wheres she off to in a hurry


Alpha!Stiles x Reader

Requested by Anon

“What am I supposed to do?” Stiles asked Scott and Malia as the wo of them hurried beside him.

“Why is it so bad that she talks to other people?” Malia asked as they stopped to split off and head to separate classes.

“Guys, she talks to other guys.” Stiles growled which caused Scott to chuckle and glance over to the gate where you were sat on the hood of the Jeep as you chatted to someone.

“Just relax Stiles, you’re panicking over nothing.” Scott insisted, rolling his eyes when Stiles spotted you, eyes glowing as he pushed between them.

“Excuse me, I’ll see you guys later.” He grumbled. “Hey!”

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im gonna type the whole song from memory ok

little town. it’s a quiet village. every day, like the one before. little town, full of little people. waking up to say…bonjour! bounjour! bonjour, bounjour, bonjour! there goes the baker with his tray like always, the same old bread and rolls 2 sell. every morning just the same, since the morning that we came to this poor provencial town. good morning, belle! good morning, mouseir! where you off to? the book shop i read the most wonderful story about a beanstalk and an ogre and a that’s nice


look there she goes the girl is strange no question, dazed and distracted can’t you tell never part of any crowd cuz her head’s up on some cloud no denying she’s a funny girl that belle. bonjour! good day! how is your family? bonjour! good day! how is your wife? I NNEEED,, SXIX EGGS,, that’s too expensive, there must be more than this provincial life! ah belle. good morning! i’ve come to return the book i borrowed. finished already? oh i couldn’t put it down have you got anything new. not since yesterday. that’s alright! i’ll borrow this one. but you’ve read it twice! well it’s my favorite – far off places (?), daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise. haha, well if you like it all that mutch it’s yours. but sir…i insist. well thank you. thank you very much! look there she goes that girl is so peculiar, i wonder if she’s feeling well. with a dreamy faroff look, and a nose stuck in a book, what a puzzle to the rest of us is belle. oh, isn’t this amazing, it’s my favorite part because, you see…here’s where she meets prince charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him til chapter three. now there’s no wonder that her name means beauty her looks have got no paralllel. but behind that fair facade, i’m afraid she’s rather odd. very different from the rest of us she’s nothing like the rest of us yes different from the rest of us is belle! fuck the gaston part. look there…he goes. isn’t he dreamy. monsieur gaston, oh he’s so cute! (tongue pop) be still, my heart, i’m hardly breathing…he’s such a tall, dark, strong and handsome brute. bonjour PARDON good day MAIS OUI you call this bay WHAT LOVELY GRAPES. ten yards, one pound, SCUZE ME i’ll get my knife PLEASE LET ME THROUGH this bread THOSE FISH its stale THEY SMELL  madame’s mistake–well maybe so there must be more than this provincial life! just watch im going to make belle my wife! look there she goes that girl is strange but special, a most peculiar mademoiselle its a pity and a sin she doesn’t quite fit in cuz she really is a funny girl a beauty but a funny girl she really is a funny girl, that belle – bonjour! bonjour! bonjour! bonjour! bonjour! 🅱️️onjour!

no promises

He’s the one who said they couldn’t have a relationship. She’s the one who makes sure that they don’t.

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Her 
Rating: Mature
Words: 1751

They tumble through the hotel room door, his palm swiftly pushing it shut behind their entangled bodies. Her hands wander up his chest and her arms find their way around his neck, a need to be close dragging her to him. Their lips detach from one another’s during brief moments when they both push their jackets off their shoulders and take off their shoes in a hurry, and when he pulls her top over her head. Her fingers work fast to unbutton his shirt and remove it from his body while his hands move to cup her bottom. 

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Kathrine x Fem!Reader

Requested by Anon

“You have to tell them to stop!” Jeremy snapped.

“But she’d be stuck in there to.” Bonnie pointed out and you rolled your eyes.

“I’ll be fine just hang on.” You sighed and tossed your mask down as you hurried up to the room where your brothers were fighting. “Stop!”

“(Y/N) what are you doing?” Damon growled and you rolled your eyes.

“Just trust me you don’t want to do anything until your little witch figures something out.” You sighed and pulled Damon off Katherine. “just trust me brother, she’s playing a trick.” You glared at Katherine as she sat down.

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anonymous asked:

23, pretty please!

