wheres my wife

have you seen my wife

physical description: the fabric of spacetime wrapped around the atomic blueprint of human assembly

height: varies between 4′11″ and 6′8″ depending on your plane of perception

weight: 103 MSun

distinctive characteristics: 2 eyes to strangers; 6 eyes to good friends

last interaction: told me they were going grocery shopping (”I promise I’ll stay in your observable matrix of 3 dimensions but I’ll skip to the 4th if the line is long”) like 2 days ago

Dating Fred Weasley Would Include

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  • Teasing each other all the time but adding “I love you” and a kiss to the end of each little tease.
  • Snape deliberately splitting the two of you up and placing you on opposite sides of the classroom. He made the mistake of partnering the two of you up once, and he’s never doing that again.
    - Fred coming over and leaning on your table and giving you a wink, “Blow things up here often?”
  • Snape keeping you after class because you were one of his best students until you started seeing Fred and he’s “disappointed”. Fred kisses you as soon as you leave the class, which gets a very disapproving cough from Snape.
  • Fred meeting you outside each and every class, often surprising you by grabbing you and pushing you against the wall to kiss you.
  • Eventually you tell him you’re worried about yours (and his) grades so Fred starts trying super hard to impress you. He even told you he couldn’t go on a date with you because he had to study. That earned an eyebrow raise from you so he gave in and the two of you had a study date.
  • Fred’s eyes lighting up whenever he makes you smile. ESPECIALLY if you do that look-down-blush-smile.
  • Fred blatantly kissing you in the middle of the corridor just to annoy people and to make sure everyone knows you’re his.
  • “God I love you, (Y/n).”
  • Molly loves you and thinks you’re the sweetest thing. She makes you a jumper with your initial on it and invites you over every holidays. She just loves you.
  • Ginny loves you as well because you’re like an older sister to her. She asks you to braid her hair. She sits in front of you and Fred sits behind you and it’s a little train (except Fred sort of just plays with your hair and kisses you occasionally.)
  • George is a little bit jealous. Even though you and him are really good friends, it’s hard having his twin brother find someone perfect for him while he’s alone.
  • Lots of tickle fights
  • Going to the Yule Ball with Fred. He doesn’t ask you at first because he just assumes you’ll go with him. You end up teasing him and saying he hasn’t asked you yet. He asks you and you say, “Hmmm. I don’t know I’ll have to think about it, weigh in my options.” Fred laughs and kisses you, “I’ll eagerly await your reply.”
  • Both of the twins are incredibly protective over you.
  • If you play Quidditch, you’re a Chaser. If you’re on their team, Fred and George fiercely protect you, but if you’re on the other team (maybe you’re a beater), it’s war. “Whoops sorry Honey didn’t see you there.” As a bludger goes sailing past your ear.
  • Joking and confusing people who don’t understand your relationship; Are you dating? Enemies? Friends?
  • Fred getting jealous at little things when he’s in a mood. You have to hold him back from getting in fights.
  • Fred asking you to marry him a week before Bill and Fleur’s wedding. The two of you try and keep it secret until after their wedding so as not to not steal their thunder but Molly finds out and is so happy for the two of you. (George already knows)
  • Dancing at their wedding until your feet ache and your cheeks ache from smiling so much. 
  • After a few drinks Fred lets it slip to Ron that the two of you are engaged. Ron loudly exclaims “What!?”.
  • Fred loses you in the crowd and drunkenly screams “Where is my wife?!” Then everyone knows.
  • You and Fred end up getting married and Fred is just so happy he can’t stop smiling and he is running around excitedly telling everyone he’s going to spend the rest of his life with you. 


Where The Heart Is (Negan x Wife)

Summary: Negan’s wife has a work meeting and he spends Saturday with their daughter Emma.

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 2,964

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Slight Daddy Kink, Fluff, Swearing, and Angst 

Author’s Note: This fic was requested by anon who sent:

Can I request Negan pre-apocalypse where he’s doing daddy duty while his wife is away and then awesome smut ensues when she returns

I had a fun time writing this one, though I am not sure if this is what you wanted anon. I had one helluva time trying to name this fic. I was going to write in Negan’s perspective, but I had other plans. I don’t think I’ve ever packed a fic request so full of smut, fluff, and angst before. Also, please don’t hate me.

I am always happy to hear what you think! Shoot me a message and tell me what you thought! If you want to be on my tag list, let me know!

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i didn’t expect to be back here today. but i was in the west village and found myself drawn back to stonewall like i was lost and it was home. walking there down 7th ave., i passed the szechuan restaurant where my wife and i got engaged three years ago on a night a lot like last night, yet completely different. that night, over a thousand of us had converged outside stonewall in celebration of the overturning of doma and prop 8; last night, thousands more came together in mourning of an enormous loss. yet both events left me with a similar unmistakable feeling of community despite it all.

i didn’t know until i passed it today, but the restaurant closed suddenly late last year after 30 years in business when it was faced with a 500% rent hike, in what has become one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city. so it goes.

at stonewall, i stood with a small crowd taking in the memorial in the full light of day. we leaned against the police barricades still there from the night before. we tried to ignore the several groups of cops posted nearby, almost outnumbering us and armed with assault rifles, reminding us a little too viscerally of our reason for being there.

the pile of flowers and mementos was so big, much bigger than it looks in pictures. the street was stained with wax from overflowing candles. a chalked rainbow on the sidewalk, already worn by so many mourners’ footsteps, read “We are BRIGHT.” it was impossible not to be humbled, and we stood in silence, strangers sharing this moment of grief and awe. when i started crying, a woman turned to me with concern and put her hand on my shoulder, which normally would have bothered me but somehow, in that second, felt comforting.

eventually, i pulled myself away and went home to my little apartment and my sweet wife. i still felt so sad, but i felt lucky too, to be part of something so much bigger than myself. and to know that whatever has happened, whatever will happen, we’ll still be here. we are bright, and our light can’t be put out.


Mystic Messenger Stickers { 3 / 7}

Jaehee Kang || Assistant Kang || Wife


Happy Birthday WIFE!!!!!!! <33333


[flynn rider’s off screen voice] “this is the story of how I died”