wheres jesy


Perrie: Jade I am feeling the love for you😍
Jade: I love Jesy 😍
Jesy: Where is Leigh Anne?🙊
Leigh: Hello guys!!!! 😠😡😠😡

Jerrie Request

So, this was a request I got from an anon a while back and I’ve finally done it! Actually enjoyed writing this, and I’ll post the rest of it later tonight, hope you like, feedback appreciated :D

“Can you do a fan fic or one shot were jade and Perrie are the two popular girls and they hate each other but secretly like each other so they tease each other in school then just continue it”

Warning: Language


“Perrie we shouldn’t be here, you know this is Jade’s table” Leigh-Anne said, a concerned look painted on her face

“Leigh, I don’t give a shit, she don’t run the place, she just thinks she does, and I’ve sat back for enough time, I gotta put her back in her place” Perrie replied, her voice raised slightly

“Ha! You can TRY Edwards!” Jade said from behind Perrie, slamming her tray down on the table and pulling Perrie up from where she was sitting. Jesy stared intensely at Leigh-Anne until she and the rest of Perrie’s group got up and retreated to another table. Jade edged closer to Perrie and whispered in her ear, “But if you do, well, you’ll get what’s coming to you” she gently bit Perrie’s ear before pulling away, seeing red wash over Perrie’s cheeks she said with a seductive smile “Got it?” Perrie nodded and gulped, getting her tray and going to Leigh-Anne

“So much for putting her in her place” Leigh-Anne sighed

“Oh shut up Leigh” Perrie said, rolling her eyes and throwing a chip at the older girl “She’ll get what’s coming to her… just give me a little time” she said, her voice becoming more hushed as she looked over to Jade, who bit her lip when they made eye contact. Perrie felt her cheeks burning yet again.

Over the next week, the two pack leaders seemed to be doing everything they could to tease the other, trying to get them to giving. One day during lunch, Jade saw Perrie smoking by the side of the school, “Gimme a minute girls, I’ve just got some uh… business to sort out, I’ll meet you in there” The girls left her and she made her way over to the blonde

“I didn’t know you smoked Edwards” Perrie jumped a little, not expecting anyone to come over, but when she saw it was Jade, her lips curved into a little smile

“Yeah, stress relief” She replied bluntly

“Hmmm… I’m sure I could help you with stress relief… it’d be a lot nicer than smoking too… pleasurable” The brunette said, hands tightly gripping Perrie’s waist

“Huh is that right?” She asked, flicking her cigarette on the floor and stamping on it. She ran her hands down Jade’s back and squeezed her bum “You know for such an innocent looking girl, you ain’t half naughty” she turned them round so that Jade was leaning against the wall and she moved in closer, moving her lips to Jade’s ear “Listen here Thirlwall, you back off… or you’ll get what’s coming to you” she smirked slightly and moved her lips to Jade’s jaw line, kissing it lightly, hearing Jade moan only made her feel more victorious. She moved her thigh between Jade’s legs and began rocking gently into her, sucking on her neck

“Fuck Jade stop moaning, it’s meant to be you getting turned on, not me” Jade’s lips found Perrie’s and she could feel herself getting more and more worked up, she moaned again into Perrie’s mouth. Perrie kept going for a little while longer but then pulled back, smiled cheekily at Jade and began to walk away “I’m not that type of girl Jade, I expect to be wooed” She winked at Jade before turning round and walking away. Jade let out a frustrated moan as quietly as she could before smoothing her dress and hair and made her way to lunch

“Who the fuck even says ‘wooed’ these days” She mumbled under her breath.

*At Lunch*

“Woah Perrie, Jade’s totally burning holes into you” Leigh-Anne said, chuckling. Perrie turned her head round to find Jade who kept her expression the same when Perrie saw her, Perrie just laughed

“Yeah don’t worry, I’ve got her under control” Leigh-Anne gave her a confused look to which Perrie shook her head “don’t worry”

The next day, Jade found Perrie by the side of the school and made her way over again

“Jade… you’re here… again” Perrie sighed, getting rid of her cigarette

“You can smoke around me you know?” Jade said, rubbing the back of her neck

“And why would I want to do that?” Perrie asked, leaning off the wall “No, you’re far too pretty to be getting that nasty stuff in your lungs” she said, lifting Jade’s chin up slightly to meet her lips, using her other hand to run it through Jade’s hair. She then pulled away a little to lift Jade’s hand up to her lips and kissed it gently

“Why can’t we do this all the time?” Jade asked innocently, playing with Perrie’s hair

“Because… you haven’t wooed me yet, so for now you’re my bitch”

“Two can play at that game” Jade replied, biting her lip and walking off. Perrie shook her head laughing and made her way back into school

