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Do you have any advice for when you realize that your story is complete and utter crap and the characters are stupid and the plot is full of holes that you can't fix without changing the whole thing and you don't know how to describe anything without sounding either overly simplistic or knock-off Shakespearean and everything is a mess and no one's ever gonna like it?

Woa there my friend, take it easy on yourself.

First off, chill. Take deep breaths, inhale, hold, exhale. Repeat three more times. There. Now get ready for the answer you probably don’t want to read.

The only person who, right now, gives a fuck about the story is you. No one else does, no one is waiting for that book to be in bookshelves, or to be shipped to their homes, there’s no one waiting for their book to be signed by you. There’s no one standing between the story and the rest of the world, except you. You are the only one who’s depriving yourself from writing. The only one who thinks and believes your story is complete and utter crap. You are the only one judging it, no one else is.

Have an honest conversation with yourself, do you really want to feel this bad about your story every single time you sit to write it? Do you really want to burn your neurons trying it to fix it?

People will come up with different advices: take a walk, go to the beach, go to the forest, connect with yourself, watch a movie, listen to your favorite music, play a video game, write your thoughts, write short stories, do character charts, set yourself on fire (please don’t do this), plan the story, read different writing blogs, eat ice cream, go to the moon, count the grains of sand, pet your dog, carry a notebook wherever you go, talk only using lines from the godfather, and so on. But the only thing you need to do is being honest, with yourself and with your story.

Writing is a slow process, you go from A to B by using the longest and tiring, but useful road. Seriously, you don’t get better by writing only 500 words, you get better by writing 500 words every day (or less, is different for everyone).You get better because even when you know you suck, you keep trying, if you don’t like something don’t scratch the surface, aim to its core and change it from there.

Find your own style without criticizing it first. Write, let it rest, edit. Don’t mix the steps. If you need a whole notebook to organize the story then use a whole fucking notebook. Don’t force yourself to do things you don’t want to do, specially when it comes to writing.

Yes, you’ll suck, we all do. You’ll face criticism, we all do. You won’t like what you write, welcome aboard. You are not the only one with these thoughts, some people overcome them, some others give up, but whatever you choose, let it be an honest decision to yourself, no one has the right to judge you for staying or leaving.

So, my advice: Don’t over stress for something you have complete and utter control over. This is your story, choose if you want to write it or not, if you choose to write it, know it’ll be a constant struggle, if you choose not to write it, it’s okay, there’s always something else waiting to be done and it can be the right thing for you. And if you choose to write don’t lose yourself into it.


Soulmate AU! Wen Junhui

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Anything you write on yourself appears on your soulmate as well. Does that apply to tattoos as well?

