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cs winter hiatus memeCaptain Swan in Season 3A

& just who are you, Swan?
Wouldn’t you like to know?
Perhaps I would.

6 Sarcastic Guys’ Conversation.

6 SARCASTIC GUYS’ CONVERSATION (SEVERAL FANDOMS CROSSOVER): Fanfic? (because I wanted to write this ever since I saw a post similar to this)

Who’s in the house?

-  House

-  Jack Sparrow

-  Tony Stark

-  Sherlock

-  Dean Winchester

-  …?

What do they have in common?

(You don’t have to know all of the characters)

Narcissism, sarcasm, some are genius’, most are experts in their work, all of them have drinking/drug dependencies, most have childhood issues and are secretly full of angst, etc.

Summary: This is just them, trapped in a room together, with no idea how they got there or how to get out. There may be more characters to come…

Warnings: Not much, a bit of swearing.

Comments are well appreciated (nice comments, helpful comments etc.)

Part 1

Jack: Now, the real question remains: Where is the rum?

House glared at him.

House: That’s not the real question, dumbass. I wanna know what the hell we’re doing here.

Tony: Maybe it’s a house party.

Sherlock is bent down by the door, his nose alarmingly close to the floor.

Tony: Ok, curly, what’re you doing now?

Sherlock looks up frowning, realising he’s being addressed.

Sherlock: I’m checking to see what substances there are in order to determine where we are, which is a lot more than any of you lot are doing.

Tony: *huffs* Well, excuse me, princess-

House: There’s no way of getting out of here.

House is sat by the window, and everyone looks up to him. He motions to the window with his cane.

House: These windows are fake. That door is impenetrable, the walls are made with considerable strength, as we’ve found out, and none of us geniuses have any idea why we’re here, where we are, how we got here, or who sent us here.

Everyone was quiet.

Jack: Well, I for one, am not a genius – just to clarify.

Sherlock sighs and sits up against the wall.

Tony: Find anything?

Sherlock: No. There’s no evidence, no substances, no clues – just nothing.

He looked sullenly ahead.

Tony: Well, my Iron Man suit should be here anytime now.

Sherlock: It’s not going to work…

Tony screwed his eyes at him.

Tony: Well, I don’t think your ‘sniffing around’ is exactly doing to much to solve this problem either-

Jack: Ok, ok, ladies, lets settle down, shall we? Look, we only have each other in this neat room of ours, and if we start fighting, it all goes downhill from there, and frankly, I think we’d all know who would be the only one standing after that.

Jack smiled smugly to himself.

House sighs and mutters something like ‘imbecile’.

Jack: What was that now?

Sherlock looked over as House sighs, and rubs his leg with his hand, his cane to the side.

Tony: What happened to you?

House looks up and replies sarcastically: I tripped.

Tony: Well don’t get your knickers in a twist, Doc, I was only asking.

Sherlock: He got shot.

House looked over to him.

House: How the hell do you know that?

Jack: Oh, God, don’t ask him for an explanation, I’m beggin’ you.

Sherlock: Well, it’s clear from the way he holds his leg that he’s in obvious pain-

Jack: Here we go..

Sherlock, ignoring the interruption: and he’s used to it according to the heavy bags under his eyes from sleepless nights, and he’s bitter, a sign of long-lasting pain, so why wouldn’t you do something about it? Well, it’s obvious he’s tried drugs-

House: Shut the hell up.

Sherlock: – takes one to know one – but they didn’t work out, did they? Got too dependent on them, so now you just have to take the pain – and by yourself – I mean, it’s obvious that you’re lonely.

House stands up with his cane: I said SHUT UP!

He went over to Sherlock and squared up to him.

Tony and Jack looked at each other wide-eyed.

House: You think you’re some big genius, who can just figure everyone out by one look-

Sherlock: Well, yea, pretty much-

But suddenly there was a big BANG as the door came flying inwards.
They all shielded themselves as the door was smashed down and smoke covered them, some of them coughing, as Sherlock quickly walking over the new body that was now on the floor, coughed through the smoke and went through the door, just to see another door a few feet behind it.

Sherlock: Dammit.

House looked around.

House: Everyone alright?
Jack: Just dandy

House grimaced as he put his cane down and knelt to the man on the floor, turning him onto his back so they could see him, Tony kneeling next to him.

Tony: You know him?

House: Nope.

House leant down to check the man’s breathing, when suddenly he snapped up and looked around frantically, his golden necklace swaying across his chest.

Man: What the hell – oh, son of a bitch.

He held onto his head, wincing slightly and cursed to himself.

House: What’s your name? Do you know how you got here?

Sherlock and Jack crowded round to listen.

Man: Name’s Dean Winchester. And I have no clue, man.

