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Bark! hose are all really cool question so do them all :3

Jeez ok lmao

🌜: Favourite song(s)?

Ballerina by Van Morrison and After The Flood by Talk Talk

🥓: Favourite movie(s)?

Fantastic Mr. Fox

🎱: Favourite TV show(s)?

Twin Peaks

💃: Height measurement?


🌎: Dream holiday location?

My boyfriend’s arms and wherever he wants to go 

🦑: Favourite weather?


🌈: Sexuality?

Pretty Gay

🐲: Favourite video game(s)?

The Metal Gear series, Fallout and The elder scrolls

👾: Any fandoms you part of?

The photography and music fandom lmao (mayybe the furry)

💩: Biggest fear(s)?


👽: Favourite book/comic(s)?


👑: Biggest idol?

Diane Arbus and Sally Mann

🙉: Tell me a secret?

My favorite soda is diet coke

🕸: Favourite food(s)?

Mac n cheese and a steak burrito smothered in queso 

💫: Single or taken?


💥: Ever got in a fight?

Multiple lmao 

🌵: Done any drugs?

Yeah, nothing crazy. I smoked weed a lot but stopped, I drink, I’ve done Vyvans lmao 

🦄: Got any talents?

I take decent photos

👅: Follow any religions or beliefs?


👻: Country you live in?


🤡: What are you currently wearing?

A tribe called quest low end theory shirt and black jeans

💲: Last thing you bought?


💯: Best gift you ever received?


⚜️: Name your 3 favourite tumblr blogs!

@globaloffensive @gudram @crocophile
🔮: Any paranormal experiences?

Not yet! I did see a UFO once though.

💻: Best pickup line?

I have none. I’m a dork. 
🐮: Favourite animal(s)?

A fox DUH
🌸: Speak any languages?


🐙: How long is your hair?

Kinda long in the back 

🍙: Selfie?

here I am lmao 

this is me from a few days ago with my brother’s pup, ronin.

161208 Solar’s Letter

“Hi^^ I am Solar ㅎㅎ

The reason that I feel like coming here after a long time? ㅎㅎ I came here just because I want to be serious when I always have been having fun little talks with Moomoos. I’m really glad to see Moomoos in videos or in person due to music activities with Décalcomanie. 

Before coming back, even when I could not sleep well, was tired and did not know what to do, I smiled like a proud mom when I saw Moomoos. Before I go on stage, when I see Moomoos who are sitting down and preparing for the fanchants, I, once tired, gain energy and laugh. Also thanks to Moomoos who support us whenever and wherever, I think more positively. 

Therefore, I came here since I feel grateful and want to tell you this ㅎㅎ I have talked too much and therefore cannot control my feelings, but the influence Moomoos have given us is really big. Thank you.

As I live longer, there are time that I feel weary, times that I feel sad, and during those times Moomoos, though you might not know, give me comfort directly through conversations, through comments. It’s still the same now.
So I feel sorry when I feel like I am the only one getting comfort.

I try to interact with Moomoos everyday, but since I’m tired sometimes, I say thank you whenever I get a chance to talk to Moomoos ㅎㅎ Although I always say it, this is really how I feel.

Now that I have really gotten closer to Moomoos, I want to look cute and pretty and be funny in front of Moomoos ㅋㅋㅋ I hope that Moomoos are always happy!!! Though I feel like I’m talking out of nothing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Anyways, Moomoos have worked hard in this winter for Décalcomanie. There would have been tiring times but thank you for fighting through it together, and let’s love and cherish each other like we do now and welcome 2017^^

I ………….. love you!!!!!” (trans)

I’ve found the entire soundtrack of BOTW all in one video and in a playlist if preferred (and not just 24 songs like I got on a CD from the special addition) that goes in relative order of the game itself (I know you can go wherever you want in the game, but…I like it in some sort of order…) and it’s really nice and relaxing and great for studying I’ve found :’)

Just thought I might share! (er, spoilers in track names of course)


Imagine you’re Happy Lowman’s girlfriend and a Tattoo Artist. 

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“Where are we going?” You asked shouting against the wind once that you passed the “Welcome to Charming” sign, bouquet in your hands, hiding it in your jacket, Happy’s instruction. Apparently, wherever you were going, they needed to be intact. He didn’t answered, motioning for you to shut up, enjoy and relax the ride. You haven’t forgive him for his asshole move, and he didn’t gave you an explanation, even thought you didn’t needed one; Club was first. It was something you’ve learned about Wendy and his new life as a reformed SAMCRO old lady.