“Eurgh, gym” Leigh-Anne said “Perrie? You okay?” she asked, waving her hand in front of Perrie’s face. Perrie broke her stare from Jade

“Hmm what? Oh yeah… gym… c’mon, let’s just get it over with”

Jade watched Perrie go past

“Jade this game you’re playing with Perrie-“

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Jessica, Jade Amelia Thirlwall is not one for playing games” She flipped her hair dramatically and made her way to gym, Jesy sighed and followed her. They’d gotten changed and were now sitting on the bench in the gym; Jade made her way in and sat next to Perrie, Jesy on the other side of her. She tried to listen to what the teacher was saying but she felt Perrie’s hand on her leg

“Think about it Jade… you could so easily get this all the time” She whispered in Jade’s ear

“Something you’d like to share with the class Miss Edwards?”

“Not particularly miss no… And please, call me Perrie” The teacher rolled her eyes and put the class into teams for basketball…

Perrie was sat back in the changing rooms with an ice pack on her head when Jade walked in

“Why are you here? This is your fault” Perrie asked, resting her head on the wall

“Miss sent me to check on you… You shouldn’t have got yourself into the teasing game, I’m just as good at it as you are, now come here, let me see it” she lifted the ice pack off of Perrie’s head and made a face when she saw the purple mark “Well I am sorry I distracted you, it looks sore, is it sore?”

“Yeah a little”

“Look… I think it’s time the teasing stopped, you’ve ended up getting hurt and that’s not at all what I wanted”

“Aaaw… you DO care!”

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t…” She let out a breath “Listen, Perrie… I like you, I do, and I was wondering if you uh, wanted to go out maybe on Saturday?”

“Nope, I’m not giving in that easily”

“Shit Perrie, you can’t do that that’s not fair!” Perrie remained adamant “Fine! I’ll woo you! I’ll fucking romance you, I’ll re-align the stars to say a soppy message if that’s what it fucking takes to get you jeeze!” Jade exclaimed, running a hand through her hair, getting frustrated. Perrie smiled happily, which made Jade smile, she leant down to kiss her

“C’mon, help me back to the gym Thirlwall” Jade helped her up, supporting her

“Are you dizzy still?”

“Nah… I just like you holding me”

“You smooth little shit”

“Gosh Jade, you really are foul mouthed for such a sweet looking girl”

“You would be too if you didn’t have your ‘stress relief’ where’s mine huh?”

“In time, young warrior, patience grasshopper”

“Oh shut up… doofus” Jade said laughing, nuzzling into Perrie’s neck

Throughout the next week Jade had been leaving notes in Perrie’s locker, complimenting her, she’d even managed to plant a cute little teddy bear in there

“Wow who are all these from Pez?” Leigh asked excitedly Perrie turned round, putting the notes and teddy in her bag

“Secret admirer I guess” She said, she looked across the hall to where Jade was stood with her gang and smiled, Jade raised her eyebrows to Perrie, she shook her head, making Jade look at the floor quite upset, she really thought she’d done enough for Perrie to at least go on one date with her

“’Scuse me girls” Jade said, walking over to Perrie. She slammed Perrie’s locker shut and leaned in to her ear “Tomorrow Perrie, I’m trying one last time and if you say no again I’ll make you regret it in the nicest way possible of course” She pulled away and looked Perrie in the eyes again; Perrie nodded.

The next day, Jade dressed as cute as possible and left her hair alone so it was curly, she did her make-up and put all she needed in her bag, then got in her car and made her way to school.

She waited by Perrie’s locker, holding the flowers behind her back. She saw Perrie come into school and walk over to her, her girls close behind “Great… an audience… If she shoots me down with an audience she’ll really pay for it” Jade thought. Perrie stopped in front of her

“Can I help you with something Thirlwall?”

“Yes, matter of fact you can Perrie. See, I happen to have fallen for you, and don’t you dare play dumb with me because your friends are here because that doesn’t scare me, I can shout from the roof of this school that I like you a lot if you’d prefer, but we’ve liked to keep it to the side of the school for the past couple of weeks now haven’t we? Anyway, yes, I really like you Perrie, and I got you these flowers” she pulled the flowers from behind her back “Have I wooed you enough now? Will you go out with me? One date minimum?” All of Perrie’s, and Jade’s girls remained silent

“Well, although I would love to see what you do to make me pay for saying no, I think I’ve put you through enough, come here” Perrie smiled and pulled Jade in by the waist, kissing her gently

“Girls, introduce each other, this is a joint business now” Perrie said, her back still to them, their groups awkwardly shifting towards each other and introducing themselves while the two leaders continued to kiss.