  • Ever since you were young, you were fascinated with art
  • Meaning you would draw on anything you could get your hands on
  • This includes your body
  • One day in reply to one of your drawings you watched as careful strokes you would soon come to know as chinese appeared on your hand: 漂亮
  • With the help of Google Translate you were able to make out the word pretty
  • Beaming you continued drawing pieces for your soulmate.
  • It also lead to you learning Chinese so you guys could communicate more effectively
  • But back to main purpose of the au
  • You continued drawing throughout your school years.
  • Your skills were improving
  • A few times you even got featured in art expos
  • Your drawings seemed to make Jun happy so you tried to draw something for him everyday
  • Somedays the art would be little doodles and other days there would be elaborate pieces that took up your whole arm, thigh, leg, whatever
  • Sometimes you would sit one place and draw the scenery and people (sometimes caricatures) there
  • Senior year is coming up and you’re trying to decide what to major in
  • You have been thinking about art schools, but your parents strongly object and try to get you to pick something easier to find a job for, like STEM
  • Jun is pushing for you to become an art major because he feels as though it would make you happy
  • And that’s all that matters in the end right?
  • You eventually decided that art was what you wanted to do so you began to talk with your art teacher about art schools
  • With their help you were able to get a scholarship to SCAD
  • You chose to attend their university in Hong Kong
  • You were so happy when you told Jun about your scholarship
  • He had good news as well
  • He told you about how his group, Seventeen, just debuted
  • While this was a moment to celebrate for the both of you, it brought restrictions about as well
  • His debut meant that you were not allowed to draw in visible places as much, especially when he was filming for  music, videos, promotions, etc, and when he had concerts or award shows
  • He let you know when and when you were not able to draw freely
  • Which seemed to be very seldom
  • You drew wherever else you could
  • Eventually you started University
  • You loved your new environment and learning about the different techniques and everything, but then the projects hit
  • You go through so many projects and slowly you feel yourself losing inspiration  and falling into a  bit of a rut
  • Jun instantly notices and spends days to get you inspired
  • You’ve just lost all hope at this point and won’t even begin your seven other projects even though your scholarship rests on them
  • Jun won’t give up on you or your art though
  • So in hopes of inspiring you he begins to tell you about some of China’s legends
  • The legends peak your interest and suddenly you want to experiment with them
  • One that really catches your interest is the Red String of Fate
  • It becomes a prevalent theme in your art
  • You find some way to include it in every new piece
  • You even begin to like it so much that you even think about getting it as a tattoo
  • You had been drawing designs for the tattoo recently trying to figure out how you wanted it to look
  • You go about getting it right after exams
  • The tattoo is a simple red line that is wrapped around your pinky and tied into a bow that goes down and wraps around your wrist multiple times.
  • You are so inlove with the tattoo and what it means for you
  • Meanwhile in Korea, Jun notices that the tattoo appears on him as well, except he does not realize it is a tattoo
  • He just thinks it’s one of your doodles
  • So he’s just like glad you finally got some inspiration and are making progress
  • That is until a few days pass and it’s not gone
  • So he writes you like, “um [Y/N]? What is the red string of fate still here for? I have an interview in a few hours?
  • Which confuses you because you haven’t drawn anything that day
  • Jun what are you talking about I didn’t draw anything today
  • Obviously you did or it wouldn’t be on my hand
  • Then realization hits
  • Fuck! The Tattoo?!
  • The tattoo?! You mean permanent? Tattoos are a taboo here [y/n]! Shit what am I gonna do?
  • Calm down and see if you can cover it with make up
  • He couldn’t
  • You’re worried and he’s worried
  • You don’t want pledis to punish him so you’re like get me on skype with your manager
  • You explain to them your rash decision and ignorance on the fact that tattoos show up on your soulmate as well
  • So Pledis is like “Shit! Okay we can work with that! Jun your soulmate is to be revealed. We will have to say that they are from a place where tattoos are not common and what not”
  • So he does
  • And his fanbase eats it up.
  • The fans are both happy and sad
  • They are sad because they are not his soulmate
  • But happy because he has one

Get Fit with The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Pack!

Fitness Simmers rejoice; The Sims™ 4 Fitness Stuff* is arriving on June 20th, and it’s all about embodying a more active lifestyle.

Soon, your athletically inclined Sims, or those just looking for a reason to get off the sofa, can take on a new challenge with the rock climbing treadmill. Yep, you read that right, a rock climbing treadmill! This new piece of equipment will give your Sim an intense workout that allows them to lose weight, while simultaneously building muscle. As your Sim becomes more experienced at bouldering, they can attempt increasingly difficult climbs, as well as compete against others to set high scores.

Is the rock climbing treadmill a bit daunting for your clumsy Sim? No worries! Sims can now enjoy new workout videos with your choice of exercise routine to make them sweat at their local gym, or from the comfort and privacy of their own home. If building is more your thing, you can also revamp the local gym or build out a fitness studio with nature-inspired objects and décor that will fill your Sim with vigor.

Looking to hit the gym but don’t want to be distracted by the locals? Pop in the brand new earbuds and crank the music to get your Sim in a muscle-burning mood. These versatile earbuds go wherever your Sim goes, without disturbing other Sims in your vicinity. But what about when you get home and want to relax after an energetic work out? We’ve got you covered. There are new objects available to make your Sim’s home a relaxing sanctuary, including a set of items for your bathroom to make it the perfect place for a post-workout soak.

Half the appeal of working out is wearing chic fitness apparel; you want to be the envy of your fellow gym rats after all. Enjoy a collection of vibrant athleisure apparel that will inspire motion, and motivate your Sim to strut around town. Just because you may have skipped leg day doesn’t mean you can’t show off those trendy new yoga pants!

For Sims looking to add a new workout to their regimen, or those just seeking a gateway to getting healthy, there’s plenty in The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff to give you a complete workout when it launches June 20th.

Earbuds! That is freaking awesome. I bought Bragi’s in March (RL) and had mp3′s on my TS4 wish list earlier. (remember the one’s in TS2?) ♥

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Can you do a DEH hc for the 3 boys with what type of car they would drive and how they would drive?