Seeking Shelter

It was a beautiful evening.  Not too warm yet, but much warmer than Scotland was normally.  She could see him ahead of her.  He wasn’t too far away.  He was trying to get to the car first to open the door for her.  She wasn’t in a particular hurry. Plus she was in heels  Something caught her eye but when she turned to look she didn’t see anything.  She kept walking.  Something moved again.  She slowed to look but it was dark and shadows were everywhere.  Where was he?  She looked around. The car seemed farther away than before.  She tried to walk faster.  Again, something caught her eye and she turned to look and that’s when she felt it. Something grabbed her by the wrist. She tried to scream but couldn’t. She tried to fight but she was thrown off balance.  She was afraid of falling. Afraid of hurting herself.  She tried to call his name but she was so scared her voice wouldn’t work.  She tried to wrench free but the grip was so hard. It felt evil. Malicious. Angry. It was trying to pull her down.  She could hear it hissing at her but couldn’t make out the words. God, she was going to fall. And she couldn’t call out.  She braced herself for impact, her wrist burning, her shoulder twisted.

Her heart was racing, and she was sure the sound of her own shouts woke her up. Yet, the room was still and dark. The only thing she could hear was the sound of his breathing.  God, she hated nightmares.  They were difficult to shake.  But the fact that she was fine, and safe with Jamie next to her helped slow her heart to it’s normal rhythm.  The baby moved, and she laid a hand over her bump.  

Turning on to her side, she sought shelter.  Shelter in the warmth of her husband’s embrace.  Shelter in his love.  

Shelter in a love that kept her safe, and secure. Just as she sheltered their child. 

She snuggled up against Jamie, and tangled her legs with his.  He shifted onto his side, and woke briefly to say, “Ye okay?”

“Yes,” she whispered and finding his hand, entwined her fingers with his.  Pressing a soft kiss to his chin, Claire closed her eyes, and fell back asleep.

The Missing Scene

A gift for @darlinglena for their coming out anniversary!

“I’ll see you back at the DEO.” J’onn spoke gruffly as he turned to hurry off. Kara sighed, realising she should have guessed that he wouldn’t come to the Hospital with her. She shifted Lena’s weight around carefully and kept hurrying towards the hospital.

It was a few hours later when Lena came back to herself. Kara, still in her Supergirl uniform, was lounging in a nearby chair, not wanting to leave until she was certain that Lena was okay.

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A year.

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Pairing : Dean x Reader, Past Sam x Reader
word count: 1,374
Author : Mel
Warning : Mentioned cheating.

Final part to Forbidden Fruit.

You had been staying with Dean for about a week when you came home to see his wife sitting with him at the kitchen table. They had been trying to talk things over, until she saw you. Then she lost it.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” She glared from you to Dean. “You said you wanted to work it out Dean, but you’re still with her!”

You bit your lip and looked down, feeling guilt take over again. You turned and started to leave.

“Don’t fucking bother.” She growled at you as she hurried past. Dean on her heals, pointing out it was a 2 bedroom place, and you had no where to go on such short notice. How could he just ignore family when they needed help. That was something she had loved about him. “Fuck off, Dean. As long as she’s here, this ain’t working.” She growled, slamming her car door and driving off.

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Originally posted by harleyquinnoficial

Requested by anon<3
Prompt:  Imagine being a child and surprising everyone by calling the Joker ‘Daddy!’ (im both sorry and not sorry that all the Joker fans are about…)
A/N: i’m not lmao. love writing these but the only that pisses me off is that there are hardly any gifs!!!


A three-year-old you yanked Harley’s hair, making the female yelp and fake laugh, sending an annoyed look Deadshot’s way. The man only shrugged, forced to sit by a tea table along with Mister Destructicon the Bear and Guts the Rabbit. Your giggle ringed in the semi-empty playroom, the puffy dress you wore dirty with paint splatters, as was  your (complexion) face.

“Pst,” Harley motioned at Deadshot, “Pst!” she saw the man roll his eyes. Quinn quickly turned to see where you were – getting tea ready – and hurried to Floyd “Why did puddin’ leave us here? Whose kid is this?”

“Does it look like I have any idea what’s going on?” Floyd growled.

The cracking sound of porcelain cups smashing onto the marble floor made both members of the Suicide Squad turn their heads to a beaming you, hands flown in the air with a glimmer in your eyes.

“Daddy! Daddy!” You exclaimed in joy, dashing across the playroom and jumping straight into your father’s arms.