“Now, I would’ve liked to take you to a restaurant, but it’s too short notice now so, how about you come to mine, my parents are on a holiday and I’m a pretty decent cook, you could uh, stay the night… If you wanted to I mean, I could drop you home If you uh, if you-” Jade asked nervously, her hands fiddling with Perrie’s top, not daring to look her in the eyes. Perrie kissed Jade’s forehead lightly

“I’d love that, and yes, I’ll stay the night, you’ve got me Jade, you don’t have to be nervous anymore” Jade smiled and kissed her on the lips. They held hands on the way to class now, their groups following sheepishly behind…

Blood-Sucker (Steve x Reader Vampire AU)

Summary: Steve and Bucky go out to feed and fall upon a pair of friends, one of which Steve is enamored by.

Characters: Steve Rogers, Reader Y/N, Bucky Barnes, OC Jesy, Wanda Maximoff and Tony Stark mentioned

Notes: Happy Halloween! I’ve had writer’s block for a very long time and I’m sorry… I met Sebastian and got all new ideas from cosplays and new experiences and of course THE WAY SEBASTIAN LOOKED AT ME. So yeah, enjoy! WARNINGS: Smut(do the nasty with a condom on!!) biting kink, mentions of blood, fluff

The music pounded in his overly sensitive ears as he downed another shot. Steve knew he couldn’t get actually drunk, but there was something satisfying about the way the harsh alcohol tingled down his throat. He and Bucky had been blood-suckers since they got the serum and since they had come out of the ice, vampires had a different way of doing things.

There were places for vampires, a community if you will. These places served as safe feeding grounds for vampires and were disguised as night clubs. Everything was fairly fun and had a good, light-hearted atmosphere and every Friday night, Steve and Bucky would feed in peace. There were strict rules, however. Even though the bite was euphoric for both parties, there was to be no mating or bonding within the facility. Kissing, groping and hugging was to be expected and even encouraged given the nature of the act and the urges it induced. But if a vampire were to take a human out of the building, both would need to verbally consent and go through a drug test with the bouncer. If they were cleared, they could leave and do whatever they pleased.

It was usually the same crowd in the club, mostly college students and a few older people who were done with their schooling. Each was picked by the government if they got clearance into the club or not, given their health records. Each night, the lines outside would be extremely long and only a fair few were let in. New York was full of diseases and druggies, even the most expensive outfits were turned away because even one slip up and catastrophe would strike. Once humans were admitted into the club, they were told of the truth of the place, and were offered a brain wipe to forget the information they’d been told or a drink to continue their night. Most accepted the drink and signed the form that bound the secret legally, but occasionally, Wanda would be recruited to wipe memories.

There were only a few vampires, about 20 including Steve and Bucky. They all had a silent agreement to not prey on the humans the others had staked claim on. Bucky was early in the silent claim on an auburn-haired girl that came pretty regularly. Steve suspected Bucky had deeper feelings for her, but knew pushing the issue would cause problems.

“Steve, we have new blood… Jesy brought a friend..” Bucky muttered and pointed towards the entrance.

Steve looked and saw Bucky’s short-haired, petite-bodied usual source of blood standing next to a taller girl who looked a bit nervous. Steve was immediately taken with her. She was beautiful with delicate features and bright eyes. He knew he didn’t have much time to claim her, but he also didn’t want to rush. He watched as the shorter of the two scanned the crowd for Bucky, who was eyeing her with his lower lip between his teeth. Steve found himself wondering why he hadn’t mated with her yet given how he looks at her–like a lovestruck, horny schoolboy in truth. When she found Bucky’s hungry stare, she led her beautiful friend over to where Steve and Bucky sat. Steve’s stomach began to knot as her scent got closer. Oh God, it was the best thing he’d ever smelt. Her blood smelled savory and clean, he felt his mouth water.

“Jes… Good to see you,” Bucky said, standing up to greet her, his arm snaked around her waist in a hug. He was a gentleman around her up until she had a few drinks and he was getting hungry. Then she slung herself around him and he kissed her neck and gripped her close. As he bit and drank from her, moans escaped her lips and he ground his hips against her. Steve saw this all too many times. He wished sometimes that he wouldn’t set the bar so high–the other girls expected a similar experience, so Steve went for the few male donors that arrived on nights where Bucky and Jesy’s time together was in full throttle.

“Who’s your lovely friend?” Bucky asked Jesy, who wore a beautiful red dress that complemented her figure and accented the curves around her breasts and buttocks. Steve only glanced at her to notice these things because next to her stood the one he was truly interested in.

“This is Y/N. She’s my best friend, Steve. I figured we could have a little double date tonight,” Jesy said, leaning into Bucky’s grip on her.

“Yes, that sounds excellent. So, Steve, how about we show these ladies a good time? Just like the old days, eh?” Bucky said, clapping Steve on the shoulder.

Steve stood up from his seat on the bar and smiled at Y/N, a name he found suited her perfectly.

