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i just wanted to draw lil vanessa and nina in cute outfits but whoops they look sad,, what happened??? how do we cheer them up????? this is probably an emergency situation 

I haven’t drawn anything in a looooong while, so have a quickie of my Godwoken Bucket. I find it very curious to play as a god’s chosen one and being undead, since the popular narrative have saints and chosen ones as martyrs, and he has already died once. Of course his existence might be considered a miracle, part of that god’s will, but Bucket isn’t buying into any of that.

kickstarter update #01

if you’ve been following me for awhile, you probably already know that i don’t own a red bucket hat. it’s a glaring fault, i know, and often the first thing people notice upon seeing me for the first time. as embarrassing as it is, i’ve actually lived my entire life without ever owning or wearing a single red bucket hat. it takes a lot of humility for me to admit that to you guys, and even more to ask you for this favor.

not owning a red bucket hat has always been a detriment to my every day life, but it could now be a danger to my livelihood; who would hire someone not wearing a red bucket hat? though the people closest to me would deny it, i know not owning a red bucket hat has begun to impact my friendships as well. my loved ones at times struggle to look me in the eyes. they can’t look me in the head (where my red bucket hat would be if i had one) at all. 

that’s why i’ve made this kickstarter. just you visiting this page means the world to me. it would mean even more if you could contribute to this fund so i can buy a red bucket hat, though. anything you can spare helps.

of course, kickstarter isn’t a donation site. i would never expect you to contribute to something that didn’t provide a reward upon funding. to demonstrate the cause you’re backing, i’ve created an image mock-up of how fucking fly i would look if i owned a red bucket hat. (*NOTE: this is not a real image! remember i do not yet own a red bucket hat)

this is the future you’re investing in. thank you for your support.