“I’m here, pumpkin.” The Joker replied in such a sweet tone Harley through she was hallucinating. Her mouth resembled an o shape, her eyes as big as plates as she pointed a finger and the lovely father-daughter moment the two of you were having. She turned her head in disbelieve to Deadshot, wordlessly asking ‘Are you seeing what I’m seeing?!’, finding him shell shocked.

“Were they playing nice?” the Joker asked you. You seemed to think for a moment, pouting and glancing at the two now terrified criminals.

“I don’t like Harley’s hair.” You declared, making the older female gulp. The Joker glanced from you to Harley Quinn and back, his hand reaching for his pocket and swiftly taking out a hunting knife.

“Well then,” he handed it to you, the same bright smile returning to your face “-you’re free to cut it off.”

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Tommy x OC Daughter

Requested By Anon

Part One

“Elizabeth, why is Charlie crying again?” Tommy sighed as he tried to work, wishing you’d come back from your visit to Ada’s.

“Because I pushed him.” The sweet voice called back and he chuckled.

“Well why’d you push him?” Tommy asked as Elizabeth appeared in the doorway.

“I wanted his toy truck.” She pouted.

“Elizabeth, you both have the same truck.” He pointed out and she shrugged.

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Kenny’s history with Rad went way back, he hated that bastard and this latest revelation about him made Kenny seethe right to the very core. He knew Rad loved that vintage car of his, so Kenny stole it and torched it in the desert. Probably not a great idea in hindsight, but Kenny didn’t know at that time about all the other issues that Rad had been having. It was a pure act of vengeance, nothing more.

He located Lakisha’s ex fiance a few towns away and managed to retrieve what was left of her hard earn savings. It wasn’t difficult, the guy was a coward. Only 4500 simoleons remained but Kenny made sure the loser wouldn’t be ripping off any other vulnerable women again in a hurry, nor eat steak for a while.

He invited Lakisha to the bar where they first met, for a drink, a night out. The first time she had socialised, indeed they had socialised together, since her misfortune.  Kenny wanted to break the news to her about ‘recovering’ some of her cash.

Lakisha didn’t understand why anyone that hardly knew her would want to look after her the way that Kenny had. She had never met a man like him before. Most men had treated her like a possession or a piece of meat, or both. Kenny was something very special, and he smelt good. 

Loving You

“Baby, just tell him how you feel!” Gemma was standing behind me, as I watched Jax walking across the lot.

Rolling my eyes, I shrugged my shoulders. “It doesn’t matter, he’s dating Tara. He’s always loved her.” I turned to face her, trying to hold back my tears.

“If he knew that you loved him, he’d be with you. That bitch broke his heart…”

She obviously didn’t know it was too late, Tara had spent the night with Jax last night. I’d stopped by with coffee and donuts, she basically told me to leave her man alone.

“I’ve got to go!” I rushed out off the office, slamming right into Jax. Luckily I slipped my sunglasses on, so he couldn’t see my tears.

“Where ya going in such a hurry darlin? I missed you this morning.”

“I’ve got to go, I’m late for something.” I peeled out of the parking lot.


Jax walked into the office, finding Gemma and Chibs. “Where was (Y/N), going in such a hurry?” He asked.

Gemma stared at her son. “Probably to drink away her broken heart. Were you going to tell me you were back with doctor bitch?”

“Who broke her heart, I’ll beat their ass!”

Chibs started laughing. “You’re kidding right?”

Gemma glared at Chibs, shaking her head at him. Jax looked at the two of them. “It was me? How? When?”

“Go talk to her.” Gemma smiled at her son, as he raced towards his bike.


I heard the bike pull into my drive, wondering which biker got tasked to come check on me. Rolling off the couch, I pulled open the door, seeing Jax standing by his bike, my heart started to race.

Slamming the door shut, I leaned against it, wondering what the hell was he doing here. I heard a quiet knock on the door.

“(Y/N), open the door, please. I need to talk to you.”

I opened the door, he looked at me, a small smile on his face. “Tell me why, you’re upset.”

I walked away, turning my back to him, not wanting to get into it. “It’s nothing, go home to your girlfriend.”

I felt his arms wrap around my waist, he turned me around in his arms. “I don’t have a girlfriend, not yet at least.”

“I’m sure Tara will say yes, when you ask.” I pull away from him, not sure what game he’s playing.

“I don’t want Tara, if I can have you. You’re the one I really want.”

I turn around to look at him. “But this morning…”

“I know what happened, I heard her. It’s you I want.” His lips lowered to mine. “Tell me you feel the same.”