“I’d love to. Let’s get a table,” Steve suggested and held his arm out for Y/N to take. She smiled sweetly up at him and took his arm, sending an electric jolt through his body as her skin made contact with his. Steve and Bucky led their dates to a secluded table in the back of the room. A waitress came and served the girls water and handed them menus, knowing that Steve and Bucky wouldn’t want anything on them.

“Hmm.. what do you feel like tasting tonight, Buck?” Jesy asked, looking over the menu.

“Aside from what’s between your legs? Hmm…” Bucky said suggestively, making Jes blush.

“Gross, get a room you two,” Y/N spoke from beside me, as if she read my mind.

“Ah, she speaks…” Bucky said, wrapping his metal arm around Jesy’s shoulders.

“Excuse him, he doesn’t always know how to act when he’s hungry and falling in love,” Steve said and quickly became satisfied with Bucky’s clear discomfort at the mention of real feelings.

“That’s alright…” Y/N answered, giving Steve a soft smile.

The girls ordered ice cream for themselves as Bucky had mentioned having a sweet tooth lately and Steve agreed that the girls deserved a treat. As they ate, Bucky ordered Jesy her usual cocktail to loosen her up and Steve turned to Y/N.

“Would you like something to drink?” Steve asked her.

“That depends… Are you planning on feeding from me tonight?” Y/N asked Steve and he chuckled.

“I’d like to if you don’t mind… That’s what this place is for, after all,” he responded.

“Yeah, I just didn’t know if you were sure about me or not…” Y/N mumbled and a blush spread across her cheeks.

This girl is too damn cute… Steve thought.

“So what do you like to drink?” Steve asked Y/N.

“Peach bellini… Is that okay?” she asked, looking up from her frozen dessert that was almost finished.

A smile spread across his face and he nodded. He flagged down the waitress and ordered her drink.

“Well, I’m ready to dance. Let’s go, Soldier,” Jesy told Bucky and grabbed his hand. Steve noticed his best friend’s bright smile as Bucky followed Jesy to the dance floor.

“Would you like to dance tonight, too?” Steve asked her.

“If it’s okay with you… I’d rather just talk. I’m no good at dancing like that and I’d like to know that my blood is being put into a good person… but, I mean, you ARE Captain America,” Y/N said, then took a drink from her glass.

Steve chuckled and smiled at her. “I am…”

So they talked. Bucky and Jesy had taken to the dance floor and Steve had lost track of where they were because he was so engrossed in memorizing everything Y/N said to him. He had never been this enthralled with the way someone’s voice sounded and the way their eyes crinkled at the smiles they gave.

“It’s getting late… You must be starving, I’m sorry…” Y/N said after glancing at her watch.

“No, it’s okay.. I enjoy talking to you…” Steve said, just now noticing the burning in his throat and the slight weakness he felt in his muscles–he was hungry…

“Okay, well, how do I do this? Do I just sit here, or do we do… that,” Y/N said gesturing to where Bucky had pinned Jesy against a wall and ground against her as his face hovered over her neck.

“We can do whatever you’d like. There are private rooms if you’d prefer,“ Steve informed her, easily averting his eyes away from the sight he’d seen a million times.

“I think I would….” Y/N said, her discomfort showing.

Steve felt guilty for dragging this sweet girl into his messy world. He guided her to the back of the facility to a hallway full of rooms. He knocked and opened the door to the first one. Inside reminded him of a hotel room. There was no bed, only a bathroom and a couple of chairs as well as a television. Steve looked up and saw a video camera in the corner of the room.

“Is this better?” Steve asked her.

“Yeah, much… Thank you…” she told him and sat in one of the chairs. He locked the door and looked at her. The dim lights of the dance floor did her no justice–she was an angel. In the clearer and brighter light he made out more of her perfect features and the dress she wore made her figure stand out perfectly to him. Even with his honed senses, he could have never seen what she truly looked like in the dim and colorful lights.

“Right, so… do I just let you bite me, or…?” she asked. Steve sat in the chair opposite her and smiled gently at her.

“Essentially, yes… Did Jesy tell you what to expect?” Steve asked her, looking into her eyes.

“She said that it hurts at first, but then it’ll feel really, really good… like… sexual…” Y/N said, a small blush adorning her cheeks.

“Yeah… I don’t have to bite your neck. I can bite your wrist or your leg or something….” Steve told her.

“No, you can bite my neck, it’s okay….” Y/N said and moved her hair out of the way. Up until now, Steve had tried to suppress smelling her, but now it became unbearable. Her scent filled his nostrils and flooded his senses and his thirst increased ten fold. His throat burned for her blood and his senses went haywire as he felt his fangs begin to protrude.

