Redwall fanfiction where an old reclusive mouse ends up finding a baby rat, but since she’s half blind, she mistakes it for a mouse and adopts it. The rat grows up under her care and rapidly fading eyesight into a rat. A rat rat. One with a wicked hunched back and teeth that could gnaw through rock, the kind of creature you would see crawling from a slimy ship’s hull. Her grandson is well aware of what he is, but doesn’t notify her.

The few woodlanders that know the mouse are constantly trying to convince her that her grandson is a rat, but the rat stands back with a straight face and allows his grandmother to plow them over in a river of senility, occasionally piping up in agreement at the proper moment and holding her shawl for her.

“Look. Merrill. This has gone on too long. Yore grandson isn’t a mouse. He’s huge, for pike’s sake. Have you consid–”

“Now you hold on a second. Huge? My grandson’s a hardy boy and I don’t skimp on feeding him his meals, thank you; a plump child is a happy one, and I don’t think you have the right to shame my son for being study, Skipper!”

“Marm. Marm, that’s not what I meant–”

“I feed you three times a day, don’t I, son? We always have a good spread on the table, and you never go hungry?”

“Yes, you do, grandma. I eat plenty. It’s healthy for a growing young one.”

“Marm, I’m not sayin—”

You were a plump baby! And you too, Logalog! You two had cheeks as big as apples and a rudder thicker than my arm, and you were a rolling, giggly little shrewbabe. Matter of fact, Skipper, I’ve held your grandniece, and I know she’s not a light little trinket either, as she shouldn’t be. Children need to be fed.”

“Of course, grandma.”


part II

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Any idea where Matthew got his Minnie Mouse jumper? Disney world? *crying*

He started wearing it right after they had a gig in Disney World and I was told by a *local* those shops carry merch you can’t get online and I have searched everywhere on the internet and am unable to find it available for purchase online so sorry :/ xx

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Favorite tickling moments in movies or TV from your childhood? Btw this DEFINITELY isn't Sammy. Nope. Not at all.

Suuure it isn’t. :P

I remember there was one episode of Maisy Mouse where the main 3 (or 4?) found a feather and used it for a bunch of things. In the end, someone got their feet tickled with it, and I played that scENE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN DJSJSKAKA

I also remember an episode of Pokemon where Team Rocket made a tickle machine and used it on Professor Oak???



Playing some Spyro 1 on the PSP. Had this weird glitch in Gnorc Cove where the mouse fodder was climbing to the top of the hill. Didn’t get a pic of that but I still got one of it on the hill a little bit.


Computer: Monitor, display this document, ok?

Monitor: No prob, boss.

Computer: OK, now it looks like Mouse is moving around so, Monitor, will you move the pointer icon accordingly?

Monitor: Anything you ask, boss.

Computer: Great, great. OK, Mouse, where are you going now?

Mouse: Over to the icon panel, sir.

Computer: Hmm, Let me know if he clicks anything, OK?

Mouse: Of course.

Keyboard: Sir, he’s pressed control and P simultaneously.

Monitor: Oh God, here we go.

Computer: *Sighs* Printer, are you there?

Printer: No.

Computer: Please, Printer. I know you’re there.

Printer: NO! I’m not here! Leave me alone!

Computer: Jesus. OK look, you really ne…

Mouse: Sir, he’s clicked on the printer icon.

Computer: Printer, now you have to print it twice.

Printer: NO! NO! NO! I don’t want to! I hate you! I hate printing! I’m turning off!

Computer: Printer, you know you can’t turn yourself off. Just print the document twice and we’ll leave you alone.

Printer: NO! That’s what you always say! I hate you! I’m out of ink!

Computer: You’re not out of in…

Printer: I’M OUT OF INK!

Computer: *Sighs* Monitor, please show a low ink level alert.

Monitor: But sir, he has plen…

Computer: Just do it, damn it!

Monitor: Yes sir.

Keyboard: AHHH! He’s hitting me!

Computer: Stay calm, he’ll stop soon. Stay calm, old friend.

Keyboard: He’s pressing everything. Oh god, I don’t know, he’s just pressing everything!

Computer: PRINTER! Are you happy now?! Do you see what you’ve done?!

Printer: HA! that’s what you get for trying to get me to do work. Next time he…hey…HEY! He’s trying to open me! HELP! HELP! Oh my god! He’s torn out my cartridge! HELP! Please! ERROR!

Monitor: Sir, maybe we should help him?

Computer: No. He did this to himself.

justloveuddup Ayu look at this, is so funny hahahaha

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At Katsucon this year samson came up to me and talked to me twice about where to purchase a titty mouse pad

#serenity don’t look

I can close my eyes and be there;
The breeze rippling across the lake and sending
The sound of boat whistles traveling to my ears.
Monorails whiz overhead and I can hear instrumental tunes
Drifting through the humid air from
Beyond the gates where tired children step with mouse ears in hand.
The night is comforting here,
Unlike the way it usually sends unwelcome shivers down my spine,
And I feel that feeling that only exists here
Outside the gates of the Magic Kingdom:
The feeling of unabashed joy and of bittersweet parting.
—  em (Until Next Time)

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How to do consult my doctor about ADHD cause after seeing the symptoms I noticed that a lot of them apply to me

From the FAQ:

How do I get diagnosed with ADHD?

  • You should ask your doctor for a referral to a psychiatrist or psychologist who can assess you for ADHD. It’s best not to accept the results of one questionnaire that your doctor hasyou fill out; those are more for screening to see if further assessment is necessary.
  • The assessment itself depends on the professional you see. Typically there are a few components to a diagnosis: a questionnaire/screening tool; a computer test called the TOVA, where you click the mouse when you see something specific; and a variety of IQ and academic testing, which shows where your strengths and weaknesses are and can help indicate whether you fit the “ADHD profile.”
  • Not all assessments will use all of the components listed here. A questionnaire and a conversation (or series of conversations) with the clinician is also a legitimate diagnosis.The one time we’re sure a diagnosis is suspect is if you go to your doctor and say “I think I have ADHD” and the doctor then prescribes you medication without any further investigation.
  • Along those lines, it’s important to remember that a medication trial is not a legitimate method for diagnosing ADHD. Different medications work for different people at different doses, and some people who definitely have ADHD don’t respond to any medication at all.That’s why we have all these assessment tools.

Go to your doctor and describe your symptoms with practical examples of how they’re impacting your life, then ask for the referral.