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It’s silly that I even have to explain why you should be following Jordy. Following Jordy is like breathing - you just do it. She has to be the most sweet and caring person that I follow. All her posts are a refreshing break from the tumblr users that are constantly rude to their followers (plus, her tags under graphics of happy!eleven are just adorable). There are times when I go through her blog just to see the advice that she gives to others, and let me tell you, it’s astounding how somebody of her age can be so wise. I have absolutely no idea how she does it. If you need another reason to follow her, her hair is pretty rad (not to mention her url!). Go. Go follow. Now.


The Oracle walked down an alley silently hoping that she was heading the right way to her TARDIS. It was dark, and it would be best to check in on her makeshift family right about now. But, when a sound alarmed her, she abruptly stopped and turned quickly to see what was there. When she saw no one, she shrugged it off; The Time Lady loved meeting new people even if she found them in a suspicious alley. So, she took a couple of steps towards the sound with a small smile.

“Is anyone there?”

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Fiance: Emma <3

Twas a few days before Christmas, and all through the ‘net,

a ton of creatures were on tumblr not breaking a sweat.

Sherlock was hung like a horse with great care

As Watson would pretend he didn’t stop and stare

Merlin was nestled as snug in his bed

In hopes that sir Arthur would snuggle him instead 

And as Harry and Ron and Hermione too

Traveled the world, via the network of floo

The bloggers non-stop were there to watch

To reblog and to gif Misha Collins’s crotch

And yet there was one who loved her friends

Even if they posted spoilers to 'Journey’s End’

Rosetylerofstarcommand, she loved the whole lot

And before I start this, I’m sorry if I forgot

Anyone on this follow forever because you’re all dear to me

So let’s get us started, you heard me, Allons-y!


Now some might be wondering, aren’t you missing a few?

Well, yes I am and I’ll tell you who.

Three of the most perfect people on my dash

You make me as happy as receiving cash

Those three would be IdaNili and B

Who not only I follow, but are friends to me

They are so dear, so wonderful, so great

That I wish I could give them all Catherine Tate

I don’t know what they would do with her

But I didn’t know what to rhyme with great

Fuck. My rhyming scheme went bad

So the end of my follow forever is coming

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Have a MAGICAL 2012!!

(Made with Followers’ dashes possibly at jeopardy in mind)

I think it’s good you’re feeling things. It means you’re human & you’re not passively going through life. It means things matter to you. Feelings don’t just matter - they are what mattering means. Besides I think you’ve sufficient reasons to your feels.

- wheresmythief 

That time Jordy replied with this to some other personal post I made but it applies to that last one and it’s made me feel a bit better cos Jordy is awesome and stuff.


Cana wasn’t paying a lot of attention to anything but his book. He was spread out in the grass of the open area, his shoes to the side and his bare feet laying in the shallow water of the small creek that ran through the area. He was a little peeved he couldn’t wear short sleeves anymore. It was a wonderful day, and he was almost tempted to just roll up his sleeves as he had his pant legs. But he was more uncomfortable with showing the scars on his arms than the ones on his legs.

This series was long. And it was because of that he had picked it up. He had a hard time getting to know new characters, and actually found it frustrating sometimes. But when there were a good twelve books with these characters, he was pretty happy about it.

It took him a second to realize that someone had kicked him. No. Tripped over him. What in the hell was going on? He finished his page before looking up, as it had been the last page of a chapter. When he did look up, he was confused as to why there was a person there. There were never people here.

“You okay?” he asked simply, not moving.