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interviewer: how annoying is ryan reynolds on set?

jake gyllenhaal: i would say he’s really not annoying at all… he’s like… he’s actually the best… he’s the best personality on set and he makes everybody feel pretty great and his energy, which i deeply believe in, it’s like… it infects the whole… in like a… in like a… like a sort of… hu-… in like a very… in like a… think about… think about it like an epidemic. uhm… like of… of mass proportions. that’s what his personality’s like… but positive.


But hear me out… Yurio totally lowkey ships Victuuri


^This was actually the first thing I drew and I just thought that it needed a cute little backstory ^-^

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I'll Be Waiting // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: how about a neighbourau! For jaehyun in which one of u just moves in? ☺️☺️☺️ I’ve daydreamed this scenario so much!

words: 1329

category: fluff

author note: i suppose this lil fluff is to make up for the angst i dumped upon you guys. also, to who requested this, i wasn’t sure what you wanted, but i hope you like this!

- destinee

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You couldn’t remember the last time you had slept in. Most nights you were up past midnight studying or binge watching. Since you had to get up early to go to your job, sleep wasn’t always something were allotted.

However, since it was a Saturday morning, and you had no work, you were snoring away. Busy in the land of dreamless sleep, your mind didn’t even register the harsh knock upon your bedroom door.

It did, however, register your mom’s loud voice. “Y/n! Come downstairs right now and help me bake this cake!”

You groaned, that familiar feeling of agony when one realizes they cannot go back to sleep creeping into your heart. You couldn’t figured out why on earth your mother would want you to help her bake a cake on a Saturday morning.

You got out of bed and checked the alarm clock. 8:23.

You huffed. As far as you were concerned, any time before noon was too early to be woken up on a weekend.

With heavy footsteps, you made your way downstairs and walked into the kitchen, where your mom had a recipe book out.

“Do we have to make it from scratch?” You whined, leaning against the counter. “Can’t we just use a box of cake mix?”

“No,” your mother said, giving you a stern look. “Our new neighbors moved in this morning and I want to be the first to welcome them to the neighborhood.”

“With a cake?” You deadpanned. “Can’t we just send them a card in the mail or something?”

“Honestly, Y/n, do you know the true meaning of friendship?”

You stared at your mom like she had gone crazy. “What are you talking about? You’re not baking a cake for friendship, you’re baking it to show Mrs. Barbara that you’re a better neighbor than her.”

Your mother pursed her lips, “So what if I am? You don’t have to be cynical about it.”

You laughed. “Fine, just tell me what I need to do.”

“I’ve already visited them this morning to ask their preferred flavor,” your mother said.

“If you’ve already visited them, why are we making a cake?” You frowned.

“Because we have to make an excellent first impression. Now, she said her son likes chocolate so we’ll make devil’s food cake. Get started on the icing that you make so well.”

You grabbed the confectioners sugar and the chocolate, grumbling the whole time. “I bet her son is a bratty five year old who picks his nose.”

“Actually, Honey, he’s your age.” You mom corrected with a smile on her face. “You know…”

“No.” You began to measure ingredients while you talked. “He’s probably some arrogant loser who thinks he can get a bunch of girls to sleep with him or something.”

“That’s a bit harsh.”

“His cake preference woke me up early so I’m allowed to be harsh,” you said, sparing a glance out the window, towards the new neighbor’s home. “I bet his mom let him sleep in.”

“Of course she did,” your mother’s voice held a sympathetic tone to it. “He was up all morning moving boxes into his house. I’m sure he’s tired.”

You rolled your eyes and turned away from the window.


As luck would have it, your mother was called into work, meaning you were left to bring the cake over by yourself.

The gaudy Welcome to the Neighborhood! written in purple icing made you want to throw up as you walked across your yard.

You were still in your pajamas, with no care for your flyaway hair or your bare feet. Your plan was simple: drop off the cake as quickly as possible and go back home for a well-deserved nap.

Once you were on the doorstep, you knocked three times on the door, a bit brasher than you had intended to.

The door swung open, revealing a tall boy with dark brown eyes and matching hair. Not giving you much room for talking, he began to whisper, “Can you keep it down? My mom is sleeping.”

“Sorry,” you whispered back, trying to ignore the intense beating of your heart at the sight of such an attractive male. “My mother baked this cake for you guys and wanted me to deliver it as soon as possible.”

“Oh,” the boy backed up and gestured for you to come inside. “Sorry. I thought maybe you were here to sell me something.”

“With a cake in my hand?” You asked.

The boy shrugged and smiled shyly, a dimple appearing on his cheek.

