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Steve and sakura for “i slipped on ice outside your house and you ran out barefoot to help me quick let’s get inside under a blanket”

Sakura blinks as a resounding thump echoes outside her door. “Friday?” she calls, pulling out of the complicated stretch.

“I believe it’s one of those ‘pranks’ that y’all have been pulling on the Boss,” Friday replies. “Boss was trying to…well, just open the door.”

Sakura rolls her eyes but stands and moves to the door.

She blinks at the sight that greets her on the other side.

Ice lines the once pristine floor of the hall where she, Wanda, and Vision live. It looks like one of those skating rinks that the team visited a few weeks ago.

And Steve Rogers is sprawled out upon it.

Sakura ignores the fact that she is shoeless, bounding over to him and lifting him easily.

“What happened?” Sakura asks, checking him over for injuries.

As it turns out, she overestimated her abilities to stand on ice without the help of chakra. Her feet slip and she yelps as they tumble down together.

There’s a feeling of breathless surprise in Sakura’s gut as she meets Steve’s eyes. They stare at each other in mutual embarrassment and shock before beginning to laugh.

“You best not be recording this, Friday,” Steve says, directing his gaze to the ceiling. “I’ll let Tony in on the fact that you’ve been messing with the Justice League and the Fantastic Four’s servers.”

The long silence is more than answer enough.

“Good thinking,” says Sakura, smiling at Steve gratefully.

He nods, gaze attentive as she shivers. “Want to head in?” he asks, feeling heat rush to his face when she looks at him curiously. “I wanted to discuss semantics of the next mission.”

“Of course!” Sakura says, standing gingerly. This time, she uses chakra. “C’mon in, I’ve got blankets and some of that ‘hot chocolate’ Sam introduced me to.”

Steve laughs, accepting her hand as she pulls him to his feet. “Is it that manufactured junk?” She shrugs. “I need to teach you about the real stuff.”

They head into Sakura’s apartment, shutting the door behind them.

“Did it work?” Wanda asks excitedly, peeking out of her room.

Vision phases through the wall, shaking his head. “No. I was given to believe that frozen water led to a more ‘cozy’ and therefore romantic atmosphere. It seems these two are more stubborn than we believed.”

“I even tripped Steve so Sakura could come out and help him,” Wanda says with a sigh.

“Boss won’t be pleased,” Friday says, forlorn. “His timeline in the bet is all off.”

Wanda’s eyes light with a manic gleam. “But mine is not. Vision, you and I are going back to the drawing board and watching all the romantic comedies. We will get these two together!”

  • Steve: Now, let's say you haven't eaten for days and you're in desperate need of a sandwich. What do you do?
  • Pietro: I run over Clint's house and have him make me a sandwich.
  • Steve: Okay, yes. But Clint's not there.
  • Wanda: Where's Clint?
  • Steve: It's not important where he is. He's gone. He left the country.
  • Wanda: He left the country? Why? Is he okay?
  • Steve: Yes, he's fine.
  • Pietro: Well, if he's fine, I don't see why he couldn't make me a sandwich.
Lay a finger on them

(A/N): I love pietro man

Request: Can you write a imagine with Wanda where the reader is Wanda’s girlfriend and Pietro’s best friend but when her abusive ex-boyfriend came to the Avengers tower trying to force the reader to get back together with him and ends up being rough with her, the Maximoff twins gets pissed off at him and becomes protective of the reader?

Warnings: some swearing, abusive ex boyfriend, mentions of abuse and rape

Originally posted by steviepinkiepierogers

    (Y/N) hums softly as Wanda’s fingers cascade through their hair, untangling knots, smoothing the strands down. 

    “You don’t ever play with my hair,” Pietro grumbles from his seat on the couch, his fingers drumming against the glass table beside it. 

    “That’s because you could never sit still long enough for me to,” Wanda chuckles as she slowly begins to braid (Y/N)’s hair, being careful not to get the strands stuck in her rings.


    “Don’t even try to make excuses Pietro,” (Y/N) chuckles as Wanda leans down to press a kiss to their nose which in turn caused Pietro to groan in disgust. 

     "Could you two be any grosser?“ Pietro raked his hands down his face but the smile that was appearing on his lips betrayed his words. 

     "Oh Pietro,” Wanda states innocently as she goes back to playing with (Y/N)’s hair. “The gross things we do would horrify you," 

     "Oh my god! Stop! I don’t want to know!" 

     "Are you sure? The details sure are…juicy,”

    “Wanda no!” He nearly screeches, absolutely horrified by her choice of words. Wanda chuckles loudly, enough to send her into a fit of snorts which damn near makes (Y/N)’s heart melt. 