-Evan is behind on driving

-Getting his permit was easy, but actually driving was a different story

-His mom was rarely around to drive with him, and when she was, he didn’t want to drive or got too anxious to do so

-He slowly but surely does, and gets his license! Shortly after, he gets this cute little used blue Saturn. 

-Evan named her Sally, after Sally Jackson (but often calls her “Sal”)

-He’s so careful when he drives and tries to stay exactly at the speed limit

-Jared always complains that he’s driving wayyyy too slow

-Likes to play light music that’s soft and catchy because it relaxes him, but once he gets more comfortable he sings along and the music becomes more upbeat

-Literally will not start the car until every passenger has a seatbelt on (this is the biggest problem when he drives with Connor. He whines about it.)

-Hates getting Sal dirty, and will clean her ASAP if she does


-His mother isn’t happy when he drives because boi is reckless. 

-He likes walking a lot, but sometimes a drive is just what he needs

-Though his family could “afford a lot nicer”, as Zoe put it, Connie had his heart set on this black jeep. Ya know, the ones you can take the roof off of. 

-He calls her Rita. Couldn’t tell you why, but he loves the name 

-Speeds. Often. Most of the time, he doesn’t even realize it.

-Likes his hair blowing in the wind (anyone driving with him is automatically concerned because “It’s blowing in his face!! Can he even see?!?!”)

-Either has music blasting or dead silence. There’s rarely an in between

-Has gotten into multiple races with people on the highway

-Flips people off when they do him wrong


-Was excited to be able to drive around whenever he wanted and go wherever he wanted

-Except he only really leaves to go to school, to errands, or get food most of the time

-Either way, he loves his little red Ford (deemed Ruby)

-Everyone is always surprised when they drive with him the first time. He’s actually a pretty safe driver

-He speeds and everything sometimes, but all in all, not half as bad as people assume

-His music is always something you can sing along to, and there are actual videos on Zoe’s phone of Jared rapping Ice Ice Baby as he drives 

-Plays the Shrek soundtrack at least once a week. Not just ironically, but bc like, it’s a good track

-Every time he gets out of the car, he silently thanks Ruby and pats the hood. He knows she’s worth all the car insurance in the world


Ashton Fletcher Irwin. Born July 7th, 1994. Hornsby, Australia. 23 years old. 23. Wait, 23!? Oh yeah! No, I didn’t forget. The whole fam remembered I’m sure. Today’s your 23rd birthday. So uh happy womb evicting day! How’s it feel to be an adult? I mean, technically (and legally) you’ve been an adult for the past four-ish years of your life, but let’s be honest, you never acted your age. But! That’s not a bad thing. Who likes serious and stone faced people? I don’t. One of the many things that makes you a great person and a pretty cool dude. And so, thought I’d make a little list of why we think you’re that cool dude 😎 Even the fans who came into the 5SOS fam recently, I’m sure can already feel your love. I know when I first did, around a year ago, I did almost right away. And the part of the 5sosfam that’s been around since the early pink speaker days can probably say they’ve never felt more loved by someone without speaking to them regularly or even never meeting them in person. The point is, no matter when we joined the fam, 2012, 2014, or 2017; or wherever we are, whether it be two blocks down from where you live, or thousands of miles away, we can all feel your love and how you genuinely care for the fans. Thanks for that buddy. And well, we wanna try our hardest to show you our love for you, so we put this together. Love you 💖 Your musical abilities. Jesus Christ, you’re amazing. When watching you perform, either live, or through low quality YouTube videos, the energy in you radiates through wherever you’re playing. Personally, I always listen to the rhythm you have going on in the background of any song because of how gosh darn good it is. Now, you’re known mainly for your drumming, but boy, you can sing (and play guitar and piano and who knows what else you’ve been hiding under your bed). Like, I think we all die a tad bit inside when we hear you sing, whether it be a solo or your vocals. The amount of energy and passion you put into your drums and singing shows how much you enjoy what you do, you don’t just do it ‘cause it’s what people want from you. You do it because you just plain love doing it. You’ve inspired so many people to pick up an instrument and let it take them places. (You’re songwriting is also really damn amazing 😜) We all go through difficult times at some point in our lives. Some almost too often, others once every few months or more, but still difficult enough to almost want to quit. You’ve showed us not to give up, that we’re here for a reason and that we matter. If we feel we aren’t loved, you come in and show us otherwise. Whether it be something you say through a small video or a tweet, or even just your actions. You’re a perfect example of just holding on no matter how hard and how unbearable the emotional or physical pain is, for each and every one of us. You’ve taught us that we can make it through and that it will all get better eventually. And since you’re the one always helping us get through hard times, we want you to know that we’ll always be there for you and we’ll try our hardest to make you get all our love somehow, no matter what. This is is so much shorter than what I wanted it to be, but I procrastinate way too much and couldn’t add as much as I wanted. So, now I’m just gonna make a list of all the other little things we all love about you. I also asked some friends to share some of their favorite pictures of you so… they’re all up there somewhere😁 •Your hair. Ash, your hair is just so curly and looks so soft like wtf. I wouldn’t be surprised if any guy is jealous of the beauty of it 😜Even I’m jealous, and I’m a girl. •Your eyes. Oh my god. The color of them is so bright and just so pretty. They can sometimes seem like a light light brown, other times green and just shbsnsnsk i love them so much. •Your many laughs and giggles. Do I even need to explain why we love your different laughs?? You can literally go from a super high pitched giggle to an evil laugh. Fucking love that about you 😂 •Your sassy side. I was actually surprised when I first saw this side of you. You can burn someone bad, but still do it while being your silly goofy self. (Also, your savage tweets…👌🏽) • Your dimples. I have only one thing to say. Your dimples need names. • Your tattoos. All amazingly beautiful. I honestly sometimes forget you have one in the back of your neck (we don’t get very many shots of your neck 😂) but when I remember, I cry a little. There is so much of you that I haven’t covered here. This list would be extremely long if i tried to list everything. But, the point of this all was just to let you know that we love you tremendously. You’ve changed our lives so much (in the best way) and I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate it. I hope you had an amazing day today surrounded by your loved ones, and that you have many more birthdays to come in your future. Remember that we’re all here for you, and we hope that you always find your way to happiness. Thanks for being a big part of our lives and an even bigger inspiration for many of us. Again, happy birthday, and congrats on another year living on Earth. Can’t wait for your birthday next year 😜 Lots of love, Ana (me) and the 5sosfam ❤️❤️

