The Conjuring 2 [[[2016]]]



In 1977, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to London, England, where single mother Peggy Hodgson believes that something evil is in her home. When Peggy’s youngest daughter starts showing signs of demonic possession, Ed and Lorraine attempt to help the besieged girl, only to find themselves targeted by the malicious spirits.

Now You See Me 2 2016



One year after outwitting the FBI and winning the public’s adulation with their mind-bending spectacles, the Four Horsemen resurface in Now You See Me: The Second Act only to find themselves face to face with a new enemy who enlists them to pull off their most dangerous heist yet.

*a cackle is heard in the distance*


just thought I’d put this out there…

1. maya in girl meets father, teasing (flirting with) lucas, wearing a shirt with a rose on it
2. lucas putting a rose in maya’s mouth in girl meets father (hmm almost like he paid attention to what she likes…)
3. maya’s jacket in girl meets ski lodge part 2.

If roses are a lucaya thing then… damn.

another thing about the episode: when lucas and maya came down to see riley in the same clothes the next morning, they made a big deal about the fact that she hadn’t changed clothes while they all did. IMPORTANT.




  • Season 2 is set in 2019!
  • The killer’s color is different this season. It’s a completely new killer.
  • This year is more “sinister”
  • The Red Devil costume won’t be used this year
  • The hospital is a former asylum, though it’s not the one we saw at the end of season one
  • The show is more “relatable” this year
  • There is a NEW killer in season 2
  • Jamie has said that the season is set 3 years later
  • The show is “a lot less glamorous (but in a good way)." 
  • This season will deal with "female empowerment” and “equal female rights”
  • Ryan is already hinting about a third season!
  • This season is more “sexual and hotter”
  • Season 2 will feature a “drastic turn”
  • The cast were originally told that season 2 would be summer camp


  • “That’s the gag with the show. Everyone is inspiring to each other.” - Keke Palmer
  • The hardest scene to film was the heel in the eye scene for Lea
  • “It was seamless. We’re a week in and we’re all besties.” - Taylor Lautner
  • “As far as I know Hester isn’t the killer this year, but I think it would be hilarious if it was me!” - Lea Michele
  • Emma’s favorite Chanel insult is “idiot hookers”
  • The majority of the cast thought that Grace or Wes was the Red Devil killer in season 1!
  • “Every time I see a pair of earmuffs, I’m like I need them right now.” - Billie Lourd
  • “This is not an easy show to do. The people up here are brilliant.” - John Stamos 
  • Cecily Strong will visit the hospital this season!
  • Lea thinks both Hester Ulrich and Rachel Berry are “pretty badass”.


  • The Chanles are BROKE in season 2!
  • The Chanels are “sad” when we see them again. Cathy, suspiciously, “saves” them.
  • The Chanels will “try and hold onto” their own style in the hospital.
  • The Chanels find themselves in a skid row
  • The Chanels aren’t glamorous anymore, but they are trying to hold onto what they had
  • Chanel #3’s ear muffs are back, but this time… they’re for medical reasons.
  • Chanel #3 is only interested in the “hot meat” at the hospital
  • Chanel #5 is off her meds and is now “crazier than ever”


  • Hester will no longer have her “killer tendencies”
  • Hester has no neckbrace this year. She does have a “fancy” new “attachment”
  • Hester’s costume this year is “comfortable”
  • Hester is in a “unique place”. She is not with anyone else
  • Hester ends up visiting the hospital, according to Jamie Lee
  • When the premiere starts, we don’t know where Hester is!


  • Cathy hires Brock because he is “very hot”
  • Brock lost his hand in a Super Bowl party accident. 
  • He has someone else’s hand. The hand starts to “wander around” early in the season.
  • Brock’s attached hand belonged to a squash player, who murdered his opponents


  • Cathy became a “well known” person. She was on Oprah
  • The characters still address Cathy as “Dean Munsch”. 
  • “New-new feminism” will be Cathy’s rise to fame!


  • Zayday graduated college in a year and a half
  • Zayday is helping Cathy “save lives”.


  • It’s confirmed! Chad Radwell will be back during season 2!
  • Brock and Chad will shower together

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