A Reprise In Brotherly Love

When Liam the second shows up unannounced on the Jolly Roger, Killian finds an unexpected ear to listen to his doubts of earning Prince Charming’s forgiveness. Set after “Murder Most Foul”.

Words: 4.5K

Rated: G

Author Note:  This was born of the swirling vortex of Captain Charming feels that is my heart these days, as well as rumors of Liam II and Nemo returning to guest-star in an upcoming episode. Special thanks to my pal @welllpthisishappening for listening to me gush about the Jones brothers and for looking this over for me. 

Find on A03 here. 


Killian hadn’t seen his half brother since their shaky reconciliation and Liam’s reunion with Nemo, but he had seen to it, with a copious amount of gold doubloons, that their stay at Granny’s was covered indefinitely. It was the least he could do. 

The wind seemed to come and go in spurts, at times nipping through Killian’s leather jacket before dying back down to a light caress across his cheek. Whenever he could spare a moment in the day, he came to check on his ship. These days, those free moments were fewer and farther between. Even so, he managed to make it over to her at least once a week. 

It was odd, forging time in his days to check in briefly on a ship that had been his home for centuries. Once in a while, he would linger, take up his old place at her helm and grasp the spokes of her wheel in his hand, or take his time swabbing the deck alone. It was cathartic work, despite the strain it earned his back, and he enjoyed caring for his ship with his own touch. Still, easier were the days when he had a whole crew at his disposal to take care of the more mundane chores. Henry was the only one who offered to help, or agreed to help when asked. Most of the time, the old pirate took care of it all, himself. 

Today was one such day where he had come to spend some extra time alone on the Jolly Roger. When sailing regularly, deck swabbing was a daily occurrence. These days, with the ship sitting idly in the harbor, it was really only necessary after a storm, or a particularly choppy day when the waves could reach high enough to leave salt residue on the main deck. If he didn’t get to it in time, within a day or so at most, the old wood would start to show extra wear, in spite of its enchanted state. This was not something Killian would allow. 

As he strode across the docks, his ship looming before him, his mind was elsewhere, untethered and darting between memories. Dark circles stubbornly took up residence under his eyes, betraying to anyone who looked at him how little sleep he had been getting lately. Rest eluded him, and when it came, it was fitful. Every time he closed his eyes, he could see that face staring back at him. 

“I swear on my son’s life. I just want to get home to my family.”

There was a familiar twist in his gut. 

Abruptly, a male voice called down from the Jolly Roger’s deck, “I asked the harbor master which ship belonged to the infamous Captain Hook.” 

Killian tensed, not recognizing the voice at first. He paused at the ship’s loading ramp, raising his hand to shield his eyes as he squinted against the sun. Liam the second’s smiling face came into view, and Killian relaxed visibly. 

Liam’s hair was tousled, the longer strands of it whipping into his face as the wind picked up, and he raised a hand and ran his fingers through it. He was leaning on the wooden rails of the ship facing the docks and offered his half-brother a small smile.

“He told me it was the ‘old wooden one that looks like it’s up to no good,’” Liam continued, still smirking. “Figured it was this one. Although, I was expecting darker sails." 

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Requested by Anon
Reader storms off after a fight with Tommy and is found & brought back by a brotherly Arthur to a very worried/angry Tommy; Makeup smut ensues.
Warnings: Fluff, Smut, Swearing.  


“You should have thought about that before you said you would marry me.” Tommy snapped angrily at you, his words stinging.

You had been arguing about Tommy coming home at all hours of the night, or the constant worrying, and the fact that lately he had been purposefully excluding you from family meetings, which you usually attended. Esme was allowed to be there, but you weren’t. You had been very close to the Shelby family since the men came back from war. They were all good friends with your brother, who died in battle. When he died, they took you in. You felted slighted as Esme had only just married into the family recently.

You and Tommy had been engaged for a year, waiting for the right time. Lately, you weren’t sure there would ever be a right time, especially now with Tommy being so secretive and distant. Your emotions were high, Tommy completely shutting you out, dismissing your thoughts and pleas.

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So I Read H&H Roman Company

- The art is so pretty OMG

- Ginger is so thirsty, somebody get this boy some water or Rum hehehe

- Rum is a stunning and strong mofo I understand Ginger’s boner and I love how he’s literally always in FIGHT MODE

- Mananan is one scary motherfucker but I wouldn’t hesitate to kill him and harvest his eyes awkward turtle I still love him sshhh

- Pls protect Monday he’s a sweet roll who deserves the world MY ADORABLE SON

- Mono is a glorious troll and I wouldn’t want him any other way


- The art primarily won me over however, the plot unfolds along with the development of the characters and the charming attempt at world building is fairly successful *laughs at God and Lucifer*

- I’m super excited to see where this story goes.


Spent the day in my Daryl cosplay with one of my great friends Sam Sparrow (blond hair with red tank top!) at a Charity event where the booth’s theme was The Walking Dead !

