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If you think Ravus grudge against Noctis was childish and unreasonable, I just want to remind you that poor man had been listening how much Lunafreya loves Noctis for 12 years.

What's My Name

This is a continuation of “Don’t Call Me That”. Hope you like it! LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK


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The atmosphere in the little shower cubicle was almost suffocating, the sexual tension between you and Harry occupying most of the space and apparently consuming most of the air too. He pressed himself even more close to you if that was possible, his whole front flat against yours as you could feel his leaking cock against your thigh all wet and drippy almost as much as you were.

He leaned in his breath fanning against your ear as his hand brushed your hair off your face, the soft puffs of air from his mouth leaving goosebumps on your skin in their wake. 

“Why don't​ you go and lie down on your back on the bed for me darling? Alex has something to get before he joins you, okay?” 

He looks at you on a way that you understand what he said was not a suggestion or a question by any chance but an order. It was quite a common occurrence in your relationship where Harry controlled the pace of your sexual encounters, being the more dominant one. 

You looked at him all doe eyes with your bottom lip tucked behind your teeth as you gave him a nod before walking off to do what he had asked of you. If there was one thing that turned you on more than Harry calling himself daddy, it was him referring to himself in third person when he’s in a dominant mood. 

He finds himself browsing through the array of silk ties he owned most of which you had bought for him on various special occasions, sometimes cos you just wanted to, when he walks into the closet. He can hear the rustling of the sheets signalling that you obeyed his orders and were not in a defiant mood tonight which honestly​ made him quite happy because defiance means denying himself and you the pleasure of indulging in each other and he didn’t think he’d like that tonight. He is definitely not in the mood of forgoing the chance to pleasure himself and soaking in all the warmth and slickness your pretty cunt had to offer. He finally picks a red coloured silk tie before wrapping it around his four fingers as he walks back into the bedroom still completely naked, his cock now more erect than it had ever been and he’s bursting at the seams for an orgasm.

 “ Oh baby girl, you’re so ready for me aren’t you? All warm and wet? You’re soaking onto the sheets darling, I’d rather you soak my cock than anything.” 

You look at him with innocence in your eyes than he knows better than to believe, it’s deceiving. You give a meek nod, all cognition of words and sentences escaping your brain in this pleasure clouded state that Harry has you in. 

“Use your words darling. Don’t want to get punished tonight, do we?” 

“N-no Harry, please don’t.“ 

He sighed before grabbing your chin with his hand, “Now sweetheart, what did I ask you to call me? It’s not my name that you just used, is it?” 

“No it’s not.” 

“No what? Tell me my name.” 

“No.. no Al-Alex.” 

“Good girl. I knew you were my good girl. My best girl. Now I’m gonna tie this around your wrist okay? And I want you to behave. I’m not going to spank you or anything. Just going to tie you up, alright?” 

Knowing better than to just use your gestures this time, you give a nod before repeating an affirmation along with his “name”. He ties up your hands to the bed post giving it a quick tug to check their tightness and asking you if they hurt much, which you assure him they don’t. 

“Alex is gonna take care of you, okay? Gonna fuck yeh real good. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” 

He slowly slides his length up and down your slit collecting all the wetness that had pooled in the time that you had to wait for him to fuck you like you know he could. You sigh at the little jolts of pleasure coursing through your body, your hole already clenching all the possibilities of what could happen. He slowly thrusts into your pussy both of you sighing at the jolts of relief coursing through your bodies of finally attaining the feeling you’ve denied yourselves for a while. His hips move against yours in smooth calculated thrusts, your lower half arched off the mattress for him to reach deeper in you, the sounds of his skin slapping against yours along with his shaft sliding into your soaking hole filling the room.

 You feel his face pull back from the crook of your neck where he’s been sponging wet kisses and licking and sucking the taut skin all smooth and very inviting for him. His eyes are closed, lips slightly parted with brows furrowed together at the tight knot that it steadily growing in his stomach, causing the skin to clench and his thrusts to switch to a rhythm less pace. You press your lips to his berry red ones, tongue sliding against his bottom lip as his mouth encloses around yours moving a slow motion that opposed his hips, your teeth biting into his plush lower lip as he lets out a groan that could only be described as fucked out. 