Hey! It’s me, the soul of a shrimp. You’re not crazy, I’m really talking to you. I’m going to tell you the story about how the asshole who ate me and my friends, suffered our revenge. 
It was a sunny day when the fishermen caught us. You have no idea of how terrible it is to watch your family and friends die. I suffered that, and minutes later, death came for me as well. Our bodies were distributed in several trucks and taken to different restaurants or markets. I was taken to one of the most fancy restaurant’s in the city.
My body was inside the fridge, waiting to be used to feed someone. “Who is going to be the asshole?” I asked to myself. It was difficult to know. About 100 customers were in the restaurant. 
One hour later, the chef grabbed the bucket where my body was. He poured some shrimps inside a pan with hot oil. My body was still on the bucket.  I saw my friends’ bodies changing to a striped red and white color. The chef added several vegetables and then he grabbed another shrimp and put it inside the pan. It was me. But my body never took that color because the chef immediately added a yellow thick sauce and in less than 10 minutes, my still raw body was on the waiter’s tray. It was only matter of time to know the person who was going to eat me. 
I finally arrived to my destiny. “Thank you” said a beautiful blonde girl. She had a curly large hair, blue eyes and a perfect smile. She grabbed a fork and ate the first shrimp. She was delighted with her dish. There was someone else with her. It was a her boyfriend. White skin with dark brown hair and eyes. Short hair in his lateral parts and occipital region. Medium sized hair in the upper part of his head. He had blue braces and a good looking smile. This guy was classy and handsome also, they were the perfect couple. He also asked for shrimps, but not with the yellowish sauce, just butter shrimps. 
Twenty minutes later, he was done with his food, but his girlfriend was still eating. There were only three more shrimps on her dish, but she was full. His boyfriend ate those shrimps, I was one of them, and as you remember, my body was raw. I don’t know what’s the name of the guy who ate me, but I’ll call him “Honey” because thats the way his girlfriend called him. 
So, as I was telling you, Honey ate the rest of his girlfriend’s dish. His teeth mashed my body. Then, he swallowed, and my body moved downwards through a large tube. Finally, a gate opened and my body dived inside a red fetid stuff. It was a big container. Several bodies were around me. All of them mashed and destroyed as well. The door opened again and a red dark liquid fell down. It was wine. The container’s walls eventually contracted, mixing it’s contents in a better way. Then, a powerful acid touched my body, and it begun to melt with each minute. I suddenly realized there was another door, this one was apparently the exit. It seldom opened and a small amount of the mixture moved to the following cavity.
I was very sad to see how my body was almost completely destructed one hour and a half later. It was now part of an acid soup created in that strange container. Few minutes later, I observed something different. The exit door I found, was draining back to the cavity where my body was. This thick mixture had some green yellowish liquid also. The wall’s of the container became more active. I had no idea of what was going on. Suddenly, the walls had a big contraction, and the whole mixture moved from one side to the other of the container. The second one, was stronger, and after it, I realized my body was totally dispersed in that mixture. With the third contraction, the upper door opened, and part of the mixture moved upwards rapidly. One of my legs was inside that mixture. Another part of my body was about to pass through the door when it suddenly closed. My leg arrived to Honey’s mouth, and immediately after that it fell inside a very cold transparent water. About a fourth of all the mixture inside the container made it’s way outside with the next contraction. Some of my body parts crashed against Honey’s teeth before falling down towards the cold water. Part of my chewed head also made it’s way outside, but not through the same cavity with teeth. This one was darker and with many small thin hairs around the walls. Some of my body parts were floating on the cold water mixed with the rest of the red acid soup. The view from that point was arousing. 
Honey, the asshole who chewed and destroyed my body was having a bad time. His face was red and his eyes staring at the soup that came out if his body. I was able to see his white teeth with the blue braces. Some drips were constantly falling from his nose into the pool where parts of my body were floating. Honey’s face suddenly changed making him close his eyes hardly and open his mouth even more. A noisy shout echoed in the bathroom, and with it, a new big amount of the red soup made it’s way outside his body. 
Parts of my body where inside that wave, and they joined the ones that were already inside the pool with cold water. 
“Honey?” A girly voice called him. He was unable to answer because more of that mixture was expelled from his body. The room’s door was opened, and Honey finally spoke “get out baby, it’s stinky inside here” She didn’t answered, instead, she knelt next to him and rubbed his back. “It’s OK, don’t worry" 
Honey shook his head and let more of his inner contents outside. His face was blushing more and more with each wave. His shouts previous to the wave, were also turning noisier.   
Baby, his girlfriend, was just supporting him and rubbing his back during all the process. Honey’s lips were bright, and had small white granules sticked. He moved his head to the left and watched Baby. I noticed some desperation in his face, as if he was trying to warn Baby about something, but he was unable. In a very quick movement he aimed back to the pool where my body was resting and suddenly his mouth took a weird shape. Similar to a fish’s mouth. His tongue, also curved and took an "U” shape. Another big amount of that soup fell inside the pool in a very irregular and large wave. I heard a weird sound. Something like “PRRRRR” it was noisy and large. I had no idea of what had happened, but I was sure that sound didn’t came from his mouth. He blushed even more after that. His mouth and nose were like showers. Several large threads were falling downwards to the place Baby called before “toilet”. 
“I’m sorry Ba..” He couldn’t end because a new amount of acid liquid came out of his body.
“Get out baby, please. It’s going to stink soon” He was very ashamed with his girlfriend. 
“Honey, don’t worry” she said a kept rubbing his back. 
He poured the rest of his acid soup inside the toilet during the following minute. I never thought he had eaten that much. 
Finally, I remember several rude circular movements. Honey’s blushed face was turning and turning around. It was as if I was on a tornado, and then, everything was darkness. I just remember hearing Baby saying “Flush the toilet Honey, you’re done”. 


i prefer the original version of “gator golf”

Sentimentalism: limerence

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Warnings: Blindfolds and dominance. Somewhat BDSM I’d say.

Part 1: finifugal, Part 3: catalyst, Part 4: sober

limerence: (n) the state of being infatuated with another person.

I hurried down the stairs as my hands brushed through my hair, hoping to get them at least presentable. I was still in my gown from yesterday and my undergarments are clearly unable to wear again. I decided to head home. It’s not very idealistic if my colleagues and if worse, my boss, saw me in a gown coming out of the hotel with messy hair. I took a quick shower, put on my black trousers and white shirt and had my hair up high to a pony tail, just like how a journalist would address.

I quickly returned to the hotel. Police siren was everywhere to the point it got annoying, Of course, journalists and reporters were all there. It was a juicy headline to be honest. A murder at the biggest event of the season - with a little sprinkle of well-done editing and brainstorming, a newspaper could make so much more than regular news. And that went for broadcasting and online newspapers as well. But then again, my mind was always distracted by what happened last night and of course the strange man named Min Yoongi. All I had was the phone number written of my breats to find the Min Yoongi that stole my heart in this chaos of Seoul. As much as I wanted to call him, now is not the time.