“Jax, I’m in love with you, I have been for the longest time..” He pulled me into his arms.

“I love you too.”


John x Reader

Requested By Anon

“This is ridiculous!” You huffed and refused to hold the wedding dress your aunt was holding out.


“You don’t have a choice you have to go through with it.” She scolded.


“Why exactly can’t one of the other girls be used to pay them off.” You snapped.


“We’re not using you to buy them off were…” She glowered at you when you interrupted.


“You’re not, is that why he’ll leave us alone if I’m married to one of them?” You dumped the dress on the floor and hurried out of the caravan and hurried off on your own.


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Joker x Fem!Reader

Warnings: slight smut, dirty content, cursing (no sex but allusions to it)

Joker’s POV

I stared at her dancing to some rock song and knew my pants would soon become too tight in certain reasons. I was hooked.

She moved her hips in tune to the provocative beat and her hands traveled far down south before nearly going where I wanted mine to go when she pulled up.

Her face, that’s what drew everyone in. Her eyes closed and her lips parted slightly yet I all I could see was her innocence radiating off her. The beat began to speed up and her whole body began to vibrate with it and I finally decided enough was enough.

“Get her for me would ya?” I ask with a smile toward my nearest worker. They follow my gaze before hurrying over to her. She looks at me winks, and continues to dance.

The man comes back shaking. “She said after this song Mr. J.” He can’t even look at me. Pussy.

I grin lazily at the man and bring my hand up to my lips showing off the tattoo before laughing. “She’s so good.” I grin at the man keeping my hand there to scare him some more. Fucking pussy. His hands begin to shake and I laugh longer this time before standing up. I stalk over to him and circle him slowly running my hand across his chest as I pass. “Ya scared? Scared of the evil Clown of Gotham pretty boy?” He doesn’t answer and I slowly get mad. As I walk past his face I grab his jaw quickly. I pull the man’s face close to mine. “Answer me…pussy.”

“No Mr. J.” He replies quickly.

I drop the grip on his jaw and pat his face before running my hand back to his hair. “Liar and a pussy. I can smell the fear on you pussy. Either admit to it and I shoot you or get her the fuck over here.”

He runs away as fast as possible and I drop myself back onto the couch seat and spread my legs out across it. A perfect place to watch this exchange.

She leans down and bites her lips before facing her ass right towards my eyesight. “Fucking perfect.” I mumble dragging my hands down my jaw. The man is shaking and she caresses his hair before kissing his cheek. As she straightens up he visibly relaxes at what she says next. The man then follows her back over to me.

“You wanted me Mr. J?” She asks with a smile now not even three feet from me.

“Sit down doll,” I pat my lap and she grins wickedly before sitting right on my crotch. The pussy is standing in the corner scared. “You can leave before I change my mind about killing you.” My left hand wraps around her waist as my right hand makes a gun. I squint my eyes and point my ‘gun’ at him. “BANG!” I yell shooting the gun and he jumps. “Want me to try with a real one? Or you gonna leave you pussy?” He leaves without a second thought.

“My name,” she says softly by my ear her hips grinding into my crotch, “do you want to know?” My hand squeezes her hips as my right hand pushes her hair away from the tattoo on her neck. I pull her neck to the side before running my tongue across the inked skin. She moans and I begin to suck in response.

“It’s a game sweet cheeks. Not knowing adds to the lust for me. I’m horny as fuck and want you.” I move my lips down to her collarbone and she wraps her fingers into my hair.

“Then take me.” She murmurs her lips sucking on my earlobe.

“God your so perfect. Sorry doll, I have to yell at a guy for screwing up a million dollar deal.” I begin to pull away slowly and my hands run up and down her sides.

“Let me stay and afterwards I can show you,” her hand grabs my crotch as she pulls away. She rubs it slowly as she talks, “All of you a good time.”

I growl at her before quickly kissing her. I grab her sides causing her mouth to open and I dive in trying to learn everything about the inside of that sexy little mouth. She pulls away first causing my to growl but she just grins and begins to unbutton my shirt. After each button she adds a long hot open mouth kiss and I lift my hips up. She looks up from halfway down my chest before deciding to wrap her legs around my waist and pull me close. “Don’t stop baby doll.” She giggles and her tongue licks back up everything she’s kissed.

“Mr. J.” A voice interrupts and she pulls away slowly before buttoning my shirt back up not looking at who was there. “He’s here.”

