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  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Julia, Alice
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Margo, Kady, Penny
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Quentin
  • Looks like they could kill you and can actually kill you: Marina
  • Sinnamon roll: Eliot
Eliot is gay... does Fen not know this?

When I purchased ‘The Magicians’ season 1 there was a deleted scene where Margo talks to Fen about the marriage, and what it would entail.  It’s how she finds out Eliot will be bound to Fillory forever and be celibate to one wife.  She also told Fen flat out that Eliot was gay. 

Since that scene was cut has anyone actually TOLD Fen Eliot’s sexual preferences?  Why the hell hasn’t he told her himself, flat out?  ‘I’m gay’ why is that so hard?  Why are the show runners stepping back from having an openly gay character not share such a fundamental part of his identity? 

I’m sure people have ranted about this before, but to me it feels like a form of homophobia in the worst way. I’m just going to lie to this woman about what I want, and who I am, and magically everything will work out… OH AND we are going to have a baby on top of everything… because kids make EVERYTHING better. 

Eliot never married in the books, and that was okay, he was openly gay and proud of it, and he didn’t need a wife to fix things. 

This is the core thing that bugs me about this show.  It bugged me last season, it continues to bug me now. 

The Chris Evans Mini-Series (One Shots)

Imagine you and Chris getting Sebastian to babysit your children.

A/N: I just really needed this in my life, I dunno. 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️

New York was where you and Chris had to spend your week due to production meetings and talk show interviews. The original plan was for you and Chris to leave Jack and Lola with your parents so they wouldn’t miss any school, but after days of them bugging the two of you and nights of discussion and planning- you decided they could afford to miss a week of second and third grade. It wouldn’t be the first time they’d missed school to travel with you and Chris, so a plan had been devised. You and Chris would meet with their teachers before you left, gathering the materials they needed to keep up with their classes. So far, so good; their grades remained high and their school remained happy despite their absence in class.

The only problem you had with taking them along was finding someone to look after them while you and Chris were out and about. Usually your meetings were at different timings; you went while Chris stayed and took care of them, and vice versa. But some days you and Chris were due at the same time, at the same place. It left you with the decision to either bring them along or leave them in the care of your contacts in New York. They were good children, so they knew they had to behave in certain scenes which made it easy for you and Chris to take them anywhere- even to a professional meeting with an important casting director. But at the end of the day, they were still children who would get bored after an hour of sitting quietly.

Today was one of the days where you and Chris were both needed, and the meeting was said to last at least three and a half hours. Chris, as always, was optimistic that they could pull through if ice-cream was offered at the end. You, on the other hand, weren’t pessimistic, but you didn’t want to overreach either. You and Chris sat your kids down and offered your propositions: a stuffy office where they could have ice-cream after three and a half hours, or three and a half hours with Uncle Sebba and Aunt Margo where they could have all the ice-cream they want. It was needless to say they went with your choice, the obvious and smarter choice. Chris argued that you cheated because you’d lied about having all the ice-cream they wanted. But you reminded him that they were out of your hair and you could now get through the meeting without them politely knocking on the door, asking “are you done yet?”

“Ah hah!” Sebastian grinned excitedly upon opening the door for his two favorite kids.

“Uncle Sebba!” Your children cheered at the sight of him, pouncing to hug his legs. You and Chris smiled because even though Sebastian wasn’t a dad himself, he was great with your kids. If the two of you hadn’t felt obligated to give the title of godparents to your own siblings, Sebastian would’ve definitely made the cut. “We’ve got the whole day with you!” Lola informed him, looking up at him with the same excited grin he had.

“No, you’ve got three and a half hours,” you corrected her. Both Jack and Lola’s faces dropped and they pouted, giving you and Chris puppy dog eyes. “We don’t want to take up Uncle Sebba’s and Aunt Margo’s whole day.” You and Chris waved at Margo over Sebastian’s shoulder as she made her way to the front door. “Three and a half hours, we’ll be back to pick you up.”