“Get on my lap, please… I’ll be able to support you better,” Steve said to her. She got up and positioned herself on his lap. Steve’s thoughts racing and his fangs almost fully extended, he nosed her neck and inhaled her scent deeply. He licked a bold stripe along her neck before biting into her tender flesh. He heard her yelp from the initial sting of his fangs, but as he drank from her, he heard her moan and he felt her hand grip his arm. He drank his fill; he only needed to take a few ounces from his live feeders, as he and Bucky stored blood packs in their refrigerator at home. He found it difficult to pull away from her–her blood tasted so good, but he began to panic when Y/N’s grip on him began to loosen. He pulled away from her and licked her neck until the punctures clotted and scabbed over.

“Are you feeling alright?” Steve asked.

“Yeah.. I think I need something to eat….” she said. “I feel a little lightheaded…”


Steve helped her sit back in the chair as he got up and looked around the room for something to eat. He only found some crackers in the drawer and knew that wasn’t enough.

“Here, I found these… I’m gonna go get Buck and Jesy and then you and she are gonna go and get something to eat, ok?“ Steve said.

“Okay… Was my blood any good?” she asked, picking up a cracker and putting it to her lips to take a bite.

Steve smiled at her. “It was the best I’ve ever had.” It wasn’t a lie either. He closed the door and frantically searched for Bucky. He found him and Jesy on the dance floor, a fresh bite prominent on her neck and Bucky looking like he would kill anyone who looked at her as he danced with her.

Steve approached them and told Bucky that Jesy was needed in the back because Y/N was light-headed.

“Hey, Jes, Y/N’s not doing so well, let’s go see her, ok?” Bucky said. Y/N’s demeanor changed and she looked at Steve with a mix of anger and confusion.

“What happened?” she asked. “Take me to her.”

Steve told her how he may have taken more than anticipated because she tasted so good and Jesy rolled her eyes as Steve let her and Bucky in.

“Hey, Y/N, you okay?” Jesy said sweetly to her friend.

“Yeah, I’m ok, Jes… Can we get some food?“ Y/N asked in a small voice.

“Of course. Come on, let’s go,” Jesy said and helped her up.

“Thanks..” Y/N said and looked up at Steve.

“I hope I was good enough. See you around,” she said and smiled before walking out of the club.


“Hey, Bucky… I have a question for you,” Steve said to Bucky the next night.

“What’s that?” Bucky responded.

“You’ve been feeding from Jesy for a while now… Do you… you know, ever…. Do you watch her? Like, find her scent and see if she’s okay?” Steve asked cautiously. Bucky got weird whenever Jesy was brought up, so Steve always had to be careful when he had a question pertaining to her.

Bucky’s eyebrow cocked upwards. “You mean, do I stalk her?”

Steve’s face flushed. “No, not stalking… just keeping an eye on… like protecting from afar…”

“I know what you mean, I’m just teasing…” Bucky laughed. “But to answer your question… sometimes. Like, a couple weeks ago I could tell she was really stressed, so I picked out her scent and found her at her school and made sure she was alright. Turns out she was stressed because of her schoolwork. She went home and studied until she fell asleep…“

“Oh, so you WERE stalking her,” Steve joked, earning a glare from Bucky.

“It wasn’t like that! C'mon, I’ll show you since you’re interested in watching over Y/N now… They’re roommates, so they’re almost always together,” Bucky said getting up. They got in the car and Bucky drove to the NYU campus and parked in the parking lot outside of the housing complex.

“Alright, get out, they live on the 2nd floor. There’s a tree outside their window, let’s go,” Bucky said.

“Buck, this really sounds like stalking…” Steve said.

“Well, we’re vampires, Steve. It’s what we do. Besides, gotta make sure they’re doing okay since you’re so smitten with Y/N,” Bucky winked.

Steve could have said something about Jesy, but couldn’t come up with it fast enough before Bucky was scaling the tree and reached a sturdy branch outside of a window.

Steve let out a sigh and followed Bucky because he really did want to see Y/N.

“If they start stripping, we leave,” Steve murmured.

“Oh come on now, you don’t think I watch when she takes her clothes off? Who do you think I am, Steve?“ Bucky asked in mock offense.

Steve shrugged, but all conversation ceased when Y/N and Jesy entered the room.

“I’m telling you, you’re going to be just fine,” Jesy said and closed their door.

“Eh, I don’t know… I always get so anxious around tests…” Y/N said, her voice sounding like music to Steve’s ears.

“I know, but you’re going to do great on it. If I can manage to get an A in a biology class, you can get an A in a theology class,” Jesy assured her and hung her partially leather jacket on the back of the chair.

“Yeah, alright…” Y/N said and plopped her bag and shoes down at the foot of what Steve assumed was her bed.

Steve wanted nothing more than to scoop her into his arms and hold her close and tell her that everything was okay, but then he remembered the position he was in.