    “God I hate you two,” Pietro grumbles, obviously very disgruntled over Wanda and (Y/N)’s sex life. (Y/N) went to open their mouth to retaliate when the all too familiar voice of FRIDAY comes on from every speaker in the area.

     "(Y/N), there seems to be someone at the front desk for you, do you wish to come down or should I send them away?“ Both maximoffs look at (Y/N) with confused expressions, it wasn’t often one of the avengers got a visit. 

    "I’ll come down,” (Y/N) mimicks the maximoff’s expression, one of pure confusion before rising from their seat. “I’ll go see who’s here,” they mutter as they step over the pillow Pietro had thrown. “I shouldn’t be very long,” Both maximoff’s nod, watching as (Y/N) disappeared into the elevator. 

   (Y/N) sat in the cabin, biting their lip as the elevator made it’s descent to the first floor. The Avengers never socialized with anyone outside of their little team, they didn’t have the time to so it was a little confusing that (Y/N) would suddenly have some visitor to see them. 

   The elevator dings, alerting (Y/N) that they had reached the floor they wanted to before the door opened, showcasing Tony’s rather posh lobby. (Y/N) made their way out into the lobby, looking around a bit for whoever their ‘visitor’ could be when a sickly, low voice stopped them in their steps. 

   “Hello there Stranger,” The voice sneered, sending all sorts of unpleasant feelings through (Y/N)’s veins. Bile rises within their throat and the extreme urge to throw up was nearly overpowering. 

   “Get away,” Is all (Y/N) could manage, their voice quivering slightly as they do so. 

   “Oh come on,” There’s the sound of footsteps behind them, getting closer with each step, the sound resounding off the tiled floor. “Can’t an old friend drop by to say hi?” 

   “We’re not old friends,” (Y/N) manages through clenched teeth. “We were never friends, we were nothing,” The man finally steps into view, just as scary and intimidating the day (Y/N) left him.

   Years ago (Y/N) had been in a not so great relationship with a not so great man, the man now standing before them. He had been abusive, mentally, physically…sexually…and all together it had been an awful experience but (Y/N) had been to scared to leave, afraid of what that man would do to them if they did leave. So for years they stood by his side, tolerating all the shit he had to throw at them and never saying a word. It was until a certain pair of twins stepped into their life that it finally changed. 

    It had been a complete accident that they had intervened. (Y/N) had been at some shop with this man when he got angry and began to manhandle (Y/N), gripping them by their hair and yanking them forward to dangerously whisper in their ear all the horrible things he was going to do with them. Thank god the twins had been there to yank him away and tell him to fuck off because otherwise (Y/N) would have taken it, too scared to fight back. But Pietro had ripped him away from (Y/N) while Wanda come up to console the now scared shitless and sobbing (Y/N). 

   (Y/N) had tried to insist it was fine, despite the way they were sobbing but the twins were having none of that. They merely denied their every plea of innocence before demanding they come to the tower with them, just to get a little check up from Bruce to see that they were okay, what they found though clearly wasn’t okay. A few unhealed wounds, bruises, and during the other exams Bruce happened to discover some…other things. It was then decided that (Y/N) needed to stay in the tower for a bit, just to make sure they didn’t go crawling back to that monster. It was simple from then on, life was easy and calm, a stark contrast to (Y/N)’s past life. A small romance even blossomed between Wanda and (Y/N) and well- it only grew from there on. So now, with that god awful man before them, it did bring up a few bad memories to say the least. 

    At (Y/N)’s words the man seems to snap, his nasty smile falls, replaced by a sinister glare as he quite suddenly grabs (Y/N) by the throat. 

    “Don’t you dare fucking speak to me like that you little whore, You’re gonna show me some goddamn respect for once in your life,” The hand around (Y/N)’s throat tightened, making it impossible to scream for help so instead they resorted to clawing at his skin, hoping that he would let go. “I’m gonna tell you what we’re gonna do, you’re gonna come along with me, nice and slow so no one thinks anything of it and then I’m gonna take you home and beat your ass like the good ole days,” He gives an evil little smile, tightening his grip even further. 

    “They’re not going with you anywhere,” A sudden dark, nearly horrifying voice issued through the lobby, sending waves of terror through (Y/N)’s spine. “Drop them and leave or we won’t hesitate to tear you to shreds,” That voice was so familiar…so painstakingly familiar that it hurt. 

    “What the hell are you gonna do bitch? You ain’t nothin’ but a twig-” Oh my god. It was Wanda. Wanda had come to save them. Tears of relief flood down their face, knowing that they were about to be saved, knowing that within a few short moments they would be able to breathe again. There’s a dark chuckle from two separate voices but both scary in tone and then suddenly there’s a fast blur and (Y/N) is dropped to the ground, their ass hitting the tile so hard it hurt. 

