Jesus in a testing room.

I work at a proctoring center which requires me to watch people take exams to make sure they don’t cheat. Sometimes I’m in there hours at a time. All my coworkers hate being in the testing room because they literally just sit there and watch people. No computer, phones or books allowed. 

What I’ve come to love about my job is that those hours have become my time in prayer. Time to just sit in the quiet and listen, meditate on the scripture written on my hand, and pace the room corner to corner in prayer. Sometimes I’ll just be silent and ask the spirit to speak. Sometimes the spirit gives me a name of someone and I’ll just pray throughout the entire shift for them.  What amazes me during these moments of quiet and stillness of a testing room where all you hear are mouses and keyboards clicking…Jesus is with me. Literally right there with me. I know this because he has promised it to me.  And I have the privilege as his child and as a friend of God to pour our my praises, my heart, my petitions, my anxieties – all to Jesus who is there with me. 

What a beautiful privilege. A privilege to be able to come confidently before the throne of grace, even in a testing room. Where do you find Jesus? 


Magic Kingdom

I did the impossible! I arrived at the park early to see the “Good Morning Show” (which I recorded if you’d like to see), made it to the front of rope drop, rode 7 Dwarves Mine Train without fast passes (10 min wait), and got to meet Anna and Elsa without a fastpass! 

“Its kind of fun to do the impossible!” - Walt Disney 

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Olicity "You expect me to wear Mickey Mouse ears?"

Felicity turned her head, as she struggled to buckle Mona into her stroller. “Yes Oliver I expect you to where the mouse ears.”

“Felicity,” he paused lifting Tommy higher into his arms. “I can’t wear those.”

“Do you have a strange Disney phobia that you’ve neglected to tell me for the last six years of marriage?” She straightened up, taking their four year old from him. 

“No of course not.”

“Then you’re wearing the ears.” She took the cap from his hands standing on her toes to put it on his head. She smiled looking at Tommy. “Doesn’t Daddy look so handsome?”

“Yep,” their son replied with a vigorous nod.

“Traitor,” Oliver muttered, as he frowned at his wife. “I look ridiculous.”

“No,” but she was laughing. “Okay maybe a little, but it’s for your children.”

“You’re going to snap a hundred pictures and send them to Thea all weekend aren’t you?”

“You know me so well.”

send me a line and i’ll write you six more…


please make a show about bucky between the events of cap 2 and 3 seeking revenge against HYDRA, with flashbacks of his life before the war, as a howling commandos and as the winter soldier

thetaiwanesedartjob asked:

*GASP* GROGGY MORNING SOLAS FIC!?! WHERE?!? *destroys mouse with the force of my following this blog*

OH MY GOSH EEEEEE! 8D I love your art! 

I’m referring to the fic Keeping Secrets. If you need a further recommendation, I think beginnerfanartist would be happy to scream about it for quite a while. XD It comes very highly recommended! 

Meet the blogger

I was tagged by another-simmer. Thank you! :D


  • name: Magdalena
  • nickname: Rollo, Madziolza, Mouse
  • where do you live: Poland
  • favourite color: red
  • hair length: medium
  • hair color: dark blonde
  • eye color: blue
  • siblings: brother
  • current profession: i’m ashamed but none for now
  • area of work/study: -
  • are you under 18: no
  • do you live at home: i live in a flat?
  • music genre: everything i like
  • movie genre: just like with music genre


  • are you: single or taken? single
  • are you: short or tall? rather tall 
  • are you: shy, loud, friendly, quiet or avoidable: quiet 
  • are you: atheist, wiccan, christian, satanic, catholic, jewish, muslim, mormon, agnostic, jehovah’s witness, or not sure what you  believe? atheist
  • does your future profession have anything to do with: medicine, law,  children, animals, or entertainment? no idea for now
  • do your fears include: commitment, heights, death, needles, the dark, or  thunder? well, death scares me pretty well…
  • do you: laugh or stutter when you’re nervous? none of this
  • do you: chew on pens, bite your nails or shake your leg? i bite my nails :/
  • do you: want piercings or tattoos? one tattoo would be cool
  • do you: want to get married eventually, never want to get married or not know if you want to get married? i don’t know
  • do you: want children eventually, never want children or not know if you want children? i don’t know either
  • have you ever: kissed someone who’s name begins with an e, t, l, j, m, or d? i’ve never kissed???
  • have you ever: smoked a cigarette, smoked a cigar, or done hard drugs? I smoked a cigarette and it was blaaaaah 
  • would you rather: live in the country or the city? city


  • ever dyed your hair: yes, from blonde to black
  • are you inlove: shit, yes
  • does someone like you: probably not
  • last time you really cried: yesterday
  • last person you texted: my best friend
  • last call to your phone: some unknown number :/
  • last text message sent to a friend: not gonna tell :p
  • have you kissed anyone in the last 31 days: of course not
  • who can you go to with your problems: my best friend, my psychologist and mom
  • ever cheated: no
  • ever been cheated on: no 
  • do you like your body: not too much
  • favourite quote: can i quote a song? “there’s nothing as it seems”

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Masterpost of the websites I have found over the years

If a link isn’t working, please tell me. 


Solves math problems

Gives fast definitions

Calculate problems and learn about topics


Google scholar

Quizlet: flashcards

How to pull an all nighter well and still do well on your exam




The Oatmeal


Loading Artist

Teenager Posts

not always right


Cyanide & happiness

Useless but kinda fun


Don’t click here - time consuming

Pictures of people pointing at where ever your mouse is on the screen

How old do you look?