“Hey, are you and that Bucky guy a thing…?” Y/N asked after a long pause.

“What do you mean?” Jesy asked, her demeanor changing in a way that was similar to how Bucky’s changed.

“I mean his hands were all over you and he looked at you like he wanted to take you to bed,” Y/N said. “And you looked like you enjoyed it.”

Steve’s lip was sucked between his teeth and he looked over at Bucky, who was sitting uncomfortably and looking at Jesy with hope in his eyes.

“Well, I’m his feeder–one of them, anyway–he probably has a different girl every night,” Jesy said and Steve sensed a bit of heartache in her words. Jesy looked down at her notebook and smiled half-heartedly. “There’s no use in getting attached.”

Steve tore his eyes away from Y/N to look at his friend. Bucky wore an unreadable expression and it concerned Steve, but he decided not to bring it up yet.

“Oh…“ Y/N said. “Do you think Steve is like that?”

Jesy scoffed, “No way. He definitely wants to keep seeing and feeding from you.”

Steve’s lip curved upward and he couldn’t help but feel an emotional rush whenever Y/N spoke. She heard Jesy’s words and a smile adorned her face.

“You really think so?” she asked, the smile not leaving her features.

“Oh yeah, definitely. Steve’s not one to take so much consideration for someone and not want to continue something,” Jesy said. Steve smiled at the accuracy behind Jesy’s words. Steve felt his cheeks get hot as he looked at Y/N’s cheery expression.

“Alright, I’m going,” Bucky told Steve and got out of the tree, something obviously bothering him.

“Me too,” Steve said and followed Bucky to the car. The whole time Steve couldn’t stop blushing because that cute girl with delicious blood was concerned about what he thought of her. Steve didn’t know why he felt so attached, he just did. Maybe it was the way he felt when she was around–relaxed and calm, or maybe it was how beautiful she was, or both. Either way, he felt a need to look after her and he very much wanted to continue seeing her.


For the next month and a half, Steve fed from Y/N. They had gotten rather close having exchanged numbers after he told her he wanted to feed from her alone. Y/N seemed pleased upon hearing this from Steve; a blush washed over her face when he told her after feeding from her for the third week in a row. Honestly Steve was just going by what he had seen Bucky do with Jesy, minus the sexual innuendos and unclear relationship status.

And now, with it being the Friday before Halloween, the facility had decided to hold a little bit of a costume party for the vampires and that night’s attendants. He and Bucky got ready in their costumes–Steve was a pirate and Bucky was Tarzan.

“What? I like Tarzan,” Bucky had said when Steve gave him a look when they exchanged costume choices. Steve could have sworn that he heard Jesy talk about how hot the animated Tarzan would be if he were real one night while she and Y/N were talking at the table in the facility.

“Bucky, you ready?” Steve said, coming out of his room in his attire.

“Yeah, let’s go!” Bucky said and beamed at Steve, wearing nothing but brown shorts, brown shoes and a fake vine across his chest. Steve was tempted to smack his forehead and yell at his friend to just ask her out, but then decided it would be best to let the issue rest. Instead, they hopped on their motorcycles and drove the short distance to the facility.

Steve and Bucky walked in to their usual table and saw that Jesy and Y/N were already there and in costume. Steve’s face lit up when he saw that Y/N was dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland. His eyes were so trained on her, he barely noticed that Jesy was dressed as a feminized Peter Pan.

Y/N smiled at him. “I guess nobody told you about the Disney theme.. that’s alright, we’ll just pretend you’re from Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Steve shrugged and sat with them. The night wore on and Steve noticed his hunger growing but it wasn’t a hunger for her blood–it was deeper. He wanted her. Her body, her affection, her kiss, her taste–all of it.

When they danced, she acted like she wanted him too, grinding on his hardening bulge and pressing herself against his firm body.

When Steve could take no more of her teasing he pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “What are you doing?”

“Well, I’m dancing with you.. Do you not like it?” she asked, her eyes going wide with concern.

“No, I love it, very obviously, I just need to know if you’re going to tease me all night…“ Steve smirked at her.

“Hey, you guys, Jes and I are going back to ours for a movie. Feel free to join,” Bucky said, his hand in Jesy’s.

“Yes, that sounds excellent. What do you think, Steve?” Y/N said and looked at Steve.

“Yep. Let’s get cleared and go,” Steve said and headed with the other three to the exit. The bouncer gave Bucky and Jesy a smirk when he saw that they were finally leaving the club together–Jesy and Bucky had been meeting at this club for a little over 8 months and the bouncers took note of who fed from who on which day.

Once all four of them were cleared to leave, Bucky and Steve walked out to their motorcycles.

“You ladies need a ride or did you drive here?” Bucky asked.

