IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. That’s right, it’s time for my annual follow forever/thanks for the feels post. These are the people that make tumblr worthwhile tbh. Follow them if you’re not already, and your life will greatly improve. Guaranteed*.

a,b,c - Amelia, Anique, Anna, Asha, Bailey, Brendon, Brittany, Brontë, Chelsea

d,e,f - Deborah, Dedi, E'lena, Emily, Emily, Enya

g,h,i - Gee, Hayley

j,k,l - Jade, Jessica, Jordan, Jordan, Kait, Kay, Keke, Kenny, Kim, Lara, Leila, Libby, Lorr

m,n,o - Maggie, Meg, Michele, Nana, Nicole, October

p,q,r - Rachel, Rags, Raine, Robyn

s,t,u - Sashi, Selene, Seven, Shauna, Shayla, Sydnee, tolkiened, Tony

v,w,x - Vic, Whitney

y,z - Zach, Zoe, Zoey

anonymous asked:

First of all, I really love your blog! :) Which other blogs you could recommend for your followers?

Hello! I’m glad you approve of my selection of reblogs. (: Evidently, I am not creative enough to come up with original posts worthy of being published on my own.

Also, I follow a grand total of 15 blogs, most of which, are blogs of people I converse with online. My favourite blog for content, though, would now and forevermore be Meera’s.

You didn’t specify what kind of blogs you’d be interested in, but if you want awesome people to talk to:

Danny Boy (One of the sweetest people to ever exist. He hasn’t been active much, but his blog comprises of many beautiful fashion editorials.)

Kenny (Words transcend how interesting Kenny is, so go check out his blog if you like a random mix of everything. Kenny’s very spesh-ul.)

Lei (She’s so awesome, I made her my online wife. If you want posts about hockey, Thor, gorgeous people, and a dash of cynical posts, check her blog out.)

Lisa (My actual penpal. We literally write letters to each other monthly. That should tell you how highly I regard her. Lisa is such a dear, but is also very feisty. She likes a lot of cool old school stuff, and reblogs Manchester United posts often.)

Nat (Nat comes across as a very pleasant, genial girl, who feels very strongly about female empowerment, Tom Hiddleston, JGL, Heath Ledger, Luke Evans, Pacific Rim, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, et cetera. She also appreciates a good laugh, so you’ll often find funny posts on her blog.)

Michelle (Her blog is full of beautiful indie pictures, and if you’re feeling kind, messages always make Michelle’s day, so drop her one if you’d like).

Prada (Extremely sweet girl who reblogs tons of pretty people, and is such a joy to follow on Tumblr.)

Roya (No one should mess with Roya, because you can never be cooler than her. Loads of pictures of beautiful people [herself included] on her blog).

Tony (Tony is hilarious, right down to the tags that accompany his posts. He loves Jensen Ackles a lot. Like a lot. Like from the ends of Moria to the realms of Jotunheim. He often makes original posts. He has OTPs in many fandoms, and feels very strongly about them. If you don’t think he’s awesome enough, he’s dating Kenny.)

Vero (Vero is the literal representation of a strong independent woman, who is badass to the max. She’s brave, one-of-a-kind, and the things she reblogs are rad.)

Friends I know personally who are rad as hell: Maddie, RianeRitz, Zee


Author: wheresyourmoose

Pairing: Dean/Sam

Words: 5,555

Rating: NC-17

Summary:  Sam starts realizing how much attention he actually gets from girls and guys around him. While normally shy, he starts taking a leaf from Dean’s book and casually flirts back. Dean doesn’t like this so much.  
Warnings: jealousy, anger, little bit of brotherly fighting, rough sex, angry sex, biting, blood (only a little), some bondage, dirty talk, marking, bottom!Dean, fingering, and anything else that I might have missed and conveniently left out.

4 stars


So it’s almost 4 am, I didn’t do much to this graphic because I’m tired and lazy but I like what I did and don’t be a jerk ok? >c

Here’s the people I will always follow, if your name isn’t up here, don’t be offended, I’m probably gonna re do this later.

1939andcounting || ashtrayb || bowlegs-and-shotguns || caesar-at-the-rubicon || callmeohana || catching-bullets-in-my-teeth || craigtuckersfootiepajamas || dicktouching || drardens || emness || faggotking || forrestbondurant || fuckingaloadedgun || herr-doctor || ilikemywinchestersbloody || indigo-pheonix || itsjustbennylafitte || kiss-my-bowtie || kitwalkr || lanieacklecki || mason-lloyd || megustaloki || mrchristianbale || needle-catwalk || needsdickliquish || onionchester || pringleshasmerrybooty || princessingrid09 || purrplekat1989 || ralphiolauren || saint-kitten || santacastiel || santaruby || shrantheman || starfirelily || tarantinoed || thechosenjuan || therenegadewhohaditmade || tomhardies || tremberale || ussawesome || wheresyourmoose || zeroi

Everybody on this list has affected my life, some more than others but I adore and love everybody on here. Please, consider following them because they are all amazing.