We sold 

  • “Johnny Walkers” (Rum/Coke) 
  • “Transfusions” (Vodka and Cranberry) Those came in IV bags 
  • “The Cure” (Vodka and Sour Apple Juice) Those came in syringes

It was LOADS of fun and everyone LOVED the booth and we won all 3 awards! All the money raised went to kids who cannot afford to go to school. Sparrow did all the makeup for all 7 of us and got ALL the compliments, as he should have. I’m very proud of him for all the work he does. He even made the brick walls we had surrounding the booths front in only 7 days. They looked incredible. I am thankful I could have been apart of making the tourists in the shopping center’s days in my Daryl cosplay. A kid even wanted to hold my cross bow haha. I got lots of compliments on my cosplay too and everyone loved us!

The Price 7/?

Summary: The Swan and Regina seem unconcerned about the possibility of war coming once more to Misthaven. Killian experiments with magic to slightly less disastrous effects than the last time he was left unsupervised.

Chapter List: One/Two/Three/Four/Five/Six


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Chapter Seven

It doesn’t take him long to discover there is tension between the two sorceresses he finds himself stuck with in this derelict castle. He rarely sees them in a room together where whatever conversation they’re having doesn’t devolve to an argument, and even away from each other, they seem eager to point out the faults of the other. The Swan is more civil about it, preferring to sway the conversation elsewhere the moment Regina is brought up, but Regina herself seems to hold no such qualms, and Killian finds himself, more often than not, defending the Swan, regardless of whether or not she should be defended.

It’s strange - Regina has quite clearly known her far longer than Killian, and yet, even the qualities which drive Killian to annoyance on a daily basis, when being dissected by this interloper in the castle, are met with a stubborn wall of resistance.

Regina finds it amusing, and seems to find no issue in teasing the both of them about Killian’s ready defense of all the Swan’s least likeable qualities.

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So these odd drawings are for the wonderful @rumpledspinster who in a post requested if I could make this horrible movie called ‘Rollergator’ (yes-that’s its name) into something Rumbelled in a way. 

I took that challenge and made an AU where Bae and Rum are humanoid like magical crocodiles, and Bae runs from home after a fight with his father to see the human world and learn how to become one (thinking that what he and his dad are is bad). He ends up in SB but is unable to return home, lost and alone he is found by the town librarian who takes him in and tries to help him return home with magical chaos abound (while a worried and frightened big bad croc Rumple searches desperately for his son).

As for the rollerblading part… Eh, I guess Belle does that to get around SB-perhaps she’s trying to entice people to come over by delivering books?

i’ve had too much sugar and too little sleep so let’s mcfreakin do this

Picture Summary (but not really) Thing for Once Upon A Time

Season 3, Episode 11: Going Home

(warning: contains a fuck-ton of pics because @wheres-your-rum deserves it)

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An experiment...

Reblog if you’re a Golden Queen shipper who has NEVER gone into the tag for a pairing that you don’t like to grumble about how grossed out you are by it. I want proof that we, as a fandom, show respect and class, even when we’re sorely tempted not to. 

In happier news: how hot was that kiss at the end of the episode tonight, Y/Y?

Workspace: Finale

A/N: Here it is ! The final part to the series that has been like my child for the past few weeks. I am getting a little emotional rn that it’s ending. But I pinky promise, I’ll have more series as good as this one for you guys. Thank you for all the support and love you guys give me! Love you so so much babez xx

Warning: Smut (NSFW 18+)  Also, you may need a tissues.

Word Count: 6k+, yes. 6,000 and some change.

Read Parts 1-6: here.

Originally posted by hardcaramelsoldier

I sat in my car looking over the building I called work. I’d only just gotten here and parked, and I was trying to find the strength to open my car door and step outside. But, I couldn’t.

When I’d woken up that morning, I was alone. Confused, I’d sat up and looked around my bedroom. Where was Stiles? For a second, I was sure I’d imagined the whole thing. Did Stiles really come to see me? Or had I wanted him so badly that in my drunken stupor I’d fantasized the thing that I wanted most: him.

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anonymous asked:

f i c r e c s p l z

-cracks my knuckles- 

Amon Koutarou/Kaneki Ken + Amon Koutarou & Kaneki Ken 

Amon Koutarou/Sasaki Haise

Blogs that have drabbles for the above are:

(mutuals forgive me if I missed you I’m blasting through this as fast as I can)

And then some mentions outside of my OTP


So, @this-too-too-sullied-flesh​ and @hencethebravery​ both tagged me in the ‘show me your shelfie’ meme. WHich is a super cute idea by the way Kristen. My bookshelf is a little sad at the moment cause he’s new(ish). My dad built me this and I haven’t had time to fully laden him with all my stuff yet. So he looks a little bare, but… yes.

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