“Oh my god.. Alex baby that feels so good. Just like that. You’re doing so well.” You moan when you feel his head nestle against your G-spot constantly stroking it in an unsteady pace. You could feel your stomach start to clench as your vision blurred, your back arching off the bed, chest meeting his front as your sensitive and puffed up nipples rub against his skin. His hand slide behind your back knowing you cannot keep up longer, the silk tie straining against your wrists that were tied to the bed post. 

“Christ yeh feel so good darling. All tight and warm for Alex, aren’t you? My best girl loves to please me so much.” His hand that isn’t wrapped around you reaches down for him to thumb at your clit, breath stuttering as the high you thought would take some time started coming closer and closer. He can feel your pussy clenching around his length, the tight fit bringing him closer to his edge. 

 "Gonna cum for me, aren’t you baby girl? Be a good girl and cum all over my cock. I know you can do it.“ His thumb increasing it’s swiping against your nub as you get closer and closer to the edge, your breath stuttering as you gasp for air, eyes closed bad your mouth open as moans are let out. The ties hurt against your wrist but you don’t feel a thing or at least don’t care in that moment as you can feel ‘Alex’ release ropes of cum inside your tight cunt before falling against your chest, your back hitting the mattress again with a soft ‘thud’

The room feels suffocating as the smell of sex, his cologne and your shampoo cloud the atmosphere. Harry’s eyes are closed as his lets out soft puffs of air against your breasts, his arms wrapped tightly around your middle.

 "Harry?“ You tread the waters lightly testing to see if he’s out of the mood you had set for yourselves during the course of the evening. 

 "Yes, love?“ 

"Can you untie me? My wrists hurt a little. I think I pulled too hard.”

 He lifts his head from your chest shuffling to remove the knots and tossing them aside before grabbing your wrists giving them soft kisses as his eyes bore into yours, the jade irises shining with love for you. 

“Can I ask you a question?” He utters with a glint in his eye that lets you know that it’s nowhere near innocent and is probably either a sexual innuendo or something filthy​. 

“Sure. What is it?”

“Was this better than the wet dream you had of me?” He giggled at your wide eyed expression, clearly taken aback by his question. 



I hope you liked it! I had loads of fun writing it! Thank you to @oh-styles and @trulymadlysydney for being my vent buddies, love you both! Much love to all of you for the support you’ve shown me. Means the world, xx!


Hurrah! Finally a happy-ish ending. Fear not, though, readers, for we have not yet reached our end. At the current time, my OneDrive contains all the way up to Chapter 45, so for those of you who crave more, there’ll be plenty to come. Otherwise, I hope you’ve all enjoyed the main plot. It’s officially over. :3

Prompt[s]: First thing I read in 2018, and it was GREAT!!!!!! But now I’m sad…

Why must you do me like this pls. I am in emotional distress


‘The Tower’ (Part 38)

All Chapters // Part 37

Everywhere you looked, the water was moving, running, rushing, racing - all in one direction.


The puddle shrunk around his body like it was a sponge. Where Jarle felt the need to move away in awe, you stepped closer, excitement and trepidation taking hold of you. Could it be…?

The water gushed and splashed around him, encircling each of Loki’s limbs like ribbons until his body was only a blur in a blanket of spray. In a swift motion, his body was thrust into the air on top of an aquatic column, holding him at least 8 feet off the ground.

There he remained for 5 heart-pounding, breath-stealing minutes. The ribbons of water abandoned his ligaments, instead circling and whirling around his body in a great wet sphere; a bubble of magic and moisture. Familiar green light bled into the waves, and turned the water an intoxicating turquoise, contrasted only by the beams of gold light that pierced the veil and shone out in every direction. The palette of pigments was, quite simply, spectacular. It was unlike anything you’d ever seen.

Loki’s body was barely visible amid it all. As you stepped tentatively closer, your narrowed eyes tried to discern his silhouette amongst the cascading aqua sheets. It almost looked like he was… moving.

