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Rebecca Mader and Nestor Carbonell bump into each other at LAX.


(I’m not sure Norma would understand though… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

On SmackDown, *every* woman is a threat.

Naomi could walk out and challenge Becky for the title, and I’d be convinced that she could win. 

Alexa, Carmella, Nikki, Natalya…any of them could come out, and I’d be like “oh wow we might get a new champ.”

That is how you build women

If Summer Rae came out on RAW and challenged Sasha for the belt, I’d be like “well obviously this is going to be a squash.” Honestly, if Nia Jax came out and challenged Sasha to a match, I wouldn’t believe she could win. 

Why? because RAW is only building Charlotte and Sasha. Even Bayley is being pushed to the bottom. 

That is not how you build women.

My personal top 10 anime for summer season so far!

10. Himouto! Umaru-chan

9. God Eater

8. Charlotte

7. Jitsu wa Watashi wa

6. Rokka no Yuusha 

5. Gate

4. Prison School

3. Shimoneta

2. Gangsta.

1. Gakkou Gurashi!


Y’all always talk about how good Disney was back in the day but you SLEEP on the famous Jett Jackson, aka one of the first ever live action Disney Channel original sitcoms aka THE FIRST Disney Channel original sitcom with a black lead (RIP Lee Thompson Young). 

Y’all especially sleep on this extremely important and still extremely relevant episode from 2000 called ‘Food for Thought’.

See, The Famous Jett Jackson is about a boy who stars on a very popular tv show who convinces his show runners to move the show from Hollywood and back to his home town and how different his life is. 

But in this particular episode it starts with Jett doing an interview in Charlotte where he is really troubled when the interviewer starts to remind him about the privilege he has being a successful young black man and how that isn’t the reality for most young black men where they’re from and how he’ll never really understand that. Jett is really bothered by this so he decides to brave the city alone and see what the interviewer was talking about. He encounters another young black man around his age who is experiencing a very different life than he is and helps show Jett what black people without the privilege he has really go through

But most of all I want to highlight a specific scene that really struck me when I was rewatching this. Jett is trying desperately to call his dad on a pay phone after losing his wallet and is frustrated when the phone is broken, so he slams down the receiver. That’s when two cops show show up and force him to the ground, physically hurt and try to detain him.

F o r    s l a m m i n g   a   r e c e i v e r. 

The only reason they let him go is because a taxi happens to drive by with an ad for his show on the side and one of the cops recognises him. It felt so real. 

Here are some quotes from the episode that really struck me and are still so relevant:

‘The fact is, despite how far we’ve come in the last 40 years, a young black man living in the community is still far more likely to find himself in the back of a cop car than the back of a limo,’

‘Just another black man dead in the streets, you know. TV news didn’t even bother to cover it.’

‘Why you harassing the boy? The kid’s just tryna call his dad.’

‘You think I don’t know what it means to be a black man in America?’

‘If those people who can help, don’t, who will?’


This is the kind of shit Girl Meets World needs to be addressing. This is what I want on the show. This is what Disney used to be. This is what Disney needs to be showing now.

this is a list of unanswered q’s that i rlly want to know the answers to!!!! i’ve minimized bc i’ve accepted that 4 a lot of q’s i’m just going 2 have to fill in the blanks myself, but these ones i need to know:

1. who buried the field hockey stick ‘that night’ & why

2. who did mel call 'that night’ & why

3. who was mel talking to 'that night’ if not charlotte or ali

4. who does spencer hear scream 'that night’

5. where does ali go when she leaves rosewood 'that night’

6. why did bethany have ali’s anklet on

7. where was melissa in between her seeing ali/spencer fight and finding bethany

8. was sara taken or did she run away, by who/why

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Vodka shots and some lessons learned

Prompt : You should write a fic about Charlotte trying out drinking for the first time and Amelia’s reaction

In case you haven’t read any of my other family fics- in my family fic universe, Owen and Amelia have three children - Charlotte Addison, Noah Christopher and Olivia Megan. In this fic- their eldest daughter, Charlotte, is 17 years old. Noah and Olivia would be 15 and 12 respectively. 

This is set a few months before the prom where Charlotte and David were caught kissing


I would like to thank the wonderful Sandra @omeliashipper for helping me out with the writer’s block I had in the beginning, offering some suggestions for the fic, and helping to proofread this fic. You’re the best!! <3

Special thanks also goes out to the lovely Jenn @hurricane-jenn who again stayed up late after a tiring day to help proofread the fic and offer title suggestions ;) You rock! <3

Special mention also goes to the other girls in the groupchat - especially Phoebe @omelialover ,Erika @erikarayearth41 and Jordan @jordan202  for answering my questions about hangovers! :p  Cheers!!

This is also a birthday gift for Em @ohmyomelia . Happy birthday sweetie!!!❤️Alright- here we go!! ;)


17 year old Charlotte Addison Hunt was placing her textbooks in her school locker when someone tapped her on the shoulder. Startled, she almost banged her head against the locker door.

She turned around to face Elena Robert, one of the more popular Seniors at Ballard High School.

‘Hey Charlotte’ she greeted.

‘Hey’ Charlotte greeted back politely, surprised at being acknowledged by Elena. Usually, the girl would just walk past her without giving her a second glance.

‘Do you want to come to my birthday party?’ Elena went straight to the point, not knowing what else to talk to Charlotte about.

‘Oh, when is it?’ Charlotte asked, enthralled that she was invited by the popular girl to her birthday party. This was the first time Elena had ever invited her to a party. Before this, they had barely spoken a few words to each other despite being in the same classes for so many years.

‘This Saturday, 17th December, at my house.’ Elena answered, passing Charlotte a printed out flyer of the party announcement, complete with the time, date and address ‘ Do come, I would love to see you there!’ she added, putting on a fake smile.

Before Charlotte could reply, Elena had already walked far ahead, not wanting to be seen by her group of friends talking to the nerdiest girl in class. They would tease her relentlessly for that.

Charlotte remained staring at the flyer for a few moments. She had never been to Elena’s house before, and she barely even knew Elena or her group of friends. But the idea of attending a party seemed appealing to her. The truth was, she was getting bored of going to school and studying all the time, she needed a break. She needed to spice her life up a little.

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So here is what happened.

I was supposed to fly to Providence today. They had a huge snowstorm. The airline, of its own volition, moved me to a later flight out. Fine. I shrug.

Fast forward to me stranded in Charlotte (where I don’t live) because they canceled my flight to Providence literally while I was in the air.

No seats on any flights to Providence until Saturday. “What about Boston?” I ask. Tomorrow at 10pm, I am told. Less than ideal, as I have an engagement tomorrow night. I am trying to decide if it’s worth it to take a train, which would theoretically get me in hours earlier.

In the meantime, after I have been at the counter a good ten minutes while she tries to find me options, a man comes up next to me and asks the person next to me for options to Providence. No flights, but he is offered an 1135 am flight to Boston.

I’m like “why didn’t I get offered that flight?” So the woman looks and says “oh yeah you want that flight?” I’m like “yes.” So she gets me on that flight.

…and that bumps the guy next to me off. Apparently there was only one seat and my lady was quicker at the booking than his was.

So then I felt intensely guilty that I basically stole his seat. But I was there before him! It should have been offered to me ten minutes earlier!

Ugh guilt…