IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. That’s right, it’s time for my annual follow forever/thanks for the feels post. These are the people that make tumblr worthwhile tbh. Follow them if you’re not already, and your life will greatly improve. Guaranteed*.

a,b,c - Amelia, Anique, Anna, Asha, Bailey, Brendon, Brittany, Brontë, Chelsea

d,e,f - Deborah, Dedi, E'lena, Emily, Emily, Enya

g,h,i - Gee, Hayley

j,k,l - Jade, Jessica, Jordan, Jordan, Kait, Kay, Keke, Kenny, Kim, Lara, Leila, Libby, Lorr

m,n,o - Maggie, Meg, Michele, Nana, Nicole, October

p,q,r - Rachel, Rags, Raine, Robyn

s,t,u - Sashi, Selene, Seven, Shauna, Shayla, Sydnee, tolkiened, Tony

v,w,x - Vic, Whitney

y,z - Zach, Zoe, Zoey

So it’s almost 4 am, I didn’t do much to this graphic because I’m tired and lazy but I like what I did and don’t be a jerk ok? >c

Here’s the people I will always follow, if your name isn’t up here, don’t be offended, I’m probably gonna re do this later.

1939andcounting || ashtrayb || bowlegs-and-shotguns || caesar-at-the-rubicon || callmeohana || catching-bullets-in-my-teeth || craigtuckersfootiepajamas || dicktouching || drardens || emness || faggotking || forrestbondurant || fuckingaloadedgun || herr-doctor || ilikemywinchestersbloody || indigo-pheonix || itsjustbennylafitte || kiss-my-bowtie || kitwalkr || lanieacklecki || mason-lloyd || megustaloki || mrchristianbale || needle-catwalk || needsdickliquish || onionchester || pringleshasmerrybooty || princessingrid09 || purrplekat1989 || ralphiolauren || saint-kitten || santacastiel || santaruby || shrantheman || starfirelily || tarantinoed || thechosenjuan || therenegadewhohaditmade || tomhardies || tremberale || ussawesome || wheresyourmoose || zeroi

Everybody on this list has affected my life, some more than others but I adore and love everybody on here. Please, consider following them because they are all amazing.