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Potty Mouth Lahote

Concept: Paul and reader have a three-year-old son who loves to repeat new words he’s never heard before.

          It was a normal Thursday afternoon when you decided to get some quick housework done while Paul was at Sam’s for the pack meeting. You had managed to wrangle your three-year-old down for his nap upstairs, wash the remaining dishes from this morning’s breakfast, and throw a load of laundry into the washer and dryer each. Just as you were busy moving some things around to thoroughly clean the floors your son comes bustling down the stairs. “Mommy mommy!” little Isaac comes running into the living room completely oblivious to the vacuum chord lying in the middle of the hardwood floor. “Ow Fuck!” he yelps as he goes flying over the chord and face plants to the ground. You quickly drop what you’re doing and pick your son off the floor just as your ears finally registered what has come out of your child’s mouth. “Isaac Nathaniel Lahote, WHAT just came out of your mouth?!” you exclaim shell-shocked. “Oh fuck mommy?” Isaac responds looking up with those innocent brown eyes. You were at a loss for words. It was obvious he had no idea what he said was inappropriate, but you also didn’t know where he picked that up from until you remembered whom you chose to procreate with…

“Paul Lahote wait til you get home” you muttered to yourself.  

           You explained to Isaac that the F word was not something that should ever be coming out of his mouth again until he was 45. Then you turned on his favorite Paw Patrol episode as you finished the rest of your work and waited for Paul to come home. About 30 minutes later you heard the lock on the front door click and Isaac yell “Daddy!” from where you were in the kitchen.  You counted Paul’s steps as he made it into the kitchen with Isaac in his arms hugging his neck for dear life. “Hello beautiful” Paul leaned down to peck your lips. “Ew daddy! Get a room!” Isaac exclaimed as he hid his face in Paul’s neck. Paul chuckled as he set your son down and he took off to go finish his favorite show. As Isaac walked out you placed both hands on your hips with your eyebrows raised to the Gods glaring at Paul.

“I’ve been gone all day what could I have possibly done now?” Paul shrugged.

“Paul, we’ve talked about this before. Isaac is at that age where he’s like a sponge one wrong false move and he will soak it up and never let go. You have to be better about your language.” You scolded. Paul furrowed his brows, “What did he say?” You glanced out the door to see if Isaac was listening, but he was too busy being engrossed with the television. “Paul he said the…F word” You whispered like a secret your life depended on.

Paul tried hard to hide the smile that was threatening to appear on his face. Alas, he couldn’t contain himself and let out a grunt like chuckle. You smacked his chest with the back of your hand, “It’s not funny Paul! I don’t want our son growing up to be some butt face miscreant!” At this Paul snorted. “Like his father” you deadpanned.

“Hey!” Paul looked genuinely offended but kept on “I have no idea where he would get that from! It wasn’t from me. I don’t even say the F word anymore, if I need to call one of the guys out I just call them a mother frogger I swear!” He insisted.  

“Ugh Paul, then where would he get that from?” you pressed on. You guessed this would be one unsolved mystery for the books. Maybe Isaac picked it up from the T.V. or even from one of the guys without them realizing, but the question was which one?

           The next day Paul drove you and Isaac down to help Emily cook for the bonfire tonight. Some of the guys were in the living room playing video games as you three walked into the house. “Holy fucking shit dude you suck at this game!” Quil belted out just as Isaac ran up for his “turn” to play. You and Paul froze, looked at each other, and then zoned straight in on Quil and Isaac. Isaac looked up at you with big excited eyes “Holy shit mama!” he proudly exclaims. All of a sudden the room went silent. Everyone zoned in on you and Paul’s reaction. Paul decided to break the silence “Oh Quil buddy I think you should start running now.” Just as Quil is about to question Paul he takes a look at your furious eyes and bolts out the sliding door.

“Quil you mother frogger get your butt back in here!” you storm outside after him.    