    There’s an explosion of red, strong and powerful, and unlike they’d ever seen Wanda perform. And then there’s the sound of her screaming, a sound they’d never heard in their entire life and one they never wanted to hear again. It was feral and full of sheer brutality and something (Y/N) never thought to hear from such a small little thing but then within a blink of an eye it’s all over, the lights disappear, the screaming stops, and they’re left on the floor in pure terror and shock. 

   “Oh my god (Y/N),” Wanda whispers shakily as she drops to (Y/N)’s side, immediately encasing them in her arms. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” They merely whimper and curl around her, their sobs slowly starting to die down. 

    “H-He tried to take me away and h-he had his hand around m-my throat,” (Y/N) stops short as a sob overtakes their body, crippling them as it grows in intensity. 

   “It’s okay,” Wanda soothes as she runs her hand over their hair, “You’re okay,” 

   “We aren’t ever going to let him lay a finger on you,” Pietro whispers as well as he drops down beside the pair, wrapping his arms around his sister and bestfriend. 

   “We’d like to see him try,” 

Catch Me (Day 5)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,922

A/N: This update is LONG overdue. I was on vacation with my family and was I thought I’d be able to update from there but I was wrong. Anyways, i hope you guys enjoy this :)

Intro / Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 6 / Day 7

As always, thank you to @avengerstories for polishing this up and constantly giving me your honest opinion about my writing. 

Originally posted by stevebvckys

“I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?” Wanda asks drowsily from your king-sized bed.

Following a particularly grueling mission today, she came by your room because she didn’t want to be alone. This isn’t the first time she has done this and you highly doubt that it’ll be the last. Impromptu sleepovers have become the norm since befriending Wanda and you don’t mind them in the slightest. There’s comfort in going to bed at night knowing that you’re not alone.

“I’m going to grab a snack.”

“Okay,” she yawns, pulling your blanket up to her shoulders and letting her eyes flutter shut.

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Steve Rogers/Captain America - Mistletoe

Day two of my 12 days of Christmas fic series! Hope you enjoy!

You’re feeling a little lonely this Christmas, it seems like everywhere you turn there are happy couples and families enjoying the holidays. Unbeknownst to you, Steve feels the same way, alone. Your friends can clearly see that you have feelings for each other and try to convince you both to ask the other out. Tony throws his annual Christmas party and he is more determined than ever to get the two of you to admit your feelings for one another. So, he fills the rest of the team in on his plan and they agree. It was guaranteed to be an interesting night.

Steve x Fem!Reader

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Double Trouble

(A/N): I loved this request so friggin much

Request:hey could you maybe write a fem!reader x Wanda where the reader and Clint decides to mess with Wanda a lil’ bit by discreetly changing where she places her belongings? Maybe the reader places Wanda’s shampoo that was originally on the top rack onto the floor and Clint places her phone under her pillow when it was actually on her nightstand. p.s I love your work!! best writer ever.

Warnings: none?

 Tags: @mcuimxgine

Originally posted by tonystarkism

   Wanda was away on a solo mission which could only mean one thing, it was time to mess with her. Truth be told Wanda was a huge prankster, thanks to Tony and Clint’s multiple prank wars. Only It wasn’t moderately like Clint’s and Tony’s, no, it was an everyday thing that you despised so now that she was gone it was the perfect time to get payback. 

    “Clint, I need your help with something,” you state as you already look about your floor, trying to decide how to mess with Wanda. “Wanda’s gone and I need something to get back at her for every stupid prank she’s ever pulled on me,” Clint turns to look at you with a devious little twinkle in his eye and you already know what he’s planning. 

    “Oh (Y/N),” he chuckles. “We’re gonna get her back so good,”  

   Turns out Clint’s plan was much more devious than you thought, and oh so wonderful too. It wasn’t anything huge, in fact it’s simplicity is what made it so great. To start of you moved ever piece of furniture to the left 5 inches, totally throwing off everyone’s point of view given they were used to having those few extra inches, then you shifted everything else just a bit. The cereal boxes where on the second shelf? Well now they were on the third. Wanda had her phone charger in the top plug? Well now it was in the bottom one. Her shampoo and conditioner bottles switched places, on one shelf the other on the floor. It simplicity is what threw everybody for a loop because it was so simple it was nearly unnoticeable but just enough to cause horrific confusion, one that you were absolutely going to delight in.  

   You could barely contain yourself when Wanda got home. While you were excited to see her you were mostly excited for her to fall into a pit of confusion due to your little project. 