I growl at the interrupter before pulling the gun out from behind my back and shooting him in the head. “Bang!” I say halfheartedly pissed about being left dry down beneath.

“Don’t worry J, I’m not letting you go before I taste that dick of yours.” She tells me before laying down on top of me.

“Doll, I’m not letting you leave till I taste you and my dick gets slammed into every single one of your holes.” I reply before motioning the man in.

“She’s new.” Matt? No…Mark? No…Mike! Fucking Mike. “Hi hot little thing I’m David.” Oh, well he’s dead. David was the one who got my favorite club found by Batman.

“Fuck off Douche, you ruined my time with her.” I reply my hand stroking her breasts.

He holds his hands up in surrender. “Apologies J, I will make sure your alone next time. You were the one that wanted to see me.”

“Your attractive.” She says with a smile, her fingers playing with my tie as her legs tangle into mine. I laugh at that.

“Maybe I won’t kill you after all! If she likes you I mean. But you did lead Batman to my favorite club…” I kiss her hair and begin to untangle myself from her. She lets go willingly and I stand up.

“Look, J, man, total accident and wasn’t really my fault.” David begins to back away slowly from me.

“You were looking after the club for one day and that same day Batman comes to town and finds my club.” I grab a knife from the table nearby and flip it between my fingers. “Yet somehow that isn’t your fault?” I begin to laugh. David grins nervously and I quickly throw the knife at his dick and hit right on the mark.

He screams and I run over and cover his mouth. “Shh, shh.” I press my fingers to his lips. “If you make a scene I’m gonna have to murder you.” Tears begin to leak down and I groan. I walk away before whirling around and pulling a gun out and pressing it to his forehead. “Kidding! HA HA HA! I’m gonna kill you anyways.” I pull the trigger and his blood splatters on me and the wall.

“Come her puddin’,”She says as his body slumps down to the ground. Her legs are in the air and her stomach pressed against the couch. Her legs were wide open and inviting. I walk over and she leans up onto her knees and begins to unfasten my belt. I stroke her hair as she unfastens the zipper. Her fingers dance around my boxers and she smiles up at me. “(Y/N), that’s my name.” She tells me before swallowing me whole.


Dragon Kin Chapter 1

Levy had a plan for her future and had worked hard to get to where she was and continues to do so to reach her goal, but though she grew up reading fairy tales she never expected her plans to change when she met and fell in love with a real fairy tale creature. AU. Mainly Gajevy but other Fairy Tail characters will appear as the story progresses. T for now for language, may change later.

You can read it on fanfiction too. 

“Levy! I need you at the register!” Levy jerked, nearly knocking into a bookshelf in the process, at Zekua’s voice. 

“I’ll be right there Mr. Melon!” Levy replied as she hurried over behind the counter where a line was starting to form.

“I told you just Zekua is fine,” Zekua muttered, but Levy saw the kind smile as she took position at the register. As she dealt with the customers, Levy’s mind couldn’t help but wander back to a certain book she’d been looking forward to reading for sometime now.

‘It sucks I couldn’t get it when I first laid eyes on it, not when I had to pay for rent and um… my last book purchases. But I’ll finally be able to get it for myself today!’

A movement out of the corner of her eye shifted her attention to it to see that it was a man browsing the shelves and if she was honest he looked out of place in the bookstore. The man had long, spiky, black hair that went down his entire back, and though his back was facing her he wore a sleeveless shirt that exposed thick, tanned, muscular arms, she couldn’t tell if by exposure to lots of sun or if that was his natural skin tone. It also exposed two other things on his right arm that was in the midst of reaching up for a book that peeked her attention.

‘Whoa, those are nasty scars. How does someone get scars like that? And… are those piercings?’ 

“Um, miss.”

“Wha!” Levy jumped back from the waving hand that appeared inches from her face, only to blush when she realized she had zone out while holding the customer’s book and cash at hand. “Oh, I’m so sorry! Here you go!”

Once the customer left, she spared a glance back at the man but to her surprise he was gone.

‘Where did he… Focus Levy! You’re on the job! No time to think about some random guy. Focus on getting that book after work instead!’ Levy mentally scolded herself along with a headshake and launched herself back into her work with only a passing thought of the man that seemed familiar somehow.

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Imagine(Request) Thranduil's reaction to hearing you had been wounded in battle

Originally posted by finqon

“My king, it’s y/n, she’s been injured.”, the even warrior said to Thranduil. Thranduil froze and hurried over to the warrior.