 A/N: How did I do for my first imagine? I’ve written before but this is the first for this blog. I’m rusty. Requests are open if anyone would like one or for feedback (: 

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"Where are your bath sponges?" "Oh right down here on this aisle :)" "No. No they are not. I already looked there." I politely point to them because they are, indeed, on this aisle. "OH YOU MOVED THEM THATS WHY I COULDNT FIND THEM. THEY NEVER USED TO BE HERE. RIDICULOUS." They've been here for a minimum of 6 months but sure dude whatever you say. I'm sure you're right lol

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Since you seem to know about these things...how do I get the smell of lavender hell out of a car? A small vial for lack of a better word, was left in a warm car. On an unrelated note, it leaked and now here I am with the purple plant smell burned into my nostrils, google is unhelpful at best and possibly destructive at worse. Help please?

Oh ugh, my sympathies. Did it spill on plastic or leather? Either way I’m afraid your best bet is to try and wash the car with a mild dish soap (unscented) and a damp (!!!! don’t use wet !!!!) sponge where it spilled and try and let the car air as much as possible.

If there’s still oily residue, you could try sprinkling it with baking soda to soak it up and vacuum/brush it out. That might also help to neutralize some of the smell.

If all else fails it might be worth taking it in for a professional cleaning.

Orc X Reader INJURED Part II

WARNING: 18+, smut, sexual content

Part II

Lazar’s friends left and you insisted on having him stay the weekend so you could watch over him. Morning turned to afternoon and then into the night and Lazar was yawning and stretching his arms.

“Come on big guy, you are going to sleep in a bed tonight.”

“No, you’ve already done enough for me. I can’t take your bed”

“Lazar, this couch is too small for you and you’ve already been laying on it for almost 24 hours. I’ll put Ayden in his bed and you can have mine, besides you have two more days here, you really want to be uncomfortable the whole time?”

Lazar looked up at you from his seat and decided you were right and he didn’t want to be uncomfortable anymore. Enar and Luther had left some of Lazar’s things in a bag next to the door. You picked it up and brought it back to your room and then came back to get Lazar. You had him sit in the kitchen while you removed his bandage. You wanted him cleaned and re-bandaged for bed. You pulled away the cotton bandage and what you saw underneath was incredible. The wound looked almost healed. Besides the stitches that were protruding from his skin it was a clean line with no blood at all. You looked shocked at him.

“Um… do Orcs heal like this?”

Lazar looked down at the wound. “Yeah, but it does still hurt.”

You pushed him forward and peeled the bandage off his back as well and it was the same, a clean line that looked like a tiny scar. You wondered at that moment if Lazar even still needed you. Then you wondered if maybe you needed him.

“I still want to make sure you’re okay, you never know internally what’s happening sometimes. If you feel better tomorrow I’ll take you home.”

“Sounds good.”

You pulled out a basin from under the sink and filled it with soap and warm water and with a cloth you brought it to the table.

“Let’s clean you up a little before you go to bed.”

“Is this the part where I get a sponge bath from a nurse?”

He laughed a little and so did you and you dipped the cloth in and began to run the warm water on his arms and neck and back. Lazar closed his eyes and enjoyed it. You ran the cloth over his chiseled chest and felt his hard abs from underneath the cloth. The closeness gave you goosebumps and you could see Lazar’s nostrils flaring as if he was smelling something new. It startled you and you put the cloth down “Okay, looks like we’re all done.” and you stepped away hoping he didn’t notice your arousal. You knew little of Orcs, but you did know they had a good sense of smell.

Lazar seemed to give you a grin and let you help him from his chair. You left him in the bathroom to finish his nightly ritual and you sat in the loveseat next to the sofa. Wondering how you would get the blood out of the upholstery.

Then as you sat listening to Lazar move about in your room your thoughts shifted to somewhere else. You hadn’t been with a man in almost a year. You just didn’t have time. And before that, Ayden’s father never wanted to be part of the picture and when you had told him you were pregnant he denied it and told you to lose his number. It killed you. You were with him for a year almost and didn’t think he had it in him to act that way, but he did and ever since you were like a beaten down dog. You had heard that Orcs never abandon their responsibilities and if they do they are deemed cowards and can be killed by members of their clan if they return without forgiveness. You almost smiled thinking about something like that happening to Ayden’s father.