Honest Titles of OneRepublic Music Videos

 Apologize: The Everyday Life of An Introvert

Stop And Stare: Man Clones Himself to Run Himself Over

Say (All I Need): The Kind of Artsy Video People on Tumblr Like

Mercy: The Tree on the Flag THE TREE ON THE FLAG

All The Right Moves: I Would Give More Than Spare Change If OneRepublic Played a Gig at My Party

Secrets: The Napkin™

Marchin On: Low Key Beats Headphones Product Placement

Good Life: The Grainy Quality I Can’t Do This Anymore

Feel Again: The Kind of Artsy Video People on Tumblr Like, Part 2

If I Lose Myself: I Don’t Like Graffiti Except If It’s Native Graffiti

Counting Stars: How Did This Reach One Billion Views

Something I Need: *Band’s Name Spelled “One Republic” in the Opening Shot* *Dies Dramatically*

Love Runs Out: Is That Betty White? ft. Garbage Bags

I Lived: *Sniffles* I’m Not Crying No You Do Not See Me Crying What Are You Talking About

Wherever I Go: A Speculative Fiction About What Happens When the Teacher Leaves the Classroom

Kids: Logistically There Is No Way This Was Filmed In One Shot

Let’s Hurt Tonight: New York City Tourism Company Is Not A Sponsor™
(trans.) [Day6 Magazine] Every Day6 September

(Note: For the sake of the length of this post, photos from the original post are not included, and I put all translated text under the cut so that it won’t be annoying for other users. All text in italics and brackets, signposted with ‘TN’ means Translator’s Notes i.e. my notes. This took a lot of time and I had to keep myself entertained. Feel free to delete them when reblogging, but please ask before you post this anywhere else! Also note that I did not sub the WriteUps as those are videos and are also available on Vapp. For the Prologue and Epilogue, I tried to maintain the poetic nature of the writing as much as possible, especially because it was so beautiful in Korean. Please message me if you spot any mistakes or if you think something can be translated more accurately.)

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I know you wont see this but , wherever you are in the world right now , Im still going to wish that you have most amazing day and night too. I hope 2018 has been good so far for you. I really miss you more than alot , thank you for always being so incredible, I cant wait to see the End Game music video , I love you💕…


Honestly, I don’t know a great deal about weddings. I have been to several but I mostly just focus on the food. So I hope this okay!