    “(Y/N),” Wanda sighed as she went to greet you, opening her arms out in a hug, but she was stopped short when her hip stubbed a side table that had previously been five inches to the right. She eyed the offending article curiously before dismissing it, instead rushing to you once again to embrace you tightly. “I’ve missed you,” she whispered. You smile as you gently hold her, breathing in deeply as you do so.

    “I’ve missed you too Wanda but my god you need a shower," 

    "Would you join me?” She asks, her tone a bit hopeful. You can’t help but smile at her sweet tone, nodding your head, plus it wouldn’t hurt to see her reaction to the shampoo and conditioner bottle situation. She smiles at you as she takes your hand, guiding the two of you to the bathroom. 

   She winces as she strips, still sore from her mission. You almost feel bad as you watch her peel of her layers, wincing with each article of clothing shed but the thought of getting your sweet sweet revenge made everything worth it. 

   After waiting for her to strip the two of you get into the previously warmed up shower. She gingerly scrubs her body with the bar of soap, one you’d moved shelves too, but when it came time to grab her shampoo she stopped. 

   "(Y/N), what’s happened to all my stuff?“ She asks warily, eyeing the conditioner bottle Suspiciously. "Have you done something?" 

    "No,” you shake your head, hoping your lie was sufficient enough. “Maybe you just misplaced stuff before you left,” Wanda nods although her expression still gives off the impression that she’s wary of you but she continues on, washing away the dirt and grime of a long mission.

    It was after the two of you had dried off and gotten dressed is when Wanda really started to question stuff.

    “(Y/N), our dresser used to be level with this light, was it Not?” Wanda tilts her head To the side, surveying the light above the dresser. 

    “I’m not sure, I don’t think so. Why do you ask?” Wanda merely shook her head, turning back you as she looked to the floor below her. 

    “I know this rug was aligned with the bathroom door!” She points to the soft rug the two of you had on your floor. “(Y/N) what is-” you can’t help but Snicker at her confusion, completely giving yourself away. “I knew you did something!” She points a glaring finger at you. “I could tell, all the furniture is off, my food is misplaced and now the rug isn’t aligned, what did you do?” You can only chuckle, shaking your head as you do. 

   "I’m not telling you,“ you merely state, flopping down against your bed with a satisfied little smirk. Oh, you’d gotten Wanda back so good.  

    As far as you can recall Wanda never did figure out exactly what Clint and you had done, she was always wary of the two of you now and she was always pestering the information from you, or at least trying too but watching her struggle to this day, continuously hitting things or stubbing her toes, was much more rewarding than telling her ever would have been.

Let It Be

Paring: Wanda x Stark!Reader

Characters: The avengers 


a/n: Sorry this took so long to write

“DAD?” You yelled out through the halls of the tower you called home. 

“Yes?” Your father Tony said peeking his head out of the lab into the kitchen where you and Wanda were standing. 

“Wanda and i are going out to the diner on 5th, then heading to the movies” You said as you put on your jacket and grabbed your purse. 

“Okay, don’t have too much fun, and don’t draw attention to yourself” He winked and headed back into the lab. 

You grabbed her hand and ran out of the tower. 

You both got caught in a rainstorm on your way back and when you got to the tower you were dripping. 

You both trudged into the living room where the team sat laughing at you. 

“Shut up” you mumbled and caught the sweatshirt Bucky threw at you. Wanda scowled and you slapped her ass once you got out of sight. 

You both changed, She was wearing one of your sweatshirts and you were engulfed in Bucky’s sweater which went to your knees. You had on a pair of maroon booty shorts on underneath them. You put on a pair of knee high socks and then walked out and plopped down on your dad’s lap, making your wet hair go all over his face. 

“I hate you” He mumbled. 

“That is a lie” You said and kissed his cheek and rolled off, grabbing a handful of the m&m’s that were on the table. 

Wanda came in angry, she was jealous, really jealous. 

You tried to tell her that it was nothing and Bucky was a brother to you, but she didn’t buy it. 

Wanda sat there on the couch silent as a mouse, while the rest of you talked. 

“Have i ever told you how pretty you look in my sweatshirt? “ Bucky said winking. He was just playng with you to get Tony annoyed, but Wanda didn’t know. 

You blushed and went to respond but Wanda grumbled something under her breath and covered it with a sharp cough. 

“Yes?” You snapped your head to Wanda who was glaring at Bucky. She didn’t respond, she just got up and left the room. You followed after her like a lost puppy. You stopped her before she got to her room. 

“ You know you are cute when your jealous” You said placing a kiss to her forehead and then opening her door and jumping in her bed. 