You didn’t trust most people and stuck to yourself. However tonight for some reason you felt like you might be able to trust Lazar. He trusted you after all. He knew you wouldn’t tell the authorities about what happened. Maybe he smelled it on you, maybe he smelled it on Amy. You both smelled like truth and besides you knew you wouldn’t say anything.

You thought about his broad chest and large arms and what it might feel like for him to wrap the size of him around you. He must be strong with such a large, muscular physic. You giggled to yourself at the thought and this fluffed your pillow as you laid down for bed.

The morning broke and you heard a light tap at the door. For once could you just sleep in? You took a deep breath and got up, you looked completely disheveled. You opened the door to see your mother standing there.

“Oh mom, I’m sorry I totally forgot you were picking up Ayden.”

“It’s okay sweetie, I know your busy, I’ll wait while you get him ready.”

You quickly threw your blanket over the couch where the blood had dried against the light blue cloth and tried to be quiet so you didn’t wake up Lazar. Your mother looked around while you were getting Ayden’s things and noticed the bullet hole in the Livingroom wall.

“Sweetie, I really wish you would take up my offer and come stay with your father and I. I really don’t think this is the best neighborhood for you to be raising Ayden in.”

You looked up to see what she was staring at.

“Mom, that was there before I moved in and besides Ayden likes it here and I just started making friends with my neighbors.” You were lying, but you really weren’t in the mood to hear her constant nagging.

She left a condescending smirk on her face as she continued to look around. You brought Ayden out of the room still rubbing his eyes and when he saw his grandma he ran to her. “Mema, I have an Orc friend.”

You looked at her with worry, thinking about what she would say. She looked down at Ayden and gave him a great big hug. “Isn’t that nice honey.”

Then she whispered to you as she grabbed Ayden’s bag “See, this part of town is not good.”

You waved goodbye as your mother left with Ayden’s hand in hers and made her way quickly back to her car.

You were relieved when she left, it was nice to have her pick Ayden up sometimes and this time would be for three days. You heard the springs of your bed making a noise and Lazar opened the door. “Is she gone.”

“Oh yeah, sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“I could smell you were worried. Figured you didn’t want me walking out in on her.”

“No, it’s not that. I don’t care if she knew you were here. My mother is always judging me for my decisions and the way I raise Ayden and I just… I just hate it. Anyways I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my mother daughter drama.”

“I do actually.”

“Really, you want to hear me bitch about my mom?”

Lazar laughed and just shook his head.

“Honestly, not really, but I’m happy just to listen to you talk.”

The comment made you blush and you weren’t sure what to say so you just smiled at him. “How about some breakfast?”

You made him breakfast and noticed how freely Lazar moved and you figured his injury was an injury no more and you took a deep breath and confessed your knowledge to him.

“Lazar, you aren’t hurt, anymore are you?”

“No, no I’m not.”

“Why did you stay then?”

“I like you y/n and I liked staying here with you. You’re a much better human than I thought you’d be.”

“I like you to Lazar and I’m glad you’re healed. That’s good for you.”

Lazar walked over to you and swept your hair over your shoulder and leaned down for a kiss, not sure you’d respond the same, but you did. You had wanted to kiss him since the night he was wounded. He cupped your face in his hands and the kiss became deeper now, he was gentle and the tusks stayed right outside of the embrace so he wouldn’t hurt you. You pushed yourself up from the table though Lazar still had to bend over to continue the contact with your lips.

           He released and you wrapped your arms around him as much as you could and he the same covering your frame with his massive body, his heat was welcomed and then he grabbed you from around the waist tightly and picked you up so that your face was even with his and you wrapped your legs around his body to brace yourself as he held you by your hips and the kiss was proper now as your tongues whirled around each other and you tasted the hunger in him. It made you tense.

           “Are you okay?”

           He could smell the shift in your mood and it almost ruined the moment.

           “Yes, I’m just nervous. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with anyone and well… I’ve never been with an Orc, so…”

           “I’ll be gentle. Orcs are very generous lovers.”

           He smiled at you and rubbed his tusks against your neck, they felt hard and smooth and you liked the feeling, though you had no idea he was really marking his territory and now no other Orc would mess with you again. He thought maybe he would tell you later, but for now you just found the motion enjoyable.