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  • He doesn’t really have an ideal wedding in mind 
  • Because he’d be happy with whatever his significant other wants
  • He would demand that he’s in charge of making the wedding cake
  • He’d really want Yukio to be his best man
  • But only because Kuro can’t.’
  • And tells the Kyoto trio that they have to wear bridesmaid dresses


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  • He would want his wedding to be traditional based on wherever his significant other is from
  • He’d want the first dance to start of really slow and adorable first dance
  • And then the music changes to something stupid like ‘I like big butts’
  • You know? Like those cute couple videos that are going round I hope you know what I mean 
  • He’d want the ‘traditional wedding night’ too
  • If that was what they wanted too


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  • He would want a traditional Japanese wedding 
  • And only invite close friends and those he thinks as family 
  • Because he’s already super nervous
  • Lots of blushing and crying
  • Needs someone to follow him around with a box of tissues because he would probably cry at any moment
  • He’d want Bon to be his best man


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  • He would probably want a traditional Japanese wedding too 
  • Or whatever his significant others traditional wedding is
  • He would want need  everything to be absolutely perfect
  • Makes sure that Rin is kept away from any microphones because he’d probably give some weird embarrassing speech
  • He’d want to write his own vows and they’d be beautiful 
  • Probably wrote them the day he knew he loved you


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  • She’d want to get married in some beautiful garden 
  • Only invites close friends and family because she’s super nervous 
  • But it’s mostly because she wants to share this wonderful moment with the people she loves
  • She would want Izumo to be her maid of honor
  • Even though Izumo didn’t agree to it 
  • Probably wants everything to be flower themed


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  • She wouldn’t want to invite anyone at all 
  • Probably suggests that you elope
  • But if her significant other really wanted to invite people she would eventually agree
  • She’s really good at planning the wedding 
  • And great at bossing people around
  • Paku would be her maid of honor
  • Ideally her sister would be there too 

Bonus: All of them would definitely ask Rin to do the catering.

Unexpected Upload (Simon Request)