You ended up falling asleep cuddled up to her. What you didn’t know was that Tony had went to go find you and took a picture of you too sleeping. 

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Definitely -- Wanda X Fem!Reader (NSFW)

Author’s Note: really dirty, holy crap! I hope you enjoy. And to clarify, I am not a member of the LGBTQ community and I’ve never been with a girl, so I have no idea how this has turned out. If anything offends you please let me know and I’ll try to fix the issue to the best of my ability. 

Request: Hi can I please request a wandaxfemale!reader one shot where the girls are roommates and the reader comes home early from a mission and catches wanda masturbating in their living room and they end up having sex. If you’re not okay with that its fine. Thanks
Could I please have a wandaXfem!reader where wanda and the reader are friends and wanda is massaging the reader and it gets super sexual and at one point wanda rides the reader’s face

Warnings: dirty smut

Words: 1,024

You dragged your exhausted body into the elevator and pressed the number to your and Wanda’s floor. Being an Avenger meant having to go on dangerous missions that left your body so sore that it sometimes hurt to walk. Luckily for you, this mission left you tired and just a little sore.

You walked into the living space of your floor, spotting Wanda on the couch watching some foreign soap opera.

“(Y/N), how was the mission?” she asked, smiling as you slumped on the couch next to her.

“Exhausting,” you said, trying to decipher what exactly was happening between Nina and Vladimir on the television screen.

“I’m sorry,” she responded, her accent bringing your attention back to her.

“It’s okay, Wanda. It’s not your fault,” you said, smiling at her and she smiled back.

“Turn around,” she said. You looked at her in confusion, but turned your back to her anyways. You felt her small soft hands land on your shoulder and she started kneading the knots in that area.

“Wanda,” you groaned, “that feels amazing.”

“Is it helping you?”

“Yeah,” you said. You blushed when you started thinking of her hands on other places on your body. You had developed an immediate crush on the Sokovian woman the moment you met her. Yes, she technically had been trying to kill you, but she looked damn gorgeous while doing so. Once she joined the Avengers and you actually had a chance to get to know her, you knew you were well on the way to falling in love with her.

She hit a particularly sensitive spot near you neck and you couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped from your lip. You felt yourself grow red and felt Wanda stiffen behind you. Her hands left your shoulders and you turned to see her walking to her room at a quick pace.

You hadn’t meant to make her uncomfortable. You couldn’t help it. You felt so embarrassed and thought for a few minutes of different ways to go apologize to her. You settled for a simple apology and made your way towards her room.

“Wanda?” you called out, but it seemed that she hadn’t heard. You softly opened her door and let out a gasp once you saw her laying naked on her bed, her fingers playing with her clit and you could see how wet she was from where you were standing.

“(Y/N)!” she exclaimed in shock and you turned quickly.

“I’m so sorry; I should’ve knocked!” You started making your way out when you herd her call out.

“You can stay if you want,” she said, and you turned around slowly.

“Um, if you’re sure,” you said, fighting hard to keep your eyes away from the beautiful sight that was in front of you.

“You can look,” she groaned and let out a breathy sigh as she inserted a finger into herself.

You’re mouth watered at the sight and she smirked at you.

“Are you enjoying this?” she asked and you nodded.

“I am, too. It helps me relax,” she said, her free hand cupping one of her breasts.

You cleared your throat. “Well…you helped me relax, the least I can do is help you,” you said. You hoped you didn’t sound as nervous as you felt.

You stepped towards her slowly, not wanting to startle her and giving her time to reject any advance you planned on making. Her smirk remained in place as you lowered the zipper on your suit and stepped out of it. You were going commando that particular day and she bit her lip at the sight of your perfect body.

You climbed on the bed and crawled your way up until you were hovering directly over her.

“Tell me if there’s something you don’t want,” you said and felt her hands grip your waist.

She hummed slightly and leaned upward to connect your lips together. You flattened your body against hers and you both moaned at the feeling of your nakedness pressing together. Your tongues fought for dominance as your hand reached to cup her breast. She breathed into your mouth in pleasure and you continued to fondle it.

You started to make your way downward, kissing her neck, her clavicle, and taking her erect, pink nipple into your mouth. She arched her back in pleasure and pulled on your hair.

“(Y/N),” she said, and suddenly flipped you over so that you were underneath her. She reciprocated the attention you gave her on your breast, sucking and nipping at your buds. You knew you were moaning loudly and were a mess underneath her but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. She continued making her way down and you felt yourself grow even more wet as she positioned her mouth on your pussy. She sucked and licked your clit for a few minutes, and you felt heat coil up inside of you. She inserted a finger into you, curving it so it hit your g-spot perfectly. She fingered you for a few moments, until you felt yourself come undone. She eagerly sucked your juices and smiled up at you once you finished.

