whether or not trusting him was a good idea is debatable

Baby’s First Meeting || Bethan & Arin

Bethan was more than excited for Arin and Kota to meet. Now that Jordan had proved himself unfit to even be near the baby for a while, she didn’t feel like she needed to worry about him getting pissed off. The morning after the party was the day to pick Kota up from her parents and, as much as she loved them and trusted them, she didn’t want to leave Kota with them for much longer than the weekend he had already spent there.

That morning, she spent a fairly long time debating whether or not she should wake Arin up to take him along, and decided it would probably be a good idea. For arguments sake. She knew her mother would be pissed off if she didn’t know who Arin was and what he was doing around Kota. She shook Arin awake gently and kissed his forehead, “Hey, baby. I’m going to pick Kota up, wanna come?”