“We walked here, so yeah, a ride would be nice,” Jesy giggled.

Steve made a mental note to never let her walk alone anymore and gestured for her to put on a helmet and sit behind him. Bucky and Steve roared their engines to life and Y/N hugged Steve’s back close as they rode the short distance to the Avengers Tower.

“Alright, looks like everyone is still at Tony’s party,” Steve said when they walked in and there was no one to be seen. The boys led their counterparts to the elevator and punched the button for their floor.

“So what are you ladies in the mood for? Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween…?” Bucky suggested when the elevator door opened.

“Nightmare on Elm Street sounds good! We can watch that!” Y/N said excitedly. Steve chuckled and smiled and lead them to the common area of the floor where the TV was.

“Steve why don’t you get the movie and I’ll make some popcorn and get some drinks for these ladies?” Bucky said and went to the kitchen, Jesy following him and winking at Y/N.

There was a small pause between the two of them and then Y/N spoke.

“Do you want to eat before the movie or after?” she asked.

“Whenever is comfortable for you, Y/N,” Steve said and pulled the DVD out and went to put it in the player.

“Whenever you’re hungry, then, feel free to move my hair and take a bite,” she said and sat down.

“Thanks,“ Steve said and sat next to her and grabbed the remote.

“Alright, I got beer, soda and water to drink, popcorn and the bowl of candy Tony gave us to eat… Sound good?” Bucky said, his arms full, as were Jesy’s.

“Yeah, thanks so much!” Y/N said. Steve noticed the goosebumps forming on both Y/N and Jesy’s arms, so he pulled out a couple of blankets for them. Once the four of them were sat on the couch(only a foot or two between Jesy and Y/N, who sat between Stave and Bucky), Steve dimmed the lights and started the movie.

“Fair warning, Bucky, she gets scared of horror movies,” Y/N teased.

“I do not!” Jesy insisted, causing Y/N to cock a brow at her and smirk.

“Really? Shall we bring up The Conjuring?” Y/N asked.

“No, we shall not,” Jesy said, defeated.

“That’s alright, Tarzan is here to protect you from Freddy Kreuger,” Bucky joked and draped an arm around Jesy’s shoulders.

Steve smiled and watched the movie with Y/N. He didn’t want to push boundaries, but he grew to ache for her touch in the silence, save for the movie. He used Jesy’s jumping to inch his hand closer to Y/N’s in an attempt to hold her hand. He noticed out of the corner of his eye when she looked down. She smiled and took his hand in hers.

Around the middle of the movie Steve started getting thirsty and his arm had wrapped around her shoulders, making her curl into him underneath the blanket they shared.

Y/N must have noticed Steve’s gradual change in demeanor because she looked up at him with questioning eyes.

“Getting hungry?” she asked lowly.

Steve nodded. Y/N sat up more and moved her hair out of the way, leaning her neck towards his mouth. Steve’s breath froze and his stomach turned to knots as he pulled her close and let his lips gently touch her soft skin. Before he let his tongue run over the skin there, he placed a gentle kiss to where he has bitten her before. He had never given her any sort of affection aside from holding her hand and occasionally a hug at the end or beginning of their night, so this was new territory he was dabbling in.

After his lips left her skin, his tongue darted out and he licked over the area he wanted to bite before sinking his fangs into her. He felt her fingers gripped onto him and her hips rolled towards him as he drank from her.

“Steve…” she moaned out, the sound only barely audible. A chill went down Steve’s spine and he pulled away from her neck after licking the mark clean.

Without a word, Bucky and Jesy rose and Bucky took her back to his room, his hand in hers. As they left, Y/N yawned and rested her head on Steve’s shoulder.

“You tired?” Steve asked her.

“Nah, I just like your shoulder. Nice pillow,” Y/N said. A few minutes of silence passed between them, but then Steve heard Jesy’s voice yell from Bucky’s room.

“You can’t do this to me, Bucky! You can’t just string me along and make me think you don’t want me and then say something like that!” her voice rang out, only muffled by the distance and his door.

“What, I can’t say how I feel? That I love you?” Bucky said in a less loud volume, but the emotion running thick in his voice. Steve was impressed that Bucky managed to say those words.

“Ever since the night I brought Y/N to Steve you’ve acted differently! You’ve acted like you wanted me to go away and leave you alone. Even when you feed from me, you’ve been reserved and withdrawn, Bucky!! Now all of a sudden you love me?! I can’t–you can’t..” Jesy’s words began to be drowned out by sobs. “I was just starting to get a handle on the fact that I fell for you and you’d never feel the same, but now…”

Steve sighed and looked at Y/N.

“You wanna go comfort our friends?” Steve asked, not wanting to get up, but knowing that Bucky might need support from this.

