Where We Came From | Cloud + Daniella

After sending a quick text in reply to Cloud, Daniella grabbed her backpack and granted herself a glance in the mirror. Home. She hadn’t been home for quite some time– the last time was when her younger sister Daniese got sick and she had to take care of the girl. Sighing, Daniella shook her head. She had been so out of it lately. Finally, she walked out of her dorm, locking it before half-running to where she would meet her road trip partner. “Get yourself together, Vera.” Daniella mumbled to herself as she collapsed on to one of the benches, hugging her backpack to her chest. “Get yourself together." 

“Climb the mountain, swim for shore
Bring it back to how it was before
Take it out, blow it up
Ignite the memory in between us
Through the storm and all the dust
Take it out of these walls with a cannonball
But don’t let it go, don’t give up the ghost
While staring at the moon and the sun
Just trying to remember where we came from.”


Where We Came From- Phillip Phillips

“climb the mountain,
swim for shore,
bring it back to how it was before”