whether it's fic or art or graphics

Hello there! So scarletwitchsource is a brand new blog and to celebrate we decided to create Scarlet Witch Appreciation Week to show some love for tihs awesome character!
The appreciation week will run from June 12th-18th!

Your posts can be any kind of artwork whether its graphic, gif, fan art, fan fic etc. These prompts are just ideas and please feel free to deviate a little if you want! Feel free to message us with any further questions.


June 12 - Day 1 - Favorite Scene(s)
June 13 - Day 2 - Favorite Romantic Relationship
June 14 - Day 3 - Favorite Platonic Relationship
June 15 - Day 4 - Wanda + her powers
June 16 - Day 5 - Character Development
June 17 - Day 6 - Hair/Outfit Appreciation
June 18 - Day 7 - Free Choice

We will be tracking scarletwitchweek and will be reblogging all your work to this blog with that same tag.