Squares X Shades

  • Oh Thursday, last night I made this heart shape of photos that my mother had printed. Heart-y Throwback perhaps because these photos were taken last December- January on our vacation. I’m so proud of myself to make the correct  estimation on perfecting the shape. Next time I want a bigger heart. I just wonder why didn’t my mother choose photos of me with the best angles. Ugh. Hahaha
  • I went back to my university today to make a certified true copy of my transcript. The feels. being an alumni makes me feel like I’m 10 years older than them but of course I’m slightly immature. Also, I greeted my friends on their summer classes and yeah, just a plain and boring day.
  • Yes, the feeling of pressures and worries that deserves no space in my blog, negative ions must stay away, I’m just thankful with God, for His love and grace, everything will be alright, my heart will be fine. Life is a beautiful struggle, I love this phrase that I have read from Antonette’s blog.

#WhereIStand V2.0 xx School Visit

Lately I feel like doing the #whereistand photos and recently I visited my old university for the authentication of my transcript. I was really tired because of the distance of my home. Uhm, there was a plaza space in the school where the annual painting contest is held and I was a huge fan of them. While walking home I took some photos of the paintings in the floor and think it looks artsy. Yea~~