“Oh, hush. They are our plans for the day,” Margo told you, resting her hand on top of Lola’s head when Lola hugged her. “We’re more than happy to have them, you two go to your meeting then have a date night after. We’ll babysit, we don’t mind. You know how much we love these two, we’d steal them if we could.”

“Date night sounds amazing,” Chris whispered into your ear and you smiled, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. “Are you guys sure? I mean- that is a very sweet offer,” he tried not to smile when he lowered his gaze onto his children, “to look after our two little monsters.” Jack and Lola made a face at their dad, drawing laughter from the adults. “Look at those little monster faces. Honestly, keep ‘em if you want.”

“No, Daddy!” Lola detached herself from Margo and ran over to her dad, throwing her tiny arms around his leg. Chris chuckled, lifting her into his arms to hug her; her arms wrapped around and her head buried into the crook of his neck. “I just want to spend the day here, I want to come home to you and Mama.”

“You are going to come home to me and Mama,” Chris kissed her head. “I was just kidding, sweetheart.” She pulled away and leaned back in his arms. “You know I wouldn’t let anyone take you away from me.” She huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. “Aw, don’t be like that. You know I love you, baby.” He booped her nose and she cracked a smile, which turned into giggles when Chris tickled her.

“Okay, we should go.” You told Chris when you felt your phone buzz in your back pocket. Chris nodded and kissed Lola’s cheek before lowering her onto her feet. “We’ll call after the meeting, and if you guys are still okay with having them- we’ll go have dinner first.” Sebastian and Margo nodded, smiling. “Thank you so much, we really appreciate it.” You descended to your knees in front of your children and opened your arms; they quickly enfolded themselves in your love. “Be good, okay? Listen to everything Uncle Sebba and Aunt Margo tells you to do.”

“Okay, Mama.”

“Are we okay posting photos on Instagram?” Margo asked, knowing how much you and Chris liked staying away from the limelight. “I say photos but I meant just one, a cute little group shot.” You looked over at Chris, who nodded, and you nodded. “Awesome, I can’t wait to see the reactions. It’s going to blow up the internet, you know how much the world loves your children.”

“We are adorable, aren’t we?” Lola looked over her shoulder at Margo, grinning. Margo nodded, chuckling. “I like being famous, Mama. Everyone is really nice.” You all smiled, trying not to sigh at the innocence of a child. “I want to be an actor when I grow up too, like Daddy and Uncle Sebba and Aunt Margo.”

“Do you?” Chris winked because he already knew that. The two of them were always having their own little chats, one of them being about her becoming an actress. It happened when you weren’t home because Chris knew it wasn’t a topic up for discussion until she was much, much older. You loved the industry you were in, but you weren’t a hundred percent about having her in the same limelight you and Chris were constantly in.

“We’ll talk about it when you grow up.” You kissed her cheek then Jack’s, releasing them as you got to your feet. “Alright, we’re going to go.” You slipped your hand in Chris’ and you both headed for the elevator. “See you later.” You called as you both waved, entering the elevator.

“Now that the parentals have gone,” Sebastian smirked. “Let’s go eat ice-cream!” He announced in a deep, monster-like growl making Jack and Lola giggle. “Ice-cream for lunch!” He cheered, catching each child under his arm and carrying them towards the kitchen.

“I am surrounded by children,” Margo laughed softly, closing the front door before she followed.

• • • • • • • •

You’d called Sebastian’s phone after the meeting like you’d promised to check in with them as well as their state of mind. Children were exhausting, and if they were ready to call it a day- you and Chris could head over to pick them up. But they were fine, Sebastian and Margo were more than happy to continue to have them while you and Chris had a date night. Sebastian even told you- after Lola picked up and passed him his phone that “we’re in the middle of baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Margo and I would be lost without their help, so we’re going to have to ask for another few hours.” You were about to argue that chocolate chip cookies didn’t take that long when you remembered you could have date night with your husband. You quickly thanked them and hung up, calling your favorite restaurant in New York for a last minute reservation. It just so happened that the restaurant was only ten minutes away from Sebastian’s apartment.

