Where Are We Now || Day 3 || Thalia & Nik

Nee was gone, Huck was dead, Fern had fled, Tesla was gone and Darcy had wandered off. As quickly as it had formed, their little alliance was torn asunder. Nik couldn’t say he minded, terribly. More people complicated things, the other bodies made him nervous.

But even just down to him and Thalia again, he felt anxious. He wasn’t flesh and blood anymore, not like in the ambush where everything was adrenaline and the taste of iron in the air. He was back to feeling copper and wire under his skin, but it all felt electrified, crackling with energy, livewires that wouldn’t let him sit still.

His hands ached from digging pit traps in the courtyard. It didn’t feel like it was enough, though, somehow. He was afraid they would have to move again soon. Perhaps tonight. Too many tributes knew where they were, and he didn’t know where they’d gone.

He fed dry branches and sticks into a small fire. He’d dug out a little pit pit so it didn’t smoke too much. He tried to keep his mind on practical matters, keeping the fire alive, keeping themselves alive. But that livewire feeling wouldn’t let him alone, and he kept looking over at Thalia and worrying. She had looked so exhausted after last night, after everything.

“Are you alright?” he asked her at length.

I’ve been listening to #DavidBowie’s new single #WhereAreWeNow? on repeat (of course). It’s about the places he’s recorded his previous Berlin trilogy albums. I’m still utterly speechless he has returned - on his 66th birthday too. Cannot wait for the new album #TheNextDay. Perhaps my dream of seeing him live will come true??? #Bowie #music #NowPlaying #NowListening #iTunes

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