wheres my body

  • good shit: Optimus Prime
  • great shit: Optimus Prime in angry mode
  • my-soul-has-ascended shit: Optimus Prime in angry protective dad mode

ok but imagine if Lysandra got pregnant
(as herself… i’m pretending the ending of eos didn’t happen okay)
and when her child first opens its eyes, she remembers.
she remembers the color of her true eyes.
because her child looks just like her.
as her child grows, Lysandra will begin to gradually transform back into her true self. 
it’ll be the curve of their cheekbones.
it’ll be the tawny color of their skin.
it’ll be the way their dark hair curls. 

she will remember. 
she will be herself once again.
and she will no longer be trapped in another’s body.

Dear trans men... (ftm)

You are every bit as masculine as you want to be. You aren’t too small and your voice does not define how much of a man you are. Just becasuse you haven’t had surgery or started T does not mean you aren’t making progress.Just because you get your period doesn't mean you are not a man, many men get their periods. Just because your face isn’t typically “masculine” doesn’t mean you look like a female. You are very handsome, and you are making progress, because every time you wake up,you are getting closer to the day you are exactly how you were meant to be,

I’m very proud of the trans men in my life, and if you don’t have anyone to be proud of you in your life, I hope you find someone very soon.xx

okay but

Modern AU where Marylou Barebone is a conservative senator, but her estranged son Credence is in a M/s relationship with a high-powered government professional.

•Behavioral scientist Newt gets assigned a thinkpiece for a journal delving into the lifestyle. 

•He discovers that Graves, a well-known Dom in the scene, is quietly living in a 24/7 with the senator’s son. 

•Okay but please just imagine Credence like a pale, servile specter with his cheek pressed softly against Grave’s immaculate wingtip. god help me god help me i’m going to have to write it fuck

edit: oh fuck I sinned the sin: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8665939

double edit: FUCKING TWICE: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8698543

just kidding it’s a FUCKING SERIES NOW and I am DROWNING IN SIN: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8733364

things to look forward to yoi ep 10:

- PHICHIT and selfies and internet thirst
- celestino and chris’ coach (i don’t think his name was mentioned lol) shipping victuuri
- DAT SCENE. are they getting married. are they, are they. victuuri blushing and. fuck my heart
- the guy who visits yurio…based on the placement, that seems to be JJ? so JJ visits yurio on his home? is this fucking real, they’re supposed to be my crack ship stop it stop it my heart is too weak
- also, yuuri, why must you hate swimsuit episodes lol
- (also, will they do the duet next week?!)

Genderqueer Teen Selling Bracelets In Order To Buy a Chest Binder

Hey there folks, my name is Erin and I run an online store called “Thready To Go” which specializes in LGBTQ pride bracelets from the standard rainbow one, to different sexual identities to gender identities like Transgender, Non-binary, Genderfluid and Genderqueer! 



I also accept custom orders if there is an identity you do not see! I want to represent everyone and I will do my best to do that so don’t be shy!

The proceeds for these bracelets are going towards my fund in order to get a chest binder as I am a genderqueer person and there are many times where my body becomes a source of issues for me.

If you can, check out the store, place an order, or simply reblog and tell your friends about the store! And if you have any questions or wanna place an custom order, don’t be shy! You can contact me on the store or on my tumblr!

I hope you have an amazing day!

- Erin