The sun was burning your exposed skin and little drops of sweat were starting to slide down your body, like a bad 2009 hip hop music video or a sauna. Happy revved up his Harley when he got to an specific part of the road, the sign “Welcome to Bakersfield” showed in the distance. You arched an eyebrow but thought nothing of it; after all you’ve never been in Bakersfield before. When you entered the city, everyone was staring and you didn’t knew if it was because of the ink you two had as a couple of because everyone seemed to know Happy; and if he knew them back it wasn’t like he was going to show it. He parked the bike behind a tall brick wall building with several expensive cars parked as well. You got off the bike, removing your helmet with one hand and placing the bouquet on the seat of the bike. You saw how Happy removed his kutte and folded it neatly, wrapping it around his bike securely. You arched an eyebrow as he grabbed a snap back from the same storage in the bike and placed it on his head backwards. After that he grabbed the bouquet of flowers, started walking towards the back entrance of the building.

“That’s it? Where are we?” You asked, following him, taking big steps. He didn’t answered as he opened the door with one hand, showing you the place you were in. All white walls and clean smell, it was a hospital. Everyone was running around you and judging Happy’s steps, but you couldn’t give a fuck about that; You wanted to know why you were there, in the middle of an unknown city with your boyfriend who hasn’t speak to you in about 4 hours. Everyone seemed to recognize Happy and his heavy boots stomping around the quiet, small, decadent hospital. “Hap…” you said, tugging on his arm, making him stop. He turned around and looked down at you, serious expression on his face as he pushed a wide door open, with the legend “Especial Ward” on it.

There was a huge difference between the main ward and this one in particular. It was quiet and no one was running around, there were bunch of families sitting on small couches and people crying around. You took a deep breath and knocked on Happy’s back when he stopped suddenly. He opened a new door and actually got inside, one that read “R. Lowman.”

“Relax…” He instructed.

When you got into the room, you noticed the amazing resemblance of R. Lowman and Happy, besides the same last name. You also noticed the dry tulips the old lady had in her night table as the nurse kept supplying her with what you assumed were medicine. She was Happy’s relative, that was for sure. Happy wasted no time, throwing the dead flowers and replacing them with new born roses.  

“She has been sleeping very well…” The nurse said. Happy nodded, looking at the distracted woman reading on the bed. You stood behind everything opening the door for the nurse that went outside to continue her job. Happy sat down on the white couch and licked his lips, fixing his hat. He seemed nervous, a bit shaky.

“Roses today, Ma.” You snapped your eyes open as the old lady lowered her reading glasses and closed her bible on her lap, looking sat the beautiful bouquet. She smiled and nodded.

“I see.” She licked the dry out of her lips, and fixed her hair. The lady had olive sun kissed skin, with a rough feature that showed she was, indeed, Happy’s mother, but she had also wisdom in her eyes and her hands were elegant, and sweet. She seemed like someone you could trust.

“They say you’re sleeping good. That’s nice.” Happy said as he directed a look at you. He still had a stone cold look on his face but you noticed the change in his tone and on his touch.

“I’m glad you came…” R. Said. You learned later that her name was Rosa, maiden name Rodriguez, married name Lowman. “And you brought someone…” For a second you thought she couldn’t see you, but you were right there, all inked up wearing tight clothes in an all white environment. “That’s nice too, Happy.”

Happy froze for a few seconds before turning around and locking gazes with you. He go up, walking towards you and you felt the need to straighten your back and clean your jeans from the front. Rosa sat down straight and covered her mouth when you appeared in front of her. You placed a strand of hair behind your ear and smiled awkwardly at her. Usually, you never stood around a lot of time to meet someone’s parents so this was a big step. The ceiling fan kept turning slowly, agonizing as Happy cleared his throat.  “She’s (Y/N)…” Rosa nodded, trading looks between you and Happy. “She’s my girlfriend….”

It was unreal, having him saying those words in front of his mom and the look on her face was priceless, as well. Her eyes lighted up like stars in the darkest sky and his smile was teen feet wide as she closed her shaky and wrinkled hands on top of her chest, still sporting a wedding ring, old, faded and dusty but it was still there. “Your girlfriend?” She said as Happy nodded, looking down a bit ashamed. You cracked a smile and immediately covered your mouth. “Mijo, que buenas noticias! (Son, what a good news!)” She extended her arms and Happy leaned himself against her, suddenly feeling younger and vulnerable, hugging her mother. You felt a stranger, watching this moment, and you wanted to dissapear into the flower paint on the wall, be another object. “I’m Rosa…” She said, breaking the hug and smiling at you. “I’m Happy’s Mamma.”