“Where is she?”, he said to him. 

“She is too far to reach by foot.”, the warrior said. Thranduil slid his sword into it’s holder and walked over to his Elk. He threw his leg over the creature and road off to you.

Shots (Phillip HamiltonxReader)

This is in response to a request. “I may have had a few shots” prompt with Phillip.

You felt yourself deflate as you approached your normal desk. The stark crimson red of the Phi Mega Roar jackets stood out, scalding…and there was another girl there. Not just any girl, her. Kate, your previous tormentor. She was gorgeous and flirty and currently sitting on the lap of the guy you loved, running her hand through his curls, like you longed to.

Your usual chair next to Phillip Hamilton was still open, as the girl was using his lap instead of a chair but you really couldn’t bring yourself to walk over there and be that close and hear what the two were murmuring to each other. She giggled sharply and leaned in to kiss him.

You jerked around and ran towards any seat where you didn’t have to see them. In your hurry, you stumbled tripping over your own feet, flustered by pain and jealousy. You sharply bounced off the edge of one desk and right into a pair of arms.

“Ai. Tu vas bien? Are you okay mademoiselle?” A warm voice asked.

You stood up, more flustered and brushed yourself off. You had fallen into someone’s lap when they’d turned around in their chair. Not just any someone. Georges Washington de Lafayette.

“Sorry Georges.” You said as you tried to pick up your stuff.

“It’s more than okay madamoiselle. I certainly don’t mind when when femmes belles fall into my arms. Please. Have a seat.” He said, beckoning you to the empty chair next to him. Breathing a sigh of relief you sat down next to him. There’s one problem solved.

Georges began to engage you in conversation. As you talked with him you began to forget about Kate and Phillip. It was still in the back of your mind, but it was at the back. You were almost disappointed when your teacher walked into the classroom.

You tuned him out as he droned on until he said something that caught your ears.

“So you won’t be doing a test for your midterms.”

You internally celebrated.

“You’ll be doing a mandatory partner project.” Slightly less celebration. You turned to Georges at the same time he turned to you.

“Do you want to work together?” He asked. You smiled and nodded.

“Wonderful. You are always so smart from how you speak in class, but I’ve never gotten to experience your brilliance first hand and up close. Hamilton has hogged you.” He joked.

You ignored the Lang that you felt. You usually did work with Phillip, but today you just couldn’t bear the thought of turning around and seeing him with Kate. Besides, it would be fun to branch out.

You turned around as you felt a tap on your shoulder, and saw Phillip sitting on the desk behind you.
“Hey y/n. So what theme were you thinking of for our project? I was thinking we could do something that correlates with the theme of our previous projects-”

“Phillip! I’m working with Georges on this one.”

Phillip looked surprised and confused.

