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love all around

Dear Anabela Gomes (a.k.a wherethefalloutlies),

Well to start off,I just want to say that I would call you right now if I could or perhaps walk to your house but you know I’m one heck of a scared little bitch so walking around in the middle of the night isnt my thing.However,I really do think I need to say a few things. By the way,I’m really sorry for my horrible writing technique.I would be more creative and fluent with my words if I could but it would still end up being a bunch of random shit. So,we just finished talking and all I have to say is:I love you. I mean this. From the bottom of my black little heart,I mean this more than words could ever say. Going back to June when we first started getting to REALLY know each other,I could have sworn you were such an amazing person. You were there for me when the one boy I thought I loved, left me completely broken. You were there everytime my home life wasn’t good. You were there everytime someone turned their back on me.You were there every single time I bitched,whined,cried,and fell apart. It was always you. I don’t think you can really grasp this,but to me you’re fucking beautiful and so much more.After all the damage and pain that so many low-lifes have inflicted upon you,you’ve still managed to remain so kindhearted,pure,and passionate. Don’t you ever and I mean this, EVER doubt that you’re not a good,beautiful person.You deserve the world,happiness,and everything good this universe has to offer.Thanks for saving my life,gorgeous.So long and goodnight