“She knows.” Happy said, clearing his throat. You smiled and sat down on the nearest chair to the hospital bed. She smelled like sweet cinnamon and caramel, but too many medicine.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you…” You said softly as you shook her hand, but Rosa took yours and kept it tight wrapped around hers. It made your heart melt, someone so tender, unique, so sweet. “I’m (Y/N)…”

“I’m so glad he found someone…” Rosa looked at her son like he was the most precious diamond on earth. “And someone as beautiful as you…” Beautiful was definitely not an adjective most older woman would use to describe you. You blushed slightly as she pinched your cheeks. “You take good care of him.” You nodded, looking back at Happy and smiling.

“I will. You raised him good, Mamma Lowman…” All the rage and the anger that Happy managed to make you build was gone when his mom baby talked you. You spent two hours in the hospital, talking with your boyfriend’s mom. Happy paced around the room, he even slept a half an hour and watched old mexican cartoons. You had the most amazing conversation with Rosa; You found out she used to be a nurse back in Tacoma, where she met Happy’s dad, who she didn’t talked much about, rather than saying it was the love of her life. You noticed how Happy tensed and you figured out it was some other day conversation topic. She treated you amazingly and at the end of the day when the nurse came along, saying it was too late for visitors you felt melancholic having to leave.

“Come back soon. I think they will let me go out for a walk among the flowers, don’t you think, Cheryl?” Mamma Lowman asked her nurse. Cheryl nodded but she didn’t seemed quite convinced. “Goodbye Happy. You’ve been awfully quiet, mijo.”

“Just tired, ma. Don’t worry. I’ll be back next week…” He said leaning over and kissing  her mother’s forehead. You smiled at this sweet scene and waved Rosa goodbye, walking outside with Happy.

The hall now seemed incredibly short for all the things you wanted to say. But your boyfriend wasted no time. “Cancer.” He said abruptly, looking always forward. “In case you’re wondering…”

You almost gasped, as you looked down and bit your lip; feeling an outside to Happy’s life. Until he grabbed your hand, walking through the halls of the Special Ward of a Bakersfield hospital. He held your hand like couples do and you looked up. You wanted to say something meaningful and deep but it wasn’t your style, or your force. You gulped and squeezed his hand back, smiling softly.

Music Movies = Podcast

Fellow Jellybeans-

After mulling over what to do with Music Movies since it’s infant-fueled hiatus some 2 years ago, I’ve decided that the show will return, albeit in a slightly less… visual format than you’ve been accustomed too.

The decision to change over to a podcast format was borne from three fundamental truths I learned at the exact same time:

  1. Making videos in today’s economic/political climate is just not the giggle it was 6 years ago. It’s not worth the headache nor hassle to spend 5 days producing a video series only to enter into a protracted hosting/copyright battle.
  2. The freedom of jettisoning the need for visuals opens up the avenues to talk about musical mediums other than movies/tv. Stage, screen, indie, off-broadway, and recordings are all equal to the ear canals.
  3. You can take your podcast fix with you wherever you go. We’re going mobile ya’ll, and living in Los Angeles has taught me (very quickly) the value of in-car entertainment.

I’m still very much in the planning stages and will likely record a tremendous backlog of episodes before releasing anything for consistency’s sake. Between a toddler, my career, and freelance work, by schedule isn’t what one would call “sane”.

I’m not even sure if I’ll keep the title “Music Movies”, but we’ve already got that brand recognition in internet land. I’m not in love with the title but we’ll see where brainstorming sessions lead us.

Expect some updates as we move forward as far as support and timelines, but just know it’s in the pipeline! I’m also considering a smaller podcast project about 90s gaming which would be nice and easy to release with visuals on YouTube, but that’s an afterthought.

Feedback and ideas are welcome, and we’ll see you on the chronostream, time jockeys.

being completely invested in 5sos in a world where technology exists is a weird thing because it’s so much more than just listening to a band’s music. their social media posts, interviews, public appearances, tour videos, etc. are just general entertainment; like a tv show that airs 24/7. if you have a cell phone, you can literally take them and their antics with you wherever you go and you’re pretty much always updated. we’ve been watching these four characters develop for over five years now and we have no idea what’s going to happen next. it’s like….what’s tomorrow’s major plot twist in the world of 5sos going to be? i don’t know! neither do you! stay tuned to find out!