“So who exactly are these guys?” You ask your younger brother again, still unsure as to where you were taking him for the next two days.
You had bought him tickets to an event called ‘Upload’ that he had been going on about for months. It was a treat really since you no longer lived at home and wanted to make sure you spent plenty of time with him, doing things he actually enjoyed even if you wouldn’t.
“They’re YouTubers” He repeats, “They make lots of videos, mainly gaming and they’ve made their own event”
“Alright” You chuckle, “Just take me wherever you want to go then”
“Thanks (y/n)” He grins and you continue the car journey, listening to one of the YouTubers music he had on his phone. Someone called KSI or something like that. You should probably learn more about this…
~~~Time Skip~~~
You get to the building early so you are waiting outside because he had to get to the merch as quickly as possible.
You already felt out of place. People were wearing ‘sidemen’ tops all around you, including your brother who wore a hoodie you had previously bought. However, he was really hoping to get their new tracksuits which you would of course pay for, no matter how much he protested
And then the doors opened, you displayed your VIP tickets to the receptionist and followed your brother through the main doors, already seeing his face light up.
“This way!” He grins.
“How do you know where you’re going?” You laugh, following him quickly.
“I watched Josh’s and Vikk’s vlogs” He says and the names really mean nothing to you. They could be anybody.
After many corners and different rooms flashing past, you reach one big section where he heads straight in and you recognise a lot of merchandise being sold.
“Oh my god that’s Simon” He mutters to you.
“Who?” You frown and notice that you are actually the first two in here.
“Hey! What can I help you with?” The boy, now known as Simon, grins and you can see how excited your brother secretly is.
Your brother chats to him for a while before one of the other workers goes to find the correct tracksuit for him, leaving you and Simon.
“So are you not getting anything then?” He questions.
“Can’t really say this is my scene” You chuckle, “I’m here because my brother loves all of you guys”
“Well its always good to meet the fans” He jokes
“You never know, I might be here by myself next year” You smile and make him laugh.
At this moment, you notice his features more. His prominent eyes and his adorable dimples. His messy hair. Though your brother soon returns with the right one and you hand over the money to pay.
“I’ll maybe see you again then guys” Simon grins and you and your brother head out through the now swarming crowd
You and your brother go exploring through the building until he knows it is time for his meetup with all of ‘the sidemen’
The pair of you queue late, his idea being that you could spend more time with them and you end up being right at the back of the line.
It goes pretty quickly, both of you chatting until you realise how close you are.
“Heyyy its our biggest fan!” Simon cheers when it is finally your turn.
“Of course, wouldn’t miss this for the world guys” You smile, “Nice to meet you all”
“Yeah you too!” One of the smaller of the group grins and begins chatting to your brother.
“I think I’m starting to feel comfortable here” You comment, “I never want to leave”
The boys laugh and you smile, actually starting to like these guys.
You take the photo of your brother and the guys and hand him back his phone.
“Isn’t it your turn now?” One of them questions.
“I don’t even know your names and you’re already asking for a photo?” You gasp, “I’m appalled”
“Tobi, JJ, Josh, Harry, Ethan, Vikk and Simon” Simon goes down the line until he reaches himself, “Now how about that photo?”
You roll your eyes and JJ takes the phone to get you all in for a selfie.
“Dude we’re gonna be late” Vikk gasps, hitting Simon on the arm.
“Oh shit” The tall blonde mumbles, “Umm I’ll see you later maybe?”
“Love to” You chuckle and as they walk out you see Tobi hit Simons arm and comment something to him.
“So is she gonna be your babygirl now? You’re making it way too obvious you like her” He laughs and the boy glares at him.
“Where to now?” You ask your brother, suddenly feeling a hint of red on your cheeks.
You and him go to watch the panel, allowing him to take the seat in the front section whilst you stood to the side.
The guys are announced to walk onto the stage and the crowd completely erupts. You’re too occupied to even see them come round behind you until Simon taps your shoulder as they do and you turn to see him grinning right back at you
And after hearing what his friend had said earlier, you can’t help but blush yet again. ‘Stop being so stupid’ you think to yourself and are suddenly thankful for the dark lighting of the room.
As the panel kicks off, you begin actually listening to what they are about to say. Especially when Josh says something very particular.
“Sorry if Simon seems a little distracted, he’s got a few things on his mind” The oldest wiggles his brows.
“Ohh shut up” The blonde rolls his eyes, evidently kicking him under the table
You notice his eyes flit towards yours, in a split second your eyes latch onto one another’s. Though he soon turns away to continue with his panel, and as Josh said, he seemed a little preoccupied.
The panel ended well and the boys all headed out, Simon’s eyes finding yours once again and a smile spreading onto his lips. You couldn’t help but blush more than you ever had before…
(Thought I’d post this now as its quite close to Upload! Enjoy x)

20 Fun Facts About Jay Park 😍

Found this somewhere on the internet. Thought it was interesting! 😉 😊

  1. Jay’s favorite color is actually blue, not pink. LOL!
  2. Jay’s favorite type of cereal is Lucky Charms.
  3. Jay Park’s blood type is A.  In Japan, people with type A blood are considered the most artistic of all the blood types.
  4. In 2009, Jay Park interviewed Lady Gaga on Mnet.
