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  • 5. If you could live anywhere in Middle-Earth where would you choose?

Would have to be in the house of Beorn. My retirement plan is to live like him: growing honey, having horses and running naked throughout the woods at night time.

  • 13. What would you change about the movies?

I am a sucker for references, so I would be name-dropping super minor characters all the over the place, even if they did nothing in the movie or related to the plot, if they were named in the books they would be in the movies.

  • 16. Rivendell or Lothlorien?

Would have to be Lothlorien for that one.

  • 37. When was the last time you watched the movies?

Couple months ago, saw the Desolation of Cumberbatch extended edition last week though. Theodens speech is saved on my youtube favourites.

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Quizzy quiz quiz: 5! 21! 39!

  • 5. If you could live anywhere in Middle-Earth where would you choose?

ROHAN!! I love Rohan and all its aesthetics! But, maybe it wouldn’t be a nice place to live, per-se. Maybe, like, Isenguard in the days of the King, then? Near enough to visit Rohan, but also close to the ents who are cool and I could probably keep my vegetarian ways. 

  • 21. Which 3 characters would you choose to go on an epic adventure with?

Thranduil, Galadriel and Luthien. Thrandy would keep us well stocked in wine and maintain a party atmosphere. Galadriel would kick the living shit out of anyone and anything that crossed our paths. Luthien would get us out of trouble and probably be the brains of the outfit.

  • 39. Who is your favorite horse?

Fatty Lumpkin!!

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I wanted to do this because I haven’t removed any of the icons since my dad gave me the laptop. Mining, placer mining.pdf, and such fills it. 

Sorry, not tagging more people. I don’t think I actually know 5 people on here. They can play if they want, though!

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1. Do you believe in ghosts? No. I love them in fiction, though.
2. What’s the last joke you remember? My head is filled with Star Wars shitposts right now.
3. Did you have a special toy when you were a kid? Yeah I had a polar bear teddy bear named WeeWee. I still have it, tbh.
4. Which animal do you think would be your Patronus? A cat. Bet no one saw that coming.
5. Are you clumsy? Yes, very. And not in a cute romcom way. I suppress my left eye so I have little to no depth perception. I say “shit” a lot because of dropping things and smacking into stuff.
6. Do you miss high school? I didn’t get to go to high school because I was homeschooled. I do miss some things about being a teenager, like a fast metabolism and unbounded creativity, but other than spending all my time writing stories and getting excited about fandoms (LotR and Star Wars) my adolescence was largely a non-event. I often wish that I had gone to highschool because I feel utterly lost when I try to write stories with teenage characters. The closest experience I had was a drama group of other homeschooled kids… we met once a week from February to May in order to travel around to libraries and schools putting on plays and it was the most social I’d ever been in my life up to that point.
7. If you could travel in time, would you do it? Why? Where? I don’t know. I read a Cracked.com article about all the ways time travel would be horrible because I’m a woman (ie time travel only works if you’re a white male otherwise you’re going to have a bad time) so that scared me off the idea a bit.
8. Do you have a word that makes you laugh? Bees!?
9. Which song reminds you of your childhood? Mexican Hat Dance, off the top of my head. Used to have it on cassette and my brother and I would spin around in circles to it. It was the only thing on the cassette.
10. Are you a morning person? No. Waking up is hard to do.
11. What’s your favorite legend? I don’t think I really have one? I’m not sure what constitutes a legend, though. Gosh what a bad answer.

Alright now to write some questions:

1. When/why did you join Tumblr?

2. Do you do anything artsy-craftsy?

3. How many pets have you owned and what were their names?

4. What’s the angriest you’ve ever been? What happened?

5. Do you have a job? What is it?

6. What’s your opinion on mismatched socks?

7. Dragons or unicorns?

8. Who is your favorite fictional character of all time?

9. Have you ever feared for your life?

10. What’s the apprx. population of the place where you live?

11. I don’t know I’m tired. Bees?

Wow I suck at this. That was really hard… I wanted to come up with good questions but at one point I had to give up and move on.

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I think you’re just supposed to answer the 11 questions I wrote but you do you. Eat trash. Be free.