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Day 12: Favorite Moment

 (Arc-V Episode 108)

Not because of Sparrowshipping tag duel. 

I really like this episode because at first it was filled with nothing but anger at the Tyler sisters and my goodness were these two really stuck with the way the Tyler Sisters set up the game. Come Yuya’s turn again and he totally flips that tension from the first half into something fun and really colorful. Not only did he give the opponent one of the most massive LP losses in duel history of the over 10000 but he did so in a fun way.

Bonus reasons:

So cute!

Smiling Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon! XD


That interview where Bruno kept trying to cover up his boner

Bruno and Pol

I have to talk about yesterday’s first episode of the second season of “Merlí”, I’m from Spain so I watched it yesterday. I’m gonna talk about Bruno and Pol relationship and what I could see about them. We find at the first minutes of the episode that Pol isn’t at the highschool, that’s because of his home problems, he has left school so he can win money working. At class Merlí asks where is Pol, and guess what? The only one know knew where he was, was Bruno. So Merlí goes to talk to Pol and tries to make him go back to school but he denies returning. After that, Bruno decides to go too, and the first thing he says to Pol is that during the summer he has forgotten him, (I mean, who says that? If I forget someone I don’t go and tell him, cause I don’t mind his opinion, because I don’t care about him anymore) Pol appears to be a little bit sad when he hears that. At the end he goes back to school, and omg Bruno looks so happy. So in conclusion, I don’t think that their relation is that dead, I just hope some moments of them and fanservice and I think Bruno deserves Pol. 💕

Ps: Sorry about my English. I hope everybody gets the chance to see second season soon!

anonymous asked:

❃Valentines ask✻ My name is Angela and I'm pretty much an introvert. I'm a dancer and I love reading and writing. I'm also an empathetic girl when it comes to peoples' emotions. Despite me being good at reading others.. I'm quite clueless with it comes to love. I've been told I have an old soul as well. I enjoy talking about music, caring for animals, and children. So could I possibly have one where Bruno is confessing? Thank you for answering this request, it means a lot.


It was when he first saw how you took care of the squirrel that fell into Passione’s HQ that he begun to notice you. The caring smile you always had on your face, the way the other members went to you for comfort. He fell for you, and hard. Always keeping an eye out for you if he could. Soon enough the days passed and Valentines was here. He’s heard from some of the other members that you seem to be developing a little something for him too and he wanted to know for sure if he had a chance. Mista even mentioning to him that he accidentally told you that Bruno liked you, yet all you did was brush it off saying there was no way and laughing a little. Trust Buccelatti to want to clarify with you and make sure you knew. Yes, him liking you was very so possible. So here he is, standing outside your room knocking on the door before all the courage he mustered up for this left him.

“ Angela. Can I come in?”

As you shouted back that the door was open, he let himself in, watching you sit on your bed reading a book. He walked over before sitting beside you hands on his knees, considering if he could think of an excuse for himself being here before deciding he had to man up and tell you. You weren’t that far off either, although you were reading, eyes still on the pages, your brain wasn’t processing any of the words anymore. Watching him from the corner of your eye your heart nearly jumped out of your chest when he sat so near you. In your room? On your bed? God, you could feel the adrenaline course through your veins. What’s going on?

“ I know someone has already told you, so I’m here to tell you personally.”

What? You close your book this time, face already getting warm from being so close to The Bruno Buccelatti. Did he notice? Oh god your hands tightened around the bedsheets as you sat up properly asking him what’s up. He opened his mouth taking in a deep breath, as if calming himself down before speaking.

“ Angela I…I’ve fallen for you. I love your smile. Your kindness. The way you do a little dance whenever you come back from a mission successful. The way you look at others when they come to you crying. The words you scribble on mission notes before sending them to me. The way you look at the birds that fly by, or the cat that you feed everyday that sits outside of our base.”

By this point your face was fully red, hands covering your face as you stood up trying to distance yourself from him. No way, this isn’t happening now, this wasn’t what you pictured, it was supposed to be you confessing and getting rejected. Not this. You we’re already telling him to stop, that you we’re going to get a heart attack, that yes, don’t tell me you love me, I’d die, before a kind smile spread through his face as he stood up and looked you in the eye.

“ I love you. Please…be my Valentine.”


where is bruno mars to see this 👀

you guys can think pili is an idiot but she didn’t send home her closest ally on her hoh so she’s already smarter than zach.