick of it, then he never changed it.  He’s always had at least some blond even if most of his hair was brown at times.  It may be that he was stretching the limits of his terms by doing that, actually.

Anyway, I find it interesting that the front of his hair that has the blond is getting really long and floppy, yet he hasn’t cut it.  He could cut it and redye it, but my guess is that he doesn’t want to redye it and he also doesn’t want to get rid of the last bit of blond yet, so that’s why the front is so long right now.  I think he’s holding out for another few weeks maybe.

He might end up cutting it tomorrow and disproving me, but it’s just a hunch I’m feeling at the moment.

XP Stuff

Other than the reconciliation aspect and getting to see and hear Zayn, that interview made me kind of sick though.  There’s so much official narrative BS shoved into it that it’s hard to listen to.  Zayn does a pretty good job of getting through it though.

The autobiography talk was irritating, the Gigi talk was irritating, the collaboration talk was irritating, etc.  I think Zayn did the best he could with all of it, but the topics themselves are just infuriating.  He shouldn’t be stuck promoting other people more than his own music.  He shouldn’t be stuck pretending he wrote an autobiography when it appears to have just as much official narrative as any of the 1D books ever had.  He shouldn’t be stuck adding his voice to the soundtrack of an awful offensive movie series with an artist that doesn’t make any sense for him to work with.

I wanted to say it before and didn’t have a chance, so I’ll mention this here: every fan that’s acting as though Zayn betrayed Harry by “working” with Taylor is a hypocrite if they’re happy about Louis’ so-called friendship with Perrie.  It’s exactly the same thing whether you know about the bearding or not.  I’ve seen so many smug comments glorifying Perrie and Little Mix simply because they want Zayn to be the villain, and those same fans can’t recognize that Zayn is to Harry as Little Mix is to Taylor Swift.  

Conflicting Songwriting Narratives?

It seems like there are some opposing stories about where the song came from.  It honestly doesn’t sound like a Taylor Swift song to me, but the Daily Mail says that Taylor Swift, Sam Dew, and Jack Antonoff wrote it together. Apparently they got that from Lena Dunham who tweeted about it since she’s dating Jack Antonoff.  Those are also the credits listed on discogs.

However, during the interview, Zayn made it sound like he wrote the song and then she heard it, liked it, and wanted to add her voice to it.  They distinctly talked about it as if Zayn offered Taylor the opportunity of being on the song after it was written.  The guy who produced the song, I think Jack Antonoff, said that Zayn sent his parts in, but then the way Zayn said it in the interview sounded like Taylor recorded her parts and sent it to him to add in.  

Someone got their wires very crossed and my guess would be that it was Zayn since the writing credits don’t match what he said.  Maybe him messing that up was what caused them to pull another interview sabotage cancellation thing?

(edit: Ok, if Jack wrote the song and Zayn was supposed to sing it but had no writing credits, then Zayn played it for Taylor and offered her to sing on it too, then Taylor ended up with a songwriting credit on it too after that, THEN it works, but it’s somewhat convoluted)

I’m surprised that he was allowed on camera at all since I think this is only the 3rd video interview he’s done since going solo, but I guess that’s because it’s Taylor’s song.  I imagine he’s obliged to promote it as much as she demands even though he’s apparently not allowed to promote his own songs.

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I have stumbled upon "come back be here", appropriately by way of an astrology post wherein the signs were matched with underrated Taylor swift tracks. Is this arguably the first song she ever wrote about Harry? It is so much to listen to right now in the face of impending Harry styles/1d emptiness. I, too, want him to come back and be here figuratively, I want it so much! Anyway just wanted to pop by and see if you had any thoughts about this song, as I treasure all your haylor musings.

I love that song!! It seems to me she conceivably wrote it about Harry, about the period way before they were officially dating when they were kind of on-again off-again talking to each other, but I don’t keep track of dates well enough to know for sure. But whether or not she wrote it about him, he definitely felt the shoe fit or he wouldn’t have quoted it in “I Love You": “I didn’t come back and I wasn’t there/I won’t trouble you no more.” One thing I LOVE about what Harry does with that song is that by quoting her lyrics, he is accepting them as a reasonable description of what happened between them, and there’s something kind of…gentlemanly and humble about that. He’s accepting her right to tell their story, and then expressing that he wants to be part of the telling of that story. So her songs are not a subject/object one-way street where Taylor writes about Harry and his reaction is irrelevant––it’s like there’s something collaborative going on. Also, so many of her songs are about her insisting on the validity of her own experience and memories: I was there. I remember. And one way her critics tend to attack her is to be like, oh crazy Taylor blowing things up out of proportion again. But in that song, Harry’s like yeah, you know what? you’re right. I didn’t come back, I wasn’t there. I was exactly the trouble you predicted. With those lines, Harry supported Taylor’s narrative as valid and he responded respectfully and in kind. 