“According to the evidences found the murderer is a male, average height. The victim was the owner of a big coperate. He was found killed by cyanide in his drink. For now we do not have anymore evidences or proofs so we will not answer anymore questions. Thank you.” - the policers informed briefly to the journalists.

This guy’s smart, didn’t use any weapons that could leave trails or fingerprints. Probably somebody who was very skillful and experienced in what he’s doing. I stayed to gather some more informations and headed home.

By this time the sky has became a gradient mixture of naple yellow and phlato blue mixed with platinum white. The wind carried clouds across that great canvas above the atmosphere. All seemed so peaceful and quiet, and there was I, searching for troubles myself as if life was too boring. I dialed the number he left on me. Every toot felt longer than usual, or it might just be my heart forgetting how to beat normally.

“Hello?” - a husky, drunken voice lingered on the other side.

“Min Yoongi?” - my lips trembled as I tried to control my feelings.


“Uhm… we met yesterday… at the ball…”

“Ah Johnny Q… I knew you’d call.”

I smiled a little when I realised he remembered what I drank. Suddenly something struck my head. Why am I calling him? What urged me to dialed his number? Did I miss him? Or maybe just because of curiosity? Those questions wrapped my head up, isolating me from the trying to be casual with the guy I had a one night stand without even knowing his face.

“Do you want to come over? Since…”

“Sure, text me your address and I’ll be there.”

The long chain of toot brought me back to earth. Not until after three seconds I started to gain conscious about reality. Min Yoongi, the guy that I knew very little about, was anticipating a text of my address and God knew what would happen afterwards. I sat down, saving my legs from non stop shaking and slowly typing my address down.


I quickly cleaned my small apartment, at least trying to make it look presentable. My mind kept rewinding the conversation earlier. It asked me why he knew I would call, why did my heart skip a beat when he remembered me, why wasn’t he hesitated when I invited him to come over? To be honest, I couldn’t find the answers.

Ding dong.

I inhaled deeply as my hand twisted the door knob. In front of me was a man with average height. The same pastel blonde hair and pale white skin. His eyes were sorrow but at the same time fierce and captivating. Thin dry lips curved downwards, so delicious, so kissable.



Greetings were as quick as a snap. I made way for him to enter. His eyes wandered on every corner of my apartment. Sometimes he would glance at me and most of the time, I would blush.

“If my predictions were correct, you didn’t invited me here for a cup of tea, right?”

I startled. He hit the jackpot and he knew it. My legs began to cross against each other and my right fingers were pinching my left arms. I bit my lips and slowly looked into his wild eyes. He smirks proudly at the vulnerable expressions on my face.

I guided him to the bedroom and closed the door behind my back. And of course, he brought me a present - a blindfold - a little something significant between us. I could feel my core soaking little by little, creating an irritation that I could not get rid of by myself. Yoongi tied the blindfold around my head and suddenly he became the light in this darkness.

“Let me see what lies under those fabric.”

That tempting voice of his closed all the doors of options for me. There was only one path left, obeying. I unbuttoned my shirt and unclasped my bra, all by senses. My shorts were the next to fall down, leaving my thongs the last piece of coverage on my body.


His sharp voice was near me. I felt his finger trailing on my the cheek of my ass until it reached my thongs. He slided his finger into the space between my thongs and my ass and stretched out the fabric, making the front side tighten on my pussy. His whole palm grabbed one of the cheeks, gave it a hard squeeze and smacked it. I bit my lips and swallowed the sore down through my throat without letting out a single whine. He might be mad. He might punish me.

Yoongi led me on the bed. After my back lied straight on the silky bed sheet, I felt his hands as they were pulling my thongs out. My body was officially exposed. My eyes were desperate to see his face, how he would react when he looked at the fragile and defenseless me. But I have to be a good girl, or else he won’t let me cum when I want to. And a good girl doesn’t whine, she follows instructions.

“Don’t cum until I say so.”

My core started to tickle as something was inserted in. A flat thich pad was sliding up and down, creating sensual temptation which gradually built up my orgasm. It had to be his tongue. I could sense his taste buds against my fold and his dry lips sucking the pink flesh inside my. It’s becoming unbearable. No matter how much i tried to hold it in it kept rushing me to come out. I released, emotions became a sundae of absolute pleasure and fright.