  5. Jay Park does visits a lot of his fancafes and  reads what the fans have to say.  He said on his gallery (DC gall) there’s a lot of rough language, but he thinks the swearing and x-rated comments are fun (and the smutwalkerz go wild).
  6. Jay wishes he could be better at singing, but he does consider himself a dancer more than anything else.
  7. Jay has said he’d like to work with Big Bang’s Taeyang.  He said this is because Taeyang’s music is very close to what he really likes (R&B).
  8. A lot of the clothes Jay wears are gifts from his fans.
  9. In a segment of Soompi’s “Jay Park After Dark” Jay said his favorite track from the Take a Deeper Look album was “Can’t Live Without You” (my fave too actually ^v^).
  10. Jay started break dancing in high school; he joined AOM in 2003.
  11. On the last episode of 2PM’s Idol Army, as the top member Jay won 70 GB of porn on DVD.
  12. Back in 2010 as part of a contest, Jay Park called one of his fans.  You can see the video here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qd-gs3uMXh8&feature=grec_index
  13. Jay says he’d gladly go to any country that wants him.  He expressed wanting to do lots of shows in the US, Canada, and Australia.  He also wants to go to Brazil, but he says he’s “down to go wherever.”
  14. The running time on Youtube for Jay Park’s “Abandoned” music video is coincidentally 4:25, just like his birthday.
  15.  Jay is confident he will debut in America within the next two years.
  16. Jay thinks it’d be fun to pull a prank on his girlfriend to propose to her.  He talked about something he saw on TV where a couple was pulled over by a cop, but it was set up for the man to propose.
  17. Jay doesn’t watch dramas.  “I’m not a dramatic type of guy.”
  18. Jay says that his ideal type of girl always changes but he’s consistent with saying a girl “who’s fun, and chill, who doesn’t try to hard to look good and be all girly.“  He also says he likes a girl with a nice smile :)
  19. When asked who his favorite Korean girl group is, Jay once said KARA, but it appears to have changed to 2ne1 lately.
  20. Jay wants to be married within the next ten years and maybe have a kid.

anonymous asked:

How do you stay so positive?

HA. Okay. Oh boy, you chose the worst year for me to ask this question. I saw this message ages ago, but finally decided to take a stab at answering this. I’m going to give you one heck of a read. So here’s the short answer: SLEEP (get proper quality sleep). Eat well (don’t “forget” to eat). Exercise regularly (I recently got into fitness kickboxing…I recommend even though I’m sore…very sore). Deep, long breaths. Good music. Dance it out. Count blessings. Don’t take things or life so seriously…just go with the flow, be present, fully present wherever you are. Don’t dwell. Write. Adult coloring books. Funny YouTube videos. Read inspirational and motivational quotes. Books. Reaching out to those you trust and talking. Reaching out to strangers, say hello and help them, tell them they matter, that they’re intelligent, witty, etc. Smile, smile, smile like you mean it (or fake it til you make it-not telling you to repress your feelings though). Forcing a smile actually decreases stress apparently?!?!?

Now here’s the longggwinded response: I stay positive by reminding myself that all things are temporary. Yes, all things. No matter how things seem to be dragging on since I was a baby, no matter how tough things are now, how much I abhor this feeling of hopelessness at times and letting it get the best of me–allowing it to dominate me and upset me at any moment. YES. I go through it every. single. day. Do I feel bad for myself? Yeah, sometimes I pity myself so much…but what’s the good in that, right? I cry when thinking how much I’m harming my body, the one that tries so hard to keep me alive, the one that just wants to keep me going, how I’m throwing years of my life away at being upset, bitter, and unable to enjoy life fully. I wonder how most people I know may think I’m getting on more than okay, that I have everything, when in fact, I am battling more than you could ever imagine. The battle to see the good in the bad (like the Orlando Shooting incident- look at the dozens of doctors who showed up 2, 3 a.m. when they weren’t supposed to work to help out). I know everything is a matter of perspective and I’m trying to accept myself, do more for myself and love myself–to give myself the life I deserve. Things are temporary, because we only have this one short life to live. Or exist. I don’t want to merely exist, which is what I’ve been doing most of my life. And also something I realized later than I wanted to. I’m surely changing that right now. When we die, things all stop. The problems, the money, nothing will matter except how much and deeply you have loved, was loved, how gloriously you lived life and challenged yourself, learned, and grew as a person. I find comfort in knowing there are so many great little moments in life awaiting for me to experience or notice, like the blue-eyed baby on the train who smiled at me, the security guard downstairs work who remembered my name, or the lady at the store who gave me four band-aids for free when I couldn’t purchase the whole box and my shoes were bullying me. I am positive for the future me. The places I want to travel to. The stories I have yet to hear. The people I’ve yet to meet and have meaningful conversations with. I am positive that there will be good things. I stay positive by telling myself that I survived this long because I know things can and will get better if I try. I stay positive by doing something good for myself, like getting back into a good sleep schedule and exercising regularly (still am actively trying to maintain because it is SO IMPORTANT, I’m not even kidding. One night of good sleep does wonders. Imagine that almost every single day). I stay positive by telling myself that I am worth it, that I am indeed a beautiful soul like the ones who truly love me tell me. I am important to people. I make people smile. I have an impact in this world. I will continue