As for the song itself, yeah, I think it’s a spot-on Harry song, because if there’s one thing Harry is good at, it’s getting on a plane and flying away. I can imagine anyone who’s ever wanted to be close to Harry identifying with this song. Is he in NY? Is he in London? Who knows? COME BACK HARRY STYLES!!!

I lovelovelove how often the stuff that Liam singles out as being important to him also ends up being stuff that’s important to the band. Because a year ago there was nothing special or noteworthy about You & I other than the fact that Liam loved it enough to want to carry the lyrics around on his arm permanently, and now here we are.

And today when Ben asked them each what their all-time favorite 1D song is, Liam didn’t even have to think about it - his favorite is Fireproof. You know, the song they picked when it was time to introduce the world to their new music, to launch the next phase in their career, to give us something special as thanks for all of our support. That song. Liam’s favorite song.

So it’s fine if people think Liam doesn’t matter - because it’s blindingly obvious how much he matters to the boys and how much weight his opinion carries, and everything you’re getting has his fingerprints all over it whether you acknowledge that or not.

hiiii, so in honor of me hitting a big k and the fact that i’m just an emotional person, i decided to make another lil follow forever to tell everyone how much i love them. y’all bring so much joy to my dash as of this moment in time, and i’m thankful for all of you!! ♥♥♥ (no offense but i just edited this to add some ppl bc i need them to know i love them)

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#46 - He's Sad


And he doesn’t know why he’s sad, really, because he’s not always so good with talking about feelings and whatnot. All he knows is that there’s this feeling deep in his chest, a kind of lurching, and he can’t seem to make it go away. It had been there for a while too, but he hadn’t really said much about it, and now he wished he had, because he couldn’t bear the pain anymore.



And it’s the fans again, telling him that he shouldn’t be with you. And it upsets him because he loved you, he really did, and when people doubted his feelings towards you, he couldn’t help but feel that way; as if maybe he wasn’t good enough for you, and because the fans didn’t seem to think that your love was real, he couldn’t help but wonder if there was something wrong with him.  



And it wasn’t even true; he wasn’t cheating on you. He’d never do that. But the paparazzi had twisted him, and turned him into some kind of monster; making up lies to feed to the public, just for a little extra change in their pockets. And there wasn’t a lot he could do about it really, and that just made it all the worse, because he thought that maybe people would doubt him and maybe people would believe the lies in the magazines.



And he won’t admit to it, because he thinks that he can deal with it all on his own. But he’s wrong, and he can’t; that’s just too much pain for one person and he’s quite insistent on not sharing it too – not even so much as telling you what had him so down.



And the hate was getting to him, not directed towards him but rather you, because he couldn’t bear the thought of someone purposely trying to hurt you; whether it was with their fists or their harsh words. So he gets a little upset about it at first, and then a little mad, because he really doesn’t know what to do; because he knows that he really can’t do much about it, without it getting worse. 

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"They look very cute and happy. So we know 1d's photographers weren't used for this" I choked bc truuuuu

It’s very true. That got me thinking about whether or not the bad pix were also 1D sabotage.

Remember this?

And this?

And this?

How do you manage to do so little with so much?? So yeah, I’m calling sabotage with a healthy dose of no-longer-give-a-fuck.

When y’all go on your lad’s holiday, can you please make sure to take lots of pretty pix of yourselves? Thanks.

A few months ago, a 13 yr old I was teaching told me “One Direction is my life.” 

When I was thirteen I felt the same about Buffy or Harry Potter, so I stopped myself from making any snide comments, and instead decided to check in with a band I had always had a soft spot for (from afar). I thought the least I could do was meet this girl where she was at, especially since that would have meant everything to me at that age. Then I fell in love with these five boys. 

Never discount what girls love. They love it for a reason, and I have found so much joy and happiness from the fact that instead of dismissing this girl’s interest, I explored it. I am so grateful, and I don’t think she will ever know that her love for our boys led me to meeting so many incredible people, and bringing me to a fandom that I have enjoyed like no fandom before (as much as I complain about the lack of sleep). I feel like my love for these boys says so much to me about what happens when you follow through in your convictions, and the rewards/joy you get through them. 

Although I haven’t been a fan long, I’m taking this 5 year anniversary opportunity to acknowledge that I know I will be in this fandom for life, and that it means so many important things to me. These boys mean so much to me already, I can’t even imagine how I will feel about them beyond this… 

Also special love to apersonfromtheinternet (for encouraging me in my fandomness despite me being insecure about whether people would hate me for becoming a 1D blog), zenlikejen, bethaboolou, barefootau, lhrryloueas, hoedidas, donny-cheshire, proudliam, happyfic, peachino, (for being fab, amazing babes and letting me yell at them across the internet divide - usually whilst drunk) and all my other amazing mutuals and followers for making this fandom a home, and a place for me to have the most fun I’ve had in ages. Love you kids! Here’s to getting some sleep some time soon xx