“We always work together.”
“Well, yeah, but I wanted to try something different.” You said.
“Oh, um…okay then. I’ll see you later then.” Phillip said, hugging you before walking away and looking for another partner. You could smell Kate’s expensive perfume on him. You pulled away as you were reminded of being taunted because you didn’t wear expensive perfume and being called a pig and treated accordingly. You shuddered and turned back to Georges and began planning your project.
“Y/N?” You looked over at Georges, who seemed concerned.
“Let’s get started.” You said
You and Georges started on the project and by the time class was over you were feeling so lighthearted and you had laughed so much your lungs and you cheeks hurt. You were really beginning to like Georges…but you’d barely gotten any wok done.
“Okay. You are hilarious, but we’ve barely gotten anything done. How about we meet up on Wednesday afternoon to work on this?” you asked.
“Sure. I would love that. I say coffee. Oh and here’s my number.” Georges said, smiling at you.
You smiled back, and left the classroom feeling bubbly.
You tried to ignore Phillip, walking in his tight huddle with his frat brothers and soror siststers and Kate hanging all over him…
“Y/N?!” Phillip yelled, running to catch up to you. You slowed down.
“Hey, Phillip.” You said.
“Hey, I know that we usually hang out and do a movie night on Wednesday, but there’s going to be an omega party and I was wondering if we could hang out there instead.” Phillip proposed.
You looked over his shoulder and saw Kate glaring daggers at you, as though to remind you what had happened the last time you had tried to be an Omega and a promise of what would happen if you tried to associate yourself with them again.
You were glad you had an excuse.
“I’d love to, but I need to work on the project with Georges and I’m meeting up with him on Wednesday.” You told Phillip.
Things progressed much like that as time went on. The fraternity was pulling your friend away from you..and he let them. Or maybe you let them. All that you knew was that Phillip was replacing your normal hangout times with frat events, and when he invited you to them, you were heavily discouraged, so you stayed away…and began spending more time with Georges.
You grew to like him, a lot. When he asked you out on an official date, you were excited. He wasn’t Phillip, but maybe Phillip was only meant to be one of your best friends…
3 months later*****************
“Georges! Are you coming to the frat party tonight? We haven’t hung out in forever and our parents are meeting this weekend, so we may as well catch up now.” Phillip said.
“Mon ami, it almost sounds like you are forcing yourself to hang out with me.” Georges said, feigning being hurt.
Phillip just grunted in response and tried to walk away.
“Wait, mon ami. I was kidding, You aren’t seriously trying to avoid me? After all the years that we’ve been friends you’d want to just leave me like that?” Georges asked.
Phillip’s fist clenched as he turned back around.
“Well apparently that’s what happens with friendships! Ask your girlfriend!” Phillip spat, hurling the last word like it was vicious poison.
Georges merely looked confused.
“Y/N? Mon belle. No. She is so sweet and kind and amazing…What does this have to do with her?” Georges asked. Phillip’s face softened.
“Nothing. I-I’m sorry man. I’m not avoiding you. I’ll see you at the party tonight.” Phillip said.
Phillip was enjoying himself. He sat on the couch next to his childhood friend, chatting warmly. He missed that warm familiar presence of comfortable easy friendship. The friendship of his frat house came with such pressures, but…you didn’t want to hang out with him anymore. He missed you so much. Friendship here, the pressures… It didn’t feel unconditional or easy…like the pressure sitting in front of him on the coffee table. They had come by earlier with a tray of shots. Everyone in the frat or sorority had to take at least one. He had yet to take his.
He pushed those thoughts out of his head, as he tried to focus on hat his friend was saying. He was talking about his new girlfriend: y/n.
“Yes, well life has been so amazing since I’ve been with y/n.”
Phillip felt a hole in his life where you had been. He missed you so much, These few months without you, when you hadn’t been hanging out with him had made him realize how much he lov-cherished having you in his life. And how upset it made him that he had been replaced in your life.
“She is…wow. I love her so much. Even the small things like kissing her, mon dieu, it’s amazing. Her lips are so soft and taste like cherries…”
Suddenly the shots looked really appealing. Without thinking, he grabbed one and downed it in one swallow, trying to wash away the pain and jealousy and regret and twisted longing. It burned as it went down his throat, but it didn’t help.
You had replaced him. He grabbed another one. All that he had left were these “friends” who wanted him to drink. He downed another one. He so desperately wanted to taste cherry lips for himself, but instead he had to hear about it from his close friend. He reached for another.
“Phillip! Stop! What are you doing? Stop!” Georges yelled, dragging Phillip away. The alcohol kicked in fast. He began crying and giggling hysterically at the same time. Georges dragged him to a more remote location and began trying to take care of him. After about 20 minutes of failed attempts at sobering Phillip, his phone rang.
“Salut? Oui. Oui. Je suis occupe. Oui je le pense.” Georges spoke into his phone.
“Hey Phillip, I’m dropping you off at a friend’s house. My dad needs help packing. She’ll take good care of you.”
You came to your door as you heard a knock. You were a bit surprised when you opened it. Georges stood on the other side of the door, with Phillip leaning on him.
“Something happened at the party and I have an emergency with packing and I didn’t know where else to take him. Can you take care of him?” Georges asked.
“Of course,” you responded, grabbing Phillip lightly and pulling him into the small space. As soon as Georges shut the door and left Phillip hugged you, tightly and wouldn’t let go. You were unsure of what was wrong with him, though you had your suspicions. When he giggled, you smelled the alcohol on his breath, confirming your suspicions.
“Phillip, are you drunk?” you asked.
“No.” he responded unconvincingly.
You pried him off of you, sat him down on the couch, before getting him a cup of water.
“Phillip, I’ll ask you again, and don’t lie to me, because I can smell the alcohol on you, are you drunk?” you asked when you came back.
“I may have had a few shots.” Phillip said.
“What? Why?!” you asked.
“Well maybe because it’s my first few months of college and everything is awful! Finals are stressing me. My old friends have left me behind. My new friends keep pressuring me. I realize just how much I miss you and just how easily you replace me. Oh and I have to sit and listen to one of my longtime friends giving me all the gory fetails about how much he loves dating he girl I love and listen to him going on and on about the taste of your lips…so yeah. I may have had a few shots.” Phillip droned off.
“How dare you?” You responded.
“For months you’ve been dating the girl who used to bully me! You’ve been incorporating yourself into the fraternity that made my life a living hell! And I am not going off getting drunk!” you yelled.
Phillip froze for a moment, eyes widening in shock, then narrowing in anger. He got up and marched to the door.
“Phillip where are you going?” you asked.
“To kick the crap out of some people for messing with my girl!” he said.
“No. Phillip get back here.” You said, dragging Phillip back to the couch.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” He said.
“I know you didn’t…Did you actually mean what you said?” you asked, timidly.
“Yeah. I love you. I’ve realized it over these past few months as you’ve been gone…Although I know it’s too late and I won’t ruin your happiness-“
“Phillip!” you cut him off.
“I need to tell you something. Georges broke up with me. He’s moving back to France and a long distance relationship wouldn’t work and we decided that we were better off just friends. We care about each other, and it was fun…but we don’t love each other.” You told him.
Phillip felt shocked. He actually remembered Georges possibly saying something like this. He’d said that his relationship had been fun and he’d enjoyed it. Phillip must have missed the part about the breakup.
“Do you want to give us a try?” Phillip asked abruptly, the alcohol still giving him courage.
“My feelings for you haven’t really changed. They never did, I guess…” you said, thinking out loud.
“So…is that a yes?” Phillip asked hopefully.
“Let’s talk about it in the morning…but I think it is.” You said. He smiled, suddenly feeling a bit more sober, and more drunk on love.


