wheres franklin


Frasier, um, before you go, there’s one last thing you could help me with, not that you haven’t helped me a lot already. It’s the last scene, where Franklin and Mary Anne say goodbye. It’s never felt quite right to me. I’d like her to stand… oh, right about here, and tell him how much he’s meant to her and how she’ll never forget him.


From left to right, we have George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin

(In case it needs clarification, Jefferson accidentally caught Adams on fire. No one really knows where Franklin got the firecrackers from because they’re illegal in Pennsylvania.)

saints age

what if kinzie and matt hack the time travelling machine to be able to send them to alt universes and whoops they end up in thedas. kirkwall, specifically.

  • the boss and silly!hawke bond over a shared love of the colour purple, bad puns and killing
  • isabela and fun shaundi party hard
  • aveline and new shaundi have to look after them once they get too drunk and too pantsless
  • ben king and varric swap stories
  • fenris and gat compete to see who can swing the biggest sword (I hear johnny’s is eight inches though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
  • kinzie and merrill try to repair the eluvian
  • matt freaks out when he notices that justice possessing anders is just like in Nyte Blayde season 3 episode 13, where franklin nyte joins with the spirit of sylvia in a dark ritual
  • asha and bethany realise that they’ve earned the titles “only one in virtual steelport/kirkwall not completely insane”
  • sebastian and keith david wonder why all of their friends are constantly sleeping with each other
  • pierce and carver bond over always being ignored

You are my sun right after the rain
     Wherever you are
          I just wanna be near you
               I’m so glad I found you


I hate how Beyoncé acts like she’s too good to interact with her fans. She had an entire movie theater cleared out so she could watch a movie. I’m sure she had fans in that building, and they had to leave just for her to sit and watch a film. She needs to understand that her fans have the power to end her career, and that they are the reason she is where she is. If it weren’t for her fans, she would be where Farrah Franklin is right now. She needs to humble herself.