“What did I told you?”

He yelled as his hand slapped my ass repeatedly. As much painful as it was, my cum dripped everytime he hit harder, so were tears coming through my blindfold down my cheeks. I bit my lower lips tight until I could taste the smell of blood. His fingers wiped my tears as he said gently.

“Don’t cry… I’m sorry I won’t be so harsh again.”

“It’s alright” - I rubbed my cheeks on his hand. - “Can you let me cum on your dick, please?”

“Anything for you.”

Everything fell into silence again. It didn’t last long until my mouth screamed for him as his dick entered me. He was tight around me and warm inside me. His lower body grinded into mine, just like tidal waves clashed into each other. Wasted no time he grabbed my breasts, squeeze and slightly twisted my rock hard nipples while continuously hit my weakspot. Finally, he granted me my wish and even though my eyes didn’t capture any moments, my body will never forget this feeling.

Yoongi opened the blindfold for me and we both lied on the bed. Exhaustion overwhelmed us. We could hardly speak our breathe.

Ring ring

“Hello?… I’m on it.”

Yoongi put down his phone and hurriedly got up and put on his clothes. Suddenly he noticed me, sitting on the bed completely naked looking back at him with the most confusing eyes. He laid a kiss on my forehead and continued to dress himself.

“I’m sorry I have to go. I’ll call you later….”

“It’s Y/N”

“Y/N huh?… Interesting…”

The bedroom door closed and Yoongi was out of sight. Emptiness began to mess with my mind, trying to befriend with me even though I refused multiple times. I wished he would stay a little longer… My eyes trailed on the side of the bed where he lied until they stopped at the paper package that had no name on it. I hold it up and looked through it. There weren’t anything significant visually. Then I sniffed the package - the familiar smell of cyanide hit me.

To be continue…

My first BDSM kinda smut. I tried guys… I tried…. where is my bucket of holy water?

Ask box is opened for requests and shits if you have any and want to share with me

Magcon/26mgmt during the purge
  • Me: Come on guys keep running!
  • Taylor: I forgot to get my bandanas i ain't runnin without them
  • Me: are you serious
  • Cameron: but i need to tweet all my beautiful fans to stay safe first!! oH AND A FOLLOW SPREE bc it might be the last one!
  • Me: Cameron we don't have time for that
  • Nash: Should i snapchat this?? everyone stop bryant can you take a picture my fans need to be updated
  • Me: nASH I WILL–
  • Bryant: Photo by Bryant
  • Me: Where the fuck did you come from
  • Shawn: Can we stop by the store and get muffins
  • Me: not you too shawn
  • Aaron: guys just run
  • Me: thank god aaron you're actually norm–
  • Carter: What were you saying I was stalking Justin Bieber's instagram
  • Gilinsky: Daddy
  • *sammy pops out of nowhere*
  • Johnson: sammy why didnt you tell me you had a child
  • Me:
Dating Matt would involve:

• Nose kisses• Eating bagels together • Skype sex while he’s gone • Hip bone hickeys • Random nicknames • Jamming out to Shawn’s songs • Rough but passionate sex • Cuddling • Thigh grabbing • Building forts together • Spooning • “Bagels are a big part of my life, right after you. And of course Bernie.” • “Where TF is my bucket hat?!” • “I want you.” • “Matt, stop tweeting about bagels!” • “I love you more than my bucket hats.” • “You’re my sexy dinosaur.” • “Did you just burp?” • “You’re so loud!” • “You’re so gorgeous baby. I love you.” • “Nice ass, babe.”


Interrupting the Advent Calendar madness to have a little RLT joy: wet!Torquil being competent and awesome in an aran jumper/kilt combo, hair all wiggly and free-roaming. 

Dating Matt would involve;

• Nose kisses
• Eating bagels together
• Skype sex while he’s gone
• Hipbone hickeys
• Random nicknames
• Jamming out to Shawn’s songs
• Rough but passionate sex
• Cuddling
• Thigh grabbing
• Building forts together
• Spooning
• “Bagels are a big part of my life, right after you of course. Also Bernie.”
• “Where TF is my bucket hat?!”
• “Matt, stop tweeting about bagels!”
• “I love you more than my bucket hats”
• “You’re my sexy dinosaur”
• “Did you just burp?”
• “You’re so loud!”
• “You’re so gorgeous baby, I love you.”
• “Nice ass babe.”