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Gerry and Tyler are too cute for my own good

Tyler Seguin - Angst

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Request: “  hiii (: could you write an tyler seguin one where you two obviously like each other but since tyler can be a jerk he avoids it and acts as if he doesn’t want a relationship but then gets jealous when another guy hits on you or something?? “

Hi yes I just had to do this one ASAP, I absolutely adore this request okay? okay.

Warning: (very)  Foul Language

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Tyler Seguin - Balloons and Notes

Team: Dallas Stars

Requested: Yes: Can I please request a Tyler Seguin imagine where the reader is his gf but is really insecure about their relationship because of all the hate she gets on social media and his dating history, so Tyler does something cute and fluffy to prove that she’s got nothing to be insecure about? :) btw, love your imagines so please keep doing them. <3

Edited: Yes

Word count: 772

Summary: You’re getting hate and he makes you feel better

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Tyler Seguin #13

Requested by Anon:  Can you do one with Tyler seguin where you get really sick and he takes care of you? [Enjoy!:)]

Word count: 829

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Usually, when you hear the front door click, you run to the foyer to meet Tyler or to the kitchen where you try to look busy. Tonight, though, you pull the covers higher until half of your face is under them. The lights are turned off except for the one on the bathroom vanity, filtering out a little. You curled into your body even more and closed your eyes tight.

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Imagine: Tyler Seguin - Anything But Cute

Requested: Yes | No

  • hptc22 asked: Can u do a cute one with Tyler seguin where u confront him Bc he said he only wanted to date older girls and u are younger then him and ur insecure Bc u want him to think ur like hot not adorable and he’s sweet and blah blah <33

Word Count: 1,165

Summary: You watch Tyler’s “Barstool The Life” video and notice the part where he says he’d only date older girls… It preys on your insecurity a little bit so you decide to find out what Tyler really thinks about your age. 

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It’s Different - Tyler Seguin #7

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about/request: A Tyler Seguin imagine where you see him again in Dallas a few years after you left him in Boston because you couldn’t deal with all the partying and the girls

warnings: cursing and mentions of sex

authors note: idk how this ended up being so long??? i feel like y’all are going to ask for a second part so i’m just going to prepare for it lol. hope you like it!! 

word count: 2207

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Dog Protection- Tyler Seguin

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Ok so I think it’s cute! But I can’t tell anymore! My sleep schedule’s all messed up and my depression’s hit a new low so I don’t even know anymore. Would you tell a chickie if my stories start sucking? Anyway… enjoy!


Warning: cursing, angry dogs

Anon Request: HI! I love your imagines! Can you please write a Tyler Seguin imagine where y/n is pregnant and she’s chilling on the bed with Cash and Marshall and when Tyler gets home he tries to cuddle with y/n but the dogs don’t let him. Can it be super cute and fluffy? Thanks!

And (since they’re the same prompt): I don’t know how you do it, but you are amazing. More than one daily update and they’re good, not decent, good. You have an extraordinary talent. I think I need a little puppy love in my life right now, so if you could, could you write a Tyler Seguin imagine where the reader is pregnant and Marshall and Cash are so protective of the bump that they won’t let him near her?


              You laid on the bed, propped up with pillows as you watched TV, waiting for Tyler to get home.

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Tyler Seguin - My Hero

anon request: Can you do a cuddly and kissy seguin imagine where you’re comforting him after his surgery?

i hope this was kissy and cute enough!! Im almost done a zach werenski imagine which i think is gonna turn out pretty good.

Originally posted by wagnerhockey

i played with the brown hair of my boyfriend tyler who’s head was resting in my lap. he was sound asleep, slight snores were coming from his lips as cash and marshall were cuddled up on the other side of the large couch in tyler’s game room.

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Requested? Yes. Hey! Can you do a Tyler Seguin fic where him and reader are best friends and they’re super oblivious to each other’s feelings. Skip to one night where reader cooks dinner and they have a sleepover like usual but this time the sexual/romantic tension is through the roof so Ty, naturally, tries to make the first move but he messes up so reader just kisses him in to stop his rambling which leads to sex. The next morning she makes breakfast and they talk it out. Fluff and smut if you could pls! 

Warning: lots of smut but also fluff. 

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Nurse - Tyler Seguin (smut)

Requested by anon: omg ur smut is amazing!!! could I request a smut w maybe jamie benn or tyler seguin where he gets in a fight and then you take care of him?

A/N: I have to apologize for two things: one, I’m sorry it took so long; two, I’m sorry, I know that it isn’t great (not even okay). I hope that you don’t hate it.

Word count: 1265

Warnings: EXPLICIT CONTENT UNDER THE CUT. Swearing. Smut. Bathe me with holy water because this is filthy.

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“Do you need anything from the kitchen?” I scream, opening the door of the freezer and leaving the now unfrozen pack on ice and grabbing a bag of frozen corn. We definitely need to get more ice packs; the amount of frozen food we waste on Tyler’s bruises is just ridiculous.

“A bottle of water, please.” I hear my boyfriend’s voice from the living room.

I open the fridge and get two bottles of water, using my hips to shut the door and I go back to my really bruised boyfriend. Tyler is laying on the couch, holding a bag of frozen peas against his cheek and petting Cash with his other hand.

“Shirt up, bad boy.” I command, wanting to look at his also bruised ribs. “He got you good.”

Tyler is not a physical player, so when he got into a fight it was pretty clear that it wasn’t going to end well for him. The game against the Washington Capitals had been heated since the first minute, both teams playing rough, lots of chirping involved… but when certified goon, Tom Wilson, dropped the gloves I didn’t expect Tyler to do the same. So here we are now, with my boyfriend lying on the couch with a nice cut on his cheek and a huge bruise on his ribs.

“How mad are you?” He asks, helping me to pull his shirt over his head to get a look at the purple area.  The bruise is almost pretty, different shades of purple and green coloring the area.

“I’m not mad.” I answer him, holding the bad of frozen food against his side. “I’m more worried than anything else.”

“I’m fine, doll.” He says, pressing a kiss on my cheek. “But I could get used to this.”

“Get used to what? Be used as a punching bag?” I wonder, reaching out to get the bag from his hand and get a look at his cheek. The doctor had applied butterfly stitches to the cut on his cheek, but that hasn’t prevented it from getting swollen and bruised.

“Uh huh.” Tyler shakes his head, rubbing circles on the skin of my thigh. “I could get used to have you as my sexy nurse.”

“Oh, so now I’m a nurse?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.

“MY nurse. MY own personal nurse.” He emphasizes the word ‘my’. “I’m very sick, you know.”

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