“No, leave them… Jes is strong, she can handle it… It might be good for them to finally hash things out,” Y/N said and looked up at Steve. She did have a point–Jesy and Bucky’s relationship had been so loose and undefined the entire time they’d known each other. Steve didn’t want that with Y/N, though. He could hear the pain in both Bucky’s and Jesy’s voices, and he knew that he had to talk to Y/N about what they wanted their relationship to be to avoid that hurt and confusion.

“I really like you, Y/N… I don’t want you to ever think that I don’t…“ Steve said to her. Y/N looked up and smiled at him.

“I really like you, too, Steve…” she said and blushed.

Steve’s heart pounded and he darted his eyes from hers to her lips. He wanted to kiss her so badly after hearing that.

“So.. what do we do about it..?“Steve asked, his voice low and his head reeling.

“Well, you could kiss me,” Y/N giggled and made Steve blush.

Steve beamed and leaned his head in and locked his lips onto hers. The kiss started as gentle and sweet, both of them testing new waters with each other. After Y/N nipped at his lip playfully, though, Steve could think of nothing but heat and passion.

He pulled her close and deepened their kiss by sliding his tongue across her bottom lip. He could taste the chocolate candy she had munched on while the movie played and he smiled to himself. He lapped into her mouth and he felt her nip at his tongue and lips, then pulled Steve on top of her. He positioned his legs so that he straddled her hips and kissed her lips with all the passion he’d been building up over the time they’d known each other.

“Fuck, Steve, I…” Y/N moaned, making Steve’s lips part from hers and his attention be drawn to his cock where all of the blood had rushed to.

“You alright?” Steve asked breathlessly.

“Yeah, I just…. I want you, Steve… The bite tonight flipped a switch in me and… I just want you…” Y/N said, gripping onto Steve.

“Oh… Let’s get to my bedroom, then,” Steve said and lifted Y/N bridal style.

She giggled and kissed any part of him she could reach–his neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. When he set her on the bed, Steve pulled away and removed his costume belt and shirt, revealing his chest to her.

“Damn, Cap…” Y/N said and grinned.

Steve chuckled at the nickname and wasted no time in removing the rest of his costume and freeing his throbbing erection from the confines of his boxer breifs. He kicked the costume aside and watched as Y/N began to strip. Steve could hardly believe how angelic she was as she took off her clothes. She started with the zipper on the back of her dress. When the garment fell to the floor she was in nothing but a pink and black lace bra and black boyshorts. Steve licked his lips at the sight–he could devour her right there. His cock oozed as his eyes traveled around her curves and face as she took off her undergarments. When she finally lay naked before him, he found himself stunned by her exquisiteness.

“You’re… a goddess….” Steve uttered and climbed over her. She blushed and kissed him deeply, hooking her legs around his waist as they kissed.

He heard a ruffling to the side of him and then felt a small foil package in his hand.

“Put it on and get inside me…” Y/N mumbled with his lower lip between her teeth. He kissed her greedily and managed to successfully roll the condom on blindly. He moved his hips until his cock head felt her heat. He slid past her folds and let out a guttural, animalistic moan. Once he was fully inside of her, he felt her roll her hips upwards.

“Fuck, Steve, you feel good inside of me….” she moaned when Steve began moving and grinding inside of and against her.

“So beautiful… So tight…” Steve breathed out. With her scent overpowering him and his heart beating out of his chest, he knew he wouldn’t last. She was incredible in bed, squeezing and sliding on his cock with his own thrusts. In an effort to have her finish first, he reached between their bodies and found her inflamed clitoris. He pinched the nub lightly and watched as she moaned loudly and dug her nails into his biceps.

“Oh, God, Steve… more…! Please, I wanna cum…!” she howled. Steve moaned and kissed her breasts as he moved faster and rubbed her harder.

A string of only Steve’s name and profanities left Y/N’s lips as she clenched and came around him. His own intense orgasm came shortly after hers began. The only word he could muster was Y/N’s name as he let go inside of the condom, filling it up. The feeling he felt when he was inside of her was unlike any other that he had experienced. He felt warm and in utter bliss. He saw only her, felt only her.

When his cock went limp, he pulled out of her and discarded the condom. He collapsed beside her and they each caught their breath for the next few minutes.

“Thank you, Y/N… I… I want you to be my girlfriend. I don’t want some casual thing with you… I care about you,” Steve told her after a silence.

She rolled over, a smile on her face. “Okay, yeah. I’ll be your girlfriend.”

Steve was overcome with joy and he smiled widely. Then he smelled something in the air–somewhat like Jesy, but also like Bucky. Were they… did they… bond? They must have. Bucky must have bonded with her. Steve looked to his girl and saw that she was fast asleep against his chest and he had no intention of moving now. Maybe one day he would bond with her… He liked that idea.