“That was amazing,” you said, gasping softly for air.

“Is it my turn?” Wanda asked, her accent more pronounced.

“Get up here,” you said, your voice raspier than it usually was. She climbed up your body and your arms wrapped around her thighs, keeping her core aligned with your mouth. You gave her cunt a small lick and she shivered in delight.

“(Y/N), please,” she groaned and you obliged. Your tongue darted out and licked everywhere you could. You teased her entrance, flicked her clit, sucked on it. You were basically devouring her and she was loving every moment of her. You knew she was about to come, and your licks turned a bit frantic, desperate to taste her juices. She came hard and fast, squirting into your mouth and you licked up as much as you could.

Wanda climbed off of your face and pulled you closer to her body.

“We should do that more often,” she said and you nodded your heard, giggling.


Bastard - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by revanchists

Words: 1236
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: mentions of smut, making out, there may have been swearing
Requested by anon
\hiiiii!!! i love your blog so much and i was wondering if you could do one where you’re wanda’s best friend but you’ve also been sleeping with pietro aince you guys were 17
Authors Note: IT IS SO LATE I HAVE TO SLEEP LOL also jadyn made me refrence something so if you see that dumb thing in here you win

Masterlist. Request List.

“Oh, I highly doubt that!” Wanda laughed at Clint, “We’ve been friends for years. Don’t you think that would be weird?” Wanda raised her eyebrow as she talked about you and Pietro.

You nodded with a laugh, “That would be beyond weird! Pietro? Dating? Yeah, I do not think so.”

“I don’t know; it just seemed like you and Pietro had a different approach with each other, like you were dating, so I thought you were just hiding it,” Clint shrugged, “I guess I was wrong.”

You nervously smiled. “Yeah, we definitely aren’t dating. Especially with Wanda as my best friend, that would probably take some getting used to.”

You have been friends with the Maximoff Twins since your days at HYDRA when you were seventeen. You instantly became friends with Wanda, and took a small liking to Pietro. And of course, when no one was paying attention and HYDRA was working on Wanda with no looking after you and Pietro, things escalated from flirting pretty quickly. It never went to the point of romantically dating or anything of the sorts, maybe just a little more than friends.

Not that you would ever tell anyone or anyone would find out, though.

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AN: This gif though. Adorable, awkward, chaos baby Wanda. I love this request. Thanks anon for sending it in! (Gif not mine.)

Pairing: Wanda x Reader

Plot: Hello, may I request an imagine where Wanda tries to ask out the Reader but her accent keeps getting in the way and the Reader finds it really adorable. Thank you!

“Enunciation Stickler”

Pietro and Wanda spent their mission-free day lounging in the common room. Well, Pietro was. Wanda, on the other hand, was pacing back and forth around the room.

Pietro sat upside down on the couch, flipping through old comics. “Sister, quit worrying. Sit down.” he rolled his eyes.

Wanda ignored him and continued to pace around the room. Ever since you joined the team, Wanda always felt anxious around you. Not a bad anxious, a stomach full of butterflies, I-feel-like-I’m-flying kind of anxious.

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anonymous asked:

have there been other instances where tony and wanda have flirted? o_o''

I’m assuming you are not familiar with the 90’s Iron Man cartoon, which had a Wanda/Tony/Spider-Woman (Julia edition) love triangle. If that’s true and you aren’t familiar with it, don’t make yourself familiar because it is terrible.

And that version of Wanda is… not Wanda. I don’t know what the heck was going on there.

616-wise, the most obvious example is the scene between them in The Crossing, which is hard to post without using a cut because it’s huge. But rest assured, it is full of weird implications and Wanda wearing a trench coat. As with the 90’s Iron Man cartoon, if you aren’t familiar with The Crossing, don’t make yourself familiar.*

These are all mid-90’s things. That was the period where Wanda and Tony’s friendship (and the tension that comes from it) got the most play. Whatever UST is there is very blink and you miss it, except in that damn cartoon, and I think making it UST at all is missing the point.

The tension here isn’t based on sexual attraction. It’s science vs magic. It’s differing worldviews and ways of doing things. It’s “I trust you, but this thing you’re doing is weird,” and that runs both ways. Tony notoriously Does Not Like Magic, but it’s not like Wanda is super impressed every time Tony says, “I made this machine that I’m going to put you in…” And he has done this at least three times.

Strangely, this is one of those things Avengers vs. X-Men got right, which is super random but okay.