“We should come to New York more often,” you joked, clinking wine glasses with Chris. “Or maybe we should buy Sebastian and Margo a house in Boston.” Chris laughed, nodding in agreement. “That way we can actually have date nights instead of planning it, only to cancel last minute and stay home.”

“I know, right?” He chuckled, lowering to glass to reach for your hand. “I’m sorry we’ve missed so many date nights, I know it sucks having our plates so full.” You turned your palm up in his hand, interlocking fingers. “I guess it’s the price we have to pay for being so good at our jobs.” He winked and you smiled. “But I promise, more effort.”

“It’s okay,” you shook your head. “I mean- it doesn’t really have to be a night out for us to call it a date night. We’ve had some pretty awesome date nights at home too,” you reminded him with a flirtatious smirk and he chuckled. “I’m just happy as long as I get to spend time with you.”

“The feeling’s mutual, sweetheart,” he drew your hand to his lips and pressed a tender kiss on your knuckles. “Okay, so what are we going to order?” You both pulled your hands away from each other and looked at your menus. “I’m thinking we get something different each and share, so we can at least try something new. We have to-” Before he could finish, his phone rang. He sighed then narrowed his eyes when he saw that it was his publicist, Susan. “Do you mind?” He asked and you shook your head, you both knew Susan didn’t call unless it was important.

“Hey Susan, could you make it quick? I’m just about to have-” He cut himself off, responding accordingly. “I’m not surprised. Yeah, Y/N and I left them with Sebastian and Margo for the day. She asked if she could post a picture on her Instagram and we said yes. Wait-” his brows furrowed. “What do you mean there’s more than one? The photos are circulating everywhere? It looks like- Okay, let me just- I’ll call you back.”

“There’s more than one photo circulating?”

“There are at least a dozen photos on Sebastian’s Instagram, documenting the day they’re having.”  He told you and you narrowed your eyes in confusion; Sebastian and Margo would never, and had never done anything to breach that trust you and Chris gave them when it came to your children. There was no way they would’ve posted more than the one photo you agreed to. “It’s not Seb and Margo who posted them.” He explained. “The photos look like they were taken by a child, the child being Lola.”

“Oh,” was all you could say before you both started to laugh. “Okay, well- we should probably call and give them a heads up. I’d say delete them, but they’re already circulating the web so there’s no point. Should we just-” you beckoned your thumb at the exit and Chris sighed, nodding. “We’ll grab some burgers on our way there.”

• • • • • • • •

You’d texted Margo instead of Sebastian because you had a feeling Lola was still using his phone from the photos being posted on his Instagram. As soon as Margo saw the text, she told Sebastian and he rushed out of the kitchen to look for Lola who was sitting on the couch happily taking selfies. He’d realized it was Margo’s mistake showing her how Instagram worked, but the selfie taking- she learned that from her mom.

“Sweetheart,” Sebastian walked over and Lola looked up, grinning. “Can I have my phone back?” He held out his hand and Lola pouted, hugging the phone to her chest. “Please?” She sighed and held it out for him to take. As you all suspected, Lola had been flooding Sebastian’s Instagram with photos. They were surprisingly good shots for a six year old, but it was definitely going to take a while for the internet to calm down. “Oh God,” he pressed his lips together, turning his wifi off altogether so he’d stop getting notifications.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, sweetheart. Not really,” Sebastian placed his phone down on the coffee table then sat down next to Lola. “You just posted photos you weren’t meant to post.” She looked confused and he chuckled softly, taking her hand in his. “Do you remember when Aunt Margo asked your mom and dad if she could post a photo of all of us on her Instagram?”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “Am I in trouble because I didn’t ask Mama and Daddy?”

