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Could i get an imagine of UT and US skelebros and having a s/o that likes to hold out the arms to be picked up and carried?

UT Sans: Hes to small and to lazy to carry you, but he will levitate you with his magic. He may screw with you a bit, like just sit you down on a desk or on top of Papyrus tall sink. He can’t do it for long though, he doesn’t have the stamina to use magic for so long, but he will plop down on the couch and let you fall on top of him. Well, until the one time he accidentally lets you fall from a to high heigth and you both tumble of the couch in pain. Now he just sits you down carefully.

UT Papyrus: Ho, boy you found the skele for you. He will carry you around with you whenever and whereever you want. Expect very fast tours trough the Underground while your on his shoulders or in his arms. He will often spin you when he picks you up, and if your farther away, he will run to you super fast, and pick you up, throw you in the air a bit and catch you in a piggy back. 

US Sans: Smaller then classic Sans, but about 1000x more determined. He will carry you, no matter how much taller you are then him. He will try to carry you around all the time, but even though he trains very often, his stamina is still a tad low, and he will get exhausted after a couple of hours. But that just gives you the chance to pick him up an return the favor.

US Papyrus: Tall enough to carry you, but lazy. So the chances are 50/50 that he will levitate you with his magic instead of actually carrying you. His stamina is actually pretty good, so he can levitate you around all day long. He will sometimes spin you really fast on the spot jsut to mess with you. Also, if your a bit farther away, he will run at you in slow motion. Nobody knows how he runs in slow motion. But it is very dramatic. Music plays in the background. The sun sets behind you two. Until he runs past you and hugs a random object instead of you. But he will go backto you and pick you up afterwards, don’t worry.