Theo x Reader

AU Masterlist

When the clock ticked over to three AM and you still hadn’t found out or heard anything from Theo you decided to sneak of campus and head over to the hole in the Compound fence Malia used to escape.


“They blocked it up.” Malia huffed when she heard you approaching and climbed out of her room.


“Do you know where Theo is?” You asked nervously as she eyed you through the fence.


“Your wolf?” She asked you and you nodded.

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What If It Isn’t You?

Title: What If It Isn’t You?

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Based off of this anon request:

Could you make a Spencer x Reader where they’re soulmates? Maybe they have each other’s names on their wrists, but Y/N changed her name from adoption or something and so only she knows, until Garcia finds out while digging to try to learn more about her to plan a birthday surprise? Also, I just found out GARCIA was the dirty dozen and I’m really worried for her right now…

Thanks for requesting! I hope you like it! XOXOXO

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I know everyone talking about how cheap and plain looking Belle’s ball dress look thanks to Emma help designing it which yall can keep complaining about for all I care. . 

Here’s what I’m complaining about so far from what I seen from the clips.( spoilers)

It looks like Belle leaves the castle with the dress on with no cloak on in the freaking cold. Compared to the original where she did at least change and in her cloak..She maybe in a hurry to get to her dad but at least she wanted to dress warm before she sees him. 

She’s still in the dress when with Gaston and the town. Compared to the original where she’s back in her blue dress.. 

When she goes back to the castle the dress is white which confirms my theory of her going back to the castle in her slip. Which means she does take the dress off when she in the town but goes back to the castle with the slip with no cloak on…

So Emma..

I understand you want the ball dress to have a feminist take to it which I have no problem with but you want to be freezing to death?? 


More Kanan Please! - Day 8: with Mari

The noblewoman got off her handsome white steed and approached the shore with both eagerness and trepidation. Will she be there today as well?

A quiet splash caught her attention then, followed by a familiar mellow voice. “Mari?”

“Over here, silly~” Mari hurried towards the rock where her friend was perched upon. The mermaid’s violet eyes lit up with joy and her sea-colored tresses, dappled with beads of water, glistened under the sun along with her serene smile.

For a moment there, Mari forgot how to breathe. Chuckling, she tried to ignore the pounding of her heart as she got onto her knees before the beautiful mermaid. She gently tilted the puzzled girl’s chin and leaned in. Her lips lingered against her forehead, wishing that they could have trailed elsewhere instead.

Alas, it was simply a greeting gesture, and nothing more.

“Good afternoon, Kanan.”

Finally, the belated Day8 of the series. I had fun drawing all these ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
[w/Chika] [w/You] [w/Hanamaru] [w/Ruby] [w/Riko] [w/Yohane] [w/Dia]

Yup this is an AU setting of a fanfic that I’ll never get to write x’D lmaoooo