“You’re not in trouble, but you should ask because you post anything online. Especially at this age, okay?” She still look confused so he gave her hand a gentle squeeze as he continued to explain, “you see, your mom and dad, and Aunt Margo and I- we’re all celebrities. People want to know what’s going on in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to share everything. Some moments are better off kept to ourselves, that’s how we keep the magic of the moment. Do you understand?”

“I think so.” She scrambled onto Sebastian’s lap and hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry, Uncle Sebba.” He smiled and hugged her back, kissing her head. “I didn’t mean to, I just thought because Aunt Margo did it- I should do it too. Are you mad at me?” Sebastian shook his head when she pulled away to look at him. “Will Mama and Daddy be mad at me?”

The doorbell rang and Sebastian winced, “we’ll just have to see. C'mon.” He popped her on her feet and took her hand, leading her to the front door where he knew you and Chris were waiting patiently on the other side. “That was my bad, I wasn’t watching my phone and-”

“You are a menace,” Chris teased Lola, scooping her into his arms. She giggled and hugged her dad, knowing from his tone she wasn’t in trouble. “I know when you become an actress you’re going to get lots of attention, but how about we keep you from that attention until then?”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“I’m sorry did you say ‘when’?” You raised a brow at Chris and Lola, who had the same sheepish look on their faces. “When did it become a 'when’? I thought we said we’re tabling it until she’s older, like- high school older.”

“Mmmm! I smell chocolate chip cookies,” Chris quickly changed the subject and hurried off with Lola. You scoffed and Sebastian tried not to laugh, beckoning you in with his head so he could close the door behind you. “Do you know who loves cookies?” You could hear Chris with your children and you smiled. “Cookie Monster, om nom nom nom.” He mimicked the popular Sesame Street character’s voice, making Jack and Lola howl with laughter.

“I married a kid,” you chuckled with a shake of your head.

“Funny,” Sebastian wrapped an arm around you and led you to the kitchen, “that’s what Margo says to me.”

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Queliot au’s

Okay so my au ideas are usually super long but im gonna try and make them shorter so i can make a list of a few:

  • Coffee shop au where Eliot is a sassy little shit who contantly messes with Quentins name, until one day he sees this sad little look on his face and from then on Quentin is the only person who’s name Eliot ever gets right because he really doesn’t like the kicked puppy dog look on Quentins face, even though he will never, ever admit it. (Until they finally get together and Quentin asks why he started doing his name right and there’s there puppy dog eyes and Eliot can’t lie when Quentin is looking at him like that)
  • AU where Quentin realizes something is really, really wrong with Eliot after the whole Mike debacle and slips a truth serum in one of Eliot’s drinks so he has no choice but to talk to Quentin, and Eliot’s reaosnably pissed but after he gets all of the pain off his chest, and he and Quentin just lie in bed staring at the ceiling, he finds that he feels a bit better and Quentin fucking sucks because somehow he knows exactly what to do or say to make Eliot feel better, dammit.
  • AU Where Margo is waiting for Quentin when he stumbles into Brakebills and she sees him as this cute little nerd that she decides to take under her wing and then introducdes him to Eliot, and then Eliot still falls in love with him, but Margot is kind of the driving force that steers him away from Alice and into Eliots arms.
  • AU where when Quentin wakes up from the web, Eliot pats him on the head, but then he slides down the couch and pulls Quentin into the tightest, homiest hug he possibly can because he almost lost him and that’s not okay, and after that they become inseparable
  • Au where Quentin finds out that Eliot gets to have a husband and a wife and brings it up to him all nonchalant like, “So you can marry some dude you find hot,” And he’s totally wishing its him, but he doesn’t think Eliot’s interested, until Eliot smirks at him, and says, “Great. So when do you want to do this?”
  • CHEF AU i dont even care. Eliot is the head chef, and Quentin is either a waiter or a chef in training or something, but Eliot woos Quentin with nothing other than saucy meals that substitues ats aphrodisacs, and it takes Quentin forever to realize that these are all date meals that Eliot cooks for him because Quentin is so blissfully and painfully unaware of any advances Eliots makes towards him
  • Harry Potter au where Quentin literally risks his life and runs onto the quidditch pitch when Eliot is knocked off his broom. 

