sadelik  asked:

Hello, I liked your blog. ♥ What are your 3 favorite tumblelogs similar to your taste?

Thanks for the question.  You picked a great theme for your blog as well.  Excellent images.  My blog focuses on three things some more prevalent than others, but none the less; Style, Art/Design, and Media.  

Style -http://ethandesu.tumblr.com/ Ethan not only represents one of the best tailor shops in the world, he is dreadfully honest in the details of it on his blog.   He takes incredible pride in the aesthetics of everything he presents.  He does this while staying very humble in his delivery.  Even if you are not a fan of bespoke clothes, and appreciate a blog on pure craftsmanship, this is a great one to follow. 

2. http://wheremyhouse.tumblr.com/  This site is sheer pornography for anyone who loves looking at well put together homes and furniture.  Impeccably curated, I could reblog everything this blog post.  See for yourself. 

3.http://www.brooklynmutt.com/  I am in media, and I spend most of my day creating spin for very large corporations to be distributed to media.  It is easy for me to see the superficiality  in today’s media.  I do not reblog this site nearly as much as I should.  It motivates me to seek the truth and reality that we are purposely kept from by entities that have opposing interest and large wallets.  I often post the stories that are not getting the coverage that they should.  This blog does an excellent job of exposing media for what it truly is.    

Thanks for following, and I appreciate any and all feedback.