So in my town there’s a weird drug store just off campus that is definitely in a different dimension (like, Denny’s style). It’s very dark but weirdly bright, and has shelves that extend to a ceiling (don’t know if there is one???) which are packed with the sort of junk that ends up in your home but you don’t know why or where you’d have bought it. Anyway, they have little figurines by the cash register and I thought of you so have some binary deer and their weird children



Mun VS Muse — send a symbol!

😊 = What makes the mun and muse happiest?
😭 = What makes the mun and muse the saddest?
😡 = What makes the mun and muse the angriest?
👻 = What is the scariest thing to ever happen to the mun and muse?
💙 = What is one thing that can calm down the mun and muse? Is it a person, thing, or place?
💚 = What is one thing that makes the mun and muse jealous?
💛 = How would the mun and muse describe their best friends?
💜 = How would the mun and muse describe their relationship with their parents and/or siblings?
❤️ = How does the mun and muse approach romantic relationships? Is either currently in a relationship or do they have a crush?
💩 = What do the mun and muse usually do when they feel bad?
🛍 = What sort of things do the mun and muse usually shop for? What is the last thing either of them bought?
🗺 = Where would the mun and muse like to travel to most? Have they ever traveled away from their home city/state/country?
🚿 = Do the mun and muse have any bathing routines? Any habits like singing in the shower?
🎈 = How do the mun and muse react to surprises? When is the last time either was surprised and what surprised them?
🎁 = What sorts of gifts do the mun and muse like? What were the last gifts they gave and received?
📚 = What sorts of books do the mun and muse like to read? Do you they have a favorite author or book?
📕 = What was the last book the mun and muse read? What genre was it? How would they rate it? Are they currently reading anything?
🎮 = What genre of video games do the mun and muse like best? What are their favorite systems and video games?
📻 = What music genre do the mun and muse listen to the most? Any favorite bands?
🎸 = Can either the mun or muse play an instrument? Which one(s)?
🍳 = What are the mun’s and muse’s favorite foods?
🍎 = What do the mun and muse like to eat for a snack?
= What drinks do the mun and muse like best? Do they prefer cold or hot drinks?
🥂 = How is either the mun’s or muse’s alcohol tolerance? What are their favorite alcoholic drinks?
💫 = How does either mun or muse handle being sick? Do they need someone to take care of them, or are they capable of taking care of themselves just fine?
🐯 = What animals would best be associated with the mun and muse?
🌙 = Are the mun and muse more morning, day, or night people? When are they the most relaxed? When do they get the most work done?
🎨 = Do either the mun or muse have artistic talents? What are they?
🎬 = What genre of movies do the mun and muse like best? What are their favorite movies? Do they prefer watching alone or with others? Do they prefer watching at home or in the theater?
💮 = What are the mun’s and muse’s opinions of each other?
🍀 = Who is an important person in both the mun’s and muse’s life?

on the long list of small details skam pays attention to 

isak’s textbook is used!!! it’s the end of the semester so it’s not going to look brand new!! and it’s a small detail but when you see students in movies and shows they often carry these books that look like they just bought them, like no matter what time of the school year it is? and this is the type of little things you’re not necessarily meant to pay that much attention to, it doesn’t just stand out on its own but it’s a combination of all these little things that just makes the characters that much more relatable 

In case you wanted some closure on the “who bought how many rings and when” issue from YOI ep 10, I think I’ve finally found the clearest, most explicit confirmation we could hope for:

It’s a statement by Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Yuuri’s VA), in the January 2017 issue of Animage (scans by chaotic-tendenci). It’s an interview, the question being “What was the most memorable scene from episode 10 for you?”

Toyonaga: “[…] What surprised me most was the scene where Yuuri bought pair rings for Victor.

Yuuri bought both rings.

(Feel free to check my translation but the word ‘pair rings’ and the wording that Yuuri was the one to buy them makes it pretty clear.)

Since Keith is stubborn and refuses to get new gloves for winter, Lance finds other ways to keep his fingers warm ♥

(Sort of a) Acorn Press Acrylic Charm Review

Yoooo~~~~ my acrylic charms came today during a snowstorm and I totally did not expect it XDDD I thought the storm was going to delay it for sure. Kudos to USPS delivery guy (stay warm and stay safe man). It really made my day ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Here are the references for my Yuri on Ice and Overwatch characters charm set. I will be selling these at future cons and events. So check out my con schedule if you’re interested in purchasing them! I will probably sell them online for leftovers. I don’t have a store yet (as of 2/9/17) so check back on my tumblr or other social media (or you can message me) for updates!

Also, I find it super funny that overwatch and YOI characters came during a BLIZZARD, COLD and ICY day (no pun intended lol) 

They look super nice thanks to @acornpress ! I would highly recommend them if you are interested in selling acrylic charms for cons/online in the future. This is my first time ordering acrylic charms so take my words with a few grains of salt. Also I’ll be rambling all over the place and spamming run-ons so be aware :P

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i mean viktor was right there watching yuuri buy the rings. yuuri could have literally just handed it over. instead he dragged viktor outside and all the way over to the steps of a fucking cathedral where he could take off his glove and put the damn thing on himself. 

meanwhile viktor either already has a ring on him or has one of the ones yuuri bought (where are we on this debate?), instead of yuuri just putting on his own ring viktor then returns the ringing favor like this is 10000000% clearly a Romantic Gesture 

yuuri’s blushing at the ears and going “it’s a good luck charm!! a thank you gift!!!” trying so hard to assure himself that it’s Not A Big Deal when really he has ZERO CHILL AT ALL and thankfully neither does viktor who just calls it what it is

“A lot of artists only have one toe with a bit of string around it tied to the ground. Some artists are so ethereal that they can’t really function, they’re not fully downloaded on to the physical plane,” she says quickly. “I’m not that way inclined at all. I’m very much physically present. If you’re not going to pursue your life somewhere in the trees up there then you have to understand how things work. I was a bit late in understanding how things work because I was mostly on tour.” Are you talking about practical things, like laundry? “Not laundry because I love laundry!” – Laura Marling photographed by Ed Mason for Q Magazine, April 2017.



My order arrived!!! (although the only one item that went missing is Undertale Art Book– I’ve already reported this issue and hopefully it’ll be fixed as soon as possible)

And yes Sans’s eye can glow in darkness!!! >w< Man, LOVE THEM!!! So happy to have them finally! <3

And to all who didn’t know, we had book launch on December 19th, where everyone received or bought the first books of our ‘Fram’ edition~ XD 

alex is probably the kind of person who uses any excuse to see her girl. she’s having trouble tracking down an alien? maggie can probably find them. she bought too much pizza? maggie should come over and help her eat it. she’s starting a new tv show? maggie should watch it with her so she has someone to talk about it with. like, literally any reason is a good reason for alex danvers to see maggie sawyer.