I have so many more but my lunch break is almost over so here have this for now?

Clothing and intimacy in film

There’s something so intimate as a woman about handling another woman’s clothes…
I’m watching “All About Eve,” and the part where Margo catches Eve pretending to wear her costume made me think about this. When Margo calls out to her from the door and she turns, she’s like a deer caught in the headlights–there’s technically nothing off color about what she’s doing; she’s a fan of Margo and the play, and Margo finds it endearing. But Eve’s embarrassment at getting caught speaks to the fact that it was more than mere idolatry. It takes a rather devious turn, but there’s really no doubt about her attraction to Margo. I could go on about subtext for hours, but I think the most striking evidence is this first incident with the dress.
Along with her obsessive devotion to Margo Channing, it harkens back to Mrs. Danvers showing the new Mrs. de Winter all of the late Rebecca’s belongings–her lingerie–in Hitchcock’s “Rebecca.”

Clothes are so much more than merely garments. They say something about the person who wears them; the choice stands as a sort of statement. They fit into that person’s life.
Beyond that, they are the second closest thing to the person themselves. It’s like Therese smelling Carol’s sweater while going through her suitcase. There’s an anticipation to it, almost a sense of worship. So near to their body and yet not. It’s a private thing.
That is, of course, until the woman whose clothes you’re caressing walks in and sees you.

But it really is a singular experience. As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I’ve had my own–the second I realized that I was going to be wearing a dress that the woman I have feelings for wore, it became sacred to me. I was filled with a range of emotions, but above all awe. That was my movie moment. Seeing myself in the dress seemed wrong because I was so aware of how right she seemed in it. It was just a garment, but it was so much *her* that I could barely believe it was in my hands.

It’s a sort of displaced intimacy, but intoxicating nonetheless.

Eliot's Tony Viewing Party

i just couldn’t help myself @thechampagneking70

“The time is now, people!! Get the fuck up, it’s 8:00 pm, all eyes on the television, the TONYS ARE STARTING!” Eliot called, his voice reverberating throughout the Cottage.

“Oh my God…” Kady groaned from her spot on the couch. “I forgot.”

Margo shoved her over. “What, that he’s a theatre kid? Yeah, I forget sometimes, too.” She snickered at Eliot, who was currently running around fixing Tony-themed drinks. “Then he does something like that…”

Kady and Margo watched as Eliot executed a perfect glissade. Kady couldn’t help but laugh.

“ALL OF YOU ARE LATE!” Eliot cried. “QUENTIN, PENNY, ALICE, COME ON!” He brushed his dark curly hair to the side and sat on the couch next to where Margo and Kady observed him with amusement.

Alice crept out from the little nook in the bookcase. “I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay, Eliot–”

“Oh, hush.” Eliot fixed Alice a cocktail and a withering glance. “You’ll stay. No one’s able to leave once the performances start.”

“Yeah, we’ll see about that.” Penny growled, making it clear he was NOT happy about suffering through the entirety of an awards show he knew and cared nothing about. He sat on the floor below Kady and leaned back.


Quentin came lumbering down the stairs a few moments later. “What is this?” He asked, his tone somewhere in between sullen and curious. “Why do we care about the Tonys?”

“Oh, honey.” Margo pursed her lips. “Besides literally all of our parties, it’s the event of the season. Plus, the tension between the nominees is my SHIT this year.”

“Andrew Rannells better get a Tony, I swear to God…” Eliot muttered. “I’m totally pulling the gay card if he doesn’t win.”

“You pull the gay card every year, darling.” Margo countered.