Make it look like you’re a hacker

Turns the time into color

Talk to your future self

Morph thing

Look at live porn searches

Slap a bald man with an eel

Type in lower case letters and see what happens

Nulling the void

Man in the dark

Liquid particles

Make this one dot turn into a koala

Kinda like that one blown up thing you see outside of car dealerships that kinda moves with the wind - Warning: flashing lights and noises


Don’t press the red button - time consuming

Watch a dream

Drop sand

A really cute pug licking your screen

Create fake tweets

Watch weird clips of TV, click to change channel

Bouncy balls

Strobe illusion

Feed a fat lady apples

Take me to a useless website button

Just a bunch of corgis swimming?

Bacon sizzling

How to…/Useful

How to pack luggage

How to avoid getting rickrolled, and what you should look out for

When to run and pee during a movie

Pretend you’re typing an essay

How to cover up a tattoo

How to make an OTP pendant

Burning fat of the stomach

Life hacks

Pride flag colors explained



Interactive canvas

Photo editor

100,000 stars

Watch movies with friends online

Planetarium interactive star gazing

Don’t be yourself! Great place to roleplay

Stumble upon things you might find interesting

Watch Supernatural online free - you can watch other TV shows here, but this link takes you to Supernatural episodes

Really cool facts on a lot of things


Feed the Head - a really weird game

Mileys twerkball - keep a ball in the air by having Miley twerk…

Akinator - the web genie, kinda like 20 questions but it guesses your character


Play cards against humanity


Help with words for writing

Writing help/character

Fantasy name generator

Scenarios between characters generator


Play with beautiful wavy lines


Create galaxies

Silk interactive art

Build your own kaleidoscope

Notes on expressions

Avoiding the same face

Butts, thighs, legs

Tips for drawing bodies

Building block references - bodies


Tutorial on creature design


Animal anatomy

Pose studies

Feline comparison

Drawing dicks

How to draw folds

Drawing 3D rooms

A hair tutorial

Bodies and poses

Tutorial on clothing

Head angles

How to draw faces

Different hair and fur types

What to draw

Drawing mutant humans

Faces, expressions, hair

Drawing dicks!

Drawing humans with wings

Eye tutorial 

Drawing jeans


Mouth references

Hair references

More hair references

Drawing bodies

Head guideline - this was made by someone on tumblr but my friend gave me the link to this so i’m sorry

The bean exercise

Mouth references

Drawing hands

Male body

Ladies tutorial

Fellas tutorial

Face tutorial

Expression tutorial

Foot tutorial

Pose tutorial

Hand tutorial

Hair tips

Drawing bat wings on people

Hair references

Drawing boobs

Even more dicks

Walking tutorial

How to draw characters in your layout

Drawing the boobies

Ideas on what to draw

Landscape references

College campus references

References for everything?

Drawing mouths - again, a tumblr user made this but I don’t know who. I’m sorry.


Pulsate play with circles and make noise

Download music

Play with songs from Daft Punk

YouTube to mp3 converter

Buttonbass create music

Create a ripple effect of sound

Download music free

Find all music you have ever posted or reblogged

Background noise



Sound of rain

Mental Illness

Here is today - I find this helps with anxiety, if you feel like you screwed up and your life is ruined it puts things into perspective

The quiet place

How to save a life

For when you’re feeling down - this saved my life the other day. Important 

I like you!

The thoughts room. Type in your thoughts and get rid of them

Do nothing for two minutes - calming

Play with particles

Just this one song with a bunch of things happening


100 legal sites to download literature

Always know what to read

Supernatural YouTube videos you should see

Serious fanbase

Jensen, Misha, and the kid

Misha Collins picks on fan and steals her phone

What does Cas say

Cas bakes Dean a pie - a Destiel fanfic

But you should probably watch all of the con videos because they’re all great, these are just some of the ones I really like.

Disney Date with Vernon

It was your first date with Vernon and needless to say you were very excited. You guys decided to go to Disney Land since Vernon hasn’t been before and you loved it. Vernon was nervous not only because it was his first date with you but also because he had a slight fear of roller coasters. Just as you were tying the lace to your shoes you heard a knock on the door. “Coming!” You shouted. “Hey (y/n) you ready to go?” You could tell that he was nervous and honestly it was really cute. He grabbed your hand as he lead you to the car. “I’m so excited we have to ride the Hollywood tower of terror!” you exclaimed. He didn’t seem completely comfortable with the idea but he nodded and started the car. 

 Once you guys got to Disney Land you both went down Main Street where Vernon bought you Minnie Mouse ears and he got Mickey Mouse ears. Your day was almost over when you remembered the tower of terror. All day he had been avoiding it so you knew this was your last shot. “Vernon we forgot the tower of terror lets go ride it before we leave!” You didn’t even wait for his answer before taking off to find the ride. When you got to the line there wasn’t even a waiting time and you both got on the ride. Vernon grabbed your hand as tightly as possible. “Are you scared?” you asked but Vernon tried to put on an act, “What me?! No way! Pshh I love roller coasters!” You could obviously tell he was a bit nervous because he held your hand even tighter than before as the ride was beginning to start. “It’s okay if you’re scared I won’t judge you” you comforted him. “Okay good because I’m actually terrified” he said, nervously smiling right when the ride took off. It took you so high up before dropping you so fast you almost flew out of your seat. Vernon screamed as loud as he could before the ride finally stopped. You were laughing so hard you couldn’t even breathe. “Are you okay?” You couldn’t barely make out your words you were still laughing. “No! That was the scariest ride I’ve ever been on!” He grabbed your hand as he hurriedly ran out of the ride “(y/n) we are never riding this again” he said and you just laughed skipping along to find the next thing to do.