leaving imprints and making a difference. I stay positive that I can change tomorrow if I’m not happy with how today went. If things are beyond my control, I have to let it go and learn to live with not controlling that because it’s not up to me. It’s not always my fault. I take long, deep breaths to calm down (they really calm me down in fits of rage). Count my blessings instead of my stressors for a minute or two. I stay positive because attitude is the center of life. Change how I react to things and maybe, just maybe, there’s a new perspective or new solutions and ideas. I stay positive the best I can and feel good when I’m able to help solve problems. I write. I tell someone I trust wholly. I sing. I come to this blog. Inspiring others, giving them hope, encouraging and spreading happiness is what I love doing. So I visit and post here and feel tons better. Little moments. Life is all little moments stringed together. I stay positive for the little girl who demands and deserves happiness. I stay positive for the people who genuinely care about my well-being and happiness (I cannot thank these people enough…ever and all of you here for being nothing short of sweet and supportive). I do it for all these reasons. Yes, I’m currently bombed with stress from all aspects of life- work, relationships, family, friends–you name it. It’s aggravating. It’s upsetting to see how many people take their anger out on others, not knowing how awful they may have it as well. It’s selfish, uncalled for, and really unnecessary. I stay positive because I still believe. I still hope. When I’m super down, I remind myself that I’m freaking awesome and a kind soul and I deserve better and I will get better. I won’t let myself fall or sink before I rise and I hope you all do the same.

anonymous asked:

can you do prompts about class differences between teenage friends?

i. at first
not being able to afford going out to dinner with them as much as you’d like (if at all). being too anxious to invite them over to your house. not knowing what to get them for their birthday/holidays. dinner with their family for the first time = stressful. not looking forward to hanging out with their other, equally rich friends.

ii. and then
they teach you how to drive stick-shift in their corvette which is prob. a bad idea. watching/dancing to the “hotline bling” music video in their home theater. vacationing with their family across the country or to europe or wherever. taking a bath in their parents’ bathtub. playing tennis in their backyard. 

concert tips for all you 13 year olds attending frank’s shows who were apparently raised in the jungle
  • don’t scream gross shit at frank
  • just because he’s famous doesn’t mean he’s not a person
  • just because you’re obsessed with him doesn’t mean it’s not literal sexual harassment when you yell “FUCK ME” or “GET ME PREGNANT”
  • he doesn’t know who you are you may stalk him to the point where you know what he had for breakfast that morning but he has no fuckin clue who you are
  • don’t touch him don’t grope him don’t overstep your fucking boundaries because it’s creepy and once again pretty much sexual harassment
  • especially bc frank has serious issues with people touching him
  • respect the fucking opening acts
  • seriously they are just as talented as frank. if frank can respect them so can you
  • it’s not an mcr show. it’s frnkiero andthe cellabration and if you don’t want to respect the work he’s done then why are you even going
  • you have no more right to be there than anyone else
  • seriously. don’t cut in lines, don’t shove people out of the way so you can get to the front (because the people at the barrier probably waited in line for hours), respect everyone there and be friendly.
  • try to actually enjoy the show. you’re there for the music, not to record videos of Frank Iero
  • i am going to fly out to wherever you live and vomit all over you if you do any of this

I’m going to send a suggestion to Welcome to Night Vale that they closed caption their announcement/special feature videos but in the meantime, here’s a transcript of the special announcement posted on their new YouTube channel yesterday:

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Music Movies = Podcast

Fellow Jellybeans-

After mulling over what to do with Music Movies since it’s infant-fueled hiatus some 2 years ago, I’ve decided that the show will return, albeit in a slightly less… visual format than you’ve been accustomed too.

The decision to change over to a podcast format was borne from three fundamental truths I learned at the exact same time:

  1. Making videos in today’s economic/political climate is just not the giggle it was 6 years ago. It’s not worth the headache nor hassle to spend 5 days producing a video series only to enter into a protracted hosting/copyright battle.
  2. The freedom of jettisoning the need for visuals opens up the avenues to talk about musical mediums other than movies/tv. Stage, screen, indie, off-broadway, and recordings are all equal to the ear canals.
  3. You can take your podcast fix with you wherever you go. We’re going mobile ya’ll, and living in Los Angeles has taught me (very quickly) the value of in-car entertainment.

I’m still very much in the planning stages and will likely record a tremendous backlog of episodes before releasing anything for consistency’s sake. Between a toddler, my career, and freelance work, by schedule isn’t what one would call “sane”.

I’m not even sure if I’ll keep the title “Music Movies”, but we’ve already got that brand recognition in internet land. I’m not in love with the title but we’ll see where brainstorming sessions lead us.

Expect some updates as we move forward as far as support and timelines, but just know it’s in the pipeline! I’m also considering a smaller podcast project about 90s gaming which would be nice and easy to release with visuals on YouTube, but that’s an afterthought.

Feedback and ideas are welcome, and we’ll see you on the chronostream, time jockeys.