           He kept you in his arms as he moved to your bedroom. He gently leaned down and placed you on the bed as his took off his shirt and then proceeded to take off yours. He massaged you with his hands beginning at your neck as he rubbed down your arms and chest and covered your breasts with his large hot hands and he worked over your stomach and you let out a slight giggle. He kissed your bellybutton and hips and pulled gently on the band of your yoga pants and you could feel his hot breath breaking through the barrier of your panties and you longed for him to continue and he could smell it. He continued kissing your thighs and you thought you would die.

           He finally pulled your panties down and his warm mouth engulfed you, again he was careful and ensured his large tusks didn’t touch your gentle skin. He held you strongly by the thighs and continued to pleasure you until you began to pant and he stopped and smiled up at you. You were eager for him now more than ever.

           Lazar crawled up on the bed over you. If he had put his full weight down, you knew he would crush you, but at the same time you felt so safe as if you were resting under a tank. You reached up and kissed him, not caring about the act he had just done and this time you pulled his face in as he held himself up by his massive arms. “I love kissing you, it turns me on.”

           He winked and continued letting you kiss him passionately as he gently rubbed his manhood against you and without looking at it you could feel the size and it both enticed you and made you nervous, but Lazar was gentle and moved slowly. As you continued the deep kiss he slowly pushed himself in you and you broke the kiss to let out a moan of pleasure. It made Lazar so excited to hear you react that way to his contact. He continued deeper and deeper and you held your arms around his neck. “Keep going, please.”

           He did and he continued until you came and you tightened yourself around him as he quickened the pace and he joined you in the climax. You were both breathing heavily and he kissed you again on the lips and pulled away. You laid on the bed and smiled at the event.

           “So, you liked it?”

           You looked over at him. “Oh yes!”

           “How would you feel if you and I did this again sometime?”

           You weren’t sure if it was just something fun for him or if he cared for you at all.

           “Well, Lazar, this was fun, but I’m not that kind of woman.”

           “What kind of woman is that?”

           “I’m not the kind of woman you can just booty call. I have a kid and I’m not saying you have to, but I’m looking for a relationship not a part time thing, you know?”

           “I know. I’m not looking for a part time thing either. You saved my life, I owe you my life now.”

           “So, what exactly does owing me your life mean?”

           “If you’ll have me, I’ll owe you forever.”

           “That’s pretty deep, but I’ll definitely start with now and we’ll work on the rest.”

           He bent down again kissing you and rubbing his hands through your hair.

           “I’ll take it.”

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What's happened to spongebob. Why tf was there an episode where sponge bob and Patrick literally high jack squidwards body. Oh no he passed out and has to be someplace !! Time to use him as a costume and puppeteer him to the Phil harmonic !! Let's climb inside the squid f**k his organs he has to be at an audition

Bro it’s a children’s cartoon it’s supposed to be outrageous like that


wrote a cheeky percabeth college au thing didn’t I

no warnings mates

Great. Annabeth thought as she finished climbing the subway stairs. Just great. In the ten minutes that she had been on the train, the rain had started to fall in droves, the roaring cars and towering buildings surrounding her becoming increasingly darker and greyer as damp hair fell in her face and stuck in the collar of her coat.

Annabeth rued the decision she had made that morning to bring her mythology books to campus for light reading, as she had just been handed a pretty hefty assignment and had no more space in her bag to safely stash the papers as she elbowed and sidestepped her way through the crowded city.

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I keep having dreams where harry is just sponging wet, open-mouthed kisses up and down my neck and I just....take me lord.

“What are you doing?” All soft and breathless but you know exactly what he’s doing and the way your fingertips gently pulse pressure into his forearm with each slight squeeze tells him that. 

He smiles against your neck and simply moves to the other side when your shudder makes you bend your neck just enough to cut off his pathway. “Nothin’,” he says in a casual, humming rasp. “Having fun.” 

He pulls the corner of your shirt down a little more and presses several sucking kisses along your collarbone before landing on your neck again, and you sigh while stretching your neck out. Well, if that’s all….