“When has it not worked?” Eliot smirked, eyes glittering with amusement.

Quentin sighed. It was going to be a long night.


Just a fun little doodle…

Soooo…I play Q in a Magicians RP group & we had this scene where Margo had given him a Kindle full of Fillory so he was geeking out over it much to the amusement of Alice & Eliot.  It was just a random adorable moment & I felt like sketching it.  I love how “fanboy” Q looks here. lol

Ben Starling - No Time To Waste

Request: “Okay, so I really need some Ben Starling (from Paper Towns) imagines. Anyway, I was just thinking that while on the trip to find Margo, reader tagged along since Q is her friend and all. Reader is really loathsome towards a lot of things and people but is always there for her friends. She just so happens to have acquired a crush on her friend Ben but he doesn’t see it. She doesn’t ever try to show her affections because she thinks love is a waste but he ends up showing her otherwise.”

I am sooo sorry about the wait! I deleted this ask and had this saved as a draft for ages but I forgot all about it, I only just noticed it was still here!

Word Count: 1319

The whole idea was crazy.  You were to just up and go, leave everything, cancel plans, forget school and go.  It was pretty spur of the moment, a completely spontaneous, not at all well thought through plan, to drive to New York to find Margo, who might not even be in New York.  It was complete and utter madness.  So of course you were in. 

It wasn’t the finding Margo part that interested you, honestly you thought it was pretty selfish of her just to up and leave like that.  Sure, you understood the want to get away, how trapped you could feel, when everyday was the same, but for her to just leave her friends and family behind like that?  Without the slightest hint as to where she was, or even if she was alive?  That was the selfish part.  But how could you say no?  How could you turn down the chance for an adventure?

High school parties weren’t exactly your thing, so you’d skipped out on that one, but somehow you still ended up past midnight, when a clearly drunk Ben began yelling at you down the phone at 3 in the morning.  The engine of a car was still audible over his slurred shouts which was quite something considering the volume of them, but you couldn’t understand a word he was saying.  All you could pick up on was the name Margo.  Eventually Radar must have managed to wrestle the phone off of him, for after a few minutes it was his much quieter voice explaining that they knew where Margo was and were coming to pick you up. 

Somehow in your half awake state you had managed to drag yourself out of bed, pack a bag, and make yourself look semi-presentable.  You were too tired to care though, and were determined to go back to sleep the minute you climbed into Q’s minivan.  You were more proud of the fact that you managed to actually get out of your house though, with the alarm on downstairs, you had no choice but to leave a note for your parents and climb out through the window.  You didn’t want to wake them up, as you knew that even when they were fully awake a plan like this would take some convincing to get them to agree to, you decided just to go and hope for the best.  You would call them in the morning.

“Morning.”  Ben slurred as soon as you slid open the door to the minivan.  You smiled at his drunken state and let out a laugh.  Radar just shook his head, rolling his eyes at the state of his best friend.  “Hey {Y/N}.”  Q began driving away as soon as you were seated, not waiting for the seatbelt to click and signify your safety.  “What are we doing again?”  You rubbed your eyes wearily, leaning back into the seat.  You were seated next to Ben, which you were enjoying but you guessed you would probably end up regretting the decision later.  “We’re going to find Margo.”  Q began telling the story, explaining the list of discoveries which had led him to this point.  You offered him a smile, leaning forwards in your seat.  “Listen Q, I’m really sorry but you just woke me up in the middle of the night.  If I’m not awake enough to pay attention during 1st period English, at 9, then I am certainly not awake enough now to pay attention to this story of miraculous discovery.  Can it wait till morning?”  
Q merely laughed.  “Sure, go back to sleep.”

Your head was resting on Ben’s shoulder when you woke up, which was a welcome surprise although the crick in your neck certainly wasn’t.  You groaned softly as you sat up, blinking at the brightness.  It seemed at some point in your journey, Angela had joined you.  She turned to face you as you sat up and you offered her a smile.  “Where are we?”  She shrugged and turned to Radar who in turn looked to Q.  “In the middle of nowhere.”  He frowned, taking his eyes off the road for a second to look at the map.  “But 4 hours closer to Margo!”  