You felt blood rush to your cheeks. “Anyway, I’ll leave this here and get going.”

“Wait!” He stopped you. “I don’t really know anyone in this town, so can we sit down and talk? Maybe you can help messenger about this place?”

Honestly, how could you say no to his face? You placed the cake on his kitchen counter. “I guess I can stay a bit.”

“Great!” He said happily. “I’m Jaehyun.”

“Y/n,” you said. You looked around the room. “There aren’t many boxes.”

Jaehyun extracted two forks from one small box he had been digging in. “Well, it’s just me and Mom. We don’t need much.”

You didn’t ask where his dad was, feeling it too personal a question. Instead, you accepted the fork he offered you. “So, what do you want to know about this town?”

Jaehyun looked thoughtful as he stabbed some cake with his fork. “I’d like to find a good college and a steady job,” he admitted before sticking the cake his mouth.

You copied his motions, proud of yourself for the delicious icing. “I know a few places that are opening. What are you good at?”

Jaehyun chuckled and looked down. You noticed a blush appear on his cheeks. “I really like singing and dancing, but I don’t think there’s a job for that.”

“Actually, my friend just opened a dance academy for kids and he needs more choreographers. If your interested, I can give him a call.”

“Really?” He asked. “That’d be great, Y/n.”

You looked away shyly. His dimples were far too distracting. “Just helping out.”

Jaehyun smiled at you, “This cake is delicious, by the way.”

“It better be,” you grumbled under your breath.

“What do you mean?” Jaehyun asked, licking the icing off of his fork.

“I had to get up at the crack of dawn to help my mom bake that cake,” you said, annoyance present in your voice. “All because she wanted me to make my special icing.”

“If it helps,” Jaehyun said, a playful playful tone in his voice. “The icing is my favorite part.”

You turned away, cheeks warm. “Doesn’t matter. I’m still mad.”

Jaehyun sighed, leaning against the counter. “Maybe I should make it up to you. Do you know any good diners around? Cake isn’t exactly the best thing to have for breakfast.”

Was he asking you on a date?

“Uh, there’s a place down the street. They’ve got the best blueberry pancakes,” You answered, trying not to get too excited. He might just want to be friends, and there was no need for you to get ahead of yourself.

“Great!” Jaehyun said. “We’ll have breakfast there and then you can show me around the town.”

“What if I don’t want to show you around the town?” You asked teasingly, feeling somewhat confident. “What if I want to go back home and sleep?”

Jaehyun gasped dramatically, the back of his hand resting on his forehead, “Then I guess I’ll explore the town all by myself. Lonely and lost in the big, big world.”

You pushed him gently, letting out a laugh as you walked towards the front door. “Shut up. I’ll go get dressed and meet you back here in fifteen minutes.”

Jaehyun followed you out, leaning against the doorway watching you to make sure you got back to your house safely, a soft smile on his face, “I’ll be waiting.”

~the end~

anyone that draws the director white owes griffin $250



Good morning from the season 8 finale! #season9 officially coming your way…
Bom dia do final da 8ª temporada! A 9ª temporada está oficialmente a caminho… #NCISLA @NCISLA @cbstv@chrisodonnell @ericcolsen @jpkous#criminososponhamseapau

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How do you get started in writing stories? I want to do it so bad but I am embarrassed to begin!!! Your stories are always so magical, help!

Hey! So, if you haven’t already, you should check out this masterpost I wrote a little while back, it might help with inspiration, writing tips, character development etc! 

Now, don’t be embarrassed! Everyone has to start somewhere! My original Finding Marley posts look nothing like my most recent ones! I only started writing Finding Marley 2/3 months ago, and it was my first ever sim story, so I’m no expert! But all I can really say is once you have an idea, you’ve just got to roll with it! Don’t worry too much about what other people will think, just write it because you enjoy it! When I first started posting my story posts would only get 15-20 notes, but I didn’t care, because I was enjoying myself!

I really hope the masterpost gives you a little inspiration! If you want to talk about it some more, send me a message! 💕


One of the cleverer scenes from American dad is when there's an episode about the rapture

You know, good Christians ascend into the sky and atheists stay on earth for the end of the world.

You see people ascending en masse out of DC, New York, London, Beijing…and then you see Las Vegas.

Where one person ascends.

It gets me every time.

lmao i lost my mind at work and started my next CS story, another au but in the EF this time: emma grows up fierce and saviorish and becomes the commander of the royal navy

but it basically opens with one of her officers losing his mind and kicking the shit out of a captured killian, who proceeds to almost (but not) die

because he is Just Like That

…anywAY this is gonna be the one with milah the undead pirate queen. i’m feeling good about it already