Look at this guy. He’s so young and creative, he created something seriously milestone-ish in one way or another…. I hope people will be kind to him and won’t pressure him into a corner. Having twitter is him sayin “oh I trust you guys, so I share a bit of my personal life with you all because I care about you caring about me as a person”. The game is 3 months old and is already this popular, whetever this young lad decides to do we should be able to respect… He created the game because he wanted this nearly-flawless idea come true and share it with the world so you’d have a good time with it - IT IS NOT A LIFELONG DEDICATION. It will have to end at some point so he can go on and create something even more amazing maybe. I’d rather like something small and good enough to make a closure than be given a second game of it that would let me say in the end “this was not that good as the original” (I think that is actually one of the worst things that can happen to a game as this - ppl being overhyped and then becoming monsters if they did not get what they expected). Just imagine all the game-related popular blogs and websites tearing the continuation apart in reviews and critiques if it would not meet up to expectations (HL3 anyone? No wonder Valve is silent about it :’D). I think it would not be healthy for the game, it would be bad for the creator (since he still so young) and it would make the fans look really rabid. So whatever he plans to do, I want to be patient and whatever he is willing to give, I will be happy with it. I hope people will stay cool about it all and keep being respectful to this talented and humble person.

Who better to complain to than Allah?

Whatever you’re going through, Allah will always be there for you. And the most beautiful thing about complaining to Allah is that there is no limit to it because He’ll never say to you, “Enough! Stop complaining to Me!”

Rather, He will listen, and that is what is so comforting. To know that He listens. And to know that He will respond to you with that which is best for you.

Wallahi, when you leave the creation aside and complain only to Allah, you will find relief and contentment in your life, and also in your heart.

I don’t know, I just feel like I would be beyond pissed if strangers argued about my significant other or me getting the short end of the stick. If I loved someone, and I knew that every decision we make, we make for us, together, despite of what it looks like from the outside, I would be this close to tell everyone to fuck right off if they said my significant other doesn’t deserve me or treats me badly or has it better/worse than me.

October 19

People often say that motivation doesn't last.Well,neither does bathing-that's why we recommend it daily.

Just remmeber:Whetever goals you are working on right now,you have to work at them every day.It’s not enough just to write out your goals and visions for the future;you have to work hard to get anything in life.

GOAL: make a point to spend every day of this month doing at least one thing to bring you closer to your goal.
Closed RP with @rwbybraunoc

Erebus was creeping along silently, following tracks in the forest. Whatever had made these tracks wasn’t being very careful, and thus he was following them with ease, at speed enough to be catching up with whetever was making them.

You know its probably a human

The damned voices in his head never shut up, even when hunting

If its human, I’m gonna kill it.

No, you’re not. This is my body, I’m not allowing you to kill any more people

Hah. See if you can stop me, weakling.

Erebus shook his head, shaking out the voices, and continued onwards, around the corner, where the unfortunate prey was

Fuck, its a human

Told ya.

Everytime I watch that Face the Raven trailer (because yes I rewatch that,   apperently I hate myself) I’m channeling my inner Katniss Everdeen and want to run there and face that stupid raven or whetever she have to do instead of Clara. Like I’ll be fine and you just go to Doctor and fly away from here baby girl, give people more Clara Oswald and whouffaldi, they desrve it.


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We all saw Guardiola’s reaction to Messi’s trickery during the game and afterwards in Barcelona, I was among a group from Sky that went for some dinner when we were fortunate to bump into Bayern’s manager. 

He gave us a couple of moments of his time and inevitably, Guardiola was asked, whetever he fancied coming up against Messi when the quarter final draw was made.

Bayern, after all, have been in outstanding form, scoring goals for fun, but his reaction was telling.

“No, no!” said Guardiola. “If I have to face Messi, I want it to be in one game rather than two!’

—  Jamie Carragher