Even you had to admit that the whole thing was rather romantic.  Q going off on this huge road trip to find Margo, the girl he was in love with.  But, knowing Margo, you weren’t sure Q would have the loving reunion, and the happy ending he was hoping for.  

You were cramped in the very back of the van when it happened.  When the van swerved off the road.  You screamed.  Everyone did.  For a minute you actually thought you were going to die.  You were going to die here, in the middle of nowhere, on the hunt for some stupid girl who had run away from home.  But Ben had pulled the wheel, and you were running onto the grass, and you were slowing down, and you had stopped.  

You all sat for a minute, gasping, before you tumbled out of the van and onto the grass.  Everyone was shaking, and you stood to one side, feeling oddly separated from this group of misfits who were hugging each other and checking they were all okay.  

Ben clambered out moments afterwards, and stumbled over to you, still plainly feeling the effects of the alcohol.  “You okay?”  Surprisingly his words were clear, you nodded and offered him a small, forced smile.  He frowned at this, seeing through your act.  “You sure?”  He asked again.  You shrugged this time.  Were you okay?  You honestly didn’t know.  You were fed up of this.  Fed up of feeling this way for a boy who would never love you back.  Fed up of this awful road trip.  Fed up of everything.  He turned round, watching everybody for a moment.  They were still hugging each other and reassuring each other.  They were managing fine without the two of you.  Gently, he reached for your hand and led you off to the side.  

“Are you sure you’re okay?”  You sighed, looking at your hands.  “Yes.”  Then you shook your head, watching a car pass.  “But no.  It’s got nothing to do with what just happened though.  Just generally, I’m not great.”  He stepped closer to you, concern crossing his features, sobering him.  “Why?  What’s up?”  His voice was the softest you had ever heard it, and you cursed your heart for feeling this way, for beating this wildly, for trying to break free from its cage.  “I don’t know.  Nothing.”  You paused.  “And everything.”  You shook your head, trying to clear your thoughts.  “I can’t pinpoint anything exactly.  It’s a mix of everything.”  
“Anything I can help with?”  You shook your head, hating the way your mind screamed yes.  Because he could help, but you knew he never would.  “Listen.”  He started, then looked away, nervous.  You had never seen him like this before.  “All of this, it’s made me think.  We don’t have a whole lot of time, and not just till graduation, I mean that we’re wasting time, all the time.  There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you, and I’ve been debating and putting it off, but there’s really no time to waste.  I like you, will you be my girlfriend?”  He held your gaze as you froze, your brain trying to process the words you had just heard.  Surely you had to have heard wrong.  Surely he couldn’t have just said that right?  Ben, like you?  ouYou had to be hearing things.  Hallucinating from the accident, maybe you hit your head.  “{Y/N}?”  His voice brought you back and you blinked.  “Will you be my girlfriend?”  This was happening.  This wasn’t just something you had made up.  The words were flying out of your mouth before you could stop and think them through.  “Yes, of course.”


Magnolia Promenade // 11:52am

Baylee: “Okay.. we’ve got ‘til the shops close a 5.”

Margoe: “Where are we going first?”

Noah: “I want to go to the knick-knack shop! Let’s go!”

Baylee: “I think we should head into this children’s store, love; for your sister who just had a baby.”

Noah: “Right.. baby needs a proper crib..”

you guys wanna discuss that last episode of channel zero???? specifically the ending? like the part where margo’s dad eats the prototype mother in the basement. i really don’t understand anything on this show until it is specifically spelled out for me but did you think that was almost supposed to be symbolic of how this other world or whatever (also sidenote: this plot has serious coraline vibes) is going to consume margo’s family and friends? and inevitably her memories and therefore, entire existence… just some thots