On a related note, there is this from The Oral History of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

But TOHOEMH takes place in the Bendisverse, and in the Bendisverse, everyone thinks Wanda is the! most! beautiful! woman!!!

None of this is important canon. I just get the impression that a lot of people have a very desexualized view of Wanda because they think of her primarily as someone’s mother or someone’s daughter, and that’s 1) a little sexist and 2) not true to canon. It’s more Friendly Reminder Wanda Flirts than Friendly Reminder Tony/Wanda Is a Thing.

*There is someone on this website who keeps telling people to read The Crossing, and I think they might actually be a supervillain.

Black, No Sugar


i have a history paper due tomorrow and you’re sitting beside one of the only outlets in this shop and also your taste in coffee is shit” (or something along those lines)

warnings: none 
word count: 1842
a/n: for the anon that asked for a coffee shop au. i hope you like it! 

The coffee shop is quiet. It’s one of the few reasons Bucky’s always here – it’s an escape from the usual mayhem at the tower, where Sam and Wanda are pranking him or Natasha and Clint are watching movies on full volume or Tony and Steve are yelling at each other regarding his accommodations. During the day, at least. At night, it serves as an elusion to his nightmares. A cup of coffee to keep him awake and some time alone to think, it’s all he needs.

He hasn’t slept in three days and his face is showing it: red-rimmed eyes with purple shadows beneath them. The lord knows he needs sleep, but the second he closes his eyes he’s clutching his sheets with knuckles as white as his face becomes, struggling to get air down his lungs as his heart threatens to hammer out of his chest and his throat feels like he’s swallowed hot rocks because he’s been screaming so loud.

It’s been three days since he’s so much as laid down in his bed, opting instead to come sit in the mildly comfortable chair of the small coffee shop across the street. It’s just past five in the evening, but the skies are grey and a mixture of rain and snow is pattering on the window beside Bucky. He stares outside, watching people walk past with shopping bags in their hands, squinting from the snow in their face, the occasional twinkle of a Christmas light shining in their eye.

“Mind if I sit here?” He turns around, bleary eyes settling on the form of a girl, maybe a couple years younger than him, with cheeks reddened by the winter wind and snowflakes dotting her hair and scarf.

Bucky raises an eyebrow, and almost reflexively his eyes scan the rest of the coffee shop. It’s full, but there are still enough empty seats for the girl to find one for herself, and anyone who wants to be near him despite the various other options is usually a threat. When he looks back at the girl, she’s flushing. “I don’t mean to intrude,” she says, gesturing to the outlet beside him. “It’s just, I have a paper to finish and the only other outlet in the coffee shop is beside them–“ she points to a group of formally dressed people, taking up all the seats around their table.

Despite his desire to be alone, Bucky finds himself nodding, and with a small, sincere “Thank you,” the girl sits down into the seat across from his, pulling out her laptop.

It’s silent after that. People filter in and out of the place, eventually dwindling down to maybe three or four, and Bucky and the girl. It’s dark out now, the snow beginning to pile up, and there are no more people walking outside for Bucky to look at.

“Do you do that often?” He turns to look at the girl. At some point she’d gotten up to get herself some coffee. Bucky’s own cup sat on the table, empty.

“Do what?” Bucky cringes at his own voice. It’s hoarse and raspy, like he hasn’t spoken in days. He hasn’t really. Most of the time he’s spent either shut up in his room, avoiding everyone, or in the coffee shop, people watching. No one’s talked to him until now.

A part of him wishes he could strike up conversations the way he used to be able to – the way James Buchanan Barnes used to be able to; with a flirty smile and the right words always up his sleeve. But the Winter Soldier didn’t converse. He– it– didn’t smile, or talk much, or feel much. Bucky’s not the Winter Soldier, not anymore, but he’s not James any more either, where the only thing he had to worry about was making sure he had enough money for Steve’s medication. He’s something in between, an indefinite identity. And god, he would do anything, anything, to be something more, but every time he goes to bed, he’s reminded of his past, of all the terrible things he’s done, of–

“Watch people.” He’s pulled from his thoughts by the girl, who’s looking at him with an expression on his face that he can’t quite place. Her voice is soft and calming, and it’s been so long since he’s heard someone talk to him without exasperation or annoyance or sadness or pity. He likes it.

He shrugs. “Sometimes,” he says, voice clipped. He wants to say more, keep the conversation going because it could be the first proper conversation he’s had in months, but its reflex to not talk to strangers, to not trust strangers. Her face falls, taking in his body language, the way his shoulders are hunched and his red eyes are scanning the room every now and then. The expression only lasts a fraction of a second, then she’s smiling and nodding and looking back at her computer screen, but Bucky catches it.

“What’s your name?” He blurts.

She looks surprised as she looks at him again over the top of her laptop, before her features settle into warm smile. “Y/N. It’s Y/N. What’s yours?”


And then they’re talking. He asks her what she’s working on. It’s a paper, on the Second World War, she answers, and is he interested? And then he’s telling her all about it, he’s a history major and he’s done all sorts of readings on it, and actually that fact is wrong and this is what actually happened, and for the first time in so long he feels relaxed. He’s tired as hell and the lord knows he needs to sleep but in the moment he feels nothing but calm, and maybe a little bit excited because there’s a girl in front of him listening to him, looking at him with the most genuine expression of interest on her face, and god, for once he feels like he’s helping someone, even if it’s a history student that has a paper due tomorrow.

He watches her as she notes down everything he’s saying, from the smallest facts to books that she should take a look at, with pure admiration on his face, because this is the first person to not cower away from his blank, tired face or talk to him in clipped, cautionary tones or look at him with pity in their eyes. There’s a feeling bubbling up in his chest and it’s warm and comfortable and – and he’s smiling.  

“What?” She asks, and there’s a flush rising to her cheeks and Bucky realizes that she’s caught him staring.

He coughs, eyes widening fractionally before his expression goes back to stoic. (The warmth in his chest is still there, though.) “Nothing.” He looks away.

“Bucky,” she says. He turns his head back towards her, eyebrows up in question. “Thank you. So much.” She smiles and he’s smiling back again, and she stands up and begins to pack up and his eyes go wide. He’s being stupid, he knows as much, but he doesn’t want her to leave.

She packs everything up and then turns to him. “How do you like your coffee?”


She laughs, then repeats, “How do you like your coffee?”

He scratches his forehead. “Black, no sugar, why?”

She scrunches up her nose in disgust, and Bucky finds himself laughing. It’s a foreign sound, even to his ears. He watches her rush towards the counter and come back with a drink in her hand. She thrusts it towards him and he wants to say no, that he can’t take it, but she’s holding it out to him with a pleading expression, so he reaches up and wraps his gloved fingers around it.  

“Thanks,” he whispers.

She smiles and leaves without another word.

He’s back at the coffee shop everyday after that, half hoping to find the girl there again. She isn’t there. Not the next day, or the day after, or the day after that, or the day after that. It’s been five days since he’s met her – Y/N  – and the initial disappointment that filled him has slowly ebbed away. Bucky’s back to staring out the window, watching people go by.

It’s nearly eleven p.m., and Bucky’s getting up to throw out his fifth cup of coffee before he heads back to the tower. His coat is wrapped tightly around him, gloved hands shoved into his pockets, and eyes cast down. He about ready to leave the shop, standing with his shoulder ready to push the door, when it opens. Bucky barely has time to register what’s happening before there are arms wrapped around him, squeezing.

His first reflex is to push the person off of him, until he hears their voice.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” It’s Y/N. She lets him go and takes a step back with the brightest smile on her face, thrusting a wad of papers towards him. “I got an A, all thanks to you!”

He feels the laughter bubbling up inside of him, and then he’s laughing, hard, and there are tears forming inside his eyes and he can’t stop laughing and she’s smiling.

“What? What’s so funny?”  

He waits until his laughter dies down, then, “I’ve never seen someone so happy about a grade, is all.”

She flushes, and punches his arm. He laughs again. “I’m joking, great job.”

Y/N smiles, and he turns to head out again because as much as he wants to stay here, he really needs to get back to the tower.

“Bucky?” He stops. “Meet me here tomorrow, at seven?” He smiles, nods, and leaves, heading back to the tower.

The first thing Bucky notices when he enters the coffee shop is that he’s the only customer. There’s nobody there but two baristas who smile and welcome him.

The second thing he notices is that he’s the only customer. Y/N’s not there. Maybe she’s late, he reminds himself. She’s probably on her way. He makes his way over to his usual table.

The third thing he notices is the cup of coffee on the table, holding down a folded slip of paper. Bucky’s name is scrawled on it.

With eyebrows knit together, he takes a seat and unfolds the slip. There’s a number written across the top, then a note.

Hi Bucky,

I’m so sorry I had to run, and I didn’t have your number to let you know. Here’s mine. I promise I’ll make it up to you: Saturday at 8 at the diner across the street? 

Sorry again,

P.S. The coffee is just the way you like it. =)

He can’t stop the smile that makes its way onto his face as he finishes reading the note. He sits down, shoulders feeling lighter, and takes a sip of the coffee.

It’s black. No sugar.

Bucky pulls out his phone, heart pounding with a